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anon requested tatiana’s sister and michael

block of italics means speaking in russian fyi

Tatiana had woken you up early, at least for the night you’d had, throwing your curtains open.

Wake up. I need you today”

“Ughh…to do what?”

“Keep someone company”

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m keeping my bed company today”

You flopped back to the bed, tucking your head as deep in between the pillows as you could. You felt the movement of the covers by your feet and grumbled in advance of what you knew was coming. Tatiana’s favourite way to get you up since you were children. She crawled further up and you braced yourself.

She grasped at your hair, pulling your face up, and dotting a kiss to your cheek.

Get up before I drag you down the stairs by your ankles”

“Tania, why must you be this way?”

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Sons of Lawrence #10

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Gadreel, Crowley
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 1,344
Warnings: Language, angst, casual drug use.
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.
Miss the beginning?

It was after Mary had fallen asleep that you decided to tell John and Sam about Gadreel. Dean still hadn’t returned, but you couldn’t keep it to yourself any longer.

You were pulling a deep drag from your second cocaine-laced cigarette and your leg was bouncing nervously under the intense gaze from two very intimidating men.

“This man,” John started, voice rough with barely keeping his emotions under control. “You saw him?”

“Today,” you said tremulously. “He delivered a bouquet of flowers; lilies. They were my favorite, until…” your voice trailed off as you stood and showed them your scar-adorned stomach.

While both men had their share of scars, they hissed and winced as if they themselves felt the pain. Then, there eyebrows drew together and dark rage rolled into their eyes. Sam, who was sitting next to you, reached out and ran his thumb over the scar. You did your best not to wince -it still hurt every now and then- or pull away from his inquisitive touch.

“Serrated butcher knife,” you muttered, answering his unasked question. “Pushed it in to the hilt, and then pulled.” Using Sam’s finger, you demonstrated what happened.

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

“Son of a bitch,” John snarled. “Until Gad is dealt with, you’re staying here, Y/N.”

Sam was nodding almost violently in agreement. “We won’t let you outta our sight.”

Your hands were shaking as you pulled your shirt down. “I don’t want to intrude. I mean…” you waved a hand in the direction of where Mary was sleeping.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

John stood, rounded the small table, and grabbed your shoulders. “You’re not intruding. Besides, you saved Mary. The least I could do is offer you a safe haven.” He pulled you into him and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tightly, only to release you a moment later when the three of you heard Mary call out.

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Stay Part 4

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 2419

Summary: Sam forgot Valentine’s Day, on top of having forgotten the reader’s birthday and their anniversary. So, he sets off to make it up to his girlfriend.

Read Part 1 Here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

And sadly, this is the final part. :) I hope you guys all liked the series as much as I did. Enjoy!

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My Idol: Part Twelve

My Idol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22

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anonymous asked:

Reader fills the bathtub up, and ads loads of bobbles to the water, she lights candles around the edges of the tub, and puts out ice cream and chocolate as well. This is her little gift to Kara.

Originally posted by dailycwsupergirl

“Happy Valentines Day, baby,” you beamed nervously after leading Kara into the bathroom.  Kara’s jaw dropped as the light from the freshly lit candles flickered across her face.

“Y/N, this is…this is perfect,” she murmured, squeezing your hand.  

“Yeah, well, we better strip down before the water gets cold.”

“True love is like the flame of a candle.  However many candles you light from the flame, the initial flame remains unaffected.  It doesn’t lessen at all.  And every freshly lit candle has as much flame as the others do.”

~Elder Epiphanios of Athens

(Photo © dramoor 2017 Church of All Hallows By the Tower, London, England)

Church of the Poison Mind (Trixya) Ch. 4 - Dahlia


The flashback this week is a little heavy, but the rest is just all fluff!! I thought we needed a fluffy little break!! All the fluff!! Happy reading!!

Thank you so so so so much to all of the fucking angels who supported me and my writing!! To anyone who read and supported, thank you so fucking much. Also to Lale and Matilda, idk where I’d be without my bby dog lesbians <3 Lale the literal stepmom to my fic who had to listen to me whine for 8 years before I posted this, and cried with me over fluff!! Thank you thank you thank you. <3

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Troublemaker (Part 2)

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Epilogue

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: Jungkook is trouble, the kind of boy your mother warned you to stay away from, the kind of boy that would leave you heartbroken and alone without a second thought. You know he’s only going to hurt you, but you can’t stay away.

Originally posted by jengkook

Chapter 2: Summer

It wasn’t until early summer that you saw Jungkook again.

It was in the midst of a particularly violent summer storm, he was sheltering underneath a bus stop just outside your school as you were walking home.

Your encounters with him always seemed to be in the rain, you noted.

 He had a cigarette in his hand and you watched as he took a drag, breathing in deeply and then releasing the smoke from his lips, it curled away from his mouth and disappeared into the air. It was a strangely beautiful sight.

He’d been gone from school for more than two months, at first the teachers had furiously looked for him, ringing his home and questioning where he was. But now they never even spoke his name, like he’d never even existed at all and you’d figured he must have transferred schools or something. You’d hated that you were slightly disappointing at the idea of never seeing him again.

Yet more importantly, it had been more than two months since you’d felt Jungkook’s soft lips on yours, more than two months since he’d touched you and told you you were pretty. You craved it, now even more strongly than ever, you craved his hands on your body.

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Wanted (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 1: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

welcome to my new fic “wanted!” this fic follows reader on their mission to retrieve a lost artifact that determines whether or not they will gain their freedom from the treasure hunting business. as always, let me know what you think and like and comment !!! i love you guys!!!!

words: 2,419

Vines gripped at your scratch ridden body. You breathed in the thin air of the mountain range and halted your footsteps as a mouse scurried in front of you into the bushes ahead. It was just you, in the middle of the forest.

 You can think back to the moment where it all started. Getting involved in the business was most likely one of the biggest regrets of your life, but you needed the money. You were desperate. The first job seemed painless with no challenges. It was just a simple task with a promising reward. But as you continued to work, your tasks became harder and more dangerous, with the punishment more threatening each time.

 Discomfort stung your body when you heard the metal doors of the warehouse open. The Boss, your own personal grim reaper, lurked in the shadows until he appeared from behind stacked crates in front of the table where you sat. He was holding an envelope containing your next job. Or, as it should be called, your next death sentence.

 You folded your hands together in anxiety and flinched when The Boss slammed the envelope against the table. You held your breath and gritted your teeth as he pulled out a chair and sat down across from you.

 You didn’t dare to speak. One wrong move, one wrong word, and you were to be riddled with bullets at The Boss’s command. His henchmen were scattered throughout the warehouse, all their eyes on you, and their weapons ready to fire. The long, slicing silence was broken by The Boss clearing his throat. His voice was low and gritty from the cigarettes and cigars he often had hanging out of his mouth. The smell of alcohol and tobacco followed him wherever he went.

 “Because of your failure to retrieve the last to artifacts I sent you,” he leaned forward in his chair. “You have no choice but to come back with your hands full.”

 Bodyguards shifted behind you and you could hear their boots crunching pebbles underneath their feet.

 You looked down at the envelope in front of you. A deep red wax seal ensured its untouched security. Your eyes drifted up to The Boss.

 “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. No choice?”

 The Boss stared at you with cold eyes, as he reached down to his holster and pulled out his pistol. It slid across the table and came to a stillness in front of you.

“No choice.” He said grimly.

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New Year’s Wish: Yongguk

Sorry this was sooooo late! Uhg this was suppose to be done by New Years so well….I tweaked the story a bit since I made this so late hahah…haha….awkward laughter. Anywhose I miss this gummy bear so much but I’m so glad that the boys are enjoying the vacation this month! They deserve all the rest they can get! Anyanyways back to the scenario requested by @rwby-brought-me-baek-to-life

Hello and happy 2017! Since I’m still starting to miss Yongguk, how about his scenario when the girl makes a New Year’s wish and when Yongguk is here, he made a proposal to her. <3

Originally posted by gldnsky

A/N: this cutie TT_TT Please be feeling better! Pllllleeeaaassseee! Just be happy and healthy!

You idly sat on the park bench, swinging your legs back and forth and enjoying the cool winter breeze as you waited for a certain gummy bear. It was your day off from work and you thought that you would spend it in bed catching up on some Z’s. You thought wrong. 8:00 am sharp, your phone buzzed uncontrollably while the bright light from your screen blinded your sensitive eyes. However, your grumpy expression softened at the sight of the text message sender. Your beloved Gukkie. With his rehabilitation for his anxiety disorder, you forced him to focus his time and efforts on his recovery, you kidnapped everything related to work from his apartment. To your surprise and slight delight, with the so much free time on his hands Yongguk became clingy and whiney in a good, cute way. He would coax you into going on dates with him, come over to his apartment and just snuggle, and though the offers were always tempting you were forced away by your work and studies. You would try to compromise with him stating that your drives together to his therapy appointments were technically dates, but you would only receive a deadpan stare in return, along with a pout.  The look on his face when you couldn’t celebrate New Years with him could kill you. You felt so bad seeing his kicked puppy expression, but unfortunately you had a buttload of work that you had to catch up on. It was odd to be on the other side of the busy spectrum.

“Aiiish, it’s getting cold…” You shivered as your rubbed your arms rapidly attempting to store some heat. Yongguk had told you to wait at the park for him since he knew you had a day off from the text you messaged him a few days ago. You expected him to call you out on a date, judging by the amount of happy emojis he replied with, but you didn’t expect it to be at 9:00 am. During your reheating state, you felt warm hands cover your eyes, causing a big grin to spread on your face. “Guukkiiieee~ It’s too early for a date.” You looked up at the smiley gummy bear. You gently removed his hands from your field of vision, playing with his fingers as you held onto them.

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First Time// Im Jaebum

Originally posted by yugyeomism

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
may i request a first time smut with got7’s jb? while i love rough sex with daddy jb, i’d love to see him being caring and gentle in your first time with him? c’:

Author’s Note: Jaebum is so soft I wanna snuggle bUT I’M PROBABLY GONNA GO TO HELL AFTER WRITING THIS RIP ME

xoxo Sara

You were nervous, to say the least. It had been about a year since you had started dating Jaebum, and it was such a lovely time, but you could tell he was slowly getting impatient. You two had talked about having sex before, though you would get nervous every time. He would only talk about it when you bring it up, not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable, as he truly cared about you, more than anything.

You had decided that tonight, you were ready, that you wanted to give your all to him tonight. You knew he was ready, and you had finally felt ready. You were never the most confident person in the world, which was a contributing factor as to why you didn’t want to, you didn’t like seeing yourself naked, and you didn’t want to think what he would think after seeing you naked.

You had both started off the date at a fancy restaurant, the place basically rented out for you two to enjoy alone. He had worn dress shirt, along with black dress pants, his hair slicked back slightly, while you had decided to finally put on a nice pink dress, curling your hair and putting on light makeup. He looked absolutely breathless when you opened the door, not being able to mutter more than how beautiful you looked, as if you had broken him and left him on repeat with that one statement.

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♫I Found- Amber Run //Golden Trio Era: Draco x Gryffindor Reader

A/N: This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so I’m sorry it’s short and probably not the best. I don’t have the time to finish it up today, but I will be putting up a part 2 tomorrow. I hope you like it and it’s not too terrible :)

Edit: I wasn’t very satisfied with the part 2 of this that I posted, so I will be redoing it very soon, most likely by the end of the week!

Summary: The reader is a new student at Hogwarts and ends up in the astronomy tower looking for an escape from her first few days. This is where she meets Draco, but through their conversation there’s no hint of which house they’re in.

Warnings: Smoking?

The gauzy grey clouds floated by the nearly full November moon. She couldn’t tell whether the dense twirls of air in front of her face came from her breath or the lit cigarette in her right hand. Her bare legs hung over the edge of the astronomy tower and, like a child, she swung them back and forth, staring at the moon.

She couldn’t quite remember how she’d found her way around her new school, but she decided not to worry about finding her way back just yet and enjoy the sting of nicotine seeping into her lungs. It was cold but she didn’t feel the wind’s chill. She felt completely content and blissfully numb as the wind blew and her (y/h/c) hair tangled in front of her face, her coat angrily flowing with the gust and barely covering her nightgown.


A gasp escaped her lips as she turned to see just how much trouble she was in.As the tall, slim figure stepped forward into the moonlight she recognised the grey-blue eyes and now messy fair hair of a boy she’d seen earlier that day.

“Sorry, did I steal your spot or something?” she said, swinging her legs back onto the floor and stubbing out her freshly lit cigarette. When her gaze floated back to the spot where he was just standing, she was surprised to find him gone. Instead, she heard a soft voice to her left:

“I can share for tonight.”

He had sorrowful eyes that blankly gazed into the distance as he let his long legs hang over the edge where hers had just been and his pale hands limply intertwined and settled in his lap. She smiled an unseen smile as she swung her legs back to where they had been and took another cigarette out of her purse, fumbling for the lighter.

“Aren’t you cold?” the stranger spoke.

“Aren’t you?” she eyed his seemingly delicate clothing. He smiled and shook his head lightly.They sat in a complacent silence, and she subtly admired the way the moon caressed his pale face.

“So you couldn’t sleep either?” his voice seemed fragile as he broke the silence.

“Not at all” she sighed and smiled at him sympathetically.

“I haven’t seen you around before” his stare finally broke away from the distant mountains and settled on her face “and I definitely haven’t seen you here”.

“I’m new” she nodded “I just transferred from Beauxbatons.”

He smiled and extended his right hand towards her “Draco” he smiled, quickly adding “Malfoy”.

She happily accepted, exaggerating the handshake humorously “Y/N, Y/L/N”.

A soft, unhappy crack reminded her of the cigarette that had been in her right hand until it was crushed by the cheerfully keen handshake. She returned the two broken pieces to her purse, taking out another, bringing it to her lips and swiftly lighting it as she inhaled the fiery smoke.

“What’s that?” Draco spoke, clearly baffled by the action.

“A cigarette” she wasn’t surprised by the question as she took another puff. Many pureblood wizards knew nothing of muggle inventions such as cigarettes. “Never start smoking them. You get hooked and they make you die early.” she preached as you exhaled a wisp of smoke.

“So why are you doing it? Isn’t that an incredibly stupid thing to do?” he laughed in mockery as she rolled her eyes and looked at him.

“You sound just like my mother.” The comparison made his dark eyebrows knot into a frown, immediately untangling when you nudged him lightly and smiled.

Playful words and laughter floated around the tower until the sun peeked on the horizon.

Laughing, Draco said “We should get back. We don’t want to get run into Filch.”

“Who’s that?” she asked, grabbing his extended hand and standing up.

“If you haven’t met him yet, you really don’t want to” he smirked and walked towards the staircase.

“I’ll trust you on that” she smiled, following him, her hand still entwined with his.

“Y/N’‘Y/N groaned, pulling a pillow over her head and frowning in her sleep.

’'Y/N! Come on, we’ll miss breakfast!” Hermione’s frustrated voice completely woke her, and she promptly sat up, a frown on her face.

“I didn’t know I was rooming with a morning person” she murmured angrily, sweeping her duvet to the side and standing up.

Being rushed by Hermione wasn’t pleasant, but it did get Y/N out of the dorm within the following 10 minutes. As they walked down to the Great Hall, her frown didn’t waiver.As she walked into the hall, her eyes roamed the sea of people at the 4 lengthy tables, gleefully catching a glimpse of the fair haired boy who’d made her heart skip only hours ago. She smiled at him, winking playfully.

She felt a sense of contentment when his lips spread into a grin as he gave her a nod.

Seeing her made him feel strangely blissful, a reminder of the previous night which had made him forget everything but the moment he was living in.

Until he caught a glimpse of the red and gold tie gracing her neck. 

bts as scents

seokjin: new textbooks, coconut, lavender, cherry blossoms, freshly baked bread, cookie dough, mothers cooking, strawberries, raspberry, green tea, hand soap, grapefruit

yoongi: fall leaves, peppermint, burning wood, leather, black tea, new shoes, snow, before it rains, bonfires, smores, pine cones, jasmine, dark chocolate, ground coffee, tooth paste

hoseok: fresh air, brewing coffee, cinnamon, freshly lit matches, hot cocoa, honey, doughnuts, pumpkin pie, mango, warm milk, citrus, lilac, peanut butter, mentos, puppies

namjoon: new car, cologne, wine, caramel, the ocean, after a rainstorm, gasoline, lemons, old books, earl grey tea, spearmint, new magazines, detergent, newspaper, ginger

jimin: freshly baked cookies, vanilla, freshly dried laundry, roses, marshmallows roasting, apples, sunflowers, baby powder, a real Christmas tree, cherries, baby lotion, fabric softener

taehyung: sharpies, chocolate, freshly cut grass, bbq, popping popcorn, fresh pack of crayons, freshly cooked pizza, fresh paint, play dough, bacon, flowers, syrup, french fries, butter

jungkook: gummy candies, butterscotch, fresh rain, chlorine, sea breeze, watermelon, pastry, sparklers, maple leaves, pancakes, salt water, brownies, ice cream, sunscreen, lime

Title: Sweet Dreams
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 525
Characters: John Allerdyce x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Mentions of nightmares
Notes: Request from the lovely @willsomeoneholdmyhand for “So I feel like this is done a lot and I’m sorry if you’ve gotten this request before but do you think you could do one where the reader has a nightmare and sneaks into John’s room for some comfort please?” // I haven’t gotten this request before, actually! ☺ I’ve seen this several times, but it’s always adorable.

Originally posted by pleasingpics

       Nightmares weren’t something unfamiliar to you. On a good night, you’d only have one. You’d wake up, scared out of your wits, then eventually drift into a dreamless sleep. But this was not one of those nights. No, tonight, you awoke from one nightmare, only to fall back to sleep and have another – one even worse than before. By the time you managed to wake yourself from that one, your blankets and pillows were on the floor, your sheets were tangled around your legs, and your body was covered in a cold sweat. There had only ever been one successful solution to your nightmares, and normally you decided to just deal with them yourself. But tonight, you knew that you wouldn’t get any sleep at all if you didn’t enlist the help of the solution.
       And that solution was John Allerdyce.
       You straightened your pajamas, a pair of shorts and one of his shirts, and attempted to fix your bird nest-esque hair, then made your way to his room. The halls of Xavier’s were silent as could be, aside from the occasional snoring of students. As quietly as you could, with still being audible, you knocked three times on John’s door – something you always did to let him know that it was you. When you heard nothing, you began to regret your decision. He’s sleeping, and so is Bobby. I shouldn’t have come, you thought to yourself – just as the door opened.
       John’s hair was quite possibly messier than yours, sticking up in various directions, and undoubtedly quite tangled. His Tool t-shirt was wrinkled, his plaid pajama pants were crooked, and he only wore one sock. He rubbed one eye with the heel of his hand, looking disoriented. When he realized it was you – and you only ever showed up to his room in the middle of the night for one reason – he stepped aside. You accepted the wordless invitation, walking into his room, and he closed the door behind you.
       It was a disheveled space – as could be expected of two teenage boys – with clothes and shoes littering the floor, posters of various bands, and a dartboard on the closet door. Bobby’s side was filled with photos of he and his family, but John only had two photos on his side: a framed one of the two of you, his arm around your shoulders and a rare, bright smiles on his lips, and a Polaroid of you, sticking your tongue out at him.
       John flopped down on his bed, then held open the covers for you. You climbed in, snuggling into his chest and wrapping an arm around his torso. He smelled of leather, some sort of manly soap, and a bit like a freshly-lit match. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders, and the other went behind his head, then he exhaled slowly.
       “Wanna talk about it?” John inquired, his voice rough and sleepy.
       “Not really.”
       “Okay.” A few moments of silence. “I love you.”
       “I love you, too.”
       You fell asleep quickly, feeling safe and warm in John’s arms. And – for the first time in longer than you could remember – you dreamt.

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365 Days || McCree x Reader

A/N: Angst and long and probably terrible and doesn’t make sense. Sorry.


365 days.

That sounds like a long time. But when you say 1 year. Now that changes a lot of things. It changes the perspective of how long you actually have. There’s so much you wanted to do, but you were tied down. You wanted to go on an adventure, but that would be too much for you and probably lessen the time you have.

Your best choice was to make the most of what you’ve got. ‘Make the most of what?’ That one question has been looping around in your head all day. No result truly came up. Besides the fact you get to see peoples smiles for when you fix their prosthetic or the kind gestures given by an omnic.

That did satisfy you but at the same time it didn’t. You wanted to do more, be more but you knew you couldn’t. Hence why you’re at the bar now. Drowning away your worries. As weak as you seemed and felt you had one hell of a tolerance towards alcohol.

A glass of whiskey was placed in front of you even though you’ve just been drinking some average beer. You looked up at the omnic bartender that you know all to well.
“It’s from the gentlemen three seats down. It’s on him.” You looked to your right to see a man in a cowboy get-up side eyeing you with a side smirk while a freshly lit cigar hung from his mouth. You sighed as you got up just enough to grab your wallet from your back pocket and take out the desired amount for the drink before giving it to the omnic.
“Tell him I said thank you, but there’s no need.” They shook their head and walked back to the cowboy handing him the change. A deep chuckle was heard followed and the cowboy stood up walking towards you placing the change in front of you.

“I said it was on me.”
“Yeah, but you didn’t say that I couldn’t pay you back.” You slid the money across the counter so that it was in front of him. “Thank you for the drink anyway.”
“What if I don’t want it?” He leaned onto the counter top with his chin laying on his hand with a smirk.
“What if I don’t need it?”
“Sweetheart, people always need money.”
“Well there you go. You should take it cuz I don’t need it.” The cowboy sighed seeing how you were a stubborn one but decided to sit next to you. “Ekora could I have a glass of water please.” The omnic placed a glass of water in front of you who grabbed the cigar from the mans mouth and dropped it in the glass. “No smoking.” With that you left leaving the cowboy watch you walk out. He turned back to the glass of water with his cigar and chuckled.

334 Days.

The cowboy’s eys shifted to the alcoholic beverage that was placed in front of him. Then they drifted to the omnic who was tilting his head towards the woman he met a month ago. He put out his cigar, stood up taking his glass and sat next to you with a smug look on his face sticking out his left hand.
“The name’s Jesse.” You turned to shake and respond but you only yanked his hand in front of your face inspecting it at every angle murmuring to yourself. You took in every detail, from just the simple manufacturing to the scratches on the metal.
“This is amazing.” You commented before murmuring to yourself again.
“Uh thank you…?” He responded slightly confused yet trying to hold back the blush that was forming on his face as he saw your eyes light up, the way your were murmuring to yourself. The fact that you looked so happy because of him, well his arm, yet it was him.
“Oh, sorry! The name’s (Y/N).” You shook his hand frantically out of embarrassment. Jesse’s heart thumped at you. You were bland then you became bubbly. It was cute.
“That’s alright darlin’ I don’t mind.”

After that you turned back to the counter sipping at your own drink while cursing at yourself. You were slouching over the counter, eyebrows knitted, nose crinkling and your lips seemed to form a pout. Jesse took in all these details as he sipped his own drink.
“Oi (Y/N)!” A voice shouted from behind the two of you. You both turned around to see a man in his late twenties to early thirties walking up to you waving with a prosthetic.
“Hey Pete!” You waved with equal cheeriness as the man named Pete gave you.
“So umm..” Pete sat down next to you scratching the back of his neck with the prosthetic arm in hand. “Could you uhh..”
“Just pass it.” You smiled at him as he passed the prosthetic to you. Ekora placed a small toolbox that you’ve left behind many times due to you fixing things while you visit his bar. “Lemme guess you had a gang fight, a guy shot at your arm and then it fell off cuz it’s a crappy prosthetic.” You pondered as you tinkered away. Jesse watched you as fiddled with wires and other things as if it was nothing.
“But you’re the one who made it!” Pete exclaimed with childish anger. “And I fell down the stairs.” He turned away embarrassed. You bursted out in laughter at this, tears pricking your eyes, a pink hue tinted your cheeks.
“Oh god I must’ve done a terrible job then!” Your laughter settled and you continued working away.
“Wait. You made this?” Jesse asked honestly surprised studying the arm.
“And who are you?” Pete glared at the cowboy who was on the other side of you.
“That’s Clint Eastwood.” You pointed with your thumb not looking up. Jesse looked at you and howled in laughter once he got what you meant. You quickly took a glance at Jesse with a small smile, happy that he got your joke.

241 Days

After that night Jesse and you started to encounter each other more and more at the bar. It was never a dull night with you two around. There was always laughter. The bar seemed brighter because of the two of you.

But this night you didn’t seem to glow.

“What’s up darlin’?” Jesse asked completely worried, unsure on what to do but ask. You just yawned, stretching your arms above your head.
“Nothin.” Ekoro placed your usual drink in front of you which you had in one shot. Jesse watched as you chugged the large drink, looked like a strong one too.
“Don’t look like nothin’.”
“What’s the date today?” Ekoro asked. This was the first time he heard the omnic’s voice so it mustn’t be good.
“The 12th.” The omnic seemed to sigh, or emit the sound anyway.
“It’s the 22nd.” The omnic seemed stern. “Have you been working on it again?” You seemed to look away ashamed avoid Ekoro’s gaze. “(Y/N).” The omnic pushed.
“I have to..” The omnic smacked the back of your head. Jesse gasped and widened his eyes looking at the omnic in surprise. The rest of the bar look up at the two and left. They know this isn’t good and a private matter. It’s happened many times before.
“(Y/N) you do not have to work on that project. It was never yours to begin with. That project is the reason why you’re dying (Y/N). No one is asking you to do this. And now you shouldn’t be because you have less than a year left because of it.” Jesse felt his stomach drop at this. You were dying. With less than a year left at that.
“But I’m so close to finishing” You murmured in hope for the omnic to understand.
“Jesse.” Ekoro’s gaze never leaving you. “Could you please take (Y/N) upstairs. There’s a bed for her.” Jesse nodded and guided you to the room.

A word wasn’t shared between you. Although Jesse did keep constant eye contact on you concerned.
“Thank you.” You murmured before going into the room shutting the door on him. He looked at the door for a few minutes before going back downstairs.

“Take care of her.” Jesse’s head snapped up at the omnic. “You’ve been a good thing to her. She’s been spending more time here than she has before.” The omnic seemed saddened as he cleaned the leftover glasses. “She seems happier when she’s with you.” The cowboy’s heart clenched hearing this. He didn’t realize what he was doing for her. But he knew what you were doing to him.

He was beginning to love you.

167 Days

You weren’t here tonight.

His mood fell at this. He really wanted to talk to you. He was planning on asking you out, or on a date at least.
“Must be her project again.” Ekoro muttered in annoyance.
“If you don’t mind me asking. What’s this 'project’?” Jesse asked, he wants to be put in the loop so he knows what’s causing your many absences. The omnic looked around to see if anyone needed anything before staying in front of the cowboy.

“A giant guardian of peace.” Jesse tilted his head confused, 'Guardian of peace?’. “It’s an idea her father had during the war. It was a giant omnic built with memories of humans while also having its own memories and personality. Although the war soon finished before production started. Her father retired and now she’s fulfilling his dream and she’s been the only one working on in. Working countless hours. She knows that she doesn’t need to but she wants to.” The omnic seemed to emit a saddened chuckle. “Going back on her own saying of how people should focus on their needs rather than what they necessarily want. Her dream isn’t to finish the project.”
“Then what is it?”
“To become a hero.”

That stuck to Jesse for a while. You’ve been using your time, your life, on some else’s dream that they stopped and you weren’t aiming for your own.

The Overwatch team noticed his distress. Although they did not press.

Maybe there’s a way to get you to become part of Overwatch…

115 Days

Jesse let out a staggered breathe as he mad his way over to you.

'Today’s the day. Just a simple question. Can’t chicken out again like the other times.’ His heart beated faster and faster as he repeated the question over and over in his mind.
“Hello darlin’.” He tried to act smooth by sliding his way through, only to fail as he fell off the bar stool. You looked down to see McCree on his back, serape covering his now red face, feet in the air and hat off his head.
“Seems like you’ve fallen for me.” You laughed as you helped the embarrassed man up.
“That’s because I have.” He responded without thinking.
“What?” You stood there shocked, you weren’t sure if he was joking or not. He sounded serious. When McCree realized what he said his face became a red stuttering mess.
“W-well ya see… um…” He took a moment to regain his composure and started again. “Well ya see darlin’ I love you.”
“I love you too” You respond not a second later. Jesse smiled and swooped into a much needed passionate kiss. A cough brought to you by an omnic made you stop and part.

16 Days

Ever since that day you and Jesse have being trying to spend as much time together as you could get. You both tried to do as much as you could together. Had lunch and dinner together whenever it was possible. Had an outing as often as possible. Gave each other as much attention as you could. You guys did everything at its maximum potential.

As time drew near things changed, not for the worse really. Just things have become harder for you. You’ve become much weaker. So much so that you’ve been put in hospital. Jesse tried to see you as often he could and stayed as long as possible. He even just ditched his missions (not that you knew, just that he had a job of a sort) so he could spend time with you.

A beeping sound that echoed loudly through the hallways of the Overwatch base brought everyone out of their tasks and gearing up for whatever is causing this emergency.

The team was notified by Winston that they had to evacuate all residents within the city because something big was coming. When he was on the aircraft Winston wasn’t wrong with the 'something big’ it was a rather large omnic. It was at least 900ft (274m) in height. Taller than most of the buildings.

When the team landed they instantly started evacuating people to the guided places. He wanted to go find you and get you out of here but he had to stay until his area was clear.

As he ran to another area to evacuate he felt rapid rumbles that didn’t seem to belong to the large approaching omnic as they were slow and closing in to the city’s edge. He then looked up to see another large omnic foot hover above the building before landing in the air, followed by a loud clunking thud of the collision between the two omnics.
“All okay down there?” He recognized that voice.
“Looks like I finished it in time huh Eastwood.” All that the cowboy do was stare as the two omnics fought each other. “You guys should be alright. I set up a force field around the city a while back…. afterIgothackedcausingthistohappen.”
“You should be in hospital!”
“And not die fighting. I’ll pass.” You huffed as you tried to stand your ground against your opponent.
“McCree what’s going on?” Soldier 76 voice boomed which McCree ignored as he saw your omnic be thrown by the other. It then continued to walk over to the city. Jesse looked back at you.
“C'mon darlin’ ya gotta get up!” Jesse begged not seeing you move or hear a response.
“You can’t tell me what to do.” You said before you got up an charged at the omnic giving it an electric shock. Then you omnic the collapsed onto its knees and onto its side.

Everyone ran to the scene. But McCree ran at full speed begging that you were okay.

When he got there he saw your body lying across the ground next to your large omnic.
“Puddin’ please tell me that you’re okay.” Tear fell from his eyes as he got no response.

Day 1

Your body felt stiff. You felt as though you could move but you couldn’t. You felt… heavy. You felt cold but your hand felt warm. You tried to move it, only for a finger to twitch. But that twitch was more than enough to alarm the warmth that was given to you.

You heard shouting. It seemed distant, yet it was so close. You tried to open your eyes, but they felt to heavy. You tried again and light quickly seeped in the small crack. You opened them more only to be blinded so you closed them again and opened them again once more. Everything was white and blurry. The only thing to hold colour was the brownish patch to you left. You blinked a few times trying to get your eyes to adjust to see a cowboy.

You tried to say something but nothing came out. Yet it was more than enough for the man.

Day 365

A lot has happened in the past year. You got married to a cowboy who was to impatient to wait as he’s already almost lost you. You became part of Overwatch. People started seeing you as a hero. You were contempt. Oh did I mention you’re basically Tony Stark now because you have a mechanical heart.

You sat outside looking at the stars. Calmed by the cool breeze. The silence.
“You’re going to catch a cold out here you know.” The gruff voice huffed as he sat behind you dragging you into his lap wrapping his serape around you.

A lot can happen in a year.

Nikos sat across the street of the Nightworld trying to blend into the scenery as he watched a certain female go about her day. For the most part he was succeeding with his book on how to properly hookup a generator and his freshly lit cigarette as he leaned against a tree. At least he believed he was succeeding till someone spoke to him.

The Second House

You can smell the aromas of freshly lit scented candles and hear the harmonious tunes of melody miles away from the second house, and the jewelled mansion of Taurus bedazzles us with its sun sparkling diamonds, flamboyant and complementary design and breathtaking beauty. The second house manages to mirror whatever we find most gorgeous and ignite the pangs of lust and desire in our hearts. In the second house our necks become draped in the finest jewels, our pillows lined in the silkiest linen and our wrists spritzed with the sweetest perfumes.


In the second house we find a bank, an accountant, a financial planner, art galleries, money exchangers, economists and the cosmic monetary fund. The second house is where we come to take out loans, receive financial counselling and build our wealth. Much of the social affluence here relates to personal wealth and many residents become business people, entrepreneurs and artists. Starving writers, budding artists and interior design graduates wander through the second house and fuse energies of creativity with practicality and manage to reap the financial reward. In the second house we are provided a sanctuary of our own sensory delights and nourished in a way that spiritually, emotionally and materially fulfils us. There is always a fashion parade, auction, art or cooking class to attend. We find the cosmic hospital’s throat/larynx ward here and the dutiful maintenance of the taxation system. In the second house we are expected to establish our own capital and restrict relying on outside sources.


In the second house we are given a design box and provided the colours to paint the outside world with the shades of our own soul. The sparkle of our own divinity reflects through the diamond on our necklace and we may become lost in a world of meaningless possession under a curse of materialism. So you’re in the second house, go out, find a sale, get your cheque book ready, you’ll feel right at home.