I understand that a lot of my followers aren’t fortunate enough to have amazing Christmases, so I want to do something fun for you all :) I want to celebrate the holidays with all of my fantastic followers, so I’ve created a Secret Santa!


  • Must be following freshattic
  • Reblog this post once
  • Likes do not count
  • Must have your ask box open and anonymous option on**** (you can’t participate if you don’t follow this rule)


  • I will pair you up with another one of my lovely followers
  • Your job is to message them on anon every day. Ask them about their day, tell them silly jokes, or just make their day better and make them smile
  • On December 25th you will message them off anon and reveal yourself
  • Then you guys can become best friends and love each other forever ok


  • You have until Friday, December 12th to reblog this
  • On December 12th I will message everyone and tell them who their Secret Santa is
  • **** IF YOU REBLOG THIS PLEASE ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE AND SEND YOUR SECRET SANTA DAILY MESSAGES!!! It takes a lot of effort to orchestrate this (I did one last year) and it really sucks if everyone is getting messages except you. Be kind. If you’re going to reblog, then please participate so everyone wins and is happy.

If you have any questions please ask me here. Happy holidays everyone <3

Hey everyone! I decided to host a Halloween Awards because I haven’t been as active as I’d like to be lately and I want a chance to be able to showcase some amazing blogs and bloggers!! Anddd Halloween is my favorite holiday :D


  • Please be following me :)
  • Reblogs only, likes don’t count
  • Each category winner will have a runner-up
  • Last chance to reblog is Friday, October 30th
  • I will choose winners on Halloween

Regular Categories:

  • Pumpkin Award - Best overall blog
  • Skeleton Award - Best url
  • Vampire Award - Best icon
  • Zombie Award - Best theme
  • Witch Award - Best sidebar

Halloween Categories:

  • Ghost Award - Best overall Halloween blog
  • Trick or Treat Award - Best Halloween url
  • Haunted House Award - Best Halloween icon
  • Candy Corn Award - Best Halloween theme

Winners will receive:

  • A follow from me if I’m not already following
  • A screenshot of your blog posted to 11k+ followers
  • I’ll queue 50+ posts from you (you’ll gain tons, for regular category winners only)
  • A spot on my blog for a month
  • My eternal love and affection

Message me here if you have any questions :) Happy reblogging and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

december 29 intake

my mom made me pasta for lunch

barilla penne pasta: 300

pieces of bacon: 80

shredded parmesan cheese: 21

total: 401

i think i’m going to fast tomorrow. message me for my kik or number xx