freshly picked strawberries


My biggest dream dresses !

OP Moon Night Theatre in white, jewel ribbon in blak x lavender (oooh you’re tourmenting me ;_;), the sweet cream house in chocolate, the rosette chocolate in green or navy blue, the day dream carnival in any color but black, and the freshly-picked strawberry in red <3

One day I’ll have ALL OF YOU.

Happy Waffle Day!

Here, have a one shot!

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Awful Waffles

“Hide!  Darcy’s making waffles again.”

Sam’s announcement was rushed, whispered and scared.  It had its intended effect and everyone of the Secret Avengers, plus the Barton kids, abandoned their journey to the main cabin and scattered in a panic.   Clint actually got teary eyed, but no one could blame him.  

He’d been stupid enough to try one of Darcy’s waffles just three months ago, when she and Jane Foster had finally arrived at the hidden base of operations in the foothills of the Appalachia.  She had a star spangled waffle maker, literally.  It had been the only thing she had brought with her when Natasha had rushed them out of a science conference before Thaddeus Ross could arrest them for unregistered super science .   Apparently it was more important for Darcy to keep making waffles rather than even change her clothing.  

(It didn’t matter, because she’d been borrowing big cozy sweatshirts from Steve Rogers and leggings from Wanda.  No one was complaining, especially not Steve).

Clint had been the first victim of Darcy’s waffles, but he hadn’t been the last.

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the year is 2056, taehyung sits around his children with a box of freshly-picked, chemical-free strawberries in his hands.

“kids, on thursday, december 22nd 2016, your uncle namjoon caught me eating nearly a whole box of strawberries.”

Gyeomie pt. 3

Got7 Yugyeom

fluff/angst/smut all gonna be here eventually

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pt 1, pt 2, Pt 4

“Y/N, trust me, no one will know.” BamBam said. He was standing in front of me, blocking every single way to escape. My back was against the wall. “I don’t even like you.” I said to him. BamBam took a step closer, making the space between us smaller and smaller. “I think you like me more than you know.” he said and wrapped my hair around his finger. “But I don’t!” I screamed. One more step. Now the space between us was non existent. “Just let me show you.” BamBam whispered to my ear. I tried to kick his crotch but he was faster. “If you hurt me, I will hurt you.” BamBam said and leaned closer to me.

 There was nothing to do. I closed my eyes waiting this to end but it never happened. I opened my eyes to see BamBam on the floor and getting hit by a guy. The got up from the floor. His hair covered his face, He walked to me and brushed some of my hair out of my face. “Are you ok?” he asked and lifted his hair. No, this was not happening. It couldn’t be him. Anyone else but him. Yugyeom.

I woke up, sweaty and cold. I got up from my soft bed to see that it was too early to wake up. Falling a sleep wasn’t an option. Apparently I couldn’t get rid of him anywhere. School, he was there, a cafe where I worked, he was there, my nightmares, he was there. This was now second week of him following me everywhere. 

I put on warm slippers and walked to the bathroom. It was weekend and I took a double shift at the cafe. I didn’t want to work all sweaty. Since I was cold I took a hot shower. Only if Yugyeom didn’t come to the cafe today I would be so happy. I put shampoo in my hair, it smelled like strawberries. It somehow reminded me of a summer I spent with Youngjae on his grandmother’s strawberry field. We were like five back then, we played all day and ate freshly picked strawberries. I learned to bake on that summer. There was so many strawberries that we baked everything with them. But then there was this one day.


We woke up early that morning. Last night we finished our tree house and we wanted to spent the whole day in it. We backed a basket full of all kinds of strawberry pastries and few juice boxes. I put on my favorite red boots and yelled Youngjae to come. “Let’s ask Yugyeom to come too.” Youngjae said and put his black boots on. “No, I don’t like him.” I said. Youngjae looked at the kitchen where his grandmother was making few sandwiches for us. “Grandma said we have to play with him. His grandfather owns the blueberry field, the one that is on the other side of the river. Grandma said that Yugyeom has no friends. Let’s just play with him this once.” Youngjae whispered to me. I sighed and smiled. I couldn’t say no to him “Fine, but if he touches my kitchen, I’m gonna kick him down from there.” I said.

We skipped over the river to ask Yugyeom out. We knocked on the door. The house was new and it smelled like fresh paint.  An old man opened the door. “How can I help you two?” he asked and smiled. Youngjae smiled his sunshine smile to the old man and started talking. “Hey, my grandmother owns the strawberry field on the other side of the river and she asked us to bring these for you as a welcoming present.” Youngjae said and gave a bucket full of strawberries to the man. “Also she said that you have a grandson about our age. We were wondering if he wants to see our tree house?” Youngjae asked. The old man smiled and yelled Yugyeom to come out. Soon this guy with straw colored hair came out “Hi, I’m Youngjae and this is Y/N, we met when you came here few days earlier. We were wondering if you want to see our tree house?” Youngjae asked. Yugyeom smiled and nodded. “I would love to.” he said and looked at his grandfather. “Put your boots on, there might be snakes.” The old man said. Yugyeom went inside and me and Youngjae waited out.

“He can’t be that bad.” Youngjae said. He was the optimist out of the two of us. “Ready.” Yugyeom said when he came out. He had a bucket full of blueberries “These are for us.” he said and smiled. 

We skipped over the river, walked past Youngjae’s grandmothers house into woods. It wasn’t a big forest. Really small and really close to the main house. We build the tree house by ourselves. But it wasn’t good. Youngjae’s grandmother made one of her workers build a better one for us when we were swimming. It was big for three five years old kids. We had to climb to a tree and walk to another by this rope bridge. 

We played for a while and then we started eating. I had a doll in there so I had to make sure she was taking a nap on the other side of the tree house. When I walked back to the boys they were fighting “No, my tree house my rules.” Youngjae said. Yugyeom shook his head “No way, no fair. I wanna. You don’t do anything, I should.” Yugyeom whined. 

“No, my tree house my rules!” Youngjae yelled. Yugyeom was so angry he pushed Youngjae out. “Youngjae!” I screamed. I looked at the devil in front of me. He just pushed my best friend down from a tree. “What is wrong with you?” I screamed and ran out to see if Youngjae was ok. His eyes were closed and he was not moving. Yugyeom climbed down too. “Stay here, I’m gonna get someone.” I said. 

I have never ran so fast. I opened the door to the main house and yelled for Youngjae’s grandmother. “What happened honey?” she asked. I was sobbing “Youngjae…tree house…fight…fall…” I cried. Youngjae’s grandmother didn’t understand what I said. I grabbed her apron and pulled her to the tree house. Youngjae was opening his eyes when we got there.

His head was bleeding. Youngjae’s grandmother took her phone and gave it to me. She made me call Yugyeom’s grandfather. Yugyeom was also crying. Youngjae’s grandmother took her work phone and dialed 911. 

It felt like someone skipped a part of a movie, I don’t know how we got there but now me and Yugyeom were waiting for Youngjae’s grandmother, Youngjae and Yugyeom’s grandfather to come from the hospital. I was holding a class of blueberry milk in my hands as Yugyeom looked at me “I’m sorry that I pushed Youngjae down.” he mumbled and took a sip of his blueberry milk. “Don’t apologize me, apologize Youngjae if he survives.” I said. I couldn’t stand the boy next to me. “But…I just can’t stand him.” Yugyeom said and took another sip of his blueberry milk. I felt a burning hate flow trough me. I got up from my seat and poured the blueberry milk over Yugyeom “And I can’t stand you.” I said and marched back to Youngjae’s grandmother’s house.

Youngjae was fine when he came back. We just had to wake him up every five minutes to make sure he was ok. When we were sleeping, I gave my favorite teddy to Youngjae, I just wanted him to be ok. This sucked. Youngjae was/is the most purest, kindest and honest person I knew and then that bratty demon Yugyeom pushed him down from a tree.

*End of flashback* 

I got dressed and rushed to the cafe. I was running late, I took too much time in the shower. Once I got my apron on I walked to the first customer of the day. “What can I get you?” I smiled but it was short. It wasn’t anyone else but Yugyeom. “I would like to have a date with you and a…cinnamon bun.” he smiled. I was about to scream at him but then I heard my manager take an order from another customer. I couldn’t scream at him now. “One cinnamon bun.” I said and disappeared behind the counter. I took an cinnamon bun, I was about to spit on it when I saw my manager come make coffee. I smiled at her and took the cinnamon bun to Yugyeom. How can he annoy me this much? I mean after all these year he still can annoy me with just few words.

Am I Making You Frustrated?

Summery: you loved playing head games, but Sam and Dean were practically immune to your advances now, not that you wanted them anyway. In an attempt to spice up the game, you decide to go for your favourite angel, not realizing the affects you can have on him.

Castiel x reader  

Word count: 1215

Warnings: dude, total make out scene, just saying. Uh, I don’t know, sexual frustration Kinda sorta?

A/N: English is not my first language! I’m sorry if there are any mistakes! (and not just spelling, like, wording and stuff. In my defence, English is very confusing sometimes.) 

It was a game you played with the boys, I mean, it was easy to get inside their head, especially being a girl and living with them. You loved watching them stutter and stammer at your advances, knowing it wouldn’t lead to anything. But lately it was getting less and less fun, they were becoming immune. That’s when you decided to set your eyes on another member of the Winchester family. Castiel.

You were hesitant at first, mostly because of your feelings towards the angel, but deciding that it couldn’t possibly hurt anything. You were going to see how long it took for Cas to get sexually frustrated, it almost seemed impossible which made you even more determined. Walking out of your room in a simple pair of blue plaid pyjama shorts and a black top, you were trying to figure out the best ways to get under Cas’ skin. Not paying attention, you smacked into Dean.

“Oh no” he groaned, running his hands down his face

“What?” you questioned looking up at him.

“Those shorts and that shirt only spell trouble.” he muttered walking past you.

As you walked into the kitchen, you noticed Sam munching on some freshly picked strawberries.

 “Mmmm” you said, picking one up. Climbing up onto the chair, you sat on your legs.

“Oh God” Sam muttered, looking at your shorts.

“Am I really that predictable?” you ask, throwing the top of the strawberry at Sam.

“We don’t trust you in shorts, not after the Impala incident.“

You smiled to yourself, “Oh yeah” that had been a good day.

“Hey Cas!” you yelled, watching Sam’s eyes go wide in realization.

“Y/N, I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“Nonsense, it’ll be fun.” you say

Without a moment to spare, Cas appeared at the kitchen table beside you.

“I believe Dean had said it was a “day off”. Is something wrong?” the angel said using air quotes and squinting.

“Nope.” you said biting into the strawberry slowly, eyeing Cas “I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out.”

“Oh-uh, I-I guess I could spare a moment away.” he said as he averted his eyes away from your mouth, a blush seeping across his face.

“Y/N…” Sam started but you cut him off.

“So whatdoya wanna do?” you ask, watching the angel.


“Hey! Stop hogging all the strawberries!” you yell at Sam and lean over pressing into Cas, his face close to your chest. Quickly he looked the opposite way. But not before you notice the blush that spread across his face. As you tried to grab for a strawberry, Sam pulled them away.

“I think you’ve had enough.” he says smiling.

“Oh really?” you reply, leaning into Cas even more.

Cas instantly reached over, grabbing a strawberry from the container and thrusting it into your face. You laughed and, instead of taking it, you bit the fruit. Looking up you saw a wide eyed Cas. This was a lot more fun.

“Do you think you could help me move all these books into my room?” you ask pointing to a pile of books behind Cas that you’ve been meaning to bring to your room for the past few weeks.

“Yes, I am happy to help.” Cas replied, looking at you.

“I’m sure you are.” you threw a wink Cas’ way and watched as his eyes went wide.

Getting up from your chair, you bent over and grabbed some books, throwing a look behind you, you noticed that Cas was looking anywhere but at you.

“You coming?”

“M-Mmhmm.” Cas mumbled grabbing the remaining books and transporting to your room, leaving you to walk.

You shook you head and laughed. This was much more fun.


“Oh come on Sam, its just harmless fun.” you say as you walk to your room.

By the time you got to your room, Cas had put away his pile of books, they sat messily on the bookshelf. Laughing you set down your load.

“Okay, how should we organize them?” you ask


“Alphabetical it is” you say as you start to arrange the pile of books. It was quiet as the two of you worked, until you remembered that you had stolen Deans i-pod. Walking over to the small bedside table, you turn it on and set it to the song that had been playing previously, some random classic rock band. Walking back, you noticed how stiff Cas looked.

“You okay Cas?” you asked from behind him.

“Hmm? Yeah, fine” he said putting up more books.

Right. Grabbing books, you both worked, listening to music and occasionally chatting. As the books started piling up, it became harder and harder to reach the top. Reaching on your tippy toes, you could feel your shirt start to ride up as you tried to push the book into place. Without warning, Cas’ hand was placed on your hip as he reached up and helped you with the book. Lowering yourself, you noticed that Cas slowly removed his hand, staring at the place where it had once been.

“I think there’s one more book over there.” you say pointing to the single remaining book. Cas walked over and grabbed it as you leaned against the bookshelf. Walking back over, Cas looked at the single remaining spot for the book, and it was right above where you stood. Trying to place the book on the shelf, you couldn’t help but press yourself against Cas a little, sliding the book into place he gasped as he felt your body against his.

“What are you doing?” he said breathlessly.

You smiled and shrugged. As Cas was about to step back you grabbed his tie.

“Y-Y/N-” he stuttered.

“Yes?” you questioned innocently.

“I don’t think you understand the affects you have on-”

“Lets find out.” you say smashing your lips into his. At first you feel his surprise as he jerks back, but that disappears in an instant as you grab a fist full of his hair. This is not usually how the game plays out. But you weren’t complaining. Cas places a hand to the back of your neck and the other on your hip, brining you in closer to him. Tugging at his hair, you hear him moan into your mouth. At this point, you don’t even remember about the game you were playing, this had been what you wanted for a long time, you just never thought it would actually happen.

Breaking away from each other for breath, Cas started to pepper light kisses down you jaw and neck, resulting in a small gasp from you. Placing both hands on the back of his neck, you pull Cas in closer, his two arms reach out and wrap around your lower back, pushing you into the wall with his hips. Tugging at his hair once more, you heard the angel grunt as his lips found yours again. Side stepping, you broke away from the angel even though you instantly regretted it. You heard Cas whine at the loss of contact and his puppy dog look broke your heart.

“What were those affects you were talking about?” you question, smiling.

“Oh I think you know.” he says pressing his lips into yours once more. This time, you didn’t pull away.

The way you make me feel: like sunlight dancing on a shimmering bed of coral on the oceans floor, golden candles lit upon a thickly frosted birthday cake, laying underneath a Christmas tree looking up at the glowing lights like little stars, freshly picked strawberries laid in a bowl of sugar like a soft blanket of crystalline snow, jewel caterpillars hugging bright leaves.

lately I’ve had a lot of religious fundamentalists knock on my door. ‘tis the season. I always answer and listen out of curiosity. religion is fascinating but that’s where it stops. what startles me most is when they start reading bible passages about belief and for those who ‘believe’ they will have a golden kingdom to return to when they die. and that’s that because the book said it. i’m not sure how many people they could win over with that. the belief that god has a consciousness is also questionable, and it seems fundamentalists don’t do much questioning. god doesn’t have a consciousness, so when we are conscious of what god is that is what allows ‘him’ to exist. instead of preaching word that have been adapted over centuries why not show people the ways of ‘seeing’ god, rather than preaching blind faith. why not show them that the delightful giggle of my 3 year old niece is god, the mango and cream skyline during sunset ..that is god…facilitating the awareness of coincidences or ‘synchronicity’ …that is god acting anonymously… the burst of nature in a freshly picked strawberry.. the sea salt waves of the ocean that refreshes after a warm day ..that is god… the feeling of my baby move in my tummy… the safe arms my boyfriend holds out for me after a long trip..that is god… and yet i still believe if fundamentalists were at peace and intimate with their belief they would feel no need to preach. i don’t need to tell people the sky is there. i know it’s there, i’ve seen it

… Blessed is the man that can see God in all of his disguises.. X

My current dream dresses! Hopefully I can find one this year!

1. Sugar Fairy Cake Tiered JSK in yellow Acquired May 29 2014!
2. Happy Garden OP in sax or lavender 
3. Cherry Berry Bunny Heart JSK in sax or yellow
4. Sweet Jam JSK in yellow
5. Dreamy Baby Room OP in yellow or sax

Others: Eternal Rose Bouquet Dress JSK in Ivory, Freshly Picked Strawberries JSK in white or pink, Country of Sweets OP in white or pink, Dreaming Macaron JSK in yellow, Memorial Cake Chest Frill JSK in sax

I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring!