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Flirt With Me - Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: Yes (20+ OMG)

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A/N: IT’S HERE! The highly requested and long awaited sequel! I hope it meets your expectations, I’m actually terrified because I’m afraid that it doesn’t meet the standards of the first one… Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!


Part 1


How to flirt

Your fingers move swiftly across the keys of a school laptop as you type, glancing around the library, praying that no one was around to see what you were up to.

Less than a week ago (93 hours and counting… yeah you kept track), your best friend Peter Parker had flirted with you to help you avoid a certain obnoxious fellow Decathlon member, leaving you feeling very confused.
You’ve known Peter almost your whole life, but you had never imagined you would witness the slightly very seductive and flirtatious side of the sweet little, innocent boy from Queens.

You’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t enjoyed the little experience, even if it left you feeling extremely vulnerable and flustered - being a rather confident girl, that was something you definitely weren’t used to. You always liked Peter, he was an amazing friend, however, the episode left you desiring for something more… which has led you to this moment; sitting alone in the library and Googling for flirting tips during your free period. As pathetic as it sounded, you had a plan to finally admit your feelings for Peter, you’d win his heart the way he’d unknowingly captured yours.

You sigh as the page buffers, stupid school wifi.

But in order for your plan to be successful, you needed to be able to flirt. And unfortunately, that doesn’t happen overnight.

The page finally loads and you cheer silently in success, jumping slightly in your seat. The librarian glares at you accusingly but doesn’t raise a finger.

“These internet people better know what they’re doing…” you murmur to yourself as your eyes skim through an article. Of course, it was useless.

You yelp in surprise as you felt someone breathe on the back of your neck while peering over your shoulder. Hurriedly, you slam the laptop shut but the damage had been done.

“Learning how to flirt on the internet?” Michelle drawls with a smirk and you feel yourself heat up. “I’ve tried it before. You’re lame.”

“Wait, but you said you tried it too-” you start before she cuts you off with a smirk. Ah, Michelle, such a complex and bright mind yet ever so confusing at times.

A thought suddenly pops into your head.

“So are you any good at flirting now? Perhaps you could help me?” you inquire hopefully. Sure, Michelle didn’t seem like a flirt, but at this point, you honestly didn’t know what to expect from anyone anymore.

“Me? Flirt? Pfft, no. I’d rather be doing something productive, like drawing people in crisis.”

You simply nod, not exactly eager to find out what she meant about ‘people in crisis’.

She ignores you for the rest of the period, checking out a few interesting looking books as you resume reading a few blogs and online magazine articles, but to no avail. By the time the bell rang you still hadn’t learned anything new.

Sighing in frustration, you pack your things.


“Okay, Ned. Play along with me for a moment.”

“Wait, what?”

“I’m going to do something, just go with it!”

Ned looks dumbfounded as you saunter over to him, twirling a strand of hair around your fingers.

“Hey, handsome,” you whisper, closing in on him. He backs up nervously against the lockers.


You give him a flirtatious wink.

“(Y/N), you’re scaring me.”

You sigh in defeat as you slam your face into the lockers with a loud bang. A few freshmen stare at you curiously but you couldn’t care less. Ned, on the other hand, looks as confused as ever as he awkwardly tried to pry your face from the lockers.

“Hey Ned, (Y/N)!” you hear an all too familiar voice call. The feet carrying the person skid to a stop. “Uh, what’s wrong with her?”

Peter glances at Ned, who shrugs before walking off, still pondering over your crazy behaviour from earlier. Peter pokes your head gently but you ignore him, even though you wanted nothing more than to face him and look into his beautiful eyes.

“(Y/N),” Peter tries again when he suddenly spots Flash coming around the corner. His face lights up in realization and the faintest traces of hope, however, you (your face still shoved against the lockers) didn’t see his eyes shine in excitement. “Ah, I see. Flash approaching quickly at six o'clock. Want to put your old plan into action again?”

His voice is eager and hopeful, but once again this remained unnoticed by you for your face was starting to flush, the blood roaring like strong waves in your ears.

Without warning, Peter successfully removes your face from the cool metal (damn his inhuman strength) and twirls you around to face him, his cheeky, flirtatious smirk from a few days before, returning.

You feel your knees shaking beneath you and your heart beating faster. You wanted to scream in delight but also die right there and then. You weren’t prepared, the websites had taught you nothing. You were defenseless and you wouldn’t be able to play along with him nor tell him how you really felt. Your heart stopped and all your trains of thought left you as he opened his mouth.

“There isn’t a word in the dictionary to describe how beautiful you are.” Peter whispered, his voice low and husky.

Your face was burning like a freshly lit fire as he gazed into your eyes, taking your hand in his gently. You tried to keep your hand as still as possible, but it was shaking madly in his grasp. However, his grip only tightened. You rack your brain to the websites you browsed merely hours ago, and blurt out the first thing that came to mind. The line that would allow Peter to understand how you truly felt, the line that would start your relationship as a real couple-

“And you must be the square root of two, because I feel irrational around you.” you uttered, your voice awfully tremulous.

He chuckles and you wanted nothing more than to slap yourself. Out of the hundreds of pick up lines you read, you chose to use the only one with math? Freaking mathematics? Nobody would ever take that seriously, not even Peter and he wore science pun shirts for goodness sake!

“Good one, (Y/N). I’ll have to get that printed on a shirt soon,” he laughs, vocalizing your thoughts. “But back to business.”

Before you knew what you were doing and before he could say anything ridiculously attractive, you push him against the lockers, sealing the small gap that was between the two of you. He looks surprised at first but it doesn’t last long as his face sports his seductive smile again.

“Whoa, careful darling. Please keep your distance. I might fall for you.” he mused, as you fought hard to keep your blush from darkening.

You take a deep breath and close your eyes. It was going to work this time. It had to.

“Roses are red, my face is too… and that only happens when I’m around you.”

You shut your eyes tightly, dreading his reaction. You didn’t know what to expect, perhaps he would think that you’re still playing along, or maybe you had just ruined a perfectly amazing friendship with Pete or-

Your body tenses as his hand finds his way to your cheek, cupping it gently. It glides swiftly to your chin, his touch feather-light, and tilts your head so that you were less than inches away from his face. You hesitantly open your eyes, only to meet his gentle ones that showed no sign of anger, confusion or pity. Were you mistaken or did his eyes sparkle with love? And did yours too?

“I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile,” you resumed. His eyebrows quirk up in an adorable way and he opens his mouth to reply but you start speaking again. “And walk into a pole.”

The two of you double over with laughter and butterflies flutter in your stomach as Peter pulls you into him, wrapping you in a hug.

“You totally ruined the perfect moment,” he chided while continuing to chuckle. “I was about to say something equally as romantic y'know.”

“Oh, believe me, I’ve heard enough of that from you already.” you admitted, grinning wildly. “And are you admitting to liking me too?”

He smirks and pushes you against the lockers, trapping you against him and the metal that creaked in protest from behind you. The space between the two of you, incredibly small. But you definitely weren’t complaining.

“That I am. I have for years. And besides… your lips look so lonely. Would they like to meet mine?”

He leans in and you mimic his movements, lifting you face up to connect your lips to his-

“Hey (Y/N), I was wondering if you wanted - ARG, WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME?” Flash shrieks from the other side of the hallway as he spotted the two of you against the lockers.

You and Peter pull away abruptly, and you sigh disappointedly. Your eyes shoot daggers at his back as Flash retreats, his heavy footsteps echoing angrily.

“And another perfect moment ruined.” Peter sighed dramatically, pulling you to his side while snaking his arm around your waist. You snuggle into his embrace.

“You owe me a kiss now.” he declares with a smile.

“Yes, I do.”

Your plan was definitely successful.


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Love to Hate You | Simon Smut

Request: a simon one shot where you both hate eachother and then one night you go out with the group and theres a dare where you have to make out with eachother then later on in the night you hook up? thankyou!

A/N: this is a collab I did with the amazingly talented @littleminter you should give her a follow if you haven’t already, her writing is better than words can explain 💜

Words: 2893

“Hey, Y/N are you almost done?” JJ knocked on the bathroom door.

“Yeah one sec,” you called back to him.

You were getting ready to go for a night out with the boys and some other friends, having not been out for a considerably long time you were excited to say the least.

“Alright, Simon needs to get something out of there when you finish.”

You rolled your eyes but didn’t say anything. You and Simon had a bit of a feud going on, you hated each others’ guts and neither of you knew exactly why.

There wasn’t much that could be done about it either, you were both JJ’s best friends and as long as he was around you’d have to deal with each other. And it wasn’t like JJ made you guys spend time together. Nope, all you had to do was merely accept each others existence. Simple. Or at least it should be.

Once you were done in the bathroom you opened the door and stepped out into the hall, already seeing Simon walking your way. “Took you long enough,” he mumbled.

As you walked past him to the stairs you made sure to give him a little jab in his arm.

He made an awkward grunting noise that made you laugh but you put your hand over your mouth and hurried down the stairs before he could notice.

A few minutes later you were sitting on a couch downstairs with Vik and Josh when Simon came bounding down the stairs. You had to admit he looked good. If you were going to be honest with yourself you found him very attractive but just not enough to make you hate him any less. You caught your eyes wandering down his tall frame and turned back to the boys before you got carried away.

When Josh looked up and saw Simon standing at the stairs he said, “Oh good, are you ready? Go get JJ everyone else is already on their way to the club.”


When you finally arrived at the club the Cals went to get drinks for the group while the rest of you went to find tables.

“Y/N c'mon let’s go dance!” Freya yelled over the music, pulling you up out of your seat and dragging you to the dance floor.

Before long you were in the middle of the dance floor sweating, moving your body to the beat. You could feel eyes on you but all you cared about was the music. You hadn’t been out in so long and it felt great to let loose a little.

You spotted Simon sitting at the table with an unreadable look on his face, staring at you. Maybe it was the alcohol that made you do it but you decided to keep eye contact with him and dance a lot more suggestively, holding his gaze a moment before turning back to Freya.

A few hours with more drinking and dancing passed before you all decided to go home, considering how many people had thrown up already.



Those who hadn’t passed out on couches agreed loudly while you thought about it.

“Yeahhh let’s do it!” You said. What could go wrong with a little truth or dare?

You, Josh, Cal and Cal, Simon and a couple others sat down in a circle in the middle of the floor which ended up looking more like an oval.

Instinctively, your eyes cast quickly around the faces in the room. Admittedly, your heart sank at the realisation that not all of your friends would be hopping in on the game—not even Truth Or Dare’s biggest fan would, if they were completely sloshed. Freezy definitely seemed the most out of it, with hooded eyes and a gargantuan grin stretched across his face; one that could rival the Cheshire Cat’s. Though you probably weren’t far behind. Briefly glancing down at your petite hand, you had to blink multiple times and rid the vision of a duplicated hand, just before pondering that maybe you shouldn’t have drank so much.

“Alrigh—t,” Freezy began, his words unbelievably slurred as he almost choked on his own sentence. From the corner of your eye, you saw Tobi shake his head, and you were immediately thankful that the group had someone sober on-hand. “I’m gonna start then! Oi Josh, tru—truth, or dare?”

It was almost as if Josh was about to fall asleep, with his arms folded and limp body leaning against Simon’s shoulder. Chin buried into his chest, it took a snappy click of Simon’s fingers in front of his face to bring his mind back ‘round. Miraculously, he replied with utmost confidence and wide eyes, “truth!”

“Oi, pussyole,” Freezy grumbled, only to burst out in laughter at his own comment. He was surprisingly vivacious when drunk, and you dared to prefer him when he was like this. There was a pause, thick silence lingering in the air before he piped up again, with a smug grin, “okay so hear me out,” he started, and the group gave a unanimous groan. It could only be bad. “Imagine Freya isn’t in the equation, and you had like, I dunno, a—hic! A fuckin’ gun to your head, right?” Freezy hiccuped. “You have to fuck one girl who ain’t Freya. Who is it?”

Your ears twitched as someone “oo”’d suspiciously, while Josh only gulped, thickly. Practically noticing sweat beading at his hairline like pearls, you sighed in relief as you’d hate to be in his position right now. However, you felt stern eyes on you. The feeling was brief, but there nevertheless. It wasn’t hard to tell who was staring though, even without looking. The glare was cold, and firm, and sultry, and envious, and only one person, filled to the brim with such resentment, could be described with so many negative attributes. Simon was looking at you, and it was clear to see who he thought Josh would choose. He was jealous. He knew it. But most importantly, so did you.

Suppressing a smug smirk was embarrassingly hard, especially when intoxication made your mind unfathomably hazy, but ego was swarming your heart, and made it palpitate in ways you couldn’t describe. But then Josh gave another gulp, and spluttered out a name nobody seemed to expect, “I think Jesse is alright. Y'know—Fa…Fangs.”

All at once, everything crumbled. Your ego dropped, Freezy seemed quite obviously disappointed, everyone was hoisted from the edges of their seats, and Simon sighed a deep sigh of relief. The flare of jealousy in his eyes burned out almost immediately, and some sick, twisted part of you wanted it to reignite. Disgusted with yourself, you frantically shook your head and allowed yourself to delve into your own thoughts. Background noise was a mere blur, your ears unable to focus on the barely recognisable voices as alcohol intertwined with your blood. The trance was only demolished when you heard a garbled voice murmur your name. Jerking your head up, eyebrows arched, you hummed in perplexity before JJ asked you the inevitable question, “truth or dare?”

When it came down to it, you didn’t really care. Nothing was going to come out of it, and even if it did, you probably wouldn’t remember it tomorrow. So without a second thought and with minimal preparation for what was to be asked of you, “dare.” Then the games began.

Truthfully, JJ was sick of the constant fighting between yourself and Simon. Though arguments didn’t always break out into to-the-death fights, he always noticed the childish glares, the unfriendly mannerisms, the backhanded threats, the impulses that made him worry for your safety, and it pissed him off. He couldn’t handle it anymore. He had two best friends that hated each-other for whatever reason, and now war broke out ravenously in the house. But as a grin danced on his lips, he couldn’t help but recite an infamous quote in his head: make love, not war.

“Okay,” the rapper replied smugly. Too smugly for your liking, and the mere smile made your skin crawl. Eyeing him suspiciously, you watched as his gaze flickered between you and Simon like a freshly lit candle, and you immediately regretted choosing to be dared. “I dare you to make out with Simon.”

A gear turned in your brain, your heartstrings were tugged and your jaw slackened. With a newfound sense of embarrassment, all confidence was drained from your system as your cheeks burned a bright roseate. You probably should’ve expected this, but facing the intrigued, excited and teasing expressions of your friends only worsened your sudden shyness. Nervously tugging on the hem of your cropped hoodie, you silently begged for the floor to swallow you whole, “what—? Josh, I…I can’t do th—”

Simon stood up. Shakily, mind you, but he stood up nevertheless. You half expected him to be done with the situation altogether and just walk off—no way would he want to face the shame of having to make out with the person he hates more than anything. But the other half of you was more surprised than anything when he bent down, and pressed his lips against yours.

His lips were warmer than you’d expected them to be, especially for someone so cold to you. They were soft, and thin, and moved confidently as if he had planned to do this for a long time. However, you lips remained unmoving and frozen, succumbing to fear even though you knew that any action you did would be reciprocated. Although, you then felt a gentle nibble of your bottom lip, and a breath of warm air as he chuckled, “it’s not really making out if only one of us is doing all the work.” Your heart thundered in your chest, and with only a slither of reluctance remaining, you finally allowed yourself to let your lips move.

Sparks ignited in your heart like electrical chords, burning fiercely as his large hand cupped your flaming cheek. As your lips continued to mesh together, the awkward coughing of JJ rang in your ears and snapped you out of your trance, being the first to pull away. You’d be lying if you said you thought Simon wasn’t disappointed, as his features dropped. Instead of rushing back to his original spot, he squeezed between you and Lux, who grunted a bit when Simon’s hip banged against his waist on the way down.

Perhaps it was because everyone was drunk out of their minds, and the fumes of alcoholic exhales didn’t exactly help, but the group merely gave a few perplexed blinks and carried on with the game. Despite the end of the heated session, your heart didn’t settle, and you could hear it’s rapid pulsations resounding in your eardrums like a broken record. For a split second, you felt his hand skim across yours, and you dared to flinch before he snatched your hand in his.

Every mean word you two spat at each-other, every mocking comment, every sour expression and every violent action was wiped clean from your mind as it diminished into two things: confusion and want. In this world, there weren’t many things that could take you by surprise. Not a twist in a film, nor a prank from one of your friends; but Simon Minter could shock you. Out of everything and everybody, your so-called arch-nemesis could make your cheeks burn, heart accelerate and sweat drip in ways you had never associated such things with. Fuck him, the scoundrel, with his shaggy quiff, and crooked smile and minty-fresh breath. Damn it all to Hell.

“[y/n],” he whispered, finding his lips pressed against the rim of your ear. Hearing your name roll of his tongue in a manner that lacked any toxicity was new and dumbfounded you, to say the least. But you weren’t opposed to it. You don’t think you ever would be. A gulp, a shudder and a shaky exhale ensued before you listened to his next, sultry words with intent. “Come upstairs with me.”

Before you could even give a reply, you were whisked away upstairs. You were unaware as to whether people noticed, but at the same time, with your back suddenly against a soft mattress, you didn’t care at all. In seconds, his alcoholic breath dusted across your rosy cheeks, warm, large hands snaking across your waist as your shirt hiked up your stomach. His touches were soft and new, and normally you’d recoil at getting anywhere near him, but with his lust-filled eyes hovering above you, you couldn’t be more excited.

The room was ominously dark, Simon’s hands trailing stars as his fingers grazed smoothly over your stomach. They glided up to the thin material of your bra, and you immediately twitched. No matter how drunk you were, it was easy to remember that Simon had never once seen you vulnerable or naked—not even half-naked, at that. Entirely, this was a brand new experience, and whether you’d regret it or not was a decision for the morning after. But your heart, cheeks and teary eyes couldn’t ignore the unbearable feeling of embarrassment. And he noticed.

Immediately, his hands halted. For once in your life, you saw something other than resentment shrouded in Simon’s eyes when he looked at you: concern. Now, his blue hues were round, soft and twinkled with perplexity. Removing his hand from your waist, he watched as you sat up and a single, flustered tear trickled along your cheek. You wiped it away as quick as it came, and flashed a smile that had no shine to it whatsoever. Nose turned up, he inched slightly closer, and muttered a rapid string of “hey, hey, hey…” he hushed. “[y/n], what’s wrong?”

“I—,” you hiccuped, glancing at the floor briefly, and back into his cerulean pools you were certain would whisk you away. “Don’t you hate me?”

“Hate you?” He repeated, arching a single brow and then sighing deeply. Clicking his tongue off the roof of his mouth, he murmured, “you’re annoying, and loud, and argumentative and really piss me off sometimes,” he admitted, watching your features drop once again with a heavy heart, only for a smirk to dance on his lips. “But only sometimes,” he added. “Other times, I think you’re cute, and funny, and gorgeous, and talented, and I like being around you when I don’t want to strangle you.”

An adenoidal chuckle vibrated through your throat, and any worry in your heart fizzled out like a wax candle. Before you knew it, your hands were cupped behind Simon’s head, cradling his hair and grinning from ear to ear. Now you knew you wouldn’t regret it tomorrow morning.

Your neck was attacked by his lips, nipping and sucking on sensitive skin as you squirmed beneath his passionate touches. Your hands, impatient and nervous, shakily reached for the hem of his shirt. Tucking them beneath the fabric, they roamed his stomach: slim and toned as you expected it to be. You relished in the fact that this was an opportunity girls worldwide wanted to have, yet you were the lucky ex-enemy exceptional enough to feel the budding muscles beneath the cover of his milky skin.

Eyelids flickering delicately shut, your fingers inched tentatively towards the flies of his black skinny jeans. Feeling cool metal against your fingertip, a smirk stretched itself across your face as your pulled it down. While tugging his trousers along his legs, you felt one of Simon’s hands shift beneath your shirt and cup your boob. A guttural groan vibrated in your throat at the action, as your legs invitingly spread as his hips viciously ground against your own. Tipping your head back, you felt him shift and rid himself of his jeans, only for Simon to shuffle your top above your head and fling it across the room, mimicking the action with his own.

In a matter of seconds, you found him naked, hovering above you with ominous lust shrouding cerulean hues. His fruity grunts were music to your ears, sending you into overdrive as you felt the tip of his penis rub against your folds. Eyes flickering animatedly, you couldn’t help but squeak when he gently shoved his throbbing cock into your sopping pussy. Disembodied, the repetitive motion of his dick gliding in and out of your cunt whirred the wires in your brain as silvery moans passed through your plump lips. His hands entangled themselves in your hair, thrusts increasingly becoming faster but sloppier as his grunts grew sexier by the second. Feeling your stomach knot, you screamed in euphoria as the intimate feeling of cum seeping through you knocked you over the edge.

A thin layer of sweat acting as a second skin, Simon exhaustedly panted above you, before swooping down and stealing a surprisingly chaste kiss. Collapsing beside you, you felt his arm envelope you in a hug, which you melted into like chocolate.

Tonight was wild, and confusing, and fun. You weren’t sure if either of you knew what just happened, but right now, you didn’t think you cared. All you cared about was the warmth of Simon’s chest as you slipped into a peaceful respite.

Pinky Promise (Connor Murphy x Reader)

a/n; this is my first imagine so i’m really sorry if this sucks!! i’ll get better i promise you guys. also i know this is really out of connor’s character, it’s an imagine okay

warnings; just a little bit of swearing?? 

wc; almost 1.2k w hoops 

“How about this - if neither of us have a date, or a relationship before prom. We go with each other.” You smiled at Connor, slightly shivering at the cold gust of wind that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

He glanced at you, the moonlight shining against his pale skin. His skin looked as if it were made of porcelain, with his eyes sparkling a light blue. He smiled and nodded. “It’s a deal.”

You put your hand out for a pinky promise, moments later he intertwined his pinky with yours and you two lifted your hands to your lips and kissed them to seal the deal.


“So, prom!” A loud voice echoed from behind you. Your reflexes couldn’t help but freak out, so you hit the back of your head on the inside of your locker.


You took your head out of your locker and got up to see Jared standing next to you. You started to rub the back of your head to soothe the pain while talking to him.

“What the fuck was that for, Kleinman?”

He shot you a cocky smile. “Well, you’re going to prom, I’m going to prom. And who are we kidding? We obviously have a connection. So how about you and me go to prom together huh? You could get it on with the Jared Kleinman.”

You rolled your eyes and shook your head at the boy. He was so full of himself!

“Um no. I would rather go alone than go with  you, sorry. Nice try though sweetie!” A smile crept up on your lips, and he couldn’t help but smirk whenever you called him ‘sweetie’.

He shrugged his shoulders and pushed his glasses up with his finger. “Oh well, that’s your loss! Don’t come crying to me when you don’t get laid!”

“That’s a bit hypocritical, seeing that’s exactly what you’ll do to me!” You shot back and shut your locker. You smiled at him then turned around to walk away to fourth period. You could feel his glare burning into the back of your head, but you didn’t care. That’s what he gets for being so cocky.


“Are you kidding me?! Jared asked you to prom?!” Connor laughed, taking a hit of his freshly lit blunt. You nodded and laughed, replaying the moment in your head. You looked at the boy and he slowly shook his head, staring at the wall.

Connor turned and looked at you, his head resting against the wall. His eyes were already a tiny bit bloodshot, making his blue eyes even look even bluer. Sweat formed on his forehead, which wasn’t an uncommon thing for him at all. He continued to stare without saying a word. He just gave you a cute half-smile.

“What’s up Con?” A giggle escaped your lips. He rolled his head to the other side of him, looking away from you.

“It’s nothing.” He groaned.

You pouted, knowing something was on his mind that he wasn’t telling you. “Come on! I thought we were best friends, you need to tell me things.”

“Well.. there is.. one thing.” He rolled his head back over at you, slightly raising his left eyebrow. He had a slight smirk on his face, which was honestly kind of hot. He properly sat up and grabbed your hand, his thumb repeatedly grazing over your hand. “How about… how about we go to prom together?”

Your heart skipped a beat. Was he serious?? No, there’s no way. You lifted your head off of the wall and looked at him with your mouth slightly open, not knowing how to respond. Thank God he filled the silence by continuing his question.

“And remember.. you promised.” The enthusiasm drained from his face and was replaced with a more serious look. You remembered the night perfectly. How you and Connor got bored at two in the morning and decided to climb a tree. How you sat there for hours and just enjoyed each other’s company. And most importantly - the promise you two had made.

“Connor. I’d love to go to prom with you.” You nodded. His face lit up brighter than the sun - he looked as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

“rEALLY?!” A childlike squeal came from the almost fully-grown man. A genuine smile crept up on your lips, and you nodded.



Connor looked so handsome. His hair was down with a lock tucked behind his ear, his nails were freshly painted black, and he wore a fucking tux!!! His tie was tied.. differently.. but it made him look so unique and you were so happy to have gone with him.

You wore a stunning all-black outfit for Connor, which you spent hours and hours of shopping to find the perfect one. When he first saw you, his jaw almost dropped to the floor. You left him speechless! When he recollected himself, he softly mumbled 'I’ve never seen someone so beautiful.’

You two were there for a total of two songs before you realized that prom wasn’t your thing, as much as you wanted it to be. You wanted it to be the perfect night with Connor, but the loud music and gymnasium crowded full of people just wasn’t your forte.

“How about we blow this joint?” You heard Connor mumble in your ear before wrapping his arms around your waist. You have never agreed to anything faster in your life.

He took you by hand and you two walked to the park - the park that contained you and Connor’s tree. The one that you happily made your promise in, not regretting a single word. He wanted to climb it, and there’s no way you would decline an offer like that.

You two began to climb, then rested on the same exact branch you were on months and months ago.

“I’m sorry this night didn’t go out as planned.” He shook his head, wind softly blowing his hair back. You smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Connor, I’m with you. And that’s more than enough.” You blushed.

“Can I try something?” His head tilted to the side. You nodded. Before you could comprehend anything, his hand was cupping your face. He leaned in and softly kissed your lips. He tasted like mint gum with a hint of weed, which wasn’t a surprise. When he pulled away, you leaned in and kissed him for a second time. This time, you were the one to end it.

There were very little times where this boy was genuinely happy, but he had the biggest and truest smile on his face. He flicked his eyes from direct eye contact, to your lips, then back to your eyes.

“How about this,” he began, “if neither of us have a relationship by the last day of school, we dat each other.” Blush took over his whole entire face, which made him even cuter.

You glanced up at him, his skin still seeming like porcelain. “It’s a deal.”

He put his hand out and you intertwined your pinky with his. You two lifted your hands up to your lips to kiss them to seal the deal.

36/50 - “Everything was fine, until you showed up.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Nicky/andreil
Summary: While staying in New York with Matt’s mom, they get into a bar fight.

A/N: I’ve written a couple hundred fics and I still don’t know how to end one.

Andrew followed Neil out of the hospital, Nicky, Aaron and Matt not far behind. None of them spoke, though Neil was obviously upset.

Neil got into Matt’s mom’s SUV. He pressed himself close to the door to avoid any contact from Andrew. Matt started clearing the two inches of snow off the car that had accumulated during their visit and they all waited for Nicky who was taking his time limping over to them on crutches. When Nicky made it to the car without slipping, Matt helped him into the passenger seat before finishing.

It was nearly two in the morning and the roads hadn’t yet been scraped of snow. The car swerved more than once on the way back to Matt’s mom’s house. Matt pulled up to the curb and they all piled out. Matt, Aaron and Nicky headed up the driveway, leaving footprints in the newly fallen snow but Neil and Andrew stayed by the curb.

Neil wished it had taken longer to get back. Matt looked at him over his shoulder but Neil didn’t acknowledge it. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and took a deep breath. The cold air felt prickly traveling down his throat and into his lungs.

Andrew waited until the others were inside before digging in his pockets for a pack of cigarettes, only to remember they’d been lost at the bar. He didn’t hesitate to stick his hand in Neil’s back pocket.

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Sons of Lawrence #10

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Gadreel, Crowley
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 1,344
Warnings: Language, angst, casual drug use.
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.
Miss the beginning?

It was after Mary had fallen asleep that you decided to tell John and Sam about Gadreel. Dean still hadn’t returned, but you couldn’t keep it to yourself any longer.

You were pulling a deep drag from your second cocaine-laced cigarette and your leg was bouncing nervously under the intense gaze from two very intimidating men.

“This man,” John started, voice rough with barely keeping his emotions under control. “You saw him?”

“Today,” you said tremulously. “He delivered a bouquet of flowers; lilies. They were my favorite, until…” your voice trailed off as you stood and showed them your scar-adorned stomach.

While both men had their share of scars, they hissed and winced as if they themselves felt the pain. Then, there eyebrows drew together and dark rage rolled into their eyes. Sam, who was sitting next to you, reached out and ran his thumb over the scar. You did your best not to wince -it still hurt every now and then- or pull away from his inquisitive touch.

“Serrated butcher knife,” you muttered, answering his unasked question. “Pushed it in to the hilt, and then pulled.” Using Sam’s finger, you demonstrated what happened.

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

“Son of a bitch,” John snarled. “Until Gad is dealt with, you’re staying here, Y/N.”

Sam was nodding almost violently in agreement. “We won’t let you outta our sight.”

Your hands were shaking as you pulled your shirt down. “I don’t want to intrude. I mean…” you waved a hand in the direction of where Mary was sleeping.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

John stood, rounded the small table, and grabbed your shoulders. “You’re not intruding. Besides, you saved Mary. The least I could do is offer you a safe haven.” He pulled you into him and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tightly, only to release you a moment later when the three of you heard Mary call out.

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Hi everyone, I’m back! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This fic is inspired by this beautiful illustration by @thefvckingwarship. Hope you enjoy!

Thomas’s hand was soft in James’s. He led him through the corridors of the quiet Hamilton estate, dimly lit throughout the house by sparse candles. The staff was nowhere to be found, and Miranda was away.

They were alone.

James hoped that Thomas couldn’t hear his hammering heart as they walked, trying with every fiber of his being to suppress his nervousness. This thing that they shared, what they were, was still very new. It had been three weeks since they shared that kiss at the table, when they made their silent proclamation to care for each other. Though they saw each other almost daily, shared jokes and stories and passions, this new step was entirely fragile. Like the first flickers and movement of a candle that was freshly lit, or like the first stars out at night, small and trembling.

James feels that fragility, that newness in something as simple as a handshake that lasts a second too long, or when they find themselves gazing at each other during a salon. James felt it at the dinner party they had returned from, the pair sticking together practically the whole night. He felt it in the carriage on the way back, and in the way Thomas spoke.

“Are you staying tonight?” his voice was soft, almost unsure.

“Only if you’ll have me,” James replied, surprised at his own boldness.

Thomas smiled in the dark, “I would.”

And James felt it here, now, in Thomas’s room. They lounged on the plush bed, backs resting against the pillows, James almost sinking into the sheets. His eyes fluttered closed as Thomas reached out and ran his fingers through the loose strands of hair that escaped its tie.

“It’s amazing,” muttered Thomas as he played with the hair.

“What is?” asked James.

“That someone can spend months in salt at sea, and have hair be as soft as this. It’s almost a miracle.” Thomas’s voice was soft, but every bit as light as the candles around them.

James chuckled, “Maybe I should try to preserve it even more for you. I’ll start to wear one of those abhorrent wigs, and remove it when we’re alone.”

Thomas laughed, a quiet thing. “While the image is amusing, I much prefer this. How else will I be able to see how your hair catches the light?” he asked weaving more strands in between his fingers.

“I doubt you find much light in London during winter, Thomas,” James said dryly.

“On the contrary, you make your own. Your very presence is a beacon,” Thomas murmured.

James’s breath hitched. No one had ever been so quick to pour sweet words over him before, or praise him like this. The gentleness with which Thomas spoke was enough to quicken James’s heart. But add his soft, careful hands and fond gaze, James is reeling.

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Originally posted by ffondue

Requested: Tommy with the prompt, “I never want to see white walls ever again.”

Thomas Shelby - Whole

He loved the sweet smile that stretched across your lips whilst you tilted your head back, allowing the warmth of the sun to rest upon your cheeks. It felt like a lifetime since you had felt the touch of the sun, the true weather of the outside world. The only environment occupying you having been the sealed concrete room at the hospital, feeling lucky to be greeted with the odd draft from an open door every now and again.

“I never want to see white walls ever again” you sighed, closing your eyes and breathing deeply, the fresh air hitting your senses like a strong dose of opium. Tommy watched you carefully, his eyes were intense as they scanned your features but his heart full and content. He was whole now he had you back.

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pretty face | michael gray

anon requested tatiana’s sister and michael

block of italics means speaking in russian fyi

Tatiana had woken you up early, at least for the night you’d had, throwing your curtains open.

Wake up. I need you today”

“Ughh…to do what?”

“Keep someone company”

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m keeping my bed company today”

You flopped back to the bed, tucking your head as deep in between the pillows as you could. You felt the movement of the covers by your feet and grumbled in advance of what you knew was coming. Tatiana’s favourite way to get you up since you were children. She crawled further up and you braced yourself.

She grasped at your hair, pulling your face up, and dotting a kiss to your cheek.

Get up before I drag you down the stairs by your ankles”

“Tania, why must you be this way?”

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One Request (The Hound)

Another Hound drabble installment. Towards the end I listened to The North Remembers and it did well for the mood of it I thought.

A few weeks had passed from the night Sandor and Sterren drunkenly fell into bed together. He hadn’t spent the night despite her griping at him. Something about people nosing about his business. There were no qualms from the man about their increasingly frequent affairs. Anyone nosey enough, or stupid enough, to snoop about his visits may have enough said he enjoyed them.

It seemed that as well as she knew his nightly routine, his morning workings were another thing entirely. No matter when she woke she never caught him. It was several days after their drunken night she made a bold move.

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sometimes I trace pictures that aren't there

I live in perfection
white fences, freshly staked
milk men, freshly glassed
street lights, lit at 8
this place thinks it’s great
I come from a home
with a vacuumed den
folded pants in laundry bins
a family unbroken
we think we’re perfect

I see sunlit peeled gates
cracked glass expiration dates
shadows the fingers of light
dare not stretch to touch
this place is a waking dream
some dirt stays beneath
wrinkles zig zag khaki creases
closed door sunday whispers
amplify the hallway earlobes
this is a house with crossed fingers

lately I haven’t been myself
I wake up and stare at my clock
I let my cereal drown in warm milk
I haven’t showered today
I wore these pants yesterday
I ran out of deoderant two days ago
but I don’t think I mind
at least I’m not sure if I do

it’s normal right?
I ask my friends if they think
I’m going crazy
but they laugh and call me
crazy for saying something
like that
so I know I must be crazy
either way
I can’t Google shit because I’m
afraid I’ll find pages of
I told me so

I try to tell myself
I’m great
I’m perfect
I know that growing pains
don’t stop after puberty

I look in the mirror and
my eyes swing in the wind
my mind puts a countdown timer
on every knife I sink-clean
I’m starting to realize that ghosts
aren’t just yellow pages in books
this life is a cold sheet night sweat

I can’t find enough of a soul to clean
these engrained memories of tomorrow
my smile stopped folding the same
shrinking more with every cycle
impulses kick down the doors of
routine and I’ve forgotten how to scream
my life is a promise my mind won’t keep

I’m a neighborhood
with stories no one tells
a house
with a history I can’t write

I’m not perfect
but isn’t that
what makes ugly


Good Golly

Thank you for sending in happy story ideas! There wasn’t a bad one in the bunch. I started writing a couple, but on the way home, this is the one that really stuck. I wrote it very fast and pretty much entirely on my way home from work. Hope it’s alright.

It should have been raining Ashton figured as he mindlessly glared out the window. He didn’t even notice the tense frown on his face or sour look in his eyes as he stared through the window of Calum’s California house, his personal favorite bachelor pad. The wind was crying outside, calling for night birds, and Ashton understood it’s lonely sound like it was language he knew fluently. It wasn’t as if anything had gone horribly wrong all day, but very little had incited any joy. He felt like his time was wasted as he listened to Luke layer his vocals in the studio on a track they were recording strictly for a charity drive. Ashton wished he was anywhere else, specifically London, England.

He glanced down at his left hand, the one free of a beer can, and glanced at his manipulated reflection in the thin gold band, a texture over it that his wife had made herself. He loved his wedding band. He wore it proudly and felt like it made him cooler somehow. It was proof that he had found his dream girl, that he had someone who loved him enough to be connected forever. It was romantic and Ashton knew his friends thought he was a sap for it, but he was still eager to tell anyone who would listen that Simone was wonderful and he was the luckiest man on Earth. He stretched out his fingers and debated picking at the chipped black nail polish, anything to keep him busy. In the background, he could hear Luke flirting with Cagney and making her howl with laughter and even Calum and a friend tossing darts across the room at the board on the wall, but nothing pulled him in. Ashton was in a bad mood and the worst part was that he didn’t want to step out of it. 

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Stay Part 4

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 2419

Summary: Sam forgot Valentine’s Day, on top of having forgotten the reader’s birthday and their anniversary. So, he sets off to make it up to his girlfriend.

Read Part 1 Here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

And sadly, this is the final part. :) I hope you guys all liked the series as much as I did. Enjoy!

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My Idol: Part Twelve

My Idol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22

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Wanted (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 1: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

welcome to my new fic “wanted!” this fic follows reader on their mission to retrieve a lost artifact that determines whether or not they will gain their freedom from the treasure hunting business. as always, let me know what you think and like and comment !!! i love you guys!!!!

words: 2,419

Vines gripped at your scratch ridden body. You breathed in the thin air of the mountain range and halted your footsteps as a mouse scurried in front of you into the bushes ahead. It was just you, in the middle of the forest.

 You can think back to the moment where it all started. Getting involved in the business was most likely one of the biggest regrets of your life, but you needed the money. You were desperate. The first job seemed painless with no challenges. It was just a simple task with a promising reward. But as you continued to work, your tasks became harder and more dangerous, with the punishment more threatening each time.

 Discomfort stung your body when you heard the metal doors of the warehouse open. The Boss, your own personal grim reaper, lurked in the shadows until he appeared from behind stacked crates in front of the table where you sat. He was holding an envelope containing your next job. Or, as it should be called, your next death sentence.

 You folded your hands together in anxiety and flinched when The Boss slammed the envelope against the table. You held your breath and gritted your teeth as he pulled out a chair and sat down across from you.

 You didn’t dare to speak. One wrong move, one wrong word, and you were to be riddled with bullets at The Boss’s command. His henchmen were scattered throughout the warehouse, all their eyes on you, and their weapons ready to fire. The long, slicing silence was broken by The Boss clearing his throat. His voice was low and gritty from the cigarettes and cigars he often had hanging out of his mouth. The smell of alcohol and tobacco followed him wherever he went.

 “Because of your failure to retrieve the last to artifacts I sent you,” he leaned forward in his chair. “You have no choice but to come back with your hands full.”

 Bodyguards shifted behind you and you could hear their boots crunching pebbles underneath their feet.

 You looked down at the envelope in front of you. A deep red wax seal ensured its untouched security. Your eyes drifted up to The Boss.

 “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. No choice?”

 The Boss stared at you with cold eyes, as he reached down to his holster and pulled out his pistol. It slid across the table and came to a stillness in front of you.

“No choice.” He said grimly.

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anonymous asked:

Reader fills the bathtub up, and ads loads of bobbles to the water, she lights candles around the edges of the tub, and puts out ice cream and chocolate as well. This is her little gift to Kara.

Originally posted by dailycwsupergirl

“Happy Valentines Day, baby,” you beamed nervously after leading Kara into the bathroom.  Kara’s jaw dropped as the light from the freshly lit candles flickered across her face.

“Y/N, this is…this is perfect,” she murmured, squeezing your hand.  

“Yeah, well, we better strip down before the water gets cold.”

First Time// Im Jaebum

Originally posted by yugyeomism

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
may i request a first time smut with got7’s jb? while i love rough sex with daddy jb, i’d love to see him being caring and gentle in your first time with him? c’:

Author’s Note: Jaebum is so soft I wanna snuggle bUT I’M PROBABLY GONNA GO TO HELL AFTER WRITING THIS RIP ME

xoxo Sara

You were nervous, to say the least. It had been about a year since you had started dating Jaebum, and it was such a lovely time, but you could tell he was slowly getting impatient. You two had talked about having sex before, though you would get nervous every time. He would only talk about it when you bring it up, not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable, as he truly cared about you, more than anything.

You had decided that tonight, you were ready, that you wanted to give your all to him tonight. You knew he was ready, and you had finally felt ready. You were never the most confident person in the world, which was a contributing factor as to why you didn’t want to, you didn’t like seeing yourself naked, and you didn’t want to think what he would think after seeing you naked.

You had both started off the date at a fancy restaurant, the place basically rented out for you two to enjoy alone. He had worn dress shirt, along with black dress pants, his hair slicked back slightly, while you had decided to finally put on a nice pink dress, curling your hair and putting on light makeup. He looked absolutely breathless when you opened the door, not being able to mutter more than how beautiful you looked, as if you had broken him and left him on repeat with that one statement.

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Church of the Poison Mind (Trixya) Ch. 4 - Dahlia


The flashback this week is a little heavy, but the rest is just all fluff!! I thought we needed a fluffy little break!! All the fluff!! Happy reading!!

Thank you so so so so much to all of the fucking angels who supported me and my writing!! To anyone who read and supported, thank you so fucking much. Also to Lale and Matilda, idk where I’d be without my bby dog lesbians <3 Lale the literal stepmom to my fic who had to listen to me whine for 8 years before I posted this, and cried with me over fluff!! Thank you thank you thank you. <3

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Troublemaker (Part 2)

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Epilogue

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: Jungkook is trouble, the kind of boy your mother warned you to stay away from, the kind of boy that would leave you heartbroken and alone without a second thought. You know he’s only going to hurt you, but you can’t stay away.

Originally posted by jengkook

Chapter 2: Summer

It wasn’t until early summer that you saw Jungkook again.

It was in the midst of a particularly violent summer storm, he was sheltering underneath a bus stop just outside your school as you were walking home.

Your encounters with him always seemed to be in the rain, you noted.

 He had a cigarette in his hand and you watched as he took a drag, breathing in deeply and then releasing the smoke from his lips, it curled away from his mouth and disappeared into the air. It was a strangely beautiful sight.

He’d been gone from school for more than two months, at first the teachers had furiously looked for him, ringing his home and questioning where he was. But now they never even spoke his name, like he’d never even existed at all and you’d figured he must have transferred schools or something. You’d hated that you were slightly disappointing at the idea of never seeing him again.

Yet more importantly, it had been more than two months since you’d felt Jungkook’s soft lips on yours, more than two months since he’d touched you and told you you were pretty. You craved it, now even more strongly than ever, you craved his hands on your body.

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