Skincare routines for different skin types✨

••DRY SKIN: Try something exfoliating to get rid of dead skin (like a charcoal scrub, something with NATURAL exfoliators) and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!! I recommend using a serum and a moisturizer, along with an overnight mask every week or so. This keeps your skin hydrated and keeps the exfoliation from drying it out even more! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Dark Angels cleanser, any face exfoliating brush, Lush Skin Drink moisturizer, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, pure Rosehip oil, Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask, Origins Original Skin retexturizing mask, Dr Jart Water Replenishment cotton sheet mask, Origins Original Skin renewal serum
• • OILY SKIN: Use a charcoal scrub to absorb excess oil, but avoid harsh cleansers that may cause the skin to overproduce oils!! Remember to still moisturize to balance out your skins natural oil production. A good toner also helps with oil and any resulting acne! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Herbalism cleanser, Lush Enzymion moisturizer, Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask, Lush Tea Tree Toner
• • COMBINATION SKIN: Try zone masks! Use different masks on different parts of your face, depending on the issues you have there! Use a cleanser that will absorb your excess oil but isnt so abrasive or harsh that in dries out the rest of your face. • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Coalface cleanser, Lush Breath of Fresh Air toner, GlamGlow #Multimasking Mask treatment set, Dr Jart Brightening Infusion mask (for combination skin, many of the products listed here for other skin types may work, depending on where you put them on your face!)
• • SENSITIVE SKIN: Try a cleanser and moisturizer from Lush or another all natural brand, that doesnt contain chemicals that may irritate your skin! Also, don’t use any harsh or abrasive exfoliants that may do more harm than good!! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Aqua Marina cleanser, Lush Fresh Farmacy cleanser, Lush Celestial moisturizer, Lush Eau Roma toner water

Sephora VIB Sale Buying Guide- Fall 2017 💋

It’s that time of year again! Here’s the details:

Beauty Insider: (this is for anyone with a Sephora account)

15% Off Code: INSIDER15

Dates: 11/10-11/15


20% Off Code: 20FORVIB

Dates: 11/10-11/15

VIB Rouge

20% Off Code: 20FORROUGE

Dates: 11/3-11/6 and 11/10-11/15

Sephora is a big store, so I’m just going to touch on some of my favorites for this sale; mostly in skin care and fragrance (because that’s what I like to buy). :^)

 I tried to stick to limited edition products/sets/minis as well. I’ll organize the products by price before discount, whether they’re skin care or not, and include the Sephora description.

Under $25

Skin Care:

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration Mini ($12)

An all-over moisturizer that provides instant relief and long-term hydration for dry, distressed skin and eczema. 56.7ml size.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($15)

A bestselling, do-it-all cleanser for all skin types that instantly removes makeup and dirt without drying the skin. 50ml size.

Dr. Jart+ Best Mask Forward Value Set ($20)

A two-piece travel-friendly collection of Dr. Jart+’s bestselling moisturizing creams. (includes Ceramidin and Cicapair creams)

Korres Greek Beauty Sleep ($24)

A vitamin C-rich Wild Rose duo designed to help you hydrate, brighten, and glow. (includes 15 mL Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil and 20 mL Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial)


Smashbox Matte Exposure Palette($49.00 $24.50)

An all-matte eye palette with soft, versatile neutrals in deep, smoldering hues. (this is a full sized Smashbox eyeshadow palette that was already on sale for the Weekly Wow. great deal.)


Skin Care:

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy™ ($34)

A nourishing cleansing balm that gently melts away makeup and impurities caused by pollution, leaving the skin hydrated and silky smooth.

Dr. Jart+ Tarot of Masks ($36)

A set of seven innovative sheet masks to target an array of skincare concerns. (very cute packaging- would make for an excellent holiday gift)

Belif Holy Jolly Hydration Set ($38)

A limited-edition holiday set with three bestselling favorites for luxurious moisture all winter long. (includes the full-sized Moisturizing Bomb and deluxe samples of the new Eye Bomb and Hungarian Water Essence)

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner ($44)

An alcohol-free cleansing toner infused with real rose petals to remove residual impurities, refine the appearance of pores, and soften skin for a healthy-looking complexion.


Elizabeth & James Find Your Nirvana Rollerball Set ($28)

Discover your Nirvana with this set of four purse-size fragrances from the Elizabeth and James Nirvana collection. (includes White, Black, Bourbon, and Rose)

Maison Margiela Beach Walk Rollerball ($28)

Beach Walk combines fresh and radiant notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper, and musk to evoke a familiar but forgotten moment—a walk along a sandy beach. (they also have rollerballs for their other fragrances, but Beach Walk is my current fave)

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Disney x Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials ($29)

A five-piece collection of Kiehl’s favorites for head-to-toe hydration. (contains 75 mL Ultra Facial Cleanser, 75 mL Creme de Corps, 30 mL Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, 7 mL Ultra Facial Cream, and Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm)(100% of proceeds goes to charity!)

$45 and Above

Skin Care:

Sunday Riley Space Race Fight Acne, Oil + Pores at Warp Speed Kit ($65)

A powerful trio that treats and prevents acne, while visibly reducing the appearance of acne-related surface redness and enlarged pores. (Includes 20ml Saturn mask, 50ml Martian toner, and 15ml UFO oil)

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial™ ($80)

A pro-quality AHA/BHA mask that works as a “facial” to reveal greater clarity, improved skin texture and tone, and a more youthful-looking radiance.

Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit ($85)

A transformational power product duo that combines lactic acid and trans-retinol ester to exfoliate and brighten the skin. (get this if you’re interested in trying both. (if one appeals to you more than the other, i suggest you pick one, because it would be best not to use both at the same time)


Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda ($58)

A limited-edition makeup collection for eyes, lips, and face with an exclusive year-round beauty agenda (Too Faced always has the cutest holiday sets)

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Beauty Escape ($59)

A holiday gift set with three bestselling Brazilian favorites for a delicious sensory vacation from head to toe. (includes full size Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, full size Brazilian Kiss lip butter, 90 mL Brazilian Crush fragrance)

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon Gift Set ($85)

Intoxicating and ever-so-sexy, Nirvana Bourbon takes you to a warm and cozy evening. (includes full size eau de parfum, travel size dabber, and full size dry shampoo)(the perfume alone is $85, so this is a great deal imo)(they have a few of their other scents available in gift sets, but Bourbon is my fave)

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anonymous asked:

i have oily, sensitive and very spotty skin with somE acne, i also have spots on my arms, chest and back. i have tried the magnaminty face mask, the lettuce face mask and the cupcake mask. i've also tried the dark angels face scrub and the angels on bare skin scrub, but my skin isn't getting that much better. i use the grease lightning spot treatment too. is there a mask that'd work possibly for my skin? or anything recommended

Try Cosmetic Warrior or Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh masks.  Fresh Farmacy as a cleanser, Eau Roma Water as a toner, and Vanishing Cream as a moisturizer.  I swear by Parsley Porridge bar soap for body acne!

The best things for my skin

When I turned 30 (yes, kids, I am that old), my skin went “oh! We’re not 16 anymore? Whoops! TIME TO DRY OUT!” - it is normal for skin to become drier as you age, but it usually begins to happen around 22 or so. Not me. JOY! Therefore in the course of about 2 years I went from “oily, acne prone teenage skin” to “clearer slightly oily skin” to “clear, normal skin.”

I have thought for years that my skin was oily and acne prone. Trying to control the oil (and thereby the acne) was a terrible, losing battle fraught with dry patches, tight icky feel skin and no cessation in breakouts! My skin is not oily and acne prone. My skin is acne prone and the oil came about because I was stripping it off in a backwards attempt to control the oil.

I was already working for Lush when I made this realization, so switching products was easy. I continued to use Fresh Farmacy soap, but switched from Enzymion moisturizer to Vanishing Cream. I also switched from Dark Angels to Herbalism scrub. My mask remained Cosmetic Warrior for those times when I did break out - something that decreased significantly.

I had to change my routine yet again when I turned 30! The Fresh Farmacy remained. I’m in love with it. The scub switched from Herbalism to Angels on Bareskin and my moisturizer is now Cosmetic Lad. For masks, I like to change it up - right now I’m using Ayesha. I just finished Love Lettuce. Next I’ll probably pick up Sacred Truth. I like exfoliating masks, but am careful not to over-exfoliate.

With all of this, I use Grease Lightning whenever I start to get a breakout (around Aunt Flo’s visit) to stop breakouts from coming up and being so terrible.

The biggest positive change in my overall health though was that I stopped drinking soda and began to drink water. WATER, more than anything has helped my skin. I’ve now stopped drinking sweet tea, too. Proper hydration helps to curb hunger, clear my skin and gives me energy! 

Lush on a Budget: Tips from an employee

Hello! If you’re reading this I’m guessing you like Lush products. I do too, so much that I went and got myself a job selling them xD Recently an issue we’ve had is a post going around about how to steal from Lush, which has increased the amount of shoplifting/shoplifting attempts in our store and lots of others. Now I know that Lush products are on the pricier side so it can be easy to go “the company must make lots of money, they can afford to lose some” but please remember that the company losing money affects the company’s employees, the majority of whom are working retail for minimum wage. When our store loses money our hours get cut, and we lose money too. So A) please don’t shoplift the products and B) if you find that the products are too expensive here are some tips that I hope can make shopping at Lush more affordable :)

Face and Body Products:

-when using the lotions/facial moisturizers, a little goes a long way. Using less will make it last much longer (my small pot of Charity Pot lotion lasts me months) and also reduces the chance you’ll overuse it and that awful greasy feeling on your skin

-when using a facial moisturizer and toner, moisturize over wet skin! The toner bonds with the moisturizer and pulls it deeper into your skin meaning you don’t have to use as much. Also spray the toner right on your face, spraying it on a cotton pad will mean you lose some of the product

-do you love face masks? So do I! Our fresh face masks are the most popular but our Cup O’coffee and Mask of Magnaminty face/body masks are more cost effective. They don’t need to be refrigerated and have a much longer shelf life, plus a small container ranges from cheaper than to only a little more expensive than a container of a fresh face mask but is substantially bigger

-not only is the soap priced by weight (so you can choose how much you want to spend) but it lasts a really long time. A small piece will last much longer than you’d think, I still have pieces of soap left from before Christmas. Just remember that a piece under 100g isn’t very advisable because it’s more likely to crumble and/or dissolve. The same is true of the bar facial cleansers (Coal Face and Fresh Farmacy)

-toners are one of the products that we can’t give samples of, but if you still aren’t sure if one of the toners is for you after getting an in store demo, try a toner tab! They’re about $2 and you drop them into hot water to use as a facial steam, but you can keep the water once it cools and use that as your toner to see if you like it! Much cheaper than buying a whole bottle if you’re not sure you’ll like it

Hair Care:

-the shampoo bars (solid shampoo) work better if you have short hair, but if they work for you they’re more cost effective than the liquid because you can get 80-100 washes out of a single bar

-unless you’re actually travelling the travel sizes of shampoo (and shower gel) which are 100ml are actually the least cost effective even though they’re the cheapest. They get used up really quickly and the next size up is 250ml so you get double the amount for less than double the price

-if get a sample of a shampoo or conditioner, try it out on a section of your hair not your whole head. There sadly isn’t enough in a sample for you to get the effect actually using the product would have on your whole head 

Bath Products:

-bath bombs are the most popular product by far, but a lot of people very understandably find them too pricey. Some people like to smash them and then use some of the powder to better control how much they’re using at a time

-some bath bombs can easily be broken in half at the seam, but those with cores of a different colour cannot. If you’re not sure which have cores, just ask in the store if whatever bath bomb you’re interested in has a different colour inside. The bath bombs that are not round cannot be broken neatly, for those ones smashing is the only real option if you want to divide them.

-all the solid products have a really long shelf life, including the bath bombs and bubble bars. So if you want you can do what I do, buy several at once when it’s affordable for you (I do it when I get a gift card or something like that) and then spread out your use of them over time. As an added bonus when you’re not using them they can be used as air fresheners or put in a clothing drawer or cupboard to make it smell nice :)

-bubble bars are super easy to cut into smaller piece, and you can get at least 3 uses out of the biggest one (Brightside, Comforter, Blue Skies). Reusable bubble bars are also really cost effective compared to other ones! You get at least 5 uses from them but often more


-Lush has a lot of really great perfumes, but the bottles are often quite expensive. The solid perfumes are not only much cheaper they’re very convenient too, they’re very small and easy to pop into your bag when you’re going somewhere

-the only real time Lush has a sale is boxing day. We don’t know what the sale will be until they tell us the day before or the day of. Things sell out quickly (especially the bathbombs). It is usually only the seasonal items that are on sale. The sale is usually pretty good though (it was buy 1 get 1 free last year on seasonal products) so that’s the time you’re going to be able to save a lot of money

-there is no discount when you buy multiple products at once. The closest thing to that is that (especially when we have our winter seasonal gifts) when you buy a gift set of all bath bombs it’s often cheaper than if you were to buy them all individually

-the return policy is quite generous but if you do not have the original receipt you will have to do an exchange not a return

-the 5 black pot policy! If you bring back 5 empty (and clean please) black pots from the store you will get a free fresh face mask

-there are no commissions at Lush so you can feel confident that if an employee recommends something to you they actually think it will help, because they don’t get any money from you buying it

iheartslb  asked:

Can I just say this to the people asking about which LUSH product to use for acne:
The one and ONLY soap ever (not just the only LUSH soap, but ALL brands I've tried) that has worked is Fresh Farmacy. I had awful skin. I had acne all over my face, it was so bad my mom took me to a dermatologist to see if there was something they could do. They gave me medicine to put on my skin, which never worked. I found out about LUSH because my best friend had a sweet sixteen party and she gave out parting gifts (which contained a bath bomb) I loved that product so much that my mom and I went to the nearest shop and I basically begged my mom to get me a soap for my face. We asked the people who worked there, and the lady recommended Fresh Farmacy. I was skeptical, because, like all other soaps, it didn't work right away. But after a few weeks, then months, and now years, my skin is (almost) 100% clear of my awful acne. I had/have combination skin, and I strongly recommend trying Fresh Farmacy. If you go to your LUSH shop, ask one of the people that works there if you can have a sample of a few of the face soaps to try them out, (you can also ask while you are purchasing your favorite LUSH product! lol) I hope they find the perfect soap for your skin woes.
Samantha, Long-time LUSH user!

Thanks!! I love it also.

mydinnerwithericandre  asked:

Yes, let's talk skin care. What's your current routine? (Morning and/or night)

Of course! 

First things first, I like to try things out, mix and match, experiment, so my routine evolves a lot. I have combination skin, on the dry side though, and I like sea-related products; sea and spring water, seaweed…

For now, it looks like this:

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner to refresh and cool
The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo for tired looking eyes
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Grapefruit Face Scrub OR Lush Smuggler’s Soul to gently scrub and wake up my skin (in the shower)

Lush Fresh Farmacy to cleanse and balance skin (in the shower)
Nuxe Moisturising Cream Crème Fraîche when my skin feels a bit dry
Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner to refresh and cool, ‘cause I really like feeling refreshed and cool
The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Control Overnight Gel to balance the skin and hydrate

Lush Figs and Leaves Soap to soften and exfoliate
Lush Rub Rub Rub to scrub
Lush Cosmetic Lad if moisturising is needed
Once in a while, Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse, which I also use on my hair

I also love face masks, which I indulge in several times a week, especially if I’m bored writing my thesis. I recommend:

Lush Don’t Look at Me Face Mask to exfoliate and rejuvenate
The Body Shop British Rose Plumping Mask to hydrate and moisturise
Lush Mask of Magnanimity to cleanse and soothe 
Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Mask to… tighten the pores (it works wonders, I’m amazed)

Here you go!


These photos were taken roughly 4 months apart and the second one I just took today. I know I already posted for selfiegate but skincare gate wasn’t appreciated enough and I need you guys to SEE how great Lush skin care has treated me. I have mild-severe rosacea and it’s barely even a problem any more after hating my face for years. Fresh Farmacy facial wash, Eau Roma toner water, and Skin Drink moisturizer from Lush work so well for my very dry sensitive skin!!! I recommend 100%

dank-kuroo-moved  asked:

for the acne scars, you can try mixing some turmeric with greek yogurt & honey to make a paste for your face and back(also armpits and knees too!), i used it, and it does fade scars but it will take maybe a month to see significant results. you can also try something with retinol on your face but only use that product at night. a good cleanser for face and back can be fresh farmacy from lush it works well for me and it does calm my redness significantly. i think rose oil also has that property

oh this sound great, thank you so much! all natural ingredients, which I’m looking for.. I’ve heard good things about Lush products too, so I’ll definitely take a look ✨

My Skincare Routine (Including Makeup)

Hi sweetheart! First off, I really appreciate the compliment, as my skin is something I put quite a bit of time (and money) into maintaining! 

Second, this was initially going to be a quick list of what I use, but I am a huge self care nerd, and it turned into this monster of a post - I will include the bullet list/how much things retail for at the bottom.

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anonymous asked:

What lush products du you use as a skin care?

I only use the fresh farmacy soap as a daily cleanser but I loooooooove it my skin looks so much better and it’s really worth the price!!

anonymous asked:

I have dermatillomania as well and it's nice to see some lighter takes on it from someone else. Do you have any good tips for dealing with it that you can share?

yeah!! this is just stuff that works for me personally, but it might help others as well:

1. cover up! you can’t pick what you can’t access. I pick my shoulders the most, so I wear a lot of long sleeves (weather permitting). shawls/scarves are also good for this!

2. contain them pickers! I like to wear fancy gloves. if you cover up your hands, it’s harder to pick unconsciously. this is really good (for me) for stopping face picking.

3. skin care! I never used to be the kind of person to have A Skin Routine, but finding the right soap for my skin went a long way to helping me not pick, since there’s less acne to trigger it. I use Farmacy Fresh from Lush on my face and other problem areas; it does a good job of keeping my skin clear (and lessening the redness if I do slip up). (ALSO (this is gross! sorry!!) if you’re like me and pick to the point of serious infection, tea tree oil and plantain salve are good for helping to disinfect + heal if you can catch it early)

4. have your friends help! ask people you trust to keep an eye on you and, if they see you picking, to gently and nonjudgementally move your hands away or otherwise let you know. my partner’s my mvp when it comes to this; they know all my triggers for picking really well, so they know when to keep a close eye on me.

I hope this helps! I know how hard dealing with derma can be, but you can do it!!💕✨