freshman class council

I need to blog this before it disappears

I had my FCC orientation today. I realized that U of A is my new home, that I have a family. That Cubbies for Life means Cubbies for Life. That I will be supportive of all my fellow cubbies and I will love all of them. I’m looking forward to a great year and it’s moments like this that I feel everything is right.


“Bella Madame” by 6887

Recruited by Justice High for her artistic prowess, Bella quickly became the object of envy amongst her peers, which was much to her liking. Within weeks of attendance, she became the president of the Art Club and head of the Freshman Class Student Council – both of which she earned through combat. It has been said Bella’s “cute” exterior is a simply a “mask” she uses to hide her true demeanor.

Bella’s quick rise to glory caught the attention of outside schools, especially the higher-ups of the school district. She was soon approached by a school district representative with an offer to expand her reign amongst students throughout the area. “Defeat and bring to us the best students, and you shall earn the title as the Ultimate Student Warrior!” Never one to back down from a challenge, Bella and her trusted bō staff Tenbatsu, have begun looking for challengers.

My submission for Skratch Jams. I wanted to create a kawaii style character whose personality would be a contrast of her appearance. Bella is a sadistic individual who enjoys being at the top of the food chain. Tenbatsu, her bō staffed paintbrush, is said to have “magical” properties.