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This is the beginning of a very fun interaction ;)

For those who may not know/remember, this is Fresh_Hell :D

It’s important to note that this is the first non-canon side comic I’ve started- this isn’t actually part of the canon story. It’s more of a fun ‘what if’ scenario to explore. Even though he probably actually never would, what if Fresh decided to possess Fatal_Error? What would happen next?

I have several ideas for comics like these, but I can’t start some until certain parts of the canon story have happened, or else they won’t make any sense, or might spoil something in the main comic before we get to it. The same can be said for the canon side comics too - it’s all about timing. So comics like these might pop up from time to time, and update as we go along.

But anywho I’m rambling ^^

Peace out, brahs <3

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies!


I wanna know who is in charge of the fob youtube account and why they felt the need to attack me with this 2007 jean jacket patrick stump because I don’t think my heart can take it

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Reaper, Ink, Error and Fresh Snas DAD HEADCANNONS!!

Are you sure you want some of these ones as fathers??? ~Mod Feral

Reaper Sans

-He’s doing the best he can to be there for the child. His job keeps him out often, and what he is makes him scared to touch the child, but damn it he’s trying!

-He’ll sometimes come back with toys to give the child. Just cause he can’t touch them doesn’t mean he won’t give them things.

-On the off chance they happen to end up a reaper as well, he’ll try and teach them the ropes. It’s not an easy job. It’s not a fun job. But it’s kinda something you have no choice in.

Ink Sans

-He’s also usually busy. As a result, whenever he has time off, he’s doing as much bonding as possible with the child.

-He encourages creativity. No matter what kind of creative path the kid takes, he’ll encourage them and even join on occasion.

-Smiles all around.

Error Sans

-Probably the worst father as he’ll forget about the child sometimes. Especially if the child isn’t in the antivoid.

-He’ll keep them safe, and will make sure they’re in an area where they can survive, but boy does he not know what he’s doing.

-He may scare the child and/or other parent because he’ll glitch out when overwhelmed.

Fresh Sans

-He is more concerned about the other parent for a while. Did the virus spread? Will they be ok?

-The kid’s just fascinating to him. He doesn’t quite understand this type of reproduction, so it’s interesting.

-Have you ever seen the episode of Steven Universe with Baby Sour Cream when Rose was told to watch him and literally just watched as Sour Cream climbed up a Ferris Wheel? That’s how Fresh is with this.

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Fresh Sans x Purple Soul SO head cannons?

As someone who would have a purple soul, this was weird to think about~Mod God
-He finds it interesting how hard you work when you have your mind set on something.
-He might try to test your limits. He means no ill intent, he’s just curious to see how far you’ll go.
-It’s a good thing you can put up with a lot, because he can be a lot to handle.

Aqours 1st Live LV Thoughts
  1. It’s a rainy day (typical Vancouver weather)
  2. My throat is sore from all the screaming (srsly actual screaming)
  3. Both my arms are disabled after 3 hours of waving the glowsticks
  4. It’s wet and cold af and I’m hungry (I came straight to the theatre after work so no dinner), so I’m eating hot cup noodle LOL
  5. Even after all of the above, I’M SO EUPHORIC AF LIKE OMFG WHATTA EXPERIENCE I need to ramble asap nvm I have to wake up for work in… 4 hours LOL

Very long rambling under the cut:

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