Ruby, before you are two options. One is an enormous plate of delicious, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. The other is Weiss, wearing sexy lingerie, lounging in your bed, beckoning you to join her. You can only pick one. Which do you choose? (Asked by yoritomokenji )
  • Ruby: .....
  • Weiss: .....
  • Ruby, slowly bringing a cookie to her mouth: Ahhhh....delicious.
  • Weiss, angrily ranting: I canNOT BELIEVE YOU!!!!
  • Ruby, awkwardly silent for a moment: you want one?
  • Weiss, crossing her arms and looks away: Hmph...
  • Weiss, taking a moment before looking back to Ruby, quietly: .....yes please...
Things I associate with the galaxian alignments
  • solarian: dust catching in the sunlight, camera flares, doing the right thing when no one is watching, laughter, candlelight, freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, the warm, musky scent of coffee
  • lunarian: seaglass, the scent of rain, creamy desserts, petting soft animals, soft whispers, power outages, a moonlit café, biting into a flaky pastry, balconies overlooking the ocean
  • stellarian: sparkling stones stuck in the pavement, wind chimes, hearing a piano playing faintly in the distance, whale calls, faerie circles
  • solstellarian (novarian): freckles, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, listening to your favorite song on repeat
  • stellunarian (nebularian): skating across smooth ice, fairy tales, listening to someone else's heartbeat,
  • sollunarian (eclipsian): fireflies, shadow puppets, thunderstorms, drawing smiley faces on steamy glass, sudden eye contact, lightning strikes, echo chambers, black pearls
  • solstellunarian (galactian): finding a new passion, staring out the passenger's window of the car, tangled curls, seeing your reflection, folk songs
  • singularian (voidarian): sarcasm, brain freeze, tongue teasers, paradoxical logic, riddles, winning at a game you've never played, watching scary movies under the blanket, waking up at 3am with no explanation

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Let's get some Colress headcanons up in here! How about Colress with an artistic S/O? *slides you some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies*

*gasp* such beautiful cookies! :0

* He never really had an interest in art but seeing you do it was different. Your art intrigues him and sometimes he finds himself watching you make something.

* He doesn’t know much about art so he may ask quite a few questions. He’s naturally curious so this is to be expected, although he’ll try not to disturb you while you’re doing something.

* If you give him something you made for him, he’ll definitely keep it. Every time he looks at it, he thinks of you and it actually helps him work hard on anything he’s doing at the time.

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Name | Vincent
Nicknames | Vince, Vice President Andrew Johnson don’t question it it’s an inside joke, Caterpillar this one too
Zodiac sign | Scorpio
Height | 173 cm ish or 5′8 for you Imperial System users
Orientation | Straight
Nationality | Filipino
Favourite fruit | bananas and apples
Favourite season | Winter
Favourite book | hmm probably either the hp or mphfpc series
Favourite flower | lilacs, chrysanthemum, and the standard roses
Favourite scent | rain and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
Favourite colour | midnight blue and dark green
Favourite animal | wolves!
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | coffee bc i survive on it 
Average sleep hours | basically nothing as of recent
Cat or dog person | cats!! (i love dogs tho)
Favourite fictional character | Luna Lovegood, Fiona Frauenfeld, Isabel Magnolia, Deamus
Number of blankets you sleep with | One or None
Dream trip | Greece, Italy, England, Maryland lmao viv, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Austria, Germany, Canada
Blog created | December 30th, 2016
Number of followers | 761

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name | Tuna
nicknames | Tuna/Tuba 
zodiac sign | Pisces
height | 5′1"
orientation | Pansexual
nationality | Korean
favorite fruit | Strawberries
favorite season | Winter
favorite book | A Series of Unfortunate Events 
favorite flower | Sunflowers
favorite scent | Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, right out of the oven 
favorite color | Soft pastels 
favorite animal | Cats, but I’m sadly allergic it’s so devastating 
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Coffee AND hot cocoa, but I drink coffee the most 
average sleep hours | 7-8
cat or dog person | cat, but I really love dogs 
favorite fictional character | hard to choose, but Allen Walker will always have a special place in m'heart 
number of blankets you sleep with | 1
dream trip | A Euro trip where I get to take pictures and draw all the scenery and eat all the food!!
blog created | 2014
number of followers | 629

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name | wouldn’t you like to fuckin know 
nickname | Ohno 
zodiac sign | Gemini 
height | somewhere in the ballpark of 5'6" and 5'7"
orientation |
nationality | Fukken Straya
favorite fruit | Raspberries, failing that, pink lady apples 
favorite season | Autumn!
favorite book | The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, How To Build A Girl, Beige, the Phryne Fisher books, Johannes Cabal for some reason
favorite flower | Blue and purple orchids! favorite scent | New laptop smell. And new book smell. And it’s-just-about-to-rain smell. And auto shop smell. And fresh solder. And roast chicken. And freshly baked apple pie. And chocolate chip cookies. And whatever my mum is cooking.
favorite color | Loooots. I’m fond of anything monochrome (especially if it’s black or silver), deep velvety reds and blues, eye watering copper sulfate blue, and R E T I N A - S E A R I N G N E O N P I N K
favorite animal | octopuses. they’re just so fucking weird, you guys
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | tea, cocoa if I miss being a kid
average sleep hours | hAHAHAHAHA
cat or dog person | yes. for that matter I am also a snake person, a rodent person, a bird person… basically any animal that can be kept as a pet. Kinda lukewarm on most fish, amphibians and bugs/arachnids though.
favorite fictional character | fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, where do I even begin. Vaughn, Fiona and Rhys from TFTB, Handsome Jack and Angel from Borderlands, Phryne Fisher, Graves, Tina and Newt from Fantastic Beasts, The entire cast of Blackadder Goes Forth, Vyvyan from The Young Ones, the Baudelaires, the main three dudes from Marble Hornets (especially Alex, everyone’s favourite serial arsonist and murder hobo, and Tim, who probably needs a long shower, at least five dogs, and a lie down)
number of blankets you sleep with | one is enough, tbh
dream trip | Just give me a teleporter and let me sort that out for myself
blog created | December 2013
number of followers | 433 

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