Workers at the giant Polar Fresh warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Truganina walked out on indefinite strike this morning demanding better pay, conditions and job security. It’s a David vs Goliath battle. Polar Fresh supplies the Coles supermarket chain, one of the giants of corporate Australia, with profits of $1.78 billion last year.

The workers need your support. They have established a 24 hour picket, and have called for as many people as possible to come down to support them. The address is: 18/12-18 Distribution Drive, Truganina, near the intersection of Boundary and Mt. Derrimut Rds. Donations of food – fresh meat or produce, home cooked meals or even pizza deliveries – are needed. And you can also donate to the strike fund at

Full report on the strike to come at Photos: James Plested.

Okay but let's talk about the new Bright Sessions minisode...

…and how incredible Sam is? She quit her job, bought a car, learned to drive, and left on a trip/rescue mission with no end in sight. The girl who was basically anxiety-bound to her house for a decade did all that in a month.

And that is incredible.

(Also, how cute is her little nerdy homage to both Gilmore Girls and Alice Isn’t Dead? So sweet and good, that girl.)

anonymous asked:

Imagine someone writing that same Pokémon Go post but about a white husband in a black neighborhood. You'd (rightfully) say that's racist, right? Now think about your hypocrisy a bit. Thanks!

Riiiight cause black people call the cops on white people in their neighborhoods all the time. This is the only thing I’m responding to because of the immense volume of hate and ignorance flooding my timeline about that post. Like I said, if you’re white and see no problem with what is going on then something is wrong with you. Since I made that post, multiple incidents of black kids playing pogo being harassed and even shot at have come out. White kids? None. So take your blinding ignorance and hate somewhere else. Bye.