fresh rice paper rolls

I finally got around to making these fresh rolls!


-Rice paper                        

-Lettuce (w/o the stem)

-Shredded Organic Carrots

-Pea Sprouts

-Tofu (Fried in a non stick pan w/ water)

-Vermicelli noodles (made from peas,green beans,water)

You can add whatever you like, I’ll probably make some up with sweet potato soon. I was so stoked that the vermicelli was made from veggies with no extra salt/oils. I was thinking that all vermicelli was made from rice but I was proved wrong. For dipping sauce I used sweet chilli & hoison sauce. I’ve also made dipping sauce from peanut butter/warm water/soy sauce in the past but I’m trying to go easy on the fats. These were super filling and DELISH!