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Shout out to the IT fandom, this one’s for y’all.

It’s Stranger Things season 3. We start off with the AV Club + El/Jane + Max starting their first day of high school. We follow the six of them individually, leading to these scenarios:

1) El is in class by herself when she is approached by this male student played by Jaeden Lieberher (Bill Denbrough). They immediately become friends, although there’s some things that Jaeden’s character says that makes the audience suspicious of his intentions. Unfortunately, El doesn’t notice because of her poor social skills. It’s not until the end of the episode where El overhears him talking with his friends and reveals himself as a toxic, hypermasculine douchebag who is only interested in her for her looks. Jaeden’s character is basically a mini-Billy Hargrove and will serve as Mike and El’s nemesis for season 3. 

2) Dustin, still a bit down after the Snow Ball fiasco where none of the girls wanted to dance with him, tries his luck one more time. At lunch, he approaches the most popular girl in their class, played by Sophia Lillis (Beverly Marsh). While trying to emulate Steve, Sophia’s character mocks him for being fake and tells him to leave. But then, Dustin decides to just be himself and tells her a joke. She laughs at it, surprising him. Sophia’s character then asks him to stay with her for a while, leading to Dustin’s arc of becoming one of the popular kids / mini-Steve Harrington. Sophia’s character is a mini-Carol/Nancy Wheeler (sorta).

3) Will is in class when he sees a sign for Hawkins High School’s very first Gay-Straight Alliance Club. Curious, he attends the first meeting, which is led by a character played by Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie Kaspbrak). Jack’s character is extremely friendly, calm, and speaks like he’s a hippie from the sixties. He welcomes Will and Will, after having fun on the first meeting, decides to become a regular member. This is the start of his coming out arc, as well as his romance storyline with Jack’s character.

4) Mike, still a bit depressed over Bob’s death, looks around for an AV Club at the high school. He eventually finds one, which is being led by a character played by Chosen Jacobs (Mike Hanlon). Chosen’s character is extremely nerdy to the point that even Mike Wheeler, the guy with the X-Men comics and who plays D&D, says he’s too nerdy for him. Despite that, Mike decides to join Chosen’s character’s AV Club. While bonding, Chosen’s character reveals that he thought of Mike’s group of friends as the “cool kids” because they ran the middle school’s AV Club and that he always wanted to ask if he could join their D&D sessions. Mike then invites Chosen’s character to their next game of D&D, marking the start of his trauma recovery arc.

Side note, to crossover with El’s storyline, Chosen’s character is also bullied by Jaeden’s character, doubling the feud. In my head, I pictured the showdown to be a fistfight between Mike Wheeler and Jaeden’s character. El tries to step in but Chosen’s character holds her back, telling her that she needs to let Mike fight for his pride. 

5) Lucas is walking down a hallway when he hears a loud bang coming from one of the classrooms. He goes to investigate and meets a student played by Wyatt Oleff (Stan Uris). Wyatt’s character is a laid-back guitarist (who may or may not be smoking weed on the side) and the bang was his amp short-circuiting. When Lucas asks about the guitar, Wyatt’s character says he’s part of a heavy metal band that is “about to take Indiana by storm”. He then says they just lost their vocalist and offers Lucas a chance to audition.

Lumax moment: Lucas brings up the audition to Max and Max shouts, “DO IT, I WANNA BE ABLE TO BRAG THAT MY BOYFRIEND IS THE LEAD SINGER OF A METAL BAND.” 

6) Max is at her locker when she sees the popular kids approaching. Besides Sophia Lillis’ character, we see the freshman class president, played by Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben Hanscom). Jeremy’s character approaches Max and gives her a flyer for an upcoming Spirit Week rally. The two bond, although Max is a bit intimidated by Jeremy’s character’s popularity. Jeremy’s character tries to play down his “popular kid” image by saying that he’s just an ordinary guy at the end of the day. He’ll pop up sporadically throughout the season, mainly to be the voice of the freshman class. 

Also, as a reference to his IT role, Jeremy’s character makes a comment about how Max is cool for being a redhead. 

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In freshman year our class president won because he based his campaign on helping people not get pantsed... Maybe that can be of use to you

interesting. I’ll keep it in mind.