Bueno…. Como decirlo… Estoy un poco lenta en cuanto a colorear esta animación ya que la verdad tengo la canción de Ricardo Arjona de Vez en Mes debajo la piel torturándome emocionalmente y dejándome super deprimida QvQ

Y como llevo Días sin publicar nada animado ni en cuando la animación debido a la ida del internet les dejo esto~

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  • Major: I hit someone with my car! I think it might have been a kid, I don't know. They weren't wearing reflective clothing. I-I-I panicked, and I drove right back home.
  • Liv: Are there any pieces stuck in the grill?
  • Major: What?
  • Liv: hair, clothes, skin? Shoes stuck in the wheel well? We've got to make sure the car is clean. Strip down, I will burn your clothes in the car port while you shower. Impact blood travels, so you've got to scrub your bellybutton, armpits, legpits, inside your eyelids...everywhere.
  • Major: Okay, I get it-
  • Liv: Keys! I need your keys. I'll run the car into a tree to cover up any dents this kid may have caused. Better, I'll slam the brakes and let the car behind bump me into it so we don't have a knock on our insurance.
  • Major: ...
  • Liv: Next hurricane, I'll chop don the tree in case any flesh transferred to the bark. We never speak of this again. I love you.
Fresh Desserts: College AU

Ⱶ   Humpty had just finished his pastry test and was so pleased with the results that he just had to share in the spoils. Dashing through campus with a container of still warm lemon tarts, he was handing them out to anyone he knew. Then a thought dawned on him and he headed straight for a certain food aficionado’s room.

Ⱶ   Humpty knocked gently, knowing he probably didn’t want to be seen, but hoping the desserts would make up for it. Charles didn’t have class now did it. His head had been tipped when the door opened, expecting to smile down at the shorter male. But what he got was a forced gaze drawing up to a rather new yet friendly looking face and him standing there near speechless.

Ⱶ   “Ah….hello~”



swag Johnny vs a Hansol lost into his own world


A protracted sigh escaped her lips as she returned to Stormwind’s multi-cultural harbor. Ships lined the piers as far as the eye could see, with nary an empty slip in sight.

Another failure. The words lipped through her mind with the well-honed precision of a blade. She had to make effort not to see her troubles continue to spring from a well of ignorance.

Her bruised ego would become the least of her concerns if she couldn’t locate the ubiquitous Captain of the Dreadful Howl. Their deal aside, her interminable sense of righteousness and honor required her to offer her apologies directly - as the offense was delivered in the same way.

She moved to the Harbor Master and requested directions to the Dreadful Howl, not entirely surprised when he counter-offered that someone could be sent to deliver her request for a face-to-face meeting to whomever was available to speak on behalf of the vessel.

A lopsided smile tugged at the left side of her mouth. “Mate, I need to speak with the Captain. Not the First Mate. Not the fellow in the Crow’s Nest. Not whatever scaliwag is willing to take a bother and bring word back. - I’ll wait. Just send your runner to inform the Captain that Lochlyn has come to offer apologies and explanation for recent events.

The man’s eyes widened when he said her name as he stammered, “Y-y-yer g-grace! I ‘ad no idea!” while starting to bow to her. She caught him sharply at the shoulder with a firm hand to stop his descent before it could be witnessed by others.

Mate, I’m not here in fancy robes. And, I’m not sitting on the Throne in that Keep back there. So, forget what you know about me, and let the Captain know that I wish to have a word with him, yeah?

The man looked at her with stark consideration of his circumstances, clearly uncertain as to which of the two figures in question would pose the greatest threat to him if he erred. She smiled.

Relax. I’m not making you choose between us. Send your little wolves to bring the big wolf out. I’m unarmed; at least, in the classical sense. - And he’s not likely to be particularly concerned either way.

The Harbor Master nodded to her, then once to a small child who scurried over to her with a hand out. The Argent’s lips parted with an affectionate upward curl. “That’s not how it works when you’re a pup. You get paid after the job is done.” she held out a small pouch and let the child peak inside. The boy’s eyes went wide and his head bobbed enthusiastically before he disappeared into the throng of shops along the Harbor’s concourse.

The Harbor Master laughed uncomfortably as he quipped, “What do I git?

A husky laugh moved through her torso as she tossed the man a brazen grin. “Hopefully? We’ll both still be alive at the end of this conversation.

The Harbor Master stopped laughing, which made her laugh the more.

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