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Memento Mori 1/4

You ever write a fic so fucking angsty that Gary Jules materializes next to you. That is this fic. This fic is a DICK MOVE. It will HONESTLY make 2:15 look like a happy funfair ride by comparison (and this is a two parter welp). Also this is Violets are Blue-verse, so if you’re slightly confused about some of the plotline, my masterlist will enlighten you

It also has a threesome in it, so it’s NSFW. - Jumin x MC x V

Trigger warnings for miscarriage and blood.


The anesthesia was wearing off and with it came a thousand thoughts. A thousand and one individual discomforts.

The first thing that crossed her mind when she opened her eyes was how bright the room was; so bright that it hurt and she closed them again.

Where was she anyway? Every time she tried to remember, she forgot what it was she was looking for.

The sheets around her were starchy-scratchy-and someone was stroking her hand. Someone whose hands were so gentle that she found herself remembering her own first day of school.

She remembered her Mother kneeling down to check her backpack, even if she couldn’t quite remember her face.

“Now, [Name],” she had said, “be sure to be on your best behaviour.”

And the little, child sized her had jumped up for a kiss to the forehead, promising that she would do her very best. [Name] didn’t know why it brought tears to her eyes.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized her lips were dry. At the back of her mind was the glass of water she knew she wanted, but the moment she thought of it, she forgot how thirsty she was and remembered the ocean instead.

The same ocean that lazily lapped the shore as she Jumin and V dined on the deck of the Kim family’s summer home: one of many residences that V’s parents retired to when inspiration proved fruitless. According to V, his Father would sit by the water with a blank canvas and a tortured stare, all while his Mother played the piano in the front room.

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