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i saw ur ap/honors kid post and like does my shook have an outlier of honors kids bc like yea we have our rich white kids but like one time this kids final AP history project was literally about the impact of Will Smith on society and his visual was a picture of Will Smith he made up of smaller pictures of Will Smith

oh man like…idk the demographics of ur school but u gotta understand my school is Overwhelmingly white there are classes where i’m the only person of color…holy shit yeah i just looked it up we have 92 percent white students like?? it’s Only rich white kids in the advanced classes and they’re stale…that’s so funny though wanna trade schools lmao 


To commemorate the 25th anniversary of ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, Brooklyn-based illustrator Leland Foster teamed up with fashion e-commerce site Lyst to re-imagine what the cast would look like in 2015.

  • Will - Carlton - Ashley  - Phil  - Geoffrey - Hilary
  • “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was so stylish, and so of-its-time as a classic 90s show,” said Foster. “The challenge was to make the Banks family relevant and recognisable, while keeping all the energy of these six very different personalities.”

Before we enter the new year, here’s a top 10 of the pics on the blog this year. (Ranked in order of most notes)

1. Characters: Shaggy,Velma,Daphne, & Fred Series: Scooby Doo Cosplayers: Unknown Photographer: Unknown

2. Character: Frozone Series: The Incredibles Cosplayer: Nivi Da Vivi Photographer: Unknown

3. Characters: Steven & Connie Series: Steven Universe Cosplayers: Unknown Photographer: Unknown

4. Character: Starfire Series: Teen Titans Cosplayer: xiani Photographer:  xiani

5. Character: Ganondorf Series: Legend of Zelda Cosplayer: Yuki Crissy Photographer: Yuki Crissy

6. Character: Kujo Jotaro  Series: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Cosplayer: @thelvj Photographer: Unknown

7. Characters: Will & Hilary Banks Series: Fresh Prince of Bel Air Cosplayers: Shanmanx Photographer: Cosplayers Canada

8. Character: Marshall Lee Series: Adventure Time Cosplayer: Unknown Photographer: Unknown

9. Characters: Michiko & Atsuko Series: Michiko e Hatchin Cosplayers: Manga_Yoyo & Mynamesash Photographer:  Mynamesash

10. Characters: Stevonnie, Pearl, & Garnet Series: Steven Universe Cosplayers:Unknown Photographer: Washu Otaku

If you have any sources for the unknown cosplayers or photographer please PM me.

The rank only include pics that were uploaded and submitted to this blog. (No reblogs from other blogs were counted)


One Direction performs “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” 

This video is golden from start to finish and encapsulates everything that makes One Direction so special.  Thank you, Liam, for doing this!

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA

September 1, 2015