fresh stats


Mommy, a monster attacked my home, stole all my noms, and uprooted my plastic plant! I need cuddles and fresh noms, stat!

That plant was totally not my doing. I am all the way on the other side of my home, hiding on my food plate and facing the other way. Couldn’t possibly have been me, no way.

Happy April Fool’s! Mommy actually fell for this for a few seconds and thought a monster had pulled up my plastic plant. Now she knows I am way stronger than I used to be!

I still want cuddles and fresh noms, though. Right now.

(Photos from October.)

prettygoodartist-blog  asked:

You are one of the many who are "pretty famous on the internet", so do you find that you act more like a famous person in real life?

you know how we’ve all been in restaurants and just as our food is about to arrive the staff rush over and kick us out the back into an alleyway and dump our drinks over our heads because an INTERNET CARTOONIST walked in the door and they needed a fresh table, stat??

sorry, that was me