fresh socks

cozy concepts

• putting fuzzy socks on fresh out of the dryer

• warming your hands with a hot mug of coffee

• the first sips of a chai latte

• oversized sweatershirts

• burying your face in your soft scarf

• caccooning in blankets

• hot cocoa with mini marshmallows

• hot apple cider

• fluffy pancakes

• fuzzy slippers

• banana bread

• the familiarity of favorite movies

About Cosplay

Real quick, before I go completely MIA, I want to share something you probably would’ve have known if you haven’t seen my DA, that being my first full cosplay, of Sans. I had forgotten to post about it when I started uploading my Undertale art, so I guess now’s as good a time as any. So, if you have the time, I want to tell you about and show you the process.

First off, I live near the Phoenix area in Arizona, so I’ve been to Saboten Con (when it was still around) and twice to Phoenix ComiCon. First time was probably two or three years ago. Back then it wasn’t nearly as expanded as it is now. Last time I went, I was barely in costume, if at all, but I had wanted to create a full cosplay. At first I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, but it fell by the wayside. After some time, I took on the endeavor of creating a Sans cosplay. 

I started this cosplay in December of last year. This was the first iteration of the foam mask, back when I hadn’t quite gotten the hang of my drawing style for Sans. Looking back, it’s pretty fugly to me, but ya know, it was very early in, before I had gotten a grasp on what I was doing.

I had actually struggled to make the base underneath the face. It took looking up a fursuit tutorial on YouTube for me to realize, “Oh! That’s how you do it!” The black cloth in the sockets here was temporary while I worked on them. The teeth also got majorly redone later on. 

And here’s my cat Milo chillin’ out on the scraps. Just thought I’d throw that in too.

Here, I had realized that he needed a bit of a subtle brow ridge that most skeletons have. Plus, while the temporary cloth was out, seeing it placed perfectly over my tablet’s blue light, I had to take a picture. 

I was also figuring out the temples and realized they were a bit anatomically incorrect. The mouth was going through a redesign as well. Meaning I had to cut out the teeth that were already there and start over.

Then, the new semester started and I was feeling pretty demotivated to work on it. I did work a bit on it here and there, but it mostly sat in one corner of my desk, unfinished. After the passing of my grandma, I almost couldn’t bring myself to work on it. It sat unfinished even longer. But once the semester started coming to a close and I heard Phoenix ComiCon was coming up, I had the urge to pick it up again. After a metric ton of cutting, trimming, gluing, and trimming again, this was the result:

At this point, I was getting more and more excited about actually seeing it finished. I constantly reminded myself of how proud my grandma would be of me, since I was able to show her the earlier stages before her passing. I’m still sad I’ll never get to show her the completed piece, but I hammer it into myself that she would be immensely happy for me. Anyway, the jacket shown here, turned out to be a darker shade of blue than what I was going for. When I searched up Sans’s in-game sprite, it turned out I needed a lighter shade of blue, so I ordered one off of Amazon after seeing a blog page linking to ideal pieces for a Sans cosplay. I kept the original jacket, since it does get cold in Arizona during the brief winter season.

After this stage, I did a bunch of running around, much to my parents’ expense since I can’t drive, finding a bunch of other materials, such as polyester padding, a white medium shirt to put over the padding, black and white fabric for the pants, tights and polyester cloth for the leggings, black opera-length gloves, white and black fabric paint, polyester clay, grey fleece for the jacket hoodie, a pair of fresh socks that stretch above the ankles, a pair of perfectly pink fuzzy slippers from Sears, wood filler, sandpaper, LED lights, batteries for said lights… Whoo! Okay, yeah. Bottom line, I got a crap ton of stuff.

For the padding, I sewed a pair of old shirts together, one inside the other, and stuffed the padding in between, around my whole middle, and in the shoulders, to give Sans his shallow, stout look. That all took me under a few hours to figure out and put together. After that, I believe, I made the shorts using a pair of existing shorts as a template. They were a bit saggy in the crotch area, but they worked nicely, especially when fitting them over the padding. I also did the hand bones, using the gloves, fabric paint, and polymer clay bones, which I hot glued onto the top of the gloves. Wearing them was also a bit weird. I couldn’t close my fist all the way, but they worked all right.

Not pictured here was the fabric paint on the palm side. Unfortunately, I had to constantly reinforce the glue to keep the bones from popping off. Polymer, as I realized too late, doesn’t like sticking to glue very much, especially with hands that need to be used. Very unfortunately, my fears came true and two of the finger bones popped off during a panel I went to. Lesson learned. This is one baby I have to kill. I’ll go back and completely redo the hands in a different way. They may not be entirely anatomically accurate, but they’ll function. At least the old ones, which I’ve thrown into the garbage, looked cool. They had a nice dimension and were fun to look at.

So, after that, I covered the mask in paper mache (which I forgot to take a picture of. Sorry.) and started laying on the wood filler for the mask.

The wood filler was pretty nice to work with, as it allowed for additional sculpting I couldn’t do with the foam. At this point, Con was coming up fast and I was running out of time. I needed to start sanding. Much to my frustration, it was taking forever. I had left many spots unsanded where the filler didn’t quite stick. It was especially noticeable when I started laying on the gesso. Mom was trying to help me realize that the cosplay may not be complete in time and that I should take more time to work on it and just not go in costume. I hated admitting even to myself that she had a point. I refused to believe I couldn’t do it. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something by finishing this sucker in time for Con. I was already frustrated at the shoddy work and I stormed into my room (I had been working for hours on end in hot weather just outside the house, doing nothing but sanding and laying on gesso). 

I had the biggest fit of my life. Tears streamed down my face. I cried and moaned and even screamed. I pounded my bed like an enraged monkey. All these revelations were going through my head during my fit. Then I thought, why not fill the patchy spots with more wood filler, even over the gesso? I had clearly skimped on it anyway. Once my fit was over, I went right back to work with my idea. It worked. After all the patches were filled, I went back to sanding. I filled where I needed to and sanded again until it was all smooth. I accepted that I wouldn’t get it done before Con started and that I’d miss the Undertale meetup, which, yeah, I did miss it.

I spent the next day at Con, taking pictures, marveling at the more impressive costumes and squeed anytime I saw a fellow Undertale cosplayer. I even came across two young ladies dressed as gender-bent Sans and Papyrus. The Papyrus cosplayer was awesome enough to do the voice when I asked if I could take their picture. That, by the way, is something I appreciate with cosplayers, when they not only dress up as a fun character but play the role as well. It really enriches the experience for me.

Later I went to the exhibition hall and stood in line to see renonwed comic artist George Perez. Needless to say, standing in line wasn’t very fun, but I had brought a few prints of my work with me and was determined to have him evaluate it. Seeing him draw and interacting with the fans was definitely a treat. He had such an energy about him that was very infectious. He had a clear love for his work and his fans that he is capable of staying at his booth for hours on end and very rarely take a break. Eventually, I and my sister, who was also there to get her portfolio evaluated, approached him. Sadly, because of how many people were in line to see him, he couldn’t evaluate our portfolios, but he was very nice about it and directed us to another great comic artist named Tony Parker, who I hadn’t heard of until then. He gave me some very good pointers about pushing a character’s pose and about visual flow when it came to comics. Some of what he had to say I had already sort of known, but it was more than valuable hearing his professional opinion. By that time, my feet were screaming at me and we went home.

Over the next couple days, I went back to finishing my cosplay. I worked on the leggings by cutting out some leg bone shapes out of polyester fabric and hand sewed them straight onto the tights as I wore them. Yes, I did poke myself a number of times. I also had to bend over pretty far to reach around my shins and down to my ankles. On top of that, I had gotten back to sanding the mask and spent the rest of the day laying on several coats of gesso. While waiting for the gesso to dry, I went out and bought the slippers I needed. Once the leggings were done, I finished the gesso and painted the inside of the eyesockets black to minimize light reflection. I then painted the little wrinkles under the eyes and the teeth details. After that, I hot glued the once temporary black fabric into the inner edges of the eyesockets and the nose hole. The LEDs I left for absolute last. These were crucial to the entire look. I mean, obviously. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time or the technical know-how for a complex wiring hook-up, so I stuck the LEDs onto two button batteries with black electric tape and then placed them behind the eyesocket fabric using more tape. I also taped tissue paper around the lights to cut down the ultra brightness. And because I have no switch to turn the lights off, the LEDs had to stay lit up. But they functioned and they actually looked pretty frightening, especially in the dark.

Once I’m able to, I’ll go out and get the parts I need to create a proper and better hook-up. I stayed up until after 2am just to see the eyes finished and I still was able to get up early the next day.

And this is what came from it all:

That’s me on the far left along with a bunch of lovely Charas and Frisks. This was the only picture I was able to get of my full costume that day, so I apologize for the cut at the bottom. I assure you I am wearing the slippers here, and they are comfy as hell. The mouth made it a bit hard for people to hear me and some cracks did appear around the edges, but the mask held up very nicely overall. I could not tell you how many people stopped me for a picture. Seeing their faces light up when they saw me made it all worth it. I want to do this again sometime soon, once I’ve made some improvements, and hopefully make it to the next meetup at whatever con may be coming up next in the future. What a journey this was. What an amazing experience! 10/10 Would cosplay again.

The Signs & Fall Things
  • Aries: Cold morning grass, plucking fruit from damp branches, herbal teas in vintage cups, the first Christmas song on the radio, driving in the rain, heavy pillows, matches.
  • Taurus: Pilled wool blankets, broken cinnamon sticks, hot cider steam that seeps into your cheeks, decaying branches that wake in a coat of crystal frost, stargazing in the frigid air.
  • Gemini: Oatmeal cookies, tea light candles, thrifted sweaters, early sunsets, mismatched mugs, leaves in the pool, board games, a full moon.
  • Cancer: A fluffy loaf of bread, lacing your boots, a vintage thermos, gloomy lights, smoking chimneys, Pinterest recipes, flooding gutters, live music.
  • Leo: A burning log that falls and sends sparks into the sky as it impacts with the dirt, your first bite into a crisp apple, gingersnaps, mini pumpkins, breakfast waffles, rumbling thunder.
  • Virgo: Wrapping up in an oversized flannel, the first snow, stray cats in the night, hot chocolate, fallen trees, county fairs.
  • Libra: Collecting pinecones, warm breasted birds that procrastinate their departure, dark red leaves, classic fall movies, burning incense.
  • Scorpio: Picking an apple from a mound of colors, melting butter on a fresh baked muffin, wool socks, extra blankets on your bed, storm sirens.
  • Sagittarius: Cinnamon sprinkled in the top of your latte foam, shiny copper mugs, boot imprints in the mud, caramel sauce, rain that only dries by the fireside, hot flakey biscuits that burn the roof of your mouth.
  • Capricorn: Wind blowing through tall dying grasses, peanut butter cookies, the sound of migrating geese, farmers markets, harvest festivals, a breeze that blows out your candle.
  • Aquarius: Fog that mutes your perception, wood carved trinkets, warm donuts, hearty stews, spinning vinyl, coat buttons, dusty bookshelves, lampposts.
  • Pisces: Vintage ovens cooking autumnal pies, whipped cream on the tip of your nose, dogs wearing sweaters, scones, leaf piles, misty rivers.

Rehab, Day 10, Feb. 13, 2017

My grandmother has had to adapt to certain work-arounds in order to perform tasks as simple as putting on socks and shoes, following knee surgery. 

A wooden pole with a metal hook on the end is used to remove worn socks, while a specially engineered plastic sleeve with rope handles attached to the top end is used to put on a fresh pair of socks.

Inconvenient curses to put on people

When cursing people please remember the rule of three. this is mostly just for fun :)

1. May your mother come to talk to you, and then leave your door slightly ajar, so that you have to get up and close it.

2. May every sock you wear be slightly rotated, just enough for it to be uncomfortable.

3. May the chocolate chips in your cookies always turn out to be raisins.

4. May both sides of your pillow be warm.

5. May your article load that extra little bit as you’re about to click a link so you click an ad instead.

6. May you forever feel your cellphone vibrating in the pocket it’s not even in.

7. May you not be able to get an erection without thinking about Steve Buscemi

8. May you always get up from your computer with your headphones still attached.

9. May you always hear the last 5 seconds of your favorite song when getting into your car

10. May your life be as pleasant as you are.

11. May the tool you need RIGHT NOW disappear only to reappear when you use an inferior tool

12. May your chair produce a sound similar to a fart, but only once, such that you cannot reproduce it to prove that it was just the chair.

13. May you always forget why you walked into a room

14. May your five year old neighbor have their violin lessons during all of your hangovers.

15. May your sock always slip down onto your foot at the most inconvenient time

16. May you have your laptop charge all night without noticing the cord isn’t plugged in the wall.

17.May the person in front of you always be going a tad too slow

18. May your return calls always go unanswered, even though you literally just f*cking called me, Kyle.

19. May the belt loop of your pants always get stuck on a door handle

20. May you always step in a wet spot after putting on fresh socks.

21. May your tea be too hot when you receive it, and too cold by the time you remember it’s there.

22. May you always see people eat string cheese like regular cheese

23.. May your cookie always be slightly too large to fit inside your glass of milk.

24. May your shoelace always break when you’re tying your shoe in a hurry

25. May the pin of the bathroom stall never reach the lock to close the door.

26. May the person in front of you in line always let other people cut in front of them

27. May all your Facebook notifications be game invites.

28. May you never be quite certain whether that pressure is a fart or poop.

29 May it always be poop

30. May your spoon always slip and sink under the hot soup you’re eating.

31. May people always say “chachacha” in between the verses of the happy birthday song on your birthday.

32. May the corner of your fitted bedsheet always slip off

33. May you always have to get up to pee when you’re really comfortable

34. May your youtube videos take way too long to load

35. May your headphone cords always be tangled

36. May the hairdresser always cut your hair a tad too short

37. 38 May you always have the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder

38. May your eye twitch, for a very short time, several times throughout the day

39. May someone always change the settings on your chair

40. May the people you eat with be very loud chewers.

I got the idea for this from buzzfeed, A lot of them I thought of and some I got off the internet :)

don’t push it cowboy, part 2 (carl grimes x reader)

You have been on your own since the beginning, always keeping yourself away from people. So when a boy in a sheriff hat came fighting into your life you were more than surprised.

pairing: carl grimes x reader

warnings: violence, and swearing

a/n: QUITE A LONG PART IM SORRY! Unedited I hope you guys still like it :) want a part 3???

Y/N= your name

  The metal from the top was so cold you could feel it threw your shirt making you slightly shiver as you continued to shoot at the walkers along with your new group. The herd had dwindled down quite a bit since they have come into your line of sight. There was not even half as many walkers as there was before when Rick said, “ok we shouldn’t waste anymore ammo and they don’t have a way out, we only have one extra car so anyone thats uncomfortable walking should go in the car.”

You and Carl where still on top of the truck putting away your guns when Rick yelled up saying “y/n are you good to walk?” you nod.

“Carl?” he looks at you “are you sure your group is okay with a random stranger joining your group?”

“don’t forget a random stranger who can’t drive.” he says with a chuckle looking back to his rifle, you hit his arm playfully.

“come on we have a long walk ahead” he says and you follow him down the ladder on the back of the truck.

You join the group of people walking with Carl next to you when Rick walks up next to you. “y/n can I ask you a few questions before we get to Alexandria?”

“sure.” you respond turning to look at him

“How many walkers have you killed?” he asks

you consider it for a second then answer “honestly too many to count..”

“How many people have you killed?” he asks

you exhale and bite your lip before answering worried about what they may think of your for your answer  “4” you look at the ground after answering

“why?” he asks finally making you look up

“2 were bit the other had already turned, and the last on attacked me…” you answer looking at the ground kicking a pebble as you walk, you don’t like thinking about them. You suddenly feel something brush your hand lightly and you turn to see Carl trying to take your hand but obviously being a little nervous. You take his hand and he squeezes your hand reassuringly you squeeze back before turning back to Rick.

“The last guy” you stopped for a second “I don’t regret, and I don’t think I ever will.” You answer honestly.

“Okay we will get you settled in back at Alexandria, i’m sorry for your loses.” he says and you nod as he walks away.

You continue walking next to Carl holding hands but not talking, you didn’t know what it meant but you weren’t ready to try and figure it out right now.

  You arrive back at Alexandria and Rick tells you to follow him, you hand the weapons you borrowed from the armory to Carl and walked with Rick towards one of the houses.

“You can stay here with my family and I,” he pauses for a second as he walks you up the stairs “this will be your room the bathroom is down this hall if you wanna get cleaned up, and I think we might have some clothes that will fit you-“

“i’m sorry did you say cleaned up,” you pause “as in a shower?” you say with a with your mouth slightly agape not believing what you were hearing.

“Yeah we have running water here” he says with a chuckle and a laugh, before you know what your doing you give him a huge hug and to your surprise he hugs back.

when you pull apart you say “I’m sorry its just been a while since i’ve had any of this” you say laughing

“no problem at all, now go.” he says pointing towards the bathroom with a chuckle and you both smile.

When you get into the shower and the water starts hitting your face it’s one of the best feelings ever, you smile while putting your face under the spray from the shower head, you could get used to this, maybe just maybe.

  When you step out of the bathroom you walk to the room Rick had assigned you, you open the door to see a room similar to yours before the world went crazy. A dresser, desk, night stand, a small closet and a bed. An actual bed not a tree branch or the pile of blankets you would make to sleep in when it got cold, a real bed. In a neat pile on the bed was a pile of clothes, a pair of black jeans that might just fit you, a flannel, and a fresh pair of socks.

You pull on the new clothes and start to towel dry your hair while sitting on the bed going threw the stuff in your backpack, the backpack you’ve had since the beginning, when you here a knock at the rooms door, and then Carl peeks in “hey, can I come in?” he says

“sure” you say looking up at him

“whats all this?” he says motioning to your stuff from your backpack.

“basically everything i’ve owned since this all started” you say with a laugh

he sits down on the end of the bed, one of the only places that isn’t covered in stuff “can I look at this?” he says motioning to a photo frame you had with a photo of you and your family inside you nod as he picks in up.

“wow, is that you?” he says pointing to the small Y/H/C haired girl in the photo

you hit his shoulder lightly “whats that supposed to mean, I was a small kid I know.” you say and you both laugh

he sets the photo frame down and reaches into his pocket which catches your attention causing you to look up at him as he pulls out a small folded up piece of paper and starts to unfold it. You turn your head slightly trying to get a better view of what it is when he hands it to you, you understand what it is, its a photo of a man that resembles rick. a women with long black hair and between them a small boy with short brown hair.

you look between him and the photo a few more times before saying “the only thing that I’ve seen change is the hair and height” you say laughing a bit and he chuckles

“and the eye…” he says sounding almost upset

you turn your head slightly trying to get him to continue.

“your the only one that doesn’t acknowledge it you know? he says

“your missing an eye that must suck but I don’t think of you any differently for it.” you say with a small smile.

he laughs slightly but its almost like a pity laugh for himself and for some reason it bothers you, it bothers you that he thinks him missing an eye makes him any less of a person.

you pick up the photo of him and his family and place it next to yours then you hold up the photo and point to the women in the photo which you kind of figure is his mother.

“do you think she would care?” he looks up “she obviously loves you look at her I don’t think you missing an eye would change that.” you say

“well i’ll never know…” he says looking down at his hands and fiddling with his fingers. Then it hits you, she didn’t make it you think about what to do for a second before you move forward a bit and give him a hug. He freezes at first not sure what to do and your about to pull away when he starts hugging you back “I didn’t know I’m sorry” you say still hugging him

“Its fine you couldn’t have known.” he says

You pull apart and smile at each other when Rick walks in, “y/n Michonne and I are making food I bet your hungry.” he says then glancing over to carl.

“thank you,” you look at him and give him a small smile “for everything.” you say

he nods then opens the door more for you to walk out, carl follows behind as you walk into the most beautiful kitchen you have seen in a while.

“hi,” a woman behind the counter says “you must be y/n i’m Michonne”

You smile “nice to meet you” you say

“oh sorry you must be starving here” she says as she pushes a plate towards you and you sit down at the table, the first one you have sat at in a while

Carl sits across from you while Michonne sits at the head of the table.

“so whats your story?” she says after a few mouthfuls of food

you look up at her after a second turning your head to the side you swallow the rest of your food before you begin your long story.

“I was with my family when it first started, I was too young to shoot a gun or know anyway to survive. We started outside Chicago when my family decided it would be safer on the road than in our neighborhood. We started driving towards Atlanta and met up with a small group there. We were good for the first few months,” you pause for a second all the memories rolling back “the first few months were good until everyone got a little too comfortable with the situation and walkers attacked our camp in the middle of the night, most people were bit or ran off. My family didn’t make it,” you pause once more looking down at your hands then you continue looking up at Carl then back to Michonne “My mom turned first then my siblings, I couldn’t leave them like that.” you could feel the tears picking at your eyes so you skipped ahead. “I’ve been on my own since then, I kept to myself except for one time when a group attacked me.” you took a death breathe “I killed one of them and the rest ran. Thats why I was pretty on edge when I first met Rick and Carl.” you explain.

“your a survivor y/n, you will be safe with us.” Michonne says and you look up at her and you both smile.

“that smells amazing” Rick says entering the kitchen. You look up and see him carrying a baby, your eyes go wide. She was so small and full of sunshine smiling. “Carl can you hold Judith?” Rick says

“yeah,” he says taking Judith from Rick “Oh y/n this is Judith my sister.” he says looking between you and Judith.

You smile in response

“Do you want to hold her?” he asks

“Sure..” you say unsure she reminded you of your siblings when they were little

You take Judith and bounce her in your lap and she starts giggling uncontrollable and you can’t help but smile.

“she likes you” he says smiling

“yeah I guess she does” you say smiling up at Carl before looking back down at Judith.

  You all finish your food and Carl offered to give you a tour of Alexandria your following him having a normal conversation about nothing in particular when he says “I’m sorry about your family.” he stops and turns to you.

“not your fault.” you say brushing it off

“I know what its like…” you turn your head motioning for him to continue

“my mom didn’t make it after giving birth to Judith,” your face softens as you look up to him he stares at the ground before continuing “I shot her.” You look down at his sudden confession, you reach for his hand and squeeze it then you look up to him and say “you did the right thing,” causing him to look at you in the eyes as if he’s searching for any doubt you have “the ones we love don’t deserve to walk around mindlessly like those monsters.” you meet his eyes once more.

he nods you let your hands drop and get back to the tour pretending that it never happened which is what you both need.

“and back to the house” he says with a small smile

“thank you,” he looks to you “thank you for saving my life.” you say repeating the words he said to you just hours before.

he smiles then says “you didn’t think i was just gonna leave the girl that beat me up in a gas station did you?” you both laugh remembering when you said almost the same thing to him in the tree, before entering the house.

You say hello to rick and michonne before heading up to your room, you were planning to change out of your clothes but once you sat down on the bed you knew you weren’t moving instead you placed your weapons in the side table before falling completely asleep for the first time in a few months, oddly you felt completely safe with these people you just met.


  Your awoken by a crashing sound, you immediately grabbing your gun and knife making your way to the door of your new room.

When you silently open your door you walk into the hallway to see carl doing the same thing, when he sees you he simply puts his finger up to his lips and points his gun up while moving down the hallway you do the same, before getting to the stairs at the last door Carl takes out a key and locks the door of what must be Judiths door.

You and Carl make your way to the corner before the stairs when you see a man sitting on the top step you and Carl make eye contact and for a second its like you can communicate without speaking. You both nod then Carl brings the barrel of his gun up to the intruders head and says “what the hell are you doing in our house.”

“I’m waiting for your parents to get dressed and no offense kid but I could take you down no problem.” the man says

“How about two of us?” you say while putting the barrel of your gun on the other side of the mans head.

You and Carl make eye contact and a small smile at each other before focusing your eyes back on the man in front of you. Just then Rick and Michonne walk out wearing barely any clothes at the same time the people you recognize as Glenn, Dayrl and Maggie make their way up the stairs weapons raised at the man. Then you say “scratch that how about all of us.” with a smirk

“No guys its ok.” Michonne speaks up first making everyone look at her

“You said you wanted to talk,” Rick says looking at the man “lets talk.”

you and Carl look at each other before lowering your weapons from the mans head. As everyone makes there way down the stairs with the man, Michonne says from behind you “You two make a pretty good team, you were out there within seconds and I didn’t even hear you guys until you started talking.”

you and Carl smile at each other before looking back down at the stairs joining everyone in the dining room as the man known as Jesus explains how the communities can work together and Rick seems very intrigued by the idea. “y/n, Carl suit up,” you both turn to Rick “you two are coming with us.”

you both nod before going up to your rooms to collect your things to head to jesus’s community or as he called it the Hilltop.

When you walk back downstairs everyone is loading up into the RV and another car. You get into the RV and Carl follows Jesus sits right across from both of us. Practically staring us down before speaking “What you guys did this morning was pretty cool,” you look at him skeptically “I didn’t even know you were there until you spoke.” You smile slightly before looking at the floor of the RV for the rest of the drive.

When you arrive at Hilltop you all step out of the RV and car and walk threw the groups and it seems like everyone is staring at you and the group as Jesus leads you all into the big building in the middle of the town. Hilltops leader seems very stubborn and doesn’t want to partner with Rick until he talks about taking out the group known as the Saviors for them. The leader of Hilltop practically laughs at Rick causing you and Carl to stare him down before someone calls for him outside.

Everything happens so fast Rick attacks the 2 people that just showed up to attack the Hilltop leader, Rick seems to be struggling so once again you look at Carl for a sign when you both look at each other you know your thinking the same thing, you jump at the person thats pinning Rick to the ground rolling her over so that Rick is free and your fighting off this full grown woman. Carl quickly helps you get her off but not before she lands a good punch right to your lip, you roll over pinning her to the ground with one arm held behind her back. As you grab your gun from your holster and aiming it at her head, “move and I shoot.” you say as you start to taste blood from your lip from the punch she threw at you.

When you look up Carl has the other man held at gunpoint as a doctor tends to the hilltop leaders wounds Rick gets some hilltop residents to tie up the 2 people you and Carl had just held at gunpoint. You get up wiping the blood away from your lip and holstering your gun. “you okay?” Carl asks

“yeah,” you say wiping the blood off your lip once more “a busted lip never killed anyone” you say with a small smile

“good work you two, thanks for your help with that one y/n” Rick says

you both nod before walking back into the building. Maggie goes in to talk with the leader and when she comes out she says we have a deal for food as long as we take out the Saviors. Its a small win as we still have to do it but we have a way of getting food, and from what I’ve seen from this group taking out a group of horrible people won’t be hard.

Everyone gets back into the RV but once Carl sits down you notice the big red spot growing on his arm under his shirt. “Carl, what the hell your bleeding.” you say pointing to his arm

“One of the guys had a knife he tried to cut me” he says obviously trying to make it sound like a big deal. “well you bleeding out from some idiot with knife kind of sounds like a big deal” you say getting up to grab the first aid kit.

“what are you..?” he asks but you cut him off “I was on my own for a pretty damn long time you don’t think i know how to clean up a wound? roll up your sleeve.” you say and he does

Cleaning up his wound doesn’t take to long except for the fact that he kept moving. “Carl just sit still.”  you say

“Your jabbing me with antiseptic how do you expect me to sit still.” he says

Once its clean you still have another 30 minute drive back to Alexandria you were a little tired from the mornings events so you did fall asleep but the fact you fell asleep wasn’t the important part it was where you fell asleep. When you woke up you were sitting at the table of the RV leaning on Carl’s shoulder with Carl’s head leaned against his arm on the table still asleep. You sat up a bit causing Carl to wake up he blinked a few times then looked out the window, you did as well you  were stopped just outside of Alexandria.

“ok sleepy heads wake up.” Rick said in a playful tone

You and Carl both groaned and you stretched before getting up and walking out of the RV.


  Rick had wanted to take out the saviors as soon as possible and as soon as possible happened to be that night. Rick told everyone they did not have to go if they didn’t want to meaning most of the original people of Alexandria stay behind. You and Carl were loading weapons up into the RV when Rick came up to you both.

“y/n if you don’t want to do this you don’t have to.” he said

“Rick,” you look at him directly in the eyes so he knows you mean it “you guys saved me I will  fight with you guys even if you don’t want me too.” you say fully serious

“We are happy to have you y/n,” rick says with a smile “you two are partnered up for this, I see how good you guys work together.” he says referring to you and Carl.

you both nod then go back to cleaning the guns, you had only known these people for 2 days but it felt as if you had known them forever.


  Getting rid of the saviors at the satellite base had been a success you and Carl barley had to speak making the job a crap ton easier. Until the end when you were loading up the RV when a few people taking Carol and Maggie got the jump on you, you fought back trying to free Carol and Maggie until they shot.

The bullet hit you right above your hip Maggie yelled while Carol fought to get out of they’re grip to help you. As they pulled them out of sight you rolled onto your back the pain becoming unbearable. You reached for the walkie you had dropped, grabbing it and pulling  it up to your mouth before you began to speak “Carl, Rick, Dayrl anyone co-..” you got cut off by a sharp pain.

No answer, the walkies were blocked by something. If you were going to get to them before you bleed out you had to walk. You got up with a painful shock when you sat up. You started wobbling to the front of the building. You were trying your best to apply pressure to the gunshot in less than a few moments Carl came out of the building just as you fell over unable to bare the pain. He yelled out then grabbed his walkie and said something into it but you couldn’t hear anything your eyes got heavy as Carl pulled your head into his lap. He was saying something but nothing made its way to your ears. You saw the rest of the group come running next to you guys. Right before you passed out you tried your best to choke out “thaa-nnk y-ou” and then you were out.

  You wake up in a white room blinking a few times to adjust your eyes, you were in the infirmary, you try to sit up but a sharp pain in your stomach stops you. You groan in pain, then you start to remember taking out the saviors, loading up the RV, seeing Maggie and Carol get taken and finally getting shot. You look down and see a certain brown haired boy sleeping on the side of your bed, his hat was placed on the nightstand. You moved your leg a bit waking him up he picked his head up blinking a few times before noticing you were awake. “oh my god, your ok.” he says

“How do you feel?” he asks

“Like I got shot in the stomach” you say trying to laugh

he smiles then the groups doctor walks in “good your awake,” you look at her “how do you feel?”

“fine.” you say then wincing in pain after speaking

“sure” is all she says dragging out the end of it

“where are carol and maggie?” you say brows furrowed worried because last you saw them they were getting dragged away.

“the whole group has been waiting outside, except for carl,” she says glancing over to Carl “he hasn’t left since you got here” she says

you smile at him and he smiles back before looking at the floor.

“is she awake?’ you hear Dayrl say as he walks in.

“yep, everyone you can come in now!” she says

Right as she says that the whole group starts flooding in Maggie runs up to you hugging you and repeating “I’m so sorry” over and over again.

“Maggie, your safe its fine i’m fine. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you both.” you say looking between Maggie and Carol

“the group came back for us we are ok.” Carol says

You smile and nod, overwhelmed by how much love the group is showing you, a small tear escapes your eye and Carl sees it immediately.

“Are you in pain? Should I get Denise?” he says quickly

“no, no i’m fine its just been a while since people cared about me.” you say smiling at everyone

“your one of us kid.” daryl says

“y/n you fought with us, we will protect you thats what families do.” Rick says

Suddenly it all made sense groups don’t work, families do always.


  You had been in that hospital room for a week now. You knew it was cause they all cared but you missed the outside and being stuck in that room 24/7 was gonna drive you crazy. Rick said you could leave that night Carl came to help you, most of your stuff was moved to the infirmary since you practically lived there for a week.

When you both finally got all your stuff into your room Carl said he was gonna grab some water so you were left alone in the room, your room. You looked out the window and in a split second without even thinking what you were doing you opened the window and crawled out onto the roof climbing to the top and sitting there.

From the point of the roof you were at you could see just over the wall, you were looking down the road that lead to Alexandria when Carl poked his head out the window.

“I knew you would do something like this” he says

“like what?” you say faking innocence

“you could get hurt-“ he starts but you cut him off “I could get hurt getting out of bed or even going to the bathroom,” you say

“please don’t treat me like I’m glass that can break at any moment I can’t stand it.” you say laying down on your back to look at the stars

“y/n you got shot..” he says

“Carl you have told me about both times you got shot.” you say smirking sitting up

“you didn’t see me with the bullet wound though, when I saw you bleeding I thought it was going to be the last time I saw you,” he says looking down at his hands

“But it wasn’t Carl i’m sitting right here right in front of you.” He wouldn’t look at you, you ducked your head trying to get him to look at you. You bit your lip thinking.

“Carl,” you breathe out “look at me.” you say

He looks at you and suddenly you understand why he is reacting like this its the same way you did when he got his arm cut but more serious, you’ve known each other for such a short time but in this world thats the only time you have. Now is all you have.

“I’m. not. leaving. you.” you say  looking directly into his eye you suddenly notice how close you are, your noses practically touching. Now is the only time you have keeps repeating in your head. You slowly lean forward tilting your head even though you knew what was happening you still were surprised when his lips were on yours. You kiss then break apart just to get a look at his face before you reconnect your lips he places his hand on your cheek, its like you were both explaining to each other how you felt without actually speaking which you never had to anyway. After a few minutes you break apart but lean your foreheads against each other. “I’m not leaving you.” he says repeating the words you spoke a few minutes before and you both smile

You didn’t know when you were in the gas station that day, but the boy in the sheriff hat would be how you survive and why you wanted to. Him and his group now your family, and in that moment you felt like they could deal with anything the world threw at them. The cowboy and the girl who can’t drive a car and used to sleep in trees.


Right Kind of Wrong 11/?

Previously: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1013 - So this is the second of the 3 parts I hadn’t reposted. It immediately follows part 10.

Losing the gold medal game sucks in more ways than one. Not just because they lose to Canada, and to Claude – and fucking hell, his captain is going to be a complete troll next season. More than usual, even. Fuck.

Losing also means Zhenya doesn’t get to see Sid until October again—maybe September if he can be convinced—which would have happened anyway, but would have hurt less if Russia had won.

That’s what he tells himself.

(The lie never makes him feel any better.)

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I was tagged. Six things about me

1. Though I have my favorite pizza toppings I’ll eat nearly any pizza. If you and I order a pizza we’ll get whatever you want for toppings even if it’s kale and brussels sprouts. It’s pizza and pizza is delicious. Watching high-maintenance children and adults at parties moaning “Ewwww, olives are the grossest!” or “I can’t eat onions!” or “Yuck! No one likes pepperoni!” kills me. I’ll argue about tap water before I’ll fight over pizza toppings. Being on a deserted island with one of those people would be amusing if the only food was a pepperoni and olive pizza. Be picky, be hungry. Fine with me.

2. I was the captain of my cross country running team in high school.

3. I don’t like big music concerts. One time my wife and I got free tickets to see Paul Simon and Brian Wilson. The music was good but everyone there bugged the shit out of me. Near the end of that concert I started a fight with some obnoxious high school kids. I may hate some people but it’s extremely unlike me to fight. That fight was mostly pushing and shoving. Security saw us and kicked the kids out but I was allowed to remain.

4(a). Twice in my life I have pulled a dead body out of a lake. 4(b). Twice I’ve done the Heimlich maneuver on a young child. It worked! 4©. Once I did CPR on an adult. It didn’t work.

5. If I could go to college all over I’d consider majoring in psychology. Being a therapist would be interesting. People open up and tell me things even if I’m not asking questions. I think I’m a good listener and discreet with what I hear.

6(a). If I obtain ridiculous wealth wearing a brand new pair of socks every day will happen. The feeling of fresh, squishy socks is amazing. It would cut down on laundry too. 6(b). I actually like doing laundry. It’s why I bought a washer will all the bells and whistles.

Sleepy Marco is the best omg he says really dorky incoherent stuff and Star loves it… He goes “Star…I need to go to bed but that duck keeps looking at me.”

“What duck? Theres nothing there?”

“The one….um……” he pauses and lays his head down on Star. “You’re warm…I like it…like fresh socks….right out of the oven. Or some good bread. Like the stuff from…Pennsylvania.”

Stars just trying not to laugh her ass off at like 2 am Omggg. Marco has never been to Pennsylvania

General Curses for the Everyday Assholes Around You

- May all the chocolate chips in your cookies turn out to be raisins

- May your headphone cord catch on every door handle

- May your phone always die when you need it most

- May you always miss a belt loop

- May every great fitting pair of pants you have stretch out disroportionately throughout the day and no longer fit

- May you always feel your phone vibrating when it’s not

-  May every sock you wear be rotated just enough to be uncomfortable

- May all your social notifications be game invites

- May you ALWAYS step in a wet spot after putting on fresh, clean socks

- May your tea be too hot when you receive/make it and then ice cold when you go back to it

- May you always pick the slowest line up

- May your shoelaces be JUST long enough not to tie without stepping on them al day

|Long-Awaited Savior: Part Four|

What the fuck, guys, this was supposed to be a one-shot… lol.

Check out previous chapters and the Masterlist

Characters: Negan (JDM) x female reader (bit of Simon as well in this chapter)

Words: 2,943

Heads up: Reasonably tame. Language as always, some Simon fluff, Negan fluff, and a bit about flashbacks and PTSD stuff in regards to rape/assault.

Initial Setup: Negan & the Saviors overrun your community and dole out some long overdue justice, changing your life in the process.

Chapter Summary: After a night with Negan that left you feeling mortified, you join him for dinner and things don’t quite go as you expected.

Part Four: The Necessity of Trust

Your own screams jerked you into consciousness, and the sobs began to catch in your chest before you even opened your eyes. Sleep was anything but a reprieve from the horrors your memory refused to relinquish. The hours were plagued with nightmare after nightmare, and Wesley loomed at the forefront of each one. You didn’t understand how your mind could recreate scenes with such vivid detail… every texture, sensation, smell, emotion…

As the fiery tears continued to flow down your cheeks, you pulled the rough woolen blanket up to your chin and hugged your knees to your chest, squeezing your eyes tightly shut as you tried to come to terms with the events of last night.

My god, what have I done?

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