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mini messengers.

  • 707: You ever feel like you're being watched?
  • Zen: All the time, when you look this good you have to get used to it.

i honestly am so fucked up in the head that i tried to date a vioent 38 year old who draws like torture p/orn just because he was attractive and just when i finally got ahold of myself and deleted him from every social media now he’s like ‘you’re great at disappearing on people’ hm hmhm i want to die clap your hands three times if your self destructiveness and insecurities make u a certified idiot


One and Only wasn’t ambitious enough for Morning Musume. The group had already been around for more than 15 year, had had exchange students from China, had just gotten its first true English speaker – and they only managed to sing a song that a middle-school child learning their second language could write? Come on! It’s time to release well-written, catchy songs in English now, THAT would be fresh and new for MM! Even a ballad or easy dubstep would be nice.

i wanna change my url + my psd i think ??

Wonho: The Fanboy (Part Five)


Requested by anonymous:

a Wonho scenario where you are famous youtube singer he is fanboying over, and when you move to korea, he contacted you and started a few dates till you both being couple. You can make it fluff or smut.

Vibes: touchy + kissy Wonho
Word Count: 2677
A/N: One or two more parts left!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

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Wonho quickly grasped your hand in fear that he would lose you in the crowd. It came as a surprise for the both of you, but it was just another notion of sincerity and adoration you two shared.

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Platonic Sefikura sort of thing

A last minute Valentine’s Day fic! 

Because I’ve been talking about rl dating and wandering around grumbling “I’m fucking ace leave me alone omg” a lot recently, I decided I fancied doing a fic exploring a more queerplatonic sort of relationship. Because I do actually think of canon Sephiroth as asexual a lot of the time… just not so much in my AUs, because, you know how it is, I have way too much fun writing smut. >> My headcanons are flexible. But anyway, I thought it’d be cool to do something where both Seph and Cloud are ace for once.

There really is no point to this fic and it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s just these nerds being cute together in one of those nice AUs where no one dies and everyone is happy. uwu


Cloud checked his hair in the mirror one last time – yep, there it was, a total mess as usual – and smoothed out his shirt.

“Have fun on your date, Strife!” someone called from over by the bunks.

“It’s not a fucking date!” Cloud yelled back. He was wearing his combats, boots and an old civvie t-shirt; not exactly dressed to impressed. Why did they insist on thinking he was going out with someone? Morons.

Technically, he was going out. And he was going with someone. People did that all the time though, going out with friends or out with the other Third Classes for a few drinks on a Friday evening. Cloud really didn’t see why they couldn’t get it through their thick skulls that going out didn’t have to mean a date. Even if it was Valentine’s Day.

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I’m like, half asleep.

Day 3 - We show the strength of our love through our actions.

It’s too warm in this room, but she refuses to go back to bed now. She isn’t very much enjoying the movie she’s put on, and for some reason feels the need to mute it when a familiar pressure begins to build somewhere in her lower abdomen. She squints at the TV screen, and then the hallway, waiting until it ebbs to relax back into the cushions. The clock over the window reads half past two, and she quietly frets with the throw pillow, the sleeves of her shirt, the chipped paint on her nails. She glances at the door and wonders if maybe she had overreacted.

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