fresh rice paper rolls


Good evening!

I’ve been trying to do better at meal planning, and lately that means eating a lot of veggies with baked tofu, which is delicious, but it’s gotten kind of boring. 

I really love these Vietnamese style fresh spring rolls because they’re surprisingly filling for being mostly vegetables, and the fresh cilantro and Thai basil are so summery and light, you never feel weighed down by this kind of meal.


Rice paper for fresh spring rolls


Cucumber (I like Persian best)


Thai basil


Romaine lettuce

Firm tofu

Rice noodles

Mushroom seasoning

Peanut butter

Sweet chili sauce

Garlic chili paste

Soy sauce


Prep is kind of time consuming, with all the veggie chopping, but that’s about as difficult as it gets for this recipe. I like to slice my tofu into thin slices and lightly salt them before pan frying them until they’re golden brown. 

I used rice stick for my noodles and cooked them in a couple cups of water with about 2 tablespoons (1 oz) of mushroom seasoning until soft.

It really makes things go smoothly if you’ve cut all your veggies and laid them out in an easy to reach area. 

Depending on if you want really big rolls or smaller ones, you can either use a single sheet of rice paper for one roll, or you can double up and make them larger.

For the rice paper set up, have a bowl of water to the side, about the size of the rice paper, with space enough around the edge of the paper to swirl it around. To start, grab a sheet of rice paper and fully submerge it in the water. It softens pretty quickly, so it’s easiest if you pull it out before it’s gone completely limp. Lay it out on a plate and fill it with the veggies/tofu/noodles. If you’re double wrapping, soften another sheet of rice paper and lay it on the other, overlapping about 1/3 of the way. Fold the ends toward the center and roll up just like a burrito. The rice paper does harden and the rolls will stick to each other if left in a dry environment for too long, so keep that in mind when meal planning.


I don’t really like peanut sauce, so I just mix soy sauce and sweet chili sauce, but for the peanut sauce, just mix peanut butter, sweet chili sauce and a little bit of the garlic chili paste.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this recipe!



sassyhalfblackfriend  asked:

Newbie vegan here! What are some quick and easy meals?


- organic mixed greens, spinach, brown rice, edamame and mushrooms sauteed without oil, dried nori, sriracha, avocado on top. yum!


- organic greens, spinach, brown rice, salt-free pinto beans, bell pepper and red onion sauteed without oil, salsa, fresh tomato salsa, sprouts, homemade guacamole, chopped cilantro, lime juice.


- steamed veggies (anything is fine but i used broccoli, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, edamame, and mushrooms) served with brown rice and an oil-free peanut sauce on top.


- easiest ever! oil free potato and sweet potato fries, rice, mushrooms sauteed without oil, mashed avocado. super simple and easy!


- a bunch of raw veggies + tofu rolled up into rice paper and dipped into oil-free homemade peanut sauce. 


- homemade oil free falafel patties, couscous, kale and shallot sauteed without oil, mushrooms sauteed without oil, tahini sauce on top.


- tofu + veggies steamed with rice. literally could do this in my sleep and SOOO filling!


- oil free fries (cut potatoes, season, toss into oven until crispy) with mashed avocado or some other oil free dipping sauce. boom.

hope this helps :)  have loads more ideas if you need more!

I finally got around to making these fresh rolls!


-Rice paper                        

-Lettuce (w/o the stem)

-Shredded Organic Carrots

-Pea Sprouts

-Tofu (Fried in a non stick pan w/ water)

-Vermicelli noodles (made from peas,green beans,water)

You can add whatever you like, I’ll probably make some up with sweet potato soon. I was so stoked that the vermicelli was made from veggies with no extra salt/oils. I was thinking that all vermicelli was made from rice but I was proved wrong. For dipping sauce I used sweet chilli & hoison sauce. I’ve also made dipping sauce from peanut butter/warm water/soy sauce in the past but I’m trying to go easy on the fats. These were super filling and DELISH!


I enjoyed the crab, mango and avocado rolls so much, I made them again using prawns, avocado and soba noodles; equally delicious!