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Submit Anon: How A Weeb Came to Ruin Someone's Life

TW: Extreme Bullying

Going into highschool I was a pretty big weeaboo; it was probably the worst part of my weeB stage. I hung out with a bunch of other kids who were into anime. The “leader”  of our group is easily one of the craziest weeaboos you will ever meet. I’ll call her ‘A.’ She’s a fairly obese white girl who is thoroughly convinced that she is Japanese because as she claims in a past life she was a Japanese schoolgirl. Those are words straight from her mouth. She never showered because she would rather use that time watching anime and every damn day she wore the same outfit: olka dot vans, ratty ripped jeans, a death note hoodie, and pikachu beanie. 

On the first day of school my English teacher instructed us to pair up with the person sitting next to us and write a paragraph about what we learned about them. My partner was a girl who I will call 'J.’ She was very shy and didn’t really open up about herself. She then told me that she had just moved to the area and she was a little worried about making friends. To help her out I invited her to come hang out with my friends and I at lunch. She seemed like a nice girl so I didn’t think there would be any problems.

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anonymous asked:

In freshman year our class president won because he based his campaign on helping people not get pantsed... Maybe that can be of use to you

interesting. I’ll keep it in mind.