fresh prince of bel heir

DirkJohn is really funny to me though…. like… all I imagine is like Dirk trying to woo John by showing him his cool sword and puppets and rapping and is totally superserious-face about all of it and John is very much not impressed and more and more wonder what is wrong with this guy while Dirk grows more and more frustrated this worked on Jake

I’m not even sure how ic it is but it’s all I imagine

DirkJohn is by far superior to BroJohn (I’m kidding except no I’m not) and I am disappointed that no one seems to be talking about Orange Crush and Sawdust.

John is terrible and perfect and I love him loads. Roxy is also perfect and gives John confused boners by being a rad hacker. Jade is also fucking perfect and fantastic. Jake is a precious child. Everything is great and wonderful and John and Dirk are counsellors at a summer camp and they share a cabin and John instantly dislikes Dirk.

Go go go go go (this time I’m not kidding just go there’s another link now get going).