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9 Reasons To Love Kyrie Irving:

1. He was one of the first three players to don the “I Can’t Breathe” shirt. An incredible stand of support made by him and Lebron (even if it was written in Comic Sans).

2. Off-court style’s on point too. Preppy without getting too ridiculous (we’re lookin’ at you, Westbrook).

3. Literally everything about this game was magical. Charles Barkley called Irving’s 57-point scorcher, “one of the best individual performances [he’d] ever seen.”

4. He’s pretty good at imitations:

5. Again, he’s just an excellent actor:

6. Just gonna throw this in a little bit more of this:

7. And a bit of this:

8. And a final hit of this:

9. Oh yeah…and he’s only 22..(but hey, his birthday’s next week)!