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Queers, curated by Mark Gatiss, charts a century of the UK gay experience.

Some of Britain’s most brilliant up and upcoming LGBT writers are being given the opportunity to write original dramatic short films for BBC Four in a new project directed by Mark Gatiss which charts a century of the UK gay experience. For five of the writers - Keith Jarrett, Jon Bradfield, Gareth McLean, Matthew Baldwin and Michael Dennis - this is the first time they will have written for television. The other writers are Jackie Clune and Brian Fillis; Mark Gatiss has also written one of the eight plays.

The monologues begin in 1917 with The Man on the Platform - the story of a young man returning from the trenches of the First World War and reflecting on both his attraction to another man and a very particular childhood memory. Other stories include Jackie Clune’s The Perfect Gentlemen in which we meet Bobby, a man with a very unexpected secret and Brian Fillis’ More Anger which examines the journey of a young gay actor in the 1980s.

Taking in 1957’s Wolfenden Report, the HIV crisis and the 1967 Sexual Offence Act itself, these 15 minute monologues will mark and celebrate some of the most poignant, funny, entertaining, tragic and riotous moments of British gay history and the very personal rites-of-passage of gay Britons through the last 100 years.

Mark Gatiss says: “I’m thrilled and delighted to have been asked to curate this exciting series from both established LGBT writers and a whole host of new talent fresh to the screen. It’s a privilege to be working with such brilliant writers and actors. At this challenging and fluid time, it’s a marvellous opportunity to celebrate LGBT life and culture, to see how far we have come and how far we still have to go”.

Cassian Harrison, Channel Editor, BBC Four says: “I’m so excited to welcome Mark and his team of incredibly talented writers to BBC Four. They are crafting an extraordinary roster of stories, heart-breaking and joyous by turns, that I know will delight our audience.”

Queers is being produced in partnership with The Old Vic who will stage all eight of the monologues in July, in the run up to the television transmission. Tickets for the live staging will go on sale this Spring.

The 8x15 mins series was commissioned by Cassian Harrison and Mark Bell, Head of Commissioning, Arts and is being made by BBC Studios where it will be Executive Produced by Pauline Law.

a plot where muse a is an up and coming model and muse b is a photographer who’s always seeking out new, fresh-faced talent. muse b sees photos of muse a circulating one day and immediately wants to photograph them. from their first meeting/session they work together flawlessly and continue to work together from then on. just imagine like all these diff shoots they do like on the beach or nsfw ones or just cutesy ones. and like bitter jealously from b as a gets more popular and people fawn over them more and a thinking they’d never be good enough for such a great photographer like b and just!! i need it.

Unfinished Melody Part III // reader x ???

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Okay I know the title seems cheesy af but whatever…

{ Part I } // { Part II } // { Part III }

Genre: Angst (slight bit of fluff, maybe, idek)

Summary: A failed confession left you shattered and humiliated, you relieved yourself by writing music… only, there was something wrong with it, like it was missing something, but what? Little did you know the answer was in the knowledge of someone you’d never thought you’d come across…

Word count: 2k (if you want exacts: 1,811 -including headings-)

Warnings/Triggers: mild swearing(?)

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DAY 3124

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct 18/19,  2016                Tue/Wed  12:20 am

On the occasion of ‘karaka chaturthi’ or that which is more commonly known as ‘karva chauth’, my greetings to all .. wives in particular, who shall fast the entire day until they see the moon at night, all for the welfare of their husbands ..

Some traditions never die ..

and so on to SARKAR 3 .. and today its first day and the first shot is designed with Abhishek’s picture .. there is apprehension as always on the first day of shoot .. an entirely new environ .. an entirely new set up, even if the designs of the story and characters have been indulged well in the past .. happens all the time .. and yet we never stop speaking about it ..

but there we are .. 

but the director knows best .. and we leave it to him and his vision .. that is really the best way out .. 

idle moments on set can be either contemplated or posed deliberately so the photographers following you, get some unique intriguing shots .. like the one above .. which really defeats all line of logic for the story .. for, why would Sarkar lie back on anything and why indeed , would he pretend to be talking to the skies above .. why ?

Matlab kya .. ?

is that a saucer that I see before me in my empty hands .. or is it just disdain for that which confronts me .. find out .. next year maybe .. 

But working with fresh new talent, first time moments, admirers, and several ‘selfies’ later, one does need the rest of the back on a most uncomfortable couch ever built for a tall person such as me, whose centre of gravity defies all other gravities .. 

But there we are …

BUT as I prepare to rest, the ladies and wives of the house shall be readying themselves for the prayer ritual before the sun rises, for the fast they keep on ‘karva chauth’ which has already fallen for the 19th ..

it is a joy to see the devotion and care they take over this festive moment, one that has prevailed mostly in the northern parts of the country, and how they revere each and every ritual, done with the exactitude of immense finesse ..

there is always that feeling of guilt that we men, husbands go through .. but what does one do .. many husbands fast along with the wives in a wave of great sympathy .. others go off to work and come back in time to search for the moon at night, so their wives can start eating by breaking their fast .. search for the moon .. yes search .. because the moon on just this particular night takes its own time to appear .. which looks kind of conspiratorial .. but thats how Mr Moon wishes to behave ..

my own routine is desperately craving for some kind of regularity .. so if you shall not mind, I shall retire .. for the morning shall beckon the SARKAR again ..!!


Amitabh Bachchan

lenyberry  asked:

Interestingly I just saw the ask about Who writers, as I've been trying to work up the guts to ask something for a while now about this: A friend & I are working on changing that "nobody". Particularly we want to do a whole spinoff -- we've an outline for an entire first season plus a bit already and we think it's pretty awesome. So if it's not a bother I wanted to ask for any advice you might have on the matter of pitching it to the BBC, as I've heard they can be stubborn about such things.

I’m thrilled that you want to write for Doctor Who. It definitely needs some women writing for it.

If you’re serious – and I assume you are: the BBC can be stubborn, yes, but possibly not as stubborn as you imagine. They really want writers. They may be more stubborn about Doctor Who, mostly because it’s their flagship show. If they are hiring a writer, they want to know that they are hiring someone who can do it, who, having pitched a great idea will, at least, turn in a script that they can shoot.

So my advice to anyone who really wants to write specifically for Doctor Who would be, write stuff that’s going to get you noticed, write stuff as a calling card. Write plays. Make fantastic, well-written, small cheap films with friends, write short stories and books and comics, do things so that when you ask to write Doctor Who they get excited. It’s the BBC’s flagship show, and if you are going to write an episode, make them want you. 

I remember, when I was about 20, walking past the BBC in Portland Place. Back then they had a doorman outside, and I went over to him and said, “How would I write for the BBC?”

“You can’t, mate,” he told me. “ You ‘ave to know someone who’s already in 'ere.”

These days I know how not-true that is, and how not-true it was then. The BBC want scripts and writers, and even, now, have websites which tell you how to  submit/format etc your work, including unsolicited scripts.

My reply about “nobody to hug” was mostly wistful, by the way, and not, as I’ve seen it interpreted, an attack on the Doctor Who team or anyone on the team.

In the six years I’ve been working with the Doctor Who team, the producers and script editors I’ve directly worked with (four out of six of whom have been women) have had a lot of attention on getting women writers onto the team. They’ve reached out to a lot of women writers – I know that Steven Moffat has personally been in touch with a lot of female writers and been defeated over and over by scheduling problems, and people saying no, and been as frustrated as anybody (probably much more frustrated as he’s the one reaching out). It’s a priority for them too.

To get started, head over to

The BBC Writersroom informs new writers about how to submit unsolicited Drama and Comedy scripts to the BBC. They are on the lookout for writers of any age and experience who show real potential.

BBC Writersroom will read all unsolicited scripts for BBC Films, TV Drama, Children’s Drama, TV Comedy, Radio Entertainment and Radio Drama. They accept unsolicited scripts written for film, television, radio or stage.

BBC Writersroom is always on the lookout for fresh, new, talented Writers for a changing Britain. If you have talent, an original voice, and stories to tell, then BBC Writersroom wants to know about you.


While my heart is so so broken that Newsies’ Broadway run is coming to a close, I can’t help but think about all the wonderful people who I have been a part of this wonderful show and all of the people’s lives that have been impacted. Newsies should be so very proud to leave such a wonderful, inspiring legacy behind and we are all so lucky to have to have gotten the chance to experience such a wonderful show. 

I am so very much looking forward to the tour and all the fresh new talent it’s going to bring!! 

Continue to carry the banner the Newsies fans- it’s not over yet!

what’s up with movies and tv shows using the same baby noise recordings

why haven’t more babies applied for this job? we need FRESH, NEW baby talent

I’ve grown sick and tired of Beyoncé
I’ve grown sick and tired of Nicki Manaj
I’ve grown sick and tired of Naked ass Rihanna.
I’m tired of hearing fucking Iggy Azelia whine her accent in her music.
I am just tired.
Can some new and fresh female talent make things interesting again?