freshly picked strawberries


the year is 2056, taehyung sits around his children with a box of freshly-picked, chemical-free strawberries in his hands.

“kids, on thursday, december 22nd 2016, your uncle namjoon caught me eating nearly a whole box of strawberries.”


My biggest dream dresses !

OP Moon Night Theatre in white, jewel ribbon in blak x lavender (oooh you’re tourmenting me ;_;), the sweet cream house in chocolate, the rosette chocolate in green or navy blue, the day dream carnival in any color but black, and the freshly-picked strawberry in red <3

One day I’ll have ALL OF YOU.

The way you make me feel: like sunlight dancing on a shimmering bed of coral on the oceans floor, golden candles lit upon a thickly frosted birthday cake, laying underneath a Christmas tree looking up at the glowing lights like little stars, freshly picked strawberries laid in a bowl of sugar like a soft blanket of crystalline snow, jewel caterpillars hugging bright leaves.