freshly pressed juice

Post yoga hydration - freshly pressed apple, coconut and strawberry juice.

Pressed juices are the most efficient way of juicing fruit as vitamins, minerals and fibers in the fruit are not lost. It’s also 100% raw, whereas many other juices require heating.

my favourite thing about being an adult is being able to spend money on loved ones without any qualms. no i wont buy a $15 freshly pressed juice for myself ever if im out because im frugal but yes friend if you are glancing at that juice with mild interest i will buy you all the juices you want. i get so much satisfaction when people react surprised/positively to gifts, but i especially love paying for lunch because something about watching someone (that you enjoy the company of) eat so happily just makes my day complete.

its very liberating to be an adult in this sense.

+sherlolly because...telephone numbers

“High-functioning sociopath. With your number.” I had this line stuck in my head for some reason, and thus, the entire interrogation that led to it stuck as well. Here is my little take on the scene, turning the tables on our favourite detective. :) Hope you’ll enjoy this little spin on it. x


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“Why are we here?” asked Sherlock, irritably.

His eyes darted around the noisy cafe they were in whilst his sensitive nose was feeling most appalled by the horrible scent of cheap coffee. Mary, on the other hand, sat coolly and calmly across from him, her fingers drumming an even rhythm on the checkered table cloth.

“Does John know you’re —”
“Oh, he sent me here,” interrupted Mary, “He’s getting quite, quite tired of this…”
This?” Sherlock asked, raising an eyebrow.

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By the time Diedrik and Kyrie woke, Tristan had been up for several hours. The children had been dressed, fed and taught their lesson. He’d bundled them up in pretty outfits and was playing with them quietly in the parlour.

A beautiful breakfast of bacon, French toast, and delicate poached eggs with salmon had been laid out and kept warm with cloches. A pot of hot coffee sat full next to a pot of tea, which took it’s place next to a carafe of freshly pressed peach and orange juice. Two Advil and a glass of champagne were left out next to Diedrik’s plate.