todays in store haul! lookin liike Big Blue Bath Bomb, Full of Grace, Breath of Fresh Air, Ocean Salt, Shine so Bright, Fresh Farmacy, and a sample of Big Shampoo!
I bought Full of Grace because I need a really light facial moisturizer but I still have problem spots so I havent been able to find a product that makes me happy! Also, Fresh Farmacy was an impulse that was SO not in my list whooooops!

pjopaulie  asked:

What do you recommend for oily and sensitive skin?

I recommend using Angels on Bare Skin! The lavender is very soothing while the almond is scrubby and exfoliating! 

If you’re more into solids, Fresh Farmacy is another alternative I like to use. It has calamine which is great for redness and irritations. It also has lavender, rose, tea tree, and chamomile which are all so very soothing and relaxing to the skin. 


June 8th, 2015

I feel like I need to make an important skin update !! My skin has been AMAZING right now! Well besides those few blemishes on ONLY one cheek, the rest is soft and smooth and irritation free! I have a growing suspicion that it’s because of the recent Lush products I’ve been using, so I’ll make another post about them too.

🌹When I saw Lovely Jubblies in the kitchen I knew I had to have it! I can smell the Fresh Rose Petal Infusion and the Organic Almond oil but the scent that is most prominent I suspect is the Meadowsweet Infusion since I’m not familiar with it’s smell. The Meadowsweet is what gives Lovely Jubblies it’s firming quality and I’ve read good reviews on that promise.🌹
🌹Fresh Farmacy is a beautiful facial cleanser for sensitive skin. When my face becomes irritated it comes in handy but I also use it for my skin disorder, known as Tinea Versicolor, since it has ingredients, like lavender and tea tree oil, that help reduce it. Very excited for this new addition and a return of a favorite!🌹