fresh water crocodile

A snake has defeated a crocodile in an epic five-hour battle at a lake in Australia which left onlookers shocked as the python slowly devoured its prey. The clash between a large water python and a three-foot fresh water crocodile occurred at Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa, a remote town in the north-west of the state of Queensland. (Source)

Freshwater Crocodile

these are indigenous to the Northern region of Australian…

now we’ve covered the Saltwater Crocodile so you may be asking ‘what’s the difference?’
well other than the type of water they live in, Freshwater crocodiles or 'freshies’ are significantly smaller than the Saltwater crocodile, they will grow up to about 6-10 feet, depending on the gender. they also do not have a reputation as Man Eaters like Saltwater Crocs do. though they will snap or bit when the are disturbed or feel threatened they will not eat your toddlers….though you should watch them around these animals anyway, but they wont come up to you wile sunning themselves or anything like that. 

this species is shy and has a relatively thinner snout than the saltwater crocs.


Freshwater crocodiles are found in the states of Western Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. Main habitats include freshwater wetlands, billabongs, rivers and creeks.Adult crocodiles eat birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians and fish, although larger individuals may take prey as large as a wallaby. This species can live in areas where saltwater crocodiles cannot, they compete poorly with saltwater crocodiles; however this species is saltwater tolerant.

Until recently the Freshwater crocodile was common in northern Australia, especially where saltwater crocodiles not around.In recent years the population has dropped dramatically due to the ingestion of the invasive Cane Toad. The toad is poisonous to freshwater crocodiles, although not to saltwater crocodiles, and the toad is rampant throughout the Australian wilderness…which is a strange thing to kill off such a large reptile…