Meet the AM Girls: 5-Minutes with Beauty Blogger Teresa Caruso

Hi everyone! My name is Teresa and I am a recent Fashion graduate, as well as a beauty and lifestyle blogger. I attended college in Philadelphia, but knew shortly after graduation my heart was truly in my hometown, New York City. Fueled by caffeine, reality television, and my iPhone, I spend very little time sleeping, and a great deal of time dreaming and planning for the future. Fashion and beauty are my first loves, yet I have a serious case of wanderlust, leaving me with the constant desire to travel the world in search of new adventures. Bookworm, social butterfly, movie buff, and positive thinker, I always try to appreciate the little things in life & live everyday to the fullest. I’m a self-professed girly-girl inspired by fresh flowers, sequins, magazines, and Carrie Bradshaw. Whether I’m spending time with family, interning, blogging, or having cocktails with my friends, I’m always on the go and looking for a good laugh!

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