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college boyfriend!hyungwon;

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  • somehow, someway… the frog prince has become a new lowkey bias of mine,,,, totally on accident
  • no accidents here we stan like men
  • so this post is for this request!! i feel like all i ever do is college boyfriend aus but they’re like… so much fun
  • now, hyungwon… no one knows what he does in college

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Benchwarmers//Stiles Stilinski

Requested by Anon

(A/N): Reader, living out their college years away from their hometown, decides to visit their father the infamous lacrosse coach at Beacon Hills. During their stay they take an interest in a certain benchwarmer.

Warnings: None :)

The thin layer of fabric that wrapped around your frame did very little to stop your shuddering teeth. Sitting on the chilled metal of the bleachers probably didn’t help your cause much as you tried to rub your hands together for some heat. You grinned as you caught the eye of your father, who motioned you towards him. Standing from your spot, you dodge around the mass of people that surrounded your place, quickly approaching him.

“Dad,” you call out, running into his warm arms. He plants a quick peck on the top of your head before pulling away.

“Muffin, you came,” he remarked happily, flashing you a foreign smile. You rolled your eyes playfully at the nickname, letting a grin grace your chapped lips.

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Me: “Man I haven’t listened to Florence + the Machine in a while let’s do it!” 

Also Me: Gets flashbacks to freshman year of college and overwhelming anxiety from it


*violent flashbacks to freshman year*


Flashback to freshman year when I saw this girl wearing a Speak Now tour shirt in the school cafeteria. At that moment I knew that I’m going to be really good friends with her some day. She’s mutuals with one of the new friends I met at acting class. Good thing that she introduced me to her because this girl is the person I can fangirl to about anything and she’ll do the same.

Fast forward to now. We just graduated from high school and we’re off to different routes. I’m going to miss her so much, but our love for taylorswift and so many things will never tear our friendship apart. We practically do everything TAYLOR-related together. From the RED tour to watching live streams to purchasing her CDs at Target the day it came out to dancing and singing like no one was watching in her basement. Love you Emma!!! (emmalynnf13)

High Life

So this is my first imagine and I would really appreciate some feedback. I decided to incorporate Jack, Jack & Sam into it and the main girl being their best friend. Enjoy!

Flashback to Freshman Year: 

I can’t believe I’m going to be a freshman, in a new school where I know nobody. First let me tell you about myself, I’m Paisley and I’m from Washington. I moved here this summer with my mom because my dad thought it would be cool to cheat with this blonde bimbo that worked at his office. Its been a hard move back to my mom’s hometown to live with my grandparents but I know we’ll manage sooner or later to get back on our feet.

Today September 3rd I start my senior year but I’ll be starting it with my three best friends: Jack Gilinksy, Jack Johnson and Sam Wilkinson. I only got along with a few girls that were on my dance team but we didn’t really talk outside of dance. Gilinsky was like my older brother I never had, Johnson was my best friend, we always had heart to heart conversations, but I had a different connection with Sam. It all started the summer of junior year, I had gotten out of a bad relationship with this douchebag Ryan, it was a waste of 5 months. 

One night I was with the boys smoking and drinking, and I broke down in front of them which rarely happened. Usually when I’m drinking it brings back all my sad memories. I ran inside to cry and Sam followed me, long story short I made out with Sam on the sink in Johnson’s house, but nothing more I swear. Then after that we just shared a special connection, Sam was my drug and I always wanted him even more so when I was high. It was a daily thing, I’d go to dance and the boys would go play basketball. After, we’d go to one of the boys house, usually Johnson’s because his parents were never home. 

At the beginning of junior year, a lot of people thought Sam & I were an item, maybe because we were inseparable, but that’s because he was scared I’d get hurt again. He started showing a lot more interest in school, but that’s because I would help him with homework all the time. Jack and Jack were unsure about the whole thing because Sam never really settled down, he has never had a real first girlfriend. 

But that all changed the summer of senior year, Jack and Jack were never around and Sam wanted me to go on tour with him, Nate and Mike. We weren’t open about our relationship, nothing exclusive yet because we wanted to wait for Jack and Jack to get back, and we were nervous about how fans would react to Sam being “off the market.”

Part 2 or naw??


25 notes and I will start part 2