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High School Survival Guide (some advice I wish I had freshman year)

-sit in the front couple of rows on your first day. By the end of the semester/year, you’ll see how much more you understand compared to those who sat in the back

-don’t play on your phone the whole time. The guy you’re texting, the clash of clans battle, or the friend drama you’re dealing with on your phone can wait for lunch and after school (I wish I realized this last year)

-don’t slack off!!!! If you give yourself the time you need to do your homework without distractions, it will pay off. You can deal with not using your phone for an hour while you finish your math homework

-start your projects the week they’re assigned. Don’t wait until the last minute, the stress isn’t worth it

-it’s not the end of the world if you get one (or a couple) bad grades. I’ve cried and felt awful about getting some grades, but in the grand scheme of things, it won’t bring your average down as much as you think it will

-extracurriculars are fun and worthwhile, but only if you can manage them on top of your school work. Don’t pick up a club or sport if you’re already maxed out with schoolwork. Don’t sacrifice your sleep or your happiness just to put something on a college application

-smile when you walk down the hall! Trust me, no one else wants to be spending eight hours of their day in school, so seeing someone smile makes if more bearable, and makes you seem approachable

-be nice to everyone. High school is the best time in some peoples’ lives, and the worst in others. You don’t know what anyone is going through, and you never know how complimenting someone on their shirt could help them out

-the teachers are people too. Don’t be an ass to the teacher who “gave you” a bad grade. You earned what you got on it, even if you don’t feel like it. Teachers teach because they want to influence the next generation of adults, they want to help students in their most influenced time of life. They picked this job, despite the lesser salaries and verbal abuse from students, so you can handle going one class without being mean to them

-being nice to teachers will help you out a lot. Not only does it make them more willing to help you if you’re struggling, but sometimes they’ll bump your grade up from a .4 to a .5, bringing it up a point. Also, I’m sure they like seeing a friendly, smiling face in the sea of vaguely pissed off high school faces.

-boys are NOT as important as you think they are (or girls!!! This was written by a straight girl so from my perspective it’s boys!). That guy you’ve been dating for a while probably won’t be in your life two years down the road.

-If you have any doubts about a person, trust your gut. That first argument you get in with you friend or significant other, pay attention to how they treat you. If they call you any names or treat you as any less than you deserve, break it off. This is coming from someone who stayed in a relationship for five months after the first fight happened, and it just got downhill from there, with more names and more arguments. Don’t let it become that.

-okay last one: have fun sometimes. It’s okay to hang out with friends and make a few mistakes every once in a while. Don’t let your schoolwork or drama consume you, you’re only a kid once, so it’s okay for you to use this time to make your mistakes and learn from them.

This is what I’ve figured out so far, I’m not quite done with high school but I wish I would’ve seen something like this before I started! Hope this helps any struggling high schooler or future high schooler!

Band camp is upon us

                                     REMEMBER BABES

  • eat a light breakfast before going to camp (Ex. granola bars, toast, ect. no milk!!!!)
  • Before camp make sure you’re drinking water as you’re getting ready!
  • Bring and wear SUNSCREEN !!!!! you need to take care of that beautiful skin you have
  • Bring extra water!!!!!! If you can afford it invest in a camel pack it will save your life
  •  hydrate regularly!!!! 
  • don’t wear clunky expensive shoes to march in!!
  • remember your instrument and music
  • dress in light clothing (also avoid darker color clothes) 
  • for all of my loves out their with chubby thighs try to get compression shorts or other things that keep you from getting that awful hurt 
  • If you have periods make sure to bring midol 
  • actually bring medicine for head aches and cramps in general !!

    please add more if you have any advice

anonymous asked:

Hi! What advice do you think is the most important for an incoming college freshman (me) to know?

Okay, so a few things:

  1. Your dorm room does not have to look like Pinterest threw up all over it.
  2. Your friends back home will still be your friends if you want them to be. But don’t hang on to them for dear life. Branch out, make new friends.
  3. Pack your bedding and cleaning supplies into the car last so they are the first things to go into your dorm on move in day.
  4. Join at least two clubs. One related to your major, and one just for funsies.
  5. Use the blue ticky tack (Loc Tite brand) to hang posters. Use velcro Command strips to hang bulkier things like canvases or photo frames.
  6. Learn to like coffee with just some cream and sugar, or black.
  7. Keurig coffee isn’t real coffee, but it saves time and money and you don’t have to mess with coffee filters.
  8. You will have late nights. You will go to Taco Bell with friends at 1 am. You will play volleyball or frisbee at 2 am. You will have a test you need to study for and stay up until 3. You will have a project due the next day and stay up until 4 making sure it’s perfect. Don’t do it often, but don’t tell yourself never.
  9. All Nighter’s are not a rite of passage you must fulfill. Take your pillow and a blankie to the library and snag a nap on a couch, sleep under the table in the lounge. Sleep. Is. Good.
  10. Have fun. Don’t psyche yourself out and tell yourself people won’t like you. Join your clubs and be who you want to be (for you), and the right people will appear.
tips for high school freshman

1. The day before school, pick out your outfit for the first day. Something you feel comfortable and confident in. But, don’t worry about it too much. Everyone’s so focused on themselves anyways. 

2. Scope out potential friends, and add them on social media. I met most of my friends by talking to them on social media, then asking them to lunch. Also, try to make a friend in every class so you know someone to partner up with if the teacher asks. 

3. Keep your phone sound off at all times. Keep some lip balm, deodorant, water, advil and gum with you at all times. Also keep lots of snacks with you. Eat them during break or sneak them in class. 

4. Carry a backpack or a big purse. Don’t be that person that carries everything in their hands and drops it all in the hallway. 

5. The older kids won’t actually be mean to you, they just feel cool because they’re older. Don’t worry about it. 

6. It can be difficult to find your classes at first, but everyone’s in the same boat.  Once you find your class once, it’ll be a lot easier from there. 

7. If you take the bus, don’t worry about sitting beside someone you don’t know. Just go on your phone or look down or out the window. It’ll be fine. 

8. Join a club or sport. Go to one regardless of if you have friends going or not. 

9. Your friends will change. They’ll do different things. You’ll drift from some people and stay closer with some. Don’t expect to find a perfect friend group. Most people figure out their true friends at the end of freshman year. 

10. Highschool is a lot of fun. Do your best, don’t flake in your classes. Try to have a good time, it’ll go by very fast.