Finally done with this one

it took me …. i lost count
anyway hope y'a like it

Undertale Sans belongs to Toby fox
Underfell Sans belongs to the AU community
Underswap Sans belongs to @popcornpr1nce
OuterTale Sans belongs to @2mi127
DreamLifeTale Sans belongs to  @jaswater18 /
ReaperTale Sans belongs to @renrink
Geno / Aftertale Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies
Error Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies
Fresh sans belongs to @loverofpiggies
Ink Sans belongs to @comyet
Science Sans belongs to @talkingsoup

Gaster Blaster Sans belongs to … I Don’t know

DanceTale Sans belongs to @teandstars 
Vocaloid sans belongs to @kittynekkyo (If you like MMD Undertale Vids than you know him …. i guess )
SwapFell Sans belongs to the AU community (There are sooooooooo many versions of Swapfell , my fav is @imjustalazycat ’s )
Sanesss belongs to @srpelo
flowey possession sans belongs to AU community
Killer Sans belongs to @rahafwabas
DustTale Sans belongs to @calvateyla
HorrorTale Sans belongs to @sour-apple-studios
UnderLust Sans belongs to @nsfwshamecave-pb
Undertail Sans belongs to AU community ?
Underworld Sans belongs to @coulsart
Nightmare Sans and Dream Sans belongs to @jokublog
Cross Sans belongs to @jakei95  / @xtaleunderverse
Gaster Sans / EchoTale belongs to @yoralim / @borurou
Epictale sans belongs to @yugogeer12

speedpaint : … idk movie maker is being a shit and don’t want to make it into a vid 

also i already made other sans(s) eyes from other Sans Au i love
Maybe i will color it soon

my queue is a bit empty and I need to stock up for the summer,, so I’m sry kids to be that person but could u like this post so I can q from you? majority hp blogs preferably bc I’m lazy 👀

also feel free to leave a reply with ur hp creations tag! thank u all ily


another day’s story~

if you want to vote the next couple or the next shipchild check the detail I Had given in the tag and tell me by comment I will really appriciate if you reblog with your choice~

after 2 days I will tell you the winner have the hightest vote with picture of them

 hope you enjoy it >=]

fresh: @loverofpiggies

pj: @7goodangel

palette: @angexci

goth: @nekophy

unpopular opinion about the rpdr finale,

I felt like it was truly anyone’s game and tbh I was fully rooting between Shea and Sasha and everyone is like so against the Sasha win and ? I really would like for someone to tell me why ? I feel like they all did good. in rankings of style, peppermint could have won. in rankings of dramatics and facials, Sasha was the breadwinner. Shea had stage presence and strong very put together, tight dance moves. and Trinity had the sex appeal and you can see she felt the music. like I’d really like for someone to respectfully (and not meanly) explain where all this sasha hate is coming from.