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I’m not the only one in on this - there’s a whole discord server dedicated to this AU haha, but basically it’s a mixture of Pacific Rim with the characters from Overwatch. And the main people we focus on is Gabriel/Reaper and Jack/Solder76.

They pilot a Jaeger together and during a battle they have an argument that breaks the bridge of the drift and they fall into the ocean. Jack resurfaces and Gabe falls into the Kaiju’s freshly dead body - getting super contaminated and deformed.

This is the reunion after Gabe finally comes back up and wrecks his way through the coast in search of Jack ;w;

A friend of mine actually wrote a wonderful little ficlet with this reunion, you should totally go read it~

Forgotten Moments

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes X Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: I have a request for Sherlock x Reader if you feel up for it. Maybe like one day Sherlock does an experiment on one of the readers favorite things they own and so the reader gets angry and Sherlock has to make it up to her? I would love it if you wrote this but I understand if you don’t.

A/N: Here it is! Thank you all so much for supporting my first Sherlock fic, I hope this one meets your expectations! I’m sorry if it is not very good… Thank you so much for the request sweet anon! Enjoy!


You open the door to the flat, expecting to see a typing Watson with an observing Holmes looking over his shoulder, but instead, you were greeted by a bloody living room and a pacing Sherlock, drenched head to toe in the red substance.
You spot John in a somewhat clean corner, looking extremely fed up.

“Sherlock!” you say loudly, trying to grab the attention of your boyfriend. “What is going on here? It looks like a crime scene!”

“Experiment.” he simply replies as if it were obvious, tending back to the severed head that was sitting on the floor. The head that you hadn’t noticed before. The head that was sitting right beside a disheveled looking body. It looked freshly dead. How you knew, you weren’t exactly sure, you just picked up a few things after spending enough time around Sherlock.

Your eyes widened and you glanced at John, locking eyes with him. Silent words were exchanged and you both sighed at the same time. This was quite normal behaviour for Sherlock.

“Where did you-” John starts before Sherlock cuts him off.

“Molly let me take it. I call him John.”

It was John’s turn to look at you in shock as his eyes widened.

“Doe.” Sherlock then says, releasing John from his state of terror.

“Ah, alrighty then… you don’t even know who this person is.” John mutters the last part under his breath. “Well, couldn’t you have had the decency to leave it at the morgue?!”

“Relax John, at least he hasn’t blown up the flat again,” you say, maneuvering yourself so that you avoided the blood covering the floor while searching for a mop. You sigh again as you examine the flat drenched in blood. “Though Sherlock, maybe you should consider laying down a towel or a few sheets over the floor and furniture the next time you decide to do a messy experiment-”

You stop in your tracks when you spy something out of the corner of your eye. Your heart sinks when you realize that your favourite jumper underneath the head, soaking up the excess blood.

“Sherlock!” you shout, startling both Sherlock and John. “You used my jumper as a freaking towel?”

“I’m sorry?” Sherlock answers with a look of confusion and your heart breaks a little at the sound of his voice. He really didn’t know what he had wrecked.

“And it’s ripped!”

“I needed to cover more surface area, besides, it’s just a jumper (Y/N), you have plenty. Heck, you could wear one of John’s and people wouldn’t even question whether or not it was yours.”

John nods, before realizing that he had just been insulted and his face contorted into a frown.

“Hey! I am proud of my taste in jumpers!” he exclaims. “But even I am a little confused. What’s so special about this particular jumper?”

You sigh. It was true that you might’ve been overreacting but you held that jumper close to your heart because…

“It was the first gift Sherlock had ever given me,” you whisper, eyeing the stained jumper sadly. “Sure, at that time it was simply an act of kindness, not love. A Christmas gift. But I wanted to keep it as a memory, sort of like a memento that would mark the baby steps of our relationship.”

Sherlock blinks and cocks his head to the side as if he was trying to remember. You look at him sadly when his infamous face of realization remains absent.

“Hmm. I can’t seem to remember ever giving you that jumper. Hell, I don’t even remember buying it.” he says and your sadness turns into anger, your face turning a light shade of red.

“How could you not remember?” you yell, close to tears. “Maybe it is stupid that that jumper meant so much to me, but again, maybe you’re just too inhumane to understand.”

Sherlock looks taken aback but he doesn’t admit that he’s sorry.

“Look, (Y/N), I’ve told you this before. Only useful things go into my mind. You fill your head up with rubbish like memories and feelings, while I delete them because they are not important. That’s the difference between me and everyone else.”

You look at the man in front of you and sigh. You thought that you would then be the one who could fix him. That you were the one that would save him from the monster within. It was a long shot back then, but now, you weren’t sure if there was even anything left to save.

“I’m not sure if you remember, but this isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this,” you say, turning your back to him, your hair flying like a whip. You head towards your room, regardless of blood in your way. At this point, you simply didn’t care.

“If it involved anything to do with feelings then I probably don’t.” he answers and your tears finally start to fall.

“I expect the flat to be free of blood or dead corpses the next time I walk out of this door,” you say before entering your room. “And Sherlock? You’ve just proved my point; you said ‘delete’, as if you are some soulless machine. Is that all you are? Am I dating a robot? Many people have warned me and I refused to believe them but now? Now, I’m starting to think that’s true.”

You slam the door as Mrs. Hudson walks in.

“Hoohoo - oh my. What’s going on here?”


“You just refuse to lose, don’t you?” John groans as he mops the floor. He glares at Sherlock who was sprawled on his chair, his long limbs dangling almost lifelessly, not bothering to help clean up. “Sherlock!”

“She’s just overreacting!” he finally exclaimed. “She can’t expect me to keep track of every single-”

“And she doesn’t expect you to keep track of everything,” Mrs. Hudson interrupts from behind. Sherlock glares at her for interrupting him but he doesn’t say anything. “She’s not angry at you for destroying her sweater, well she is but she’s more hurt from the fact that you don’t care. She knows that you lack some compassion and therefore she is forgiving and willing to let some things go, but you also have to give in to complete your side of the deal, it’s about balance.”

“I’m sorry, but what do you know about relationships? Your last one ended badly and I ensured his execution!”

Mrs. Hudson looked a little hurt by Sherlock’s outburst but she didn’t say a thing for she assumed that this was probably one of the only relationships he had ever had and was still getting used to everything.

“Well, at least Mrs. Hudson doesn’t go around burning gifts like deer stalkers and violins. A freaking violin, Sherlock! She gave you a violin and you loved it, then you just turn around and set it to flames?” John exclaims, letting his mop drop to the floor.

“I forgot she gave them to me, besides, they were experiments.”

“And that one time you put a stray eyeball in her cup of tea. She freaked and dropped her favourite cup!” Mrs. Hudson adds in.

Sherlock scoffs, “That was on her, she broke it.”

John shakes his head and points his finger at Sherlock, making sure he looked him in the eye. “As Mrs. Hudson said, she’s more hurt because you do not bother to remember or empathize or even admit you’re sorry. From now on, the least you could try to do is remember. Moments, and feelings. In the end that’s all we have left in life Sherlock. And she knows that. I know you love her, so go and prove it to her. Show her that you do remember, care and cherish moments-”

“But I don’t-”

“Yes, you do. Somewhere in that thick head of yours are forgotten moments that you’ve decided to lock up. I know you haven’t deleted them, Sherlock. Now let her know too.”

And that’s when Sherlock realized that John was right.

“Possibly for the first time in his life,” Sherlock mutters under his breath.




“Go away.” you mutter from the floor as Sherlock closes the door gently behind him, trapping you inside your room. Great, he was the last person you wanted to spend time with right now.

He walks over and kneels down in front of you. Your try to avoid eye contact but he lifts your head with his hands, forcing you to look at him.

“I don’t want an object to define our relationship. Because objects break, and that is not something I want to see happen to us. I don’t need objects and past moments reminding us of our love because I don’t need to remember that our love is real. Because I know.” he takes a deep breath before continue, his words flowing quickly.

“I may have trouble remembering moments I find silly or unimportant, however it is clear that you don’t think of them the same way I do. And I am willing to do my best to make you happy, even it means remembering every gift given, every moment spent together and giving up an experiment that could’ve been a scientific breakthrough.”

A single tear falls down his cheek and he pressed his forehead to yours.

“I’m a breaker, (Y/N). I wreck almost everything I touch. Every object, every life, but the one thing I will do my damn hardest not to break is your heart.”

~ Witch AU ~

Its a messy patchwork structure of wood and concrete, with moss and vines growing up the sides and across the remains of the roof. Leaves, both dead and freshly fallen, decorate the floor inside, having fluttered down through the holes in the ceiling. But piece by piece they made it theirs. They fixed the weathered window sill and replaced some of the water-damaged floor boards. Harry had patched the roof while Louis repaired the old bookshelf they found inside. They made it livable. Now, their combined book collections lay scattered and piled across their shack, the herbs Harry grows hang from the ceiling by the door, and candles burn in every corner, filling the once empty dust-filled space with warm light. Its not uncommon to enter to the smell of burning incense and the sight of Harry’s jacket thrown over the back of the chair, where it basically lives. None of it is abnormal anymore.
But the other day, Louis had almost made a mistake. He had almost called it “home”. 

Witch Louis  -  Witch Harry  -  Canadian Witch au prompt

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Gentle woman, freshly dead,
Screaming, screaming in my head.
Every hour of every day,
I’ll go mad if she should stay.

Father, save me from the screaming banshee in my head.

Frigid hands around my heart
Squeezing, tearing me apart.
Breathing airholes in my blood,
Organs caked with graveyard mud.

Screaming bloody agony with banshees in my head.

Wretched woman, let me be,
I cannot endure the screams.
Nor can I bring back the slain,
I shall never sin again.

Cursed for having killed the screaming woman in my head.

anonymous asked:

Assemble a superteam made up of canonical clones. (In one company, in multiple, whatever you need)

Okay, so a freshly back from the dead and de-eviled Madelyne Pryor starts a support group for clones who have returned from the dead.

The first person to join is Ben Reilly, who has his doubts about the group , but joins anyway.

Laura joins the group just to keep to keep an eye on Madelyne, but ends up becoming a member for real.

For back-up, she brings the Stepford Cuckoos along. They see bonding with Madelyne as a way to piss Emma off, but start having a good time despite themselves.

And Allene Green, Squirrel Girl’s evilish clone, who uses the group as a way to keep an eye on how main earth is treating its squirrels.

They end up becoming a team in order to recruit and reform someone Madelyne is a unique position to sympathize with. STRYFE.


It’s that time again! Dinovember! Well, technically, #DrawDinovember - the original Dinovember is an adorable kids book project.

BUT STILL! Errybody draw dinos this month!

My first 3:
~Dakotaraptor mated pair climbing their fave hunting-vantage-point tree, trying to decide what’s for dinner.
~Aquilops herd squeaks down to the water’s edge for a drink, finds a freshly dead Ceratodus.
~Deinocheirus hump/shoves down a tree, like elephants do.

T H E  S K E L E T O N  W A R

Aries: General Bone Matter. Leads expeditions to force current world leaders out of their homes, thus taking over their centers of command. For example, Buckingham Palace has been taken over as a communication hub for skeletons.

Taurus: Harvests new skeletons from freshly dead bodies. Once they’re buried, the Harvester digs up the body using a shovel made from a shattered piece of skull. The new warrior rises, ready to fulfill their Skeleton Duty.

Gemini: The weapons master of the Skeleton Army. Most weapons are made out of the scattered bones of fallen soldiers. Recently made a battle axe out of the sharpened skull of a fallen friend.

Cancer: In charge of propaganda. Creates posters made of dried bone matter, encouraging skeletons to join the cause of the Skeleton War. Why should their time on this Earth end when they’re dead? That’s right. It shouldn’t.

Leo: Provides new bones to injured- but not shattered- skeletons, so they can continue their service in the Skeleton War. All broken skeletons are harvested and used for this purpose- refitting new bones to injured soldiers.

Virgo: A young, freshly dead entrepreneur who admires Captain Bones and defends whatever the cause behind the Skeleton War is.

Libra: The spy for the human governments. This skeleton is still loyal to their old way of life and spies on what the Skeleton Army does. However, they must be cautious; if they’re caught, they’ll be dismantled entirely, as all traitor skeletons are.

Scorpio: The crazy-strong skeleton soldier who wields a giant war hammer made of twenty skeletons all mashed together. Will smash anything in their path, be they humans or skeletons.

Sagittarius: Captain Bones, the leader of the Skeleton Army. Has a tragic backstory and is missing one femur and part of their pelvic bone.

Capricorn: Freshly dead skeleton who has no idea what the hell the Skeleton War is. All they wanted was a mansion in heaven, but great. Now they’re being drafted into a war they didn’t know about. Awesome. This is just perfect.

Aquarius: The Skeleton Court Jester. Tries to make the leaders of the Skeleton army laugh, but this usually just turns into disconcerting bone rattling. Still, it’s not a bad job.

Pisces: In charge of training all freshly dead skeletons to be soldiers. This training program, because they developed it themselves, is rigorous, but not impossible. Why? Because skeletons don’t run out of breath.


make me choose: Gleggie season 2, 3, 4, or 5 (from anonymous)
You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.

GNU Terry Pratchett

Today, March 12, 2017, marks two years since the world lost Sir Terry Pratchett. I remember it well. I had only recently discovered his works, and I blazed through them laughing all the way. I wanted to meet him, even if I wasn’t sure what I would say. The news that I would never get a chance, the news that the worlds he had created were forever stilled, was painful in the extreme. I was already struggling to deal with what I can only hope to be the worst period of my life, and I was not in a place to deal with the loss for well over a year. Last summer, I had the chance to sit down and re-read all his Discworld novels (as well as a few other novels of his I’m particularly fond of). After putting down the last one at five in the morning, I spent the next hour writing this. It’s hardly an original idea, but I felt compelled to do so. Enjoy.

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undead, ii

(i just wanted to leave a small token at the shrine of the god of pain: @35grams. a continuation of this drabble from a year ago)

“Don’t eat me, you oaf,” Levi scolds. That doesn’t stop the trajectory of dumb fingers grasping at him, but it’s an easy side step. The undead titan’s hand closes around the space where Levi stood previously, and the empty fist makes its way to an awaiting mouth. Only when nothing enters its maw does the titan look around in confusion.

“And you’ve gotten all dirty.” Levi doesn’t even bother with gear or swords. His titan moves so slowly, he is in no danger. “Let’s wash up.”

The undead titan follows him, so long as he stays far enough ahead to be seen. The titan stops on the banks as Levi continues and wades into the lake with a washing basin. In the time it takes Levi to wash himself and come ashore with a full basin, the titan has stretched out in a mimic of sun bathing. Levi cleans the titan’s feet of blood from unlucky creatures caught under its tread.

Dusk is flirtatious but Levi coaxes the undead titan back to their barn, where it immediately collapses onto its side. Anything less than a bright sun overhead, and the titan cannot even hold its eyelids open. Winters are a hardship for that reason. If Levi cannot get direct sunlight into the barn, then the undead titan does not stir. As Levi gets older and old bone breaks beg for mercy, he minds less. Titans before were unbearable to touch, too much steam in their sinew, but his titan carries the heat of an hour-old kettle. Levi can hide under its chin, safely unseen, and he often does.

Levi reads to the undead titan over the rasp of its laboured breathing, asks the undead titan its opinions on current events, calls the undead titan by a long gone name. It took him two years to be able to look through the curtain of blonde hair to clouded blue sleepy eyes and say, “Erwin.”

The two were separate in his mind. He would speak to the titan about his commander, he would wonder what his commander might think of a titan born from a serum and a freshly dead body. The merging was slow, until one day it melded as Levi stroked the sleeping titan’s cheek in a dream-heavy midnight reverie.

He had said he would follow Erwin until death but he cannot bring himself to beckon Death to use him as a vessel. He knows oblivion will call him, if first he does not call it. When it does, he will polish his gear, he will let the momentum swing him up through the evaporating remnants of his titan, into the skies so blue like the blues he used to lose himself in, and when the arc ends and his descent begins, he will not anchor his wires.

Vegan Gains: Meat eaters are so disgusting, they are contributing to the torture and holocaust of millions of animals!! How can you all be so heartless!!?!?!?

Vegan Gains: *films his grandfather having a heart attack and dying then wanted to upload it to youtube to push his agenda. Comes back from grandfather’s funeral and makes a video complaining that his family wouldn’t let him upload the video to youtube and then whines about how his family eats meat which is somehow worse than degrading his freshly dead grandfather online. Implies that his grandfather died solely because he was a meat eater.*

Vegan Gains: *Mocks a recovering anorexic man who got testicular cancer. Blames the fact that he ate meat. Says the man likes animal abuse because the man wears an anti-PETA shirt*

Vegan Gains: *victim blames the same man again after they found more cancer*
“I was right! He got cancer again. awww so sad :( And before you call me a sociopath, how about you consider that he makes fun of (PETA) ‘the suffering and death of millions of animals on a daily basis.’ So I don’t see why I should make a joke about his suffering and death. So who would like a “hahaha you’re gonna die of cancer tee-shirt” and now it looks like he’s gonna die of cancer and if you ask me he’s getting exactly what he deserves"

Vegan Gains: *Makes (satire???) video about how to kill humans. Comes off like a creepy, repressed murder fantasy and (unintentionally??) makes death threats to viewers*

Vegan Gains: *Mocks youtuber for her eating habits after she made a video talking about how her boyfriend recently committed suicide; implies he killed himself because she was fat.*
“The only people who finds [fat] attractive have fucking mental problems and you know it! So you know what? I want you to keep eating the exact same way you’re eating now- tons of meat, dairy, eggs and processed food. Get even fatter. Live a sad pathetic life of denial and misery, and then die young of a heart attack or stroke because that’s all a FAT PATHETIC LIAR LIKE YOU DESERVES!“

Vegan Gains: “I’ll be dead fucking serious- I’m a sadist. I like to hurt people. When I just beat the everloving shit out of somebody, I just get a warm tingly feeling inside like i’m being loved.”

Vegan Gains: "I fucking hate children. They literally make me sick. When I see babies in a commercial I literally gag and almost throw up and I have to look away and mute it. And when I see babies in a stroller, especially when they’re crying, I wanna put my foot through the fucking thing and step on it until its nothing but blood and pulp on the fucking pavement!!!!!”

Vegan Gains: "Most women only want to have children so they don’t have to work and so that they can be taken care of. Women also use children to control and manipulate you from leaving an unloving abusive relationship or to steal money from you after you break up. And I don’t give a fuck what you say ‘oh I love my man I just want to have babies with him’ Its. fucking. bullshit. Women trick men into having kids so that they don’t have to work and when the kid is 5 or 6 years old and it doesn’t make anymore sense for women to be stay at home moms and the time comes for women to get a fucking job, they try to trick men into having more children so that they can keep getting taken care of. And if they don’t get what they want, they’ll just break up with you and steal money from you until the kid is 18 and the threat of that happening is enough to trap men into these horrible fucking relationships.”

Vegan Gains: "I never said I liked people. I hate people. Some people say they hate people, but I really, really hate people. If I don’t have to work during the day, I try to stay up all night and work out, get everything done then, and sleep all day so I don’t have to interact with anyone.”

Vegan Gains: "I could admit that I fucking hate kids and that I just want to fucking stab people and turns out she’s a lot like me. She hates kids too and she has violent angry thoughts towards people and she’s a misanthrope and turns out she just really complimented me well” (she later dumps his crazy ass)

Vegan Gains: "Repzion’s a little fucking bitch. I fucking hate this bitch. Like I usually don’t have a huge issue with people I make videos about but yeah, if I had the opportunity, I’d kill him. Slit his fucking throat with this knife. Really like to use this knife on him. Like he really does deserve to die. He calls me a sociopath, I mean, he’s just a piece of shit, I don’t know if he’s a sociopath or not. He’s just a turd who should just be killed. Like, he’s such a smug little bitch, i’d love to just slide a knife through his throat and watch him just look all scared when he’s just dying.”

Vegan Gains: “People need to be forced into veganism, because everyone just acts like a stupid, ignorant, apathetic, greedy child!”

Vegan Gains: It was just a joke!! I was being satire!!! I’m not hypocritical or a sociopath, YOU ARE!!!

*has 206,000 youtube subscribers* 

If these are the type of people representing veganism, why y’all wonder why nobody takes vegans seriously anymore??


 -Tommy meets Martina, the beautiful nurse who he finds himself purposely getting back into hospital to see. “Thomas, you’re back…again?”

Thomas Shelby - Nurse

The pain that Tommy felt was enough to make any sane man, insane. The last thing he could remember were the familiar screech of police whistles, the warnings spat at him and numerous kicks to his head. He couldn’t take in his surroundings; being hurried too quickly down the infirmary corridors as the nurses and doctors tried to examine the wounds he had suffered. The sound of the thick Italian accents ran through his mind, the odd words he had caught them spitting at him whilst kicking at his face continued to echo in his thoughts as he grasped onto the side of the infirmary bed, fuck, he was a mess. Polly was bound to finish off the job when she found out what had happened. She had warned him about the Italians but money was the only thing on Tommy’s mind and the London expansion was something that he had desired for a long time.

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I take a very long walk.

-I find a dead robin in a black goo phase of decay. I dig a small hole on the spot and bury it.
-I find a sunbleached spine of a roadkill possum. I bag it.
-I find another possum, this one is a pancake. The bones have been run into dust, I take the one remaining canine.
-There are three vultures circling further ahead in a field, I follow them - there is nothing there. They move on and so do I.
-I find a bunch of Grizzlies snuff tin cans…I bag them because I am weak for bears.
-Lots of beer cans, I bag those too - gimme my 40 cents a pound~
-I find a water-filled ditch with a rotting armadillo in it. It is mostly clean…just gooey…I bag the head, as the other bones have been washed away.
-The vultures are back, they circle me curiously, likely drawn by the smell of the rotting armadillo. They move on ahead and disappear.
-I follow a trail of aluminum cans to a wooded area with a small creek, there is some sort of partial canine or feline skeleton in the creek bed, fully nature cleaned. It had brown fur, I bag the skeleton, I do not find the skull.
-Near by is  bunch of possum verts…I bag them too.
-Dead possum, Gross phase of rot where the fur falls out when you touch it. I leave it there. I will return for the bones later.
-*Ape noises as I spy nature cleaned squirrel skull under some leaves*
-There is a random trail in the middle of the woods that does not connect to the road or to a house….I wander into the woods to follow it, hoping it is a hunters dumping site. It leads to a leaf cluttered clearing that is void of any noise except the danger bark of a squirrel…I promptly leave.
-I stop at some strangers house for water….It smells and tastes like rasberries…10/10 water.
-The vultures have returned, they circle a field, one breaks off and lands in a tree in front of me. It leaps to a tree further into the woods, then back to me. I follow it curiously.
-Thorns! Thorns everywhere! I am beginning to suspect this vultures motive was to make me bleed to death so it could eat me….
-It leads me to a junk pile of concrete and car engine parts. Nearby is a freshly dead armadillo, there is a hole in its neck and it’s rear where the vultures ate from it….It seems to have been shot… There is a green long sleeve shirt right next to it.
The shirt says “Just Do it!”
The shirt fits me perfectly…

I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 35/?) (Stark x reader)

Part 34

With the majority of the team drunkenly stumbling around a little too much to be considered safe for a mission, it was decided that it would have to be Steve, Bucky, Peter, and Thor to take the trip on their own.  Tony was incessantly complaining and whining to you that he could go, right up until he made it to the front door of the compound where his soon-to-be-wife stood stoically, waiting to shoot him down.  You couldn’t contain your awe as she never even said a single word before he was apologizing for even considering going alone and promising that he would stay put.

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