Black Bottom x JMillz


Born and raised in Detroit, MI, JMillz was exposed to different mediums of art at a very young age (with most of the credit going to his granddad). Years later, that exposure became the inspiration for Fresh-Cool-Dope. While attending college as a business major, JMillz discovered his passion for photography and videography.  What started as just an ordinary hip-hop blog, transformed into an outlet for showcasing his work.  JMillz is enjoying the creative journey, and is grateful to have you all along for the ride. 

To enjoy more of Justin’s amazing work, visit his website and follow him on Tumblr fresh-cool-dope | instagram @JMillz77 | twitter @J_Millz77 | Facebook “Justin JMillz Milhouse”


Today is marks the 4th anniversary of my favorite streetwear brand MOTIVATION. I remember the day @MTVTN open. Watching the growth of the store from day 1 til today has been an honor. Keep it up Mike. Check out the interview with my boy over at @FreshCoolDope put together with one of Motivations co-owners. 

"Photography will always be my passion. I wake up everyday wanting to shoot — and, if possible, I do." 

This week is featuring the amazingly talented, fresh-cool-dope Justin ‘JMillz’ Milhouse as our Photographer of the Week! The feature includes some of his best photographs and short article on the evolution of and inspiration behind his craft.

Visit the site now and learn more about the man behind the camera!