Freshman oak at University of Michigan.  Night scene of students in tree with a crowd of students and others at the base. Handwritten on photograph front: “Freshman oak after the rush, Photo Lyndon ‘07.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library
To the upcoming freshman babies:

1. Dress comfy. Not everyday has to be “dress to impress day.” Frankly, more people are gonna be focusing on cramming studying in before the next class to really notice.

2. Wear comfy shoes. Most likely you’ll have a short passing period and you really don’t want to be late to class.

3. Some teachers are okay with being alittle late if you explain your situation, but some teachers are demons from the netherworld so just be careful and see what teachers are which during the “new year” buff time.

4. DONT SKIP. Honestly, where would you go? What would you do? And there are cameras and adminstration everywhere, do not take the risk. Just go to class. You’d be occupied at least.

5. Be polite to the lunchladies, more than not they’ll let you slide if you don’t have enough lunch money for lunch.

6. Always carry change for lunch/snacks for vending machines. ( About 3$ is fine. )

7. Study.


9. S T U D Y. Even the day before is fine, just do it at least once.

10. Sleep. Don’t stay up all night on an assignment. You can always finish it in the morning, during free time in other classes, on the bus, in the car, etc., etc., etc.

11. COMMUNICATE. Talk to your teachers if something in class isn’t working out, I.e, getting to class on time, getting to ANOTHER class on time that’s after that particular one, needing an extra period/lunch/few hours to finish an assignment/ homework. TRUST ME, they aren’t like last years 8th grade teachers. They actually listen.
Yes, even the mean ones.

12. You don’t have to make friends the first month.

13. You don’t have to make friends the first 2 months.

14. You can ask to work solo, if you explain the teachers will most likely let you.



17. Lunch isn’t as scary as you think. If you get to school earlier and know where lunch gets held at, scope out the land and see what looks good for you.

18. Alot of the upper classmen understand, you can talk to them anytime for advice, where to go, such and such.

19. Hygiene. Carry deodorant, perfume, lotion, gum, breath mints, whatever.
Just carry it.
ESPECIALLY, if you have p.e.

20. Hydrate.




23. Stay away from the guys with beards and mustaches/gotees.


25. Overall, just be careful. Adapt. The teachers are right, you’re not in middle school anymore.

I never realized how awkward it is to stand up and take this picture in a filled coffee shop. I did it anyway! I’m studying for my chemistry placement test, so I took out my past prep book and started from the beginning (because I forgot everything). My plan is just to make flashcards to review for the plane rides to and back from China! 

High School Survival Guide (some advice I wish I had freshman year)

-sit in the front couple of rows on your first day. By the end of the semester/year, you’ll see how much more you understand compared to those who sat in the back

-don’t play on your phone the whole time. The guy you’re texting, the clash of clans battle, or the friend drama you’re dealing with on your phone can wait for lunch and after school (I wish I realized this last year)

-don’t slack off!!!! If you give yourself the time you need to do your homework without distractions, it will pay off. You can deal with not using your phone for an hour while you finish your math homework

-start your projects the week they’re assigned. Don’t wait until the last minute, the stress isn’t worth it

-it’s not the end of the world if you get one (or a couple) bad grades. I’ve cried and felt awful about getting some grades, but in the grand scheme of things, it won’t bring your average down as much as you think it will

-extracurriculars are fun and worthwhile, but only if you can manage them on top of your school work. Don’t pick up a club or sport if you’re already maxed out with schoolwork. Don’t sacrifice your sleep or your happiness just to put something on a college application

-smile when you walk down the hall! Trust me, no one else wants to be spending eight hours of their day in school, so seeing someone smile makes if more bearable, and makes you seem approachable

-be nice to everyone. High school is the best time in some peoples’ lives, and the worst in others. You don’t know what anyone is going through, and you never know how complimenting someone on their shirt could help them out

-the teachers are people too. Don’t be an ass to the teacher who “gave you” a bad grade. You earned what you got on it, even if you don’t feel like it. Teachers teach because they want to influence the next generation of adults, they want to help students in their most influenced time of life. They picked this job, despite the lesser salaries and verbal abuse from students, so you can handle going one class without being mean to them

-being nice to teachers will help you out a lot. Not only does it make them more willing to help you if you’re struggling, but sometimes they’ll bump your grade up from a .4 to a .5, bringing it up a point. Also, I’m sure they like seeing a friendly, smiling face in the sea of vaguely pissed off high school faces.

-boys are NOT as important as you think they are (or girls!!! This was written by a straight girl so from my perspective it’s boys!). That guy you’ve been dating for a while probably won’t be in your life two years down the road.

-If you have any doubts about a person, trust your gut. That first argument you get in with you friend or significant other, pay attention to how they treat you. If they call you any names or treat you as any less than you deserve, break it off. This is coming from someone who stayed in a relationship for five months after the first fight happened, and it just got downhill from there, with more names and more arguments. Don’t let it become that.

-okay last one: have fun sometimes. It’s okay to hang out with friends and make a few mistakes every once in a while. Don’t let your schoolwork or drama consume you, you’re only a kid once, so it’s okay for you to use this time to make your mistakes and learn from them.

This is what I’ve figured out so far, I’m not quite done with high school but I wish I would’ve seen something like this before I started! Hope this helps any struggling high schooler or future high schooler!

How To Survive High School

yo okay so being a senior this year has hit me hardcore and I was thinking today that there are some cuties following me who are probably just coming into high school. So here are some tips:

  1.  For my cuties that get periods, keep a box of pads and tampons in your locker. That may sound silly and you may feel a little embarrassed walking around with a bunch of pads and tampons but listen to me. If you get your period during school it will be the worst goddamn thing and the last thing you need is to spend 10 minutes in the nurses’ office just trying to get a pad. 
  2.  Make sure you remember your locker combination. And don’t give it to anyone you can’t really trust. Some schools have random searches of lockers and the last thing you need is for some jack ass to leave drugs in your locker and get the blame for it. 
  3. Take notes in all your classes!! and make sure they’re easy for you to follow and understand. When finals come around you will be so thankful for it and it’ll really help you to get the best grade possible. 
  4. Make friends in all your classes. You’re in high school now, there are gonna be new people that you may not have met before. Don’t be over social about it, just be polite to everyone in all of your classes and offer up some help/advice and when can. Having at least one friend in each class will really help you get through it, especially if you miss. 
  5. Be civil with the teachers at the very least. The last things you want are: A) to have a mean/rude teacher and B) have a decent teacher that gets like zero respect from the class. Be the good student and try your best to cooperate when they ask you to. Not every teacher is going to be cheery as pie, but also not every teacher will be bitter. Find the good ones and make friends with them and at least show some false respect for the bad ones. 
  6. Don’t make fun of any upperclassmen in your classes. Respect the upperclassmen. They’ve been dealing for this shit longer than you have, they have been substantially fucked sideways by this entire school, the school body, and the system. They’ve seen things, they’ve done things, and the last thing they need is some baby faced freshie making fun of them for being in a low level class, or just trying to start random social shit. 
  7. DON’T. FEED. INTO. RUMORS. Don’t spread them, don’t start them, don’t talk about them. Rumors get people in trouble and makes your entire year miserable. Don’t. Do. It. 
  8. Eat a lunch every day, with people that you like. Typically what happens is the first day, you and your friends will find a table and you will sit together. Every day. With these people. At this same table. Make sure they are people you can stand and won’t be dying to get away from. Also don’t be afraid to eat in front of them. Eating is super important and it helps get you through those last few classes. 
  9. Join clubs/teams/bands!!! You don’t have to have amazing amounts of school spirit but being involved in these things helps reinforce the whole friends thing. It introduces you to new friends, new people, and if the group works well enough you will have an entire support system to root for you. 
  10. Do all the homework and reading for your classes. Homework can be tough. But you have to do it, don’t let your grades slip tremendously because of homework. Do as much of it as you can and use those friends I keep mentioning to help you fill in any blanks. For English, if you get assigned books do your absolute best to read them and if you really can’t make it then google the book’s title with “sparknotes” after it (ex. Catcher in the Rye sparknotes), this will give you symbols, themes, motifs, characters, plot summaries, and even chapter summaries. 
  11. Bring your phone’s charger and keep a flash drive on you at all times! You’ll be on your phone more than you think and a lot of teachers take time out of class to go to the library and write up essays. Make sure you have a flash drive of your own to keep your work on!
Band camp is upon us

                                     REMEMBER BABES

  • eat a light breakfast before going to camp (Ex. granola bars, toast, ect. no milk!!!!)
  • Before camp make sure you’re drinking water as you’re getting ready!
  • Bring and wear SUNSCREEN !!!!! you need to take care of that beautiful skin you have
  • Bring extra water!!!!!! If you can afford it invest in a camel pack it will save your life
  •  hydrate regularly!!!! 
  • don’t wear clunky expensive shoes to march in!!
  • remember your instrument and music
  • dress in light clothing (also avoid darker color clothes) 
  • for all of my loves out their with chubby thighs try to get compression shorts or other things that keep you from getting that awful hurt 
  • If you have periods make sure to bring midol 
  • actually bring medicine for head aches and cramps in general !!

    please add more if you have any advice

Listen up youngin’.

• DONT GET WILD SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR NO APPARENT REASON. YOU DO NOT NEED SCENTED SMELLING MARKERS THAT HAVE GLITTER AND UNICORN SHIT! Just get basic supplies to start like four notebooks, two binders, a pack of pencils and pens and anything else a teacher will tell you

•Get a luggage book bag and I’m fighting you. End of story

• Ask for help when you need it

•You’re gonna meet new people. Your clique is gonna break up and split. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing fake about it. That’s life

•Boy, if you got gym, bring a rag and deodorant like please

• Don’t pick a guy over your friends. You’re gonna have issues in your relationship and guess who you’re gonna turn to for advice? Exactly

• Mind your business. Who cares that Sally fucked Trey? Mind your neck please. Thanks

• Go to sporting events and rallies and shit. Do extracurricular activities.

• DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Like it literally helps you keep up in your class!

•Dont focus on being a cool kid. Be a fucking nerd in class. Do that “bad bitch” or “cool kid” shit at lunch.

•Dont be afraid to ask someone for help! If you’re lost in the halls, ask. “Excuse me, do you know where that class is at? Okay, thanks!!”

•Dont skip class….Just don’t.

•BRING COFFEE IN THE MORNING IF YOU DRINK IT. I’m telling you it will help so much like you will be focused. Unless coffee makes you sleepy then don’t do it

•Bring a watch if you can. Like please do it is better than every ten asking “What time is it? What time we leave”

•Dont share gum.

•Have fun and be yourself like just vibe and have a blast