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Two 17in fishes! Completed no less! Fired to cone six in oxidation. The black is amaco velvet jet black underglaze. The tan is just bare clay. The top one is my fav of the series.
These are for the Art100 show at the Piano Craft Gallery in South Boston coming up on December 2-17 this year.

i was bored at work all day and thought of voltron fast food au dhdmfhnfmf


  • really good at being sweet and nice to the most aggravating customers but as soon as they leave shes like oh my fucking GOD 
  • i would think shes that type of manager to be purposefully overly sweet to rude customers
  • but when they cross a certain line? shes immediately like get the fuck out of my store
  • INVENTED the phrase “you got time to lean you got time to clean”


  • listen you cant have him on the grill he WILL burn ur fuckin food 
  • hes a good manager but god he needs a Break sometimes He Is Tired
  • coworker: shiro a customer needs u                                                     shiro: you handle it. manager machine broke
  • is that manager who is extra about making sure the food is right. it’s a little old? fry it fresh. he better NOT catching u picking off the pickles instead of just remaking the sandwich.
  • (kinda off topic but i feel like shiro would be the guy to take forever to order? like “can i get an uhhh…shit idk what i want u order keith)


  • a GOD at drive thru
  • just really charismatic?? gets good survey reviews
  • remembers frequent customers by name & order and would die for them even tho all they do is order they food and go
  • knows how to steal food when the managers arent looking like a pro
  • probably has a secret tip jar somewhere


  • that type to become overly sweet & sarcastic on purpose when a customer is being an asshole
  • u cant put her on drive thru bec she always makes some smart ass comments while ppl order and forgets to turn off the headset when making them
  • says the ice cream machine is broke even tho it isnt because she doesnt feel like making it


  • the coworker who invents secret cool food items. want funnel cakes? fry flatbreads and sprinkle cinnamon sugar. want milkshakes? add coffee creamer to the freezies. 
  • (fun fact: we may or may not do this at my actual job oops)
  • knows how to fix everything. he will explain to u for the 800th time how to fix the cheese pump but u still wont remember.
  • i feel like he would be good working at all positions??
  • wont let u work on his register, not even for one order, even if ur his best friend if youre not a manager because hes not paying pay shit if he comes up short.


  • literally only works on line. do not let this kid interact with customers.
  • super fast and good at working on line??
  • was once put on drive thru. tried his best to have a Customer Service face and voice, it was painful for everyone involved.
  • always trash talks the food even tho he still eats it
Justlex Roadtrip #8

Justin sets a new plate of fries down in front of Alex. “There,” he says, containing his laughter.

Alex picks up a fresh, hot fry and eats it. Satisfied, he says, “Now we don’t have to get divorced.”

Justin doesn’t say anything. He just smiles and sits back down. When he attempts to steal a fry, Alex slaps his hand away and shoots him a warning look. Justin holds his hands up in surrender. 

They finish up their meals and go back to the car with full bellies and sleepy eyes. Once inside, Justin yawns. 

“I could go for a nap.”

The yawn’s contagious. Alex has to fight the bubble coming up his throat. He thinks for a moment as Justin rests his head back against the seat and closes his eyes. 

“You know,” Alex starts. “I did pack a tent. There’s plenty of free camping grounds we could go to and spend the night.”

“S'not night,” Justin mumbles. 

“Obviously,” Alex says. “We can do some camping. Ever been camping?”
“Once,” Justin sighs. “With Bryce." 

Alex frowns. "Shitty time?”

“No…” Justin opens his eyes. “Really good time." 

A strange silence falls upon them.  Alex bites his lip and racks his brain for something to say. He reaches over and grabs Justin’s hand. 

"I bet we have a better time together,” he says. 

Justin slowly smiles. “I bet so, too.” He starts the engine and hands Alex his phone. “Find a place.”

Before they drive into the camp grounds, they stop at a local pool to shower for the night. They do their regular business; wash up, shave, brush their teeth.

The air’s much cooler with their damp hair. Alex rubs at his chin, happy to rid his face of any light stubble. 

They reach the camp grounds an hour later. It’s still daylight outside as they park the car in an empty area. Justin kills the engine and stretches the best he can in the cramped space. Alex smiles at him. 

“Think you can handle sleeping outside?”

Justin rolls his eyes. “Alex, I’ve slept in Zach’s garage floor. I think I’ll be fine.”

Alex bites his lip. He forgot about that. To try and lighten up the mood, he says, “Yeah, but there could be raccoons out here, y’know.”

“Fuck off.”

“And squirrels. And owls. Oh, and snakes.”

Fuck off.”

Alex laughs when Justin playfully punches his shoulder. 

They set up the small tent that barely fit in the back of the car due to its length. Justin rolls out their sleeping bags inside while Alex gathers some wood to put in the nearby pit. 

“You gonna make fire with rocks, boy scout?” Justin teases. 

Alex rolls his eyes and pulls a lighter from his pocket. Soon, they have a fire. 

“We should’ve packed marshmallows,” Alex says. “Or hot dogs.”

“Yeah,” Justin agrees. Justin pulls something from his pocket and sits down next to Alex. “Did you see this at the pool?”

It’s a flyer for a concert tonight for some band Alex’s never heard of called Fallen Secrets. Alex reads over the details. “Yeah, I saw it hanging up.”

Justin nudges him. “Wanna go?”

“I’ve never heard of them.”

“Neither have I.”

“What if they’re shitty?”

“Then we leave and make our own music.”

Alex smirks at Justin’s tone. “’Make our own music?’”

Justin wiggles his brows suggestively. Alex tries to hide his amusement. It doesn’t work. He can’t help but laugh as Justin leans closer and kisses his cheek. He works his lips down to Alex’s chin in quick pecks until their mouths meet. 

“Whattya say?” Justin says in between kisses. 

Alex grins and answers with another kiss. 

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Nyotalia au?

Summary: where one person is actually famous and sets up a dating account with their real picture and the other sees it and is like, oh dude you are not fooling anyone with that picture (because srsly trying to catfish someone with a really famous person is hilarious and cute because the profile also had some really dorky info about liking model trains and farmers’ markets) cue an online romance and when they actually meet the other is pissed because DUDE YOU’RE THAT FAMOUS PERSON and the other is like, yeah, i mean, i thought you knew… (prompt by: @swingsetindecember)

Chat: I haven’t written some lesbians in fucking forever, soz


Dating online was a thing Daisy always wanted to try and she had no other way to get a date. Being a lesbian you had to know people to go out with them, because gay bars were filled with desperate or questioning girls, or that’s what she came by.

Other than that she was a famous. It was kind of an accident, she wanted to be an actress when she was really young and her parents supported her. She got her first role as a little kid in a sitcom and she upgraded to being the main bitch in a high school series.

Some days, Daisy felt like Sandy, a rude heterosexual who picked on the main character and other times she felt like shy Daisy that loved reading books in the back of a coffee shops (so no paparazzi could find her) and smiling shyly at butch lesbians who caught her eye.

Her sister had got a date a while back with a dating app for lesbians called GG (Gay Girls) it was a five dollar fee in the App Store, but she dished out everything for just a chance. Daisy briefly wondered if she could put her real name and picture, but decided that sure, who would know.

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How to make yur Otp cannon (Natsu style)
  • Natsu: yo minty fresh
  • Gray: what frying pan
  • Natsu: make my otp cannon
  • Gray: what
  • Natsu: go out with Juvia
  • Gray: er-
  • Natsu: go out with Juvia droopy eyes
  • Gray: no
  • Natsu: k
  • Gray: ...
  • Natsu: ...
  • Natsu: *walks away* c ya
  • Gray: wha- where the hell are u goin we're doing a mission?
  • Natsu: if you don't I will
  • Gray: excuse u
  • Natsu: *runs*
  • Gray: *runs ahead of natsu*
  • Gray: no the fuck your not

Shoot Out at the Okra-Corral Burger - with okra
Season 1, Episode 9: Spaghetti Western and Meatballs

September marks my one year anniversary of moving to Georgia, and so I decided to make a real Southern Style burger this week.  A well seasoned all beef patty topped with home grown fried green tomatoes and topped with a homemade dill ranch dressing all on a hot buttered bun. Served with a side of fried okra and even more ranch - because the South loves its ranch dressing.

The burger was phenomenal! One of my best, I’d say. The beef was seasoned with black and white pepper - giving it a bit of a bite. This paired well with the cayenne that was mixed in the tomato’s fry batter.  The ranch cooled down that heat, and finished with the fresh taste of dill. I outdid myself on this one. I could definitely see this burger being served up at a restaurant.

Recipe is below!

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How To Have A Good Weekend (Like Guy Fieri Would)

-cover your entire house (or child) with flame decals

-Lube up that tired body with some good ole fashioned ranch dressing

-Hear somebody say “I’d eat a sneaker if it was covered in this chil.” Grab em, scream “put your money where your mouth is brotha,” place the chili shoe under the broiler with cheddar and sit his ass down

-enter a restaurant kitchen unasked 

-eat a grilled sandwich and announce to the table “what sticks out about this sandwich is the flavor of the cheese”

-Tell all you know about the legend of Flavor Town, a community ruled only by legendary killer sandwiches, where the rivers flow with sausage gravy, where the car wheels are whole pizzas, where doctors just throw their hands up in indignation, where you’ve been dead for 30 years

-listen to Staind with the windows down, driving 100mph into a old school hamburger joint, eat the car

-Eat a corn dog on the toilet

-Stick a handful of large silver skull rings into a rising pizza dough

-Place your hand in a deep fryer and eat it

-fill a hose with nacho cheese

-Hear “when ANGELS HEARD, THE NEWS TODAY” on radio in a local 7-11 and jump directly into the rotating hot dogs, mouth wide OPEN, UNDER THE SUNLIGHT

-wear sunglasses on the back of your head and when somebody asks why, tell em it’s cuz you ordered 36 appetizer platters and you want to see that fresh fry comin’ right out of the kitchen

-Place two sandwiches and a variety of tacos directly on top of each other, eat em while you watch Spike TV’s Tattoo Nightmares

-Scream “SAMMY HAGAR” with your mouth full

Fresh Zuccini noodles stir fry!!!!

Who ever said you can’t make zuccini noodles without a spiruluzer? … You just need some patience, a little bit of time and lot of greed to want it bad.

I had one of my Chinese cravings a couple of days ago, and I just couldn’t forget how my weight would just jump like 10000 kgs after a single Chinese takeaway. It breaks my heart .

I always heard about substituting this green vege for a no - carb option, but i thought it was more like a fad.. I mean how can green vegetables feel and taste like noodles.. how?.. how??
So I decided to see try it myself.
And boy, was I pleased! :)

All you need -

- 1large zuccini
- 1bell pepper ( green and red each) , finely julienned.
- one large onion, finely chopped,
- 10 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
- 2" piece of ginger, finely chopped
- 3-4 dried red chillies
- 6-7 sliced mushrooms
- some sweet corn
-1tbsp sesame oil
- 1tbsp white sesame seeds

For the sauce mix - (this is fool proof every time)

- 1tbsp each of soy sauce, green chilli sauce, honey, red shezwan sauce, ketchup and cornflour. ( Ditch the cornflour if you are very concerned about the no carb rule)
-½ tbsp white vinegar.

Mix everything in a small bowl , keep aside.

Method. -

The only thing you have to be careful about this dish, is the chopping. I personally hate chopping veges on a daily basis, but this was a special treat , so it was therapeutic.

So I’ll share how I julienned my zuccini.

Take the zuccini and slice it length wise with the help of the grater ( use the attachment that makes potato crips)
. Once you have the slices, stack them together and finely julienne them . You will get fantastic zuccini noodles.

********** Please don’t peel the zuccini.

- Next in a pan, add the sesame oil, red chilli, ginger, garlic and sesame seeds. Let it roast for a bit on high flame.
- add the onions and cook till light and translucent and fragrant.
- add all other veges and the zuccini noodles. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes on high flame .
- don’t reduce the flame, now add the sauce mix and cook till the sauce nicely coats the noodles and it not watery.
- garnish with some more sesame seeds.
- serve.

And believe me .. they feel like real noodles.

Last nights curry I whipped up in 25 MINUTES! Yes it actually took that quick! Who ever said eating healthy was time consuming? I’m pretty sure that’s faster than most delivery times for take out! I Made this recipe in bulk so the bf & I could enjoy it throughout the week, and it also cuts down on food costs as well.
-1 can chick peas
- stir fry veggie mix (I got prepackaged, fresh stir fry veggie mix)
-1 cup chopped tomatoes
- 1 Tbsp. Grated ginger
-2 cans lite coconut milk
- 1 cup veggie stock
- 1 Tbsp. Coconut oil
- 1 Tbsp. Curry powder
-1 Tbsp. Cayenne pepper (or 1 dried red chili)
- 1 lime
- brown rice or rice noodles (I used microwaveable 1-minute rice)

1. Heat skillet and add in Coconut oil, veggies, a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes.

2. Add in coconut milk, veggie stock, chickpeas, curry powder, cayenne, another pinch of salt and pepper for taste. Let simmer stirring occasionally for 10-15 minutes

3. Add tomatoes during the last 5 minutes as not to overcook. During the last minute or so, cook rice in microwave.

4. Serve curry over rice or noodles, store remaining curry in Tupperware tight container.

Enjoy Xx

Carter Reynolds Imagine: trip trip trippin' over you.

“Welcome to McDonalds’s what can I get for you?”
“Can I have four double cheeseburgers one without pickles, two larger fries, 10 piece chicken nugget with sweet and sour sauce, two Apple pies, two Oreo mcflurry’s a larger sprite, and a large sweet tea.”
I sat in the passenger seat laughing at how big of pig my boyfriend is.
“You’re total is $20.22”
Carter looked over at me giving me a strange look.
“What?” He said pulling up to the front window.
“You’re such a fat ass.”
“And you’re still skinny, I’m jealous.” I said laughing looking a head.
“I eat a burger, and it goes to my ass.”
“Shut up babe that’s not true.” Carter said handing the lady the money for the food.
“It is too!” I said grabbing the drinks from his hands.
“Well, it’s just more for me to grab.” He said winking at me driving away.
“Funny.” I said eating a fry out of the bag.
“No seriously babe, you’re perfect.”
“Aw thanks baby.” I said leaning over the seat giving him a kiss on the cheek I resumed my position digging into the bag for French fries.
“Throw me a fry.” He said taking his attention off the road to look over at me.
“Open wide.” I said throwing a fresh fry in his mouth.
“Mmm” he groaned closing his eyes for a quick second.
We pulled into his drive way, creeping up his stairs to his house quietly so we wouldn’t get caught by his mom for sneaking out.
I lost my balance tripping up the stairs.
Carter busted out laughing dropping the food on the ground.
“Carter shut up!” I whisper yelled.
Carter’s moms bedroom door opened and out stepped Mrs. Reynolds.
My eyes widened as Carter doubled over on the floor laughing his ass off.
“CARTAH! Why you do that, I told you no outside!” Mrs. Reynolds said putting a hand on her hip.
“Mom chill, we were hungry we just went to Mcdonalds.”
“Love you.” Carter said kissing her cheek and grabbing my hand dragging me into his room. He kicked the door shut and smiled at me.
I rolled my eyes falling on to his bed.
“You know, you’re lucky your mom loves me, or your ass would be toast.” I said sitting up.
“You’re probably right.” Carter said standing between my legs.
I looked up at him, as he placed a sweet kiss on my lips.
“Which is why I’m keeping you as my girlfriend.”
I gasped punching him in his stomach.
“Glad to know I’m good for something.” I mumbled.
“You’re good for a lot of things.” Carter said leaning over me.
His lips touched mine, I smiled into the kiss.
I licked his bottom, lip Carter groaned placing his hand on my thigh.
I bit his lip pulling away and laughing, I pulled out my fries from the bag popping a few in my mouth.
“Oh yeah, I’m good for something alright.” I said winking at him.
Carter groaned placing himself next to me on the bed.
“Have I ever told you how much I hated you?” He muttered biting into his burger.
“Mm, a couple times. I mostly hear how much you love me.” I said winking at him picking up my McFlurry and taking a bite.
“I only love you because you buy me McFlurry’s.” I said leaning against his headboard.
“That’s crucial babe.” Carter said laying on my lap.
I laced my fingers through his hair giving him a sloppy kiss on his forehead.
“Just being honest with ya babe.”
I said winking at him taking another bite of my McFlurry.
Carter and I sat in silence for a few minutes.
“Hey Y/N?”
“Hmm?” I said digging the rest of my ice cream out of my cup.
“Do you ever think about the future?”
“Of course.” I said setting my cup on his nightstand.
“I think every teenager thinks about their future.” I said moving his hair from his forehead and letting it fall back into place.
“No, I mean like our future.” Carter said looking up at me.
“Of course I do, I think about what’s going to happen when you’re away, I think about if you’re still going to feel the same way when you come home, but I can’t help but think about what if you find someone better than me, someone who’s worth it.”
“I sometimes wonder, if I’m holding you back from your dream. I feel selfish because I want you here with me, but then I can’t help but let you go and do your thing, I see how big you get everyday, and how much you grow. I wonder if there’s still room for little old me, your boring girlfriend of a year who lives in North Carolina who goes to high school who has nothing exciting waiting for her once she graduates.” I said running my fingers back through his hair.
“Y/N, you have such a bright future ahead of you, you’re always going to have a place in my heart, you’re always going to be that girl I come home too. I’m sorry you think that way, you shouldn’t have to because I’m not going anywhere. I love you so much it hurts. I miss you everyday I’m away from you. I count down the days until I can come home and have you in my arms. Y/N you’re what keeps me going when I feel like giving up. I have so much to thank you for, and I don’t know how.” Carter said taking my free hand and intertwining our hands together he kissed each of my knuckles then the top of my hand.
“I love you okay?” Carter said placing soft kisses on my hand.
“Okay.” I murmured leaning down connecting his lips with mine.
“Carter, you don’t have to thank me. Just let me know you love me.”
“I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.” Carter said pecking my lips each time.
“And just hold me in your arms tonight.” I said switching positions with Carter.
“I’m going to miss you so much.” I said laying my arms over his chest, I tangled my legs between his placing my face on his chest.
“I’m going to miss you too baby.” Carter said running his fingers through my hair.
“I wish you could go with me.” Carter mumbled twirling a piece of my hair around his finger.
“Me too, traveling sounds lovely.” I said drawing circles on Carter’s chest.
I hated when Carter had to leave, my bed felt empty without him, my heart felt empty without him.
who am I kidding? North Carolina felt empty without him.
I intertwined our fingers together playing with his lanky fingers.
He was my sunshine, my only sunshine.

i saw french fry panties the other day and i am highly tempted to go back to the store and buy them so that the rest of my friends can get laid after prom and i can just walk around in my funky fresh french fry undergarments

being a vegan is actually so much more easier than i thought it would be? like I don’t even suffer or grieve over not eating animal by-products anymore, like i couldn’t care less as i continue to eat vegan. basically all i eat is like couscous or rice with microwave vegetables (oooh ooh!! y'all gotta try frying some fresh cauliflower on a pan with oil and sprinkle a good handful of breadcrumbs on top. it’s sooo good!!), spaghetti (like boil pasta, add tomato sauce done. cook in bulk for like two REALLY filling meals and hey guess what you still have more spaghetti to boil later), and tinned fruit occasionally– i don’t even understand why i thought veganism was expensive. i just feel as if people think we eat like those raw diets health “vegans” advertise with like, quinoa. quinoa is annoying and i rather rice if i wanted ten thousand of something (stole that joke from mitch hedberg: rip one-liner god), but like seriously if anything my meal costs less when the meat (which contains carcinogens– another reason why meat should be avoided) is eliminated. we should really start discussing how simple being a vegan really is. i don’t suffer from not eating a cupcake, like there’s still Pringles and original chips that are vegan. and giving up chocolate is easy when you know how the milk industry actually treats cows like they’re fucking shit. but like otherwise, if you’re in a position where you can be vegan, im not talking about those with allergies (hyper-sensitive stomachs) or autistic people with texture sensitivity, no i mean the people who are able to go vegan– you guys gotta start considering whether animal cruelty is worth your unhealthy and carcinogenic life choices.