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It’s Inkopolis News Time!

The group for the freshest of kids is here - freshsquids splatoonkin network!!

How to join:

- Be some form of splatoonkin. (Inkling, octoling, etc)

- Fill out this form!

- Must reblog this post! We want it to gain attention!

- Optional: track the tag #freshsquids for updates!


- Join a skype group and chat with the freshest kids around!

- Participate in group splats with the network!

- Talk about your kinfeels!

- Woomy!!!

All forms must be completed by September 4th! For questions, refer to tadpole-kin, acesquidsisters, or jasongracings!!

The Freshest Kids

If we had a bible for our culture, this would be it. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. The general public needs to learn.

The knowledge in this documentary is the history, foundation and essentials for a bboy and true hip hop. You can’t change the game and make a difference unless you know what the game originally was. Dig deep and learn your roots. Respect the ones that came and paved the way before you. 

“Damn when I first learned about the dance in ‘77 it was called bboying. By the time the media got a hold of it in '81 and'82 it became breakdancing.”

-Crazy Legs

“Breaking is an incredible dance. It’s valid, it has foundation, it has vocabulary. There are names for all the moves. It’s not someone throwing themselves on the ground.”

-Ken Swift

“Just cuz he could do those continuous backspins, which the comercial public knows as windmills, you know? just cuz he could do that dosen’t mean he’s a bboy. It’s just an idiot that knows how to spin on his back. He has no style, no flavor, no feel for it.”

-Mr. Freeze

“There is a beat and there is a rhythm to this music. It isn’t about how dynamic your move is, but it’s about the feeling you can express with the dance. The dance is about expression and a lot of people seems to have forgotten that.”

-Crazy Legs

“All the spinning is dope. I ain’t knockin’ it. It’s dope. But you need the style and finesse. When they bboyed back in the day, you could see it in their bones and their faces. You could see it in their bodies. You need to get that charisma back in there.”

-Shakey Shake


klone, the black-inked outcast, has one goal and one goal only: to become the strongest, most popular squid kid in the whole world!! but standing in her way are a number of fierce competitors who have their own reasons for wanting to be the top squids. klone is determined to strike them all down and take her place as the freshest kid to ever squid!! wahoo!!

featuring the squid talents of @oldsquidhepa, @squid-hime, @gabplayssplatoon, @skyplayssplatoon, @burritosquidworld, @zephyrfuse, @flyinkmangos, @rabbitplayssplatoon, @fairy-squid, and @demonskullsquad !!

let’s go, klone!! take your place as the number one squid in the world!!!!