fresh ink

Live through colors, show your style!

The ultimate abomination sheesh, have Fresh Ink. /hides under sheets/ FIND A SHELTER THE END IS NEAR

I don’t know much about the Fresh!Sans himself, but what I know is that I love the design style for it’s total discord of colors and sense - and also because DAMN YOU GUYS WERE CRAZY ABOUT A FRESH INK SO HAVE IT YO

I wanted to keep a part of his original design but hurt your eyes at the same time. Also I changed his paint brush to a bunch of spray cans. //gun fingers// enjoy the disaster!! <3

Inktobertale - Day 1 - Ink is here!
Inktobertale - Day 2 - Human Ink
Inktobertale - Day 3 - Puking PumpInk
Inktobertale - Day 4 - ____tale
Inktobertale - Day 5 - Ink and Me
Inktobertale - Day 6 - Ink meets Cross
Inktobertale - Day 7 - Punk Ink
Inktobertale - Day 8 - Ink Fresh
Inktobertale - Day 9 - Ink Griffin (Spirit Animal)

The radical artist broseph fusion…or posession…anyway I love this guy ;w:

Ink by @comyet
Fresh by @loverofpiggies