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Hour Fourteen : Drink Up

Prompt : “I don’t care what anyone says, pumpkin spice lattes are the bomb.”

A/N : 14 out of 24. 10 more to go!

Pairing : Tim Drake x Reader

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It was a windy and slightly cold Gotham night when you and Tim decided to finally get out of the manor and enjoy some fresh air.

Tim had his arm wrapped around you, pulling you close to him as if he was afraid the wind would somehow blow you away.

Strolling peacefully on the sidewalk, the two of you talked and laughed about random topics.

A few minutes had passed, and you heard Tim gasp excitedly at the sight of his favorite café. “They’re finally selling pumpkin spice lattes again!” He exclaimed, dragging you inside.

As the door opened, the smell of coffee hit your nose, and you smiled contently.

“Y/N,” Tim said, looking down at you, “do you want anything?”

You smiled, “Hot chocolate sounds amazing right now.”

“No,” He disagreed, shaking his head vigorously, “pumpkin spice lattes sounds even better.”

“Tim,” you deadpanned, “I’m not arguing with you over beverages. Just hurry up and order.”

With one last sheepish ‘okay’, he quickly walked over to the girl at the cash register.

When Tim came back, he was holding a tray in his hand. Obviously, he ordered more that what you thought he would. “Tim!” You said, incredulously, “What did you get?”

He shrugged off your question, “I don’t care what you, Damian, Jason, Dick, or even Bruce say. Actually, I don’t care what anyone says; pumpkin spice lattes are the best!” He declared, placing the warm cup of hot chocolate along with another drink in front of you.

You looked at him bemused, “I hope you know that there’s no way I’m drinking this.”

Tim met your stare with narrowed eyes, “Then I hope you know that we’re not leaving until you do.”


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