amortentia potions

aries / roasted coffee, freshly cut lemons, pine trees
taurus / baked bread, autumn, fresh sheets
gemini / lit matches, old books, chocolate
cancer / wine, new leather, spring
leo / woodsmoke, apples, kittens
virgo / fireworks, new paper, gin
libra / honey, marijuana, new money
scorpio / heat lightning, garlic, sea salt
sagittarius / ripe strawberries, cloves, rain
capricorn / vanilla, sea breeze, scotch
aquarius / peppermint, blunt wraps, paint
pisces / mint leaves, gunpowder, lake shores
“it has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive, even if the person doesn’t acknowledge or is unaware of their fondness for the object of their affection themselves.”

Coffee Support

Summary: Natsu never realized that cute barista was a lady of many talents.  (Nalu fluffy oneshot)

Author’s Note: I’ve lost track of the prompt list, but there was one of AU’s where characters didn’t know they knew each other.  So here this is.  A little birthday gift for me since it’s one less thing sitting in my pile of unfinished fics. :)


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Well I think I have completed my collection of brewing systems, for now at least. Got this Chemex shipped to me from La Colombe and they even supplied me with a free bag of freshly roasted beans and a free box (100 count) of filters.  Great business and they also have amazing shops in Philly as well!  

Good morning! …todays store special is…when you order two bags of our freshly roasted whole bean coffee you’ll get a free #liveauthentic mug! The beans will be roasted and bagged this week and sent directly to you to ensure maximum freshness! Photo by @andrewtkearns #liveauthentic #livefolk @folkmagazine

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if i was, i’d be

if i was…

a month: december.
a day of the week: sunday.
a planet: the moon.
a sea animal: flying fish.
a piece of furniture: wooden nightstand.
a gemstone: howlite.
a flower: baby’s breath.
a kind of weather: rainy and cool.
a color: pantone 303c.
an emotion: softhearted.
a fruit: strawberries.
a sound: coffee dripping into a coffee mug early in the morning.
an element: oxygen.
a place: “this morning, with her him, having coffee.” (johnny cash)
a taste: that first sip of red wine.
a scent: freshly baked bread/roasting tomatoes, garlic, and onions in the oven to make soup out of.
an object: a drape-y, warm, navy blue sweater.
a body part: collarbone.
a song: clair de lune by claude debussy.
a pair of shoes: no, barefoot.

louis’ gonna go home to him and harry’s rural farmhouse and find a freshly cooked pot roast waiting for him on the table and harry will join him shortly in matching plaid after he’s finished milking their cow bertha

Monday: Bank holiday with bagel, one topped with #Rhoddas clotted cream from #Cornwall and blueberry jam and the other with Nutella, Mango juice and a caffè latte with coffee from @pactcoffee Fazenda Lagoa blend which is super cool because they post you freshly roasted coffee! #symmetrybreakfast #breakfast #coffee #falconware #bankholiday #pactcoffee #london #hackney #eastlondon #bagel #cornish

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Wellllllll Finally,  This Is The STONERS SNACK BOX $25.00  (+p&h)

The Toasty OOOOOOOO, OOOOOOOOOO’S ,, Oh Yes These Infamous Snacks right here maynnnnn… This is what is in the stoners snack box. no not the whole thing lollllllll,,, but you get

  • 2 Toasty OOOO, OOOOOOO’s which contain overmedicated handmade microbatch honey based caramel; made with medicated unsalted hormone free butter, fresh sumatran cinnamon; and shards of freshly roasted almonds. all hand turned into a gooey, sticky, buttery, oat bar treat. It’s Just Shameful,, so when you eat it, please throw the wrapper away. just keep my name out of it. ya nana don’t need no problems.. Drake tol y’all We got Enemies, and they want to take ya treats away soo,,


  • 2 Krunk Krispy Treats - they never last long enough to take a picture of; but we’re sure you’ll get the picture from this graphic description - freshly crisped rice, with a buttery double medicated marshmallow coating, dipped in overdose milk chocolate, yeah decadant and we dont’t gaf,, butterahhh y’all already know - these ain’t fo the po-po’s sooo,,
  • These bars come with your choice of hard candy or chocolate candy. 

you get enough for a nice netflix and chill session for sure. this is our treat to you, so that you can try the delicousness in your own chillaxtime this weekend.

BTW, If your mom smokes, This is a GREAT Mothers Day Gift

She will say, Wow How Thoughtful. she may even share a piece of candy with you, if you’re a good kid Lollllll,, but seriously kids - this is from Grandma Weed so you know, it’s Mom Approved - A#1 for uniqueness and most certainly deliciousness. Mom will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness with this healthy microbatch treat, made just for HER.

Remember Kids - Message me right here @thefourtwentytimes to order, and yes we take paypal and google wallet

Tall Tales and Campfires

courtneyscull asked:

Could you please write a Drabble based from rtte where heather is visiting and her and the gang have a bit of a camp fire and heather starts bring up hiccup and astrids relationship and they just sit there blushing and denying it and then the rest of the gang start to join in asking questions like “why do you kiss hiccup” “hiccup why are you so protective of astrid” and you know all that jazz. Pretty please i need something to read xxxxx

Rating: PG 13 - Tuff says the A word and Ruffnut get’s suggestive. 

Tall Tales and Campfires

The dragon riders and Heather, their evening’s guest, crowded around the warm glow of a campfire near Dragon’s Edge, their dinner of freshly caught mackerel roasted on sticks, as they listened to Tuffnut tell tall tales of Berkian Heros from days ago.

Engrossed in his own theatrics, Tuffnut failed to notice how close he was to the fire.

“Ah, Tuffnut-,” Astrid warned.

“What is that smell?” Tuffnut pondered as the stench of charred wool and leather filled his nose. The tinkling sensation of his own behind soon revealed the source of his olfactory assault.

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I recently discovered @bowtruss coffee while I was in Chicago. My favorite part about them….they offer a coffee subscription service that delivers freshly roasted beans to your house however often you’d like…and you pick the quantity. You def want to check them out. Their coffee is amazing too! #coffeehero @folkmagazine

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Wake up and smell the coffee. If you’re a sucker for the strong, dark, stimulating type, take a shot of this coffee infusion filled mask to the face☕️☕️ Wake up and invigorate the skin with the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Roasted cocoa extract, vetivert and coriander oil combine to create an addictive fragrance. With added caffeine to get the blood bumping. #cupocoffee #magamintymondays #facemask #mask #instalush #coffee #caffeine #naturalskincare #skincare #newproducts #freshthinking #bblogger #lushaddict #portsmouth #southsea #handmade #lush #vegan #face #lushtime @lushltd

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