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9 Ways To Increase Your Vibration

1. Questions - transcending illusions requires you to question them. Illusions are beliefs we give our power to, they are designed to keep us living through the ego - which keeps our vibrations at a low level. When we question our reality & what we think we know - then we have the potential to transcend illusions, which raises our frequency. It’s like lifting a veil that’s been tightly fitted since birth, keep in mind that this will take time and there are many layers to every illusion.

2. Love - build your life around what you enjoy. Surrounding ourselves with the people, places and things we love will help us move into the love vibration - which is the highest vibrational state. When we’re doing what we love with the people we love our vibration will increase, the opposite is true when we surround ourselves with things we hate - our vibration will remain at a lower frequency.

3. Breath - your signal to the universe. When we take long, deep breaths we are sending a signal to the universe to say “I have an abundance of air” - as opposed to short, sharp breaths that send out a signal of lack. Having the mindset of abundance raises our vibrational frequency - attracting more abundance to us in other areas of our lives. 

4. Food - love your body. The body is our vessel & when we feed it healthy foods we increase our vibrations because we are showing love to ourselves & the body. Processed foods, sugary drinks and toxic drugs like alcohol are the most common culprits for keeping our vibrations low.

5. Thoughts - how we think determines how we live. To increase our vibration we need to think higher vibrational thoughts - love, peace, abundance - but that can be difficult at times. The best way to think these thoughts is to align our actions with the kind of thoughts we want to create because our actions create our thoughts. It’s a lot easier to think in a higher vibrational way when we’re around the people, places & things we love - so distancing ourselves from negativity is a great way to increase our vibration.

6. Nature - vibe with the planet. Mother nature offers us a higher vibrational environment for us to align ourselves with. Observe how everything behaves in nature and take note of sights, sounds, feelings & smells - make time to relax around some greenery. Breathing in fresh oxygen from the trees is another great way to raise our vibration.

7. Creativity - expression from the soul. We are not our bodies or minds, we are the consciousness that drives the vessel - allow it to express itself creatively to tune into who we truly are and we will notice our vibration increasing. Singing, dancing, painting, drawing & even washing the dishes can all be creative outlets - almost anything can be an opportunity for us to express ourselves creatively and this allows us to enter the love vibration.

8. Knowledge - true wisdom is knowing the extent of one’s own ignorance. When we acknowledge how much we don’t know we move out of ignorance - this opens the possibilities for us to learn more and through this acquisition of knowledge we can raise our vibrational frequency. The pursuit of knowledge lasts our whole lifetimes, but requires us to dissolve the egoic delusion that we are already knowledgable enough. We can liberate our own ignorance with knowledge & patience.

9. Gratitude - give thanks for the good & the bad. Increasing our vibration requires us to acknowledge that there is no such thing as good or bad - with this in mind we can give thanks for every experience because of what they have been sent to teach us. Becoming grateful for everything in our lives is the best hack to increasing our vibration because we move into the abundance mindset and attract more of what we are thankful for. Give thanks for everything you love in life and watch more of it roll in.

Transcend the negativity & vibrate higher.

Peace & positive vibes.

Serenity of the Night | M

↳ “What exactly did you see?” He snarled, and you somehow found the strength within you to slap his hand away from your face; quickly fixing Taehyung with a glare.

“Nothing.” You said, your petrifying mien being erased from your visage in seconds. “Absolutely nothing.”

[gif cr]

Précis: Within the forest and over the moutains lies many secrets, ones you should stay away from; but some things are meant to come across.

Note: Finally, it feels good to have this back up, btw spring day reference; can ya catch it? | boxer!tae

Genre & Warnings: Drama, soft angst & fluff. Smut. | Words ➳ 12.4k

Gripping the straps of your backpack, you wearily stared at the stony underpass littered with weeds, branches and scattered leaves; wondering if passing through the entrance and walking inside the forest filled with trees and who knew what else was on the other side would be worth it. You wondered if walking for ten miles up a mountain would in any way be okay as you glanced towards the chipped and tattered wooden sign that indicated how long and what to beware of for the hike that would soon ensue, but it wasn’t like you had a choice of turning back now.

You were then pushed into the other side of the underpass, stumbling slightly before blinking as you watched the boys laughing while someone patted your back softly. “Lighten up,” you heard Hoseok say, walking passed you before eyeing you over his shoulder, “it’s going to be amazing!”

Gulping, you turned behind you to see the parking lot void of any life as your cars settled side by side, completely empty as you all carried your needed necessities inside your packs. You were told that the trip was going to be fun, that the mountain you were supposed to be residing in was one of the most beautiful ones in the country, but somehow, something was eating at your brain as you felt a strange feeling prickling in the darkest pits of your stomach; that once you were off the mountain..

Things would never be the same.

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Beltane Activities and Ideas
  • Walk the perimeter of your property to check that everything is in good order. Bring trash bags and do a general clean up of anything that is not where it should be.
  • Make a miniature maypole for your altar if you can not make a full size version
  • Get a new mirror, or use one you have already, and decorate it with ribbons and flowers for your bedroom
  • Fill a cauldron or a large bowl with fresh flowers (wildflowers are best)
  • Braid bracelets out of white ribbons and give them as gifts to friends or family
  • Make a dish of fruits, berries, nuts and leave in the wood for the animals and fae folk to enjoy
  • Cut branches of fresh green from budding trees, or make garlands of flowers to decorate the home for this celebration. Hang them on the doors and windows early, so the may sunrise finds them there!
  • Create a special wreath for the top of the May Pole
  • Make “May Day” baskets of flowers and leave on friends and family’s doorsteps as a surprise gift. Maybe they’ll think a faerie did it!
  • Create hair pieces and garlands for decorating your head or around your neck from flowers that are in bloom
  • Tie ribbons to trees to celebrate the coming of spring. Make a wish each time you tie a ribbon as it’s good luck to wish for things on this day!
  • Bathe your face in the morning dew to retain youth. The fair maid who, the first of May Goes to the fields at break of day And washes in dew from the hawthorn tree Will ever after handsome be. Other sources suggest using the dew found under oaks or on ivy leaves. Make a special wish as you wash your face in it or as you drink from a well before sunrise.
  • Dance the May Pole
  • During the Maypole dance, think about what you wish to weave into, or out of, your spirit. The Maypole is an ancient symbol of the male aspect of the Divine, while the ribbons are strands of life. Have small baskets of goodies around the room to symbolize the coming abundance and to enjoy after the Circle. Magic is hungry work. (from Trish Telesco’s Victorian Grimoire)

do you ever think about newborn syvlari and other races

like how many brawls in the Citadeal are from someone being a bit gruff with a sapling and suddenly being surrounded by a warband that’s basically adopted a plant bandmate because that sylvari called them “the most dangerous warriors they’ve ever seen!” and now they teach them drills and gave them a bandname 

an Asuran krewe flipping off another krewe because the sapling that they befriended is basically a new tall assistant that absorbs all this new information like a sponge, thinks they’re the smartest Asuran krewe in the world and understood that complex equation from the second they fell off the tree unlike SOME asura, Phlunt

Human’s who are so happy to see someone with an interest in their history, their god,s their traditions - veen if that someone is a baby plant person and they nearly had the whole farm crying when they discovered chicks where a thing and sat covered in a fluffy, yellow mass of chicks and is now guarded by hens (because that’s a big plant chick and they love their big plant chick)

and Norn

Norn who practically glide away from conversations with saplings, fresh off the tree and baffled by snow - who listens with wide eyes about their adventures, about the spirits of the wilds, who practically sings their praises to the Grove and back over all this Norn has seen and the first time they see a Norn transform, they think the Norn is a spirit of the wild and yes the big Norn needed a hug cuz the small plant called them the greatest legend

The Labyrinth Chapter 28

Originally posted by baebsaes

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 6.0k… of fluff and ~tension~

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

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A sadness she can’t understand, a loneliness she can’t find the reasons why, that face of an empty chair with ghosts, something that looking for an explanation, that’s what all I saw when she said lately she’s been feeling blue.
I think her sky is grey, her soul obviously paddling, I can see through her brown eyes, it has no choice, nobody wants to get drowned.
She looked so good on that simple look, where she didn’t care about any point of views.
It’s like a secret place she wanted to show me, but she can’t open up, on the other side of the road I know there’s something more than that, a misery she’s trying to share.
I got this puzzled look on my face, she kept laughing at small things, but we both know it’s not fine. Will she ever break out of the bubble? She’s been here before, why she can’t sing about it when it feels so real? All the sounds here are quiet, it says nothing but missing the things I never had.
She told me about it, there was no space for her soul that’s aching, the way she talks about him, her heartbeat is too loud, like dancing through uncertainty. If this is what her definition of perfect affection, I hope there’s still a possibility she knows it’s not.
She’s so happy for the freedom they could always have, she thought it could help her be out of the blue, but she’s only creating another door to make things complicated.
She used to have this stain of green, such a fresh echo from a singing tree, but now she’s different.
—  jcatmoonlight 
It’s Only Logical - Chapter 3

Prologue     Ch 1        Ch 2  

Pairings: Logicality/Prinxiety

Warnings: Swearing? 

Patton pulled into the parking lot of his new place of employment and sat for a moment, just taking it all in. He was quite a bit early, but he’d been nervous about it. At first glance yesterday, he’d thought it was just the small shop, but now that he was really looking, this place was MASSIVE. He hadn’t realized how big an operation Logan was running, and just by himself?! The man must never sleep.

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No Place I Rather Be

Summary: You and Steve enjoy a beautiful spring day
Words: 967
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: This is my submission for @nataliarxmanxva Sofi’s Season’s Change Writing Challenge. My prompt was “I missed the sunlight

Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me

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“Come back to bed it is early, baby.” You hear your boyfriend say behind you. Turning around you notice that he is standing next to the door that connects your bedroom with the balcony just in his sweatpants “I am not really sleepy, Stevie.”

You don’t know what time is it, but since you woke up at 6 am you have been in this balcony watching the world outside. Spring has always been your favorite season, the weather it is not too hot or too cold. The sun rises earlier than in the winter, the flowers bloom and people start wearing colorful clothes again.

It is beautiful to watch.

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What’s your favourite smoothie bowl combo?🍒✨ I love experimenting but CHOC-CHERRY is definitely at the very top of my list at the moment🙌🏼 I have to admit, I’m a little jealous of all my Swiss friends enjoying the fresh cherries picked straight from the trees, but this smoothie bowl has to be the next best thing🙃
To make this I just blended 2 frozen bananas, 1 handful of frozen cherries, 2 tsp cacao powder + a splash of almond milk until smooth. Too easy!🌟

IG: @naturally_nina_

my nana said something earlier and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. she was like “allie there’s lemons here if u want, they’re fresh off the tree from about three weeks ago” and like i don’t know shit about lemons but fresh and 3 weeks ago it just doesnt. they don’t go together, freshly picked and 3 weeks ago arent. that’s not correct



“She was wrapped in blue. The kind of blue, at that place, where you can’t tell the sea from the sky. She was the sea. She was the sky. The blue was her tribal skin. But she didn’t know it yet.”

I’ve always been a city girl; born and brought up here. I’ve spent my childhood evenings playing lagori, lukka-chuppi, badminton, antakshari, pakda-pakdi, sakli below my building, where we had a small, namesake ground. And if and when we craved for a different space to play in, we took over the building terrace(if we were lucky, the watchman would’ve forgotten to lock it that evening). Sometimes we got lucky, but most times we didn’t. If the grounds got too boring, and the terrace locked, we would diligently go over to every one of our friends’ homes, till at least one of our mothers allowed us to play inside the house. But of course we couldn’t run and jump inside the house, so we would quietly(or not) sit in a corner assigned to us and invent games to keep ourselves entertained. We would play till around 8, and if we hadn’t been summoned home as yet, we would all sit and watch an episode each of Popeye and Scooby dooby doo. 
This was pretty much our playtime routine back then.

The summer vacations were a lot more stifling. I spent hours immersed in Enid Blyton books while growing up. I craved for the kind of adventures the characters in Secret Seven and Famous Five had. I craved to live in the kind of countryside they lived in. I craved to aimlessly ride my cycle, pluck fresh fruits from trees, get lost in fields, have lakeside picnics with my best friends. I craved for spaces I could call my own, nooks and corners of the woods only I knew about, go hiking in the woods with my friends, find pretty spots where we could break for some delicious snacks. I craved to climb trees, eat freshly plucked fruits, make a bouquet of fresh flowers and get them home to mom, play in a stream, come back home tired and thirsty and hungry after a long day of doing all of these.

But there I was, in a place I can confidently say was the opposite of what I craved for. There was no countryside, no woods, no deserted cabins, hardly any trees at all, no empty roads to cycle on, no picnic spots, no pretty lakes.
So we made do with what little we had- the ground, the occasional terrace, and corners of our tiny homes.
I lived after all in the heart of Bombay.


This year, I spent around two months in the forest areas of Wayanad in Kerala. Wayanad is one of the most beautiful places in India, and is known for its rich, wild forests. Wayanad has almost 10 different types of tribes that live in different parts of the district.
I spent most of my time there with the tribal people, and even lived with them for several days, in their settlements.
It took me several days to meet locals, become friends with them, get accustomed to my new surroundings, and for them to be comfortable and open up around a non-local. It was slightly challenging, but I had help from my relatives who lived in the same area, and some friends as well. Fortunately for me, it all worked out smoothly.

The first thing I registered when I went there the first time was that there was nothing around me but lush green foliage and acres and acres of untouched forest land. I had in front of me everything I had craved for since a long long time. But these new surroundings felt so alien to me. Suddenly I was at a loss for what to do or how to be. It felt odd walking around without footwear, with my bare feet touching the soft soil and delicate grass. It seemed odd but luxurious to sit under any tree I wanted to or to sit on the rock by the stream with my feet dipped in the cold water.

It took me a couple of weeks to get accustomed to my new surroundings. I made several tribal friends..gradually, but very very happily eased into my new surroundings, sat outside tribal huts chatting with them for hours(it helped that I’m Malayali, so communicating with them was not a problem), played with the children, chased chickens, sang with them, learnt not to be around river banks in the evenings because that’s when the wild elephants come down to the river to quench their thirst, learnt so many little tricks and secrets of the forests from them..

It was possibly the most beautiful months I’ve had in a very long time. It was the first time in my life I lived away from a city that long. And I couldn’t be happier that I did, even though it was only for those two months.
That’s the thing about having lived in a city your entire life; you are so deeply cut off from nature, you don’t know what to do or how to be when you’re put in the heart of it. You feel uneasy, because for so long you have lived only in an urban jungle.

This post is an ode to my newfound tribal skin. Blue

Photographs by the awesome Ajay Koli :*

The Miracle of Everyday Mindfulness

by Thich Nhat Hanh

Everyone has the seed of suffering inside. Sometimes it slumbers in the depths of our consciousness and sometimes it manifests as a very noticeable energy. When suffering manifests, it’s difficult to feel joy or happiness. The practice of conscious breathing and mindful walking or mindful sitting can help us handle the suffering inside. Our suffering is not only our own suffering. It carries within it the suffering of our father, our mother, and the many ancestors who have transmitted it to us.

Our suffering also reflects the suffering of our people, our country, our society, and our world. When we understand the nature and roots of our suffering, then compassion and love can arise. We go home to ourselves and get in touch with the suffering inside. Practicing conscious breathing, we generate the energy of mindfulness and concentration. These are the energies with which we can recognise and embrace our suffering. If we don’t have the energy of mindfulness, the suffering may overwhelm us. But if we breathe in and out and allow our body to be relaxed, we can generate the energy of mindfulness and concentration, and with that energy we can embrace our suffering and hold it tenderly.


There are people who wish to find a place where there is no suffering, like heaven, the Pure Land of the Buddha, or the kingdom of God. We may think that “up there” there is no suffering; there is only happiness. But when we look deeply we see that suffering and happiness inter-are, just as the mud and the lotus interpenetrate each other. A lotus can only grow in mud. If there were no mud, there would be no lotus flower. There’s a very close connection between suffering and happiness, just as there is between mud and lotus. Real happiness is possible when we have the right view of suffering and happiness. It’s the same as front and back, right and left. The right cannot exist without the left; the left cannot exist without the right. Happiness cannot exist without suffering.

Happiness is made of non-happiness elements, just as the flower is made of non-flower elements. When you look at the flower, you see non-flower elements like sunlight, rain, earth — all of the elements that have come together to help the flower to manifest. If we were to remove any of those non-flower elements, there would no longer be a flower. Happiness is a kind of flower. If you look deeply into happiness, you see non-happiness elements, including suffering. Suffering plays a very important role in happiness.

When we live mindfully, we try to live in such a way that we can generate the energies of mindfulness, concentration, and insight throughout the day. These are the energies that bring us happiness and the clarity that we call right view. When we have right view, we’re able to practice right thinking. Right thinking is based on right view; it’s thinking that’s characterised by nondiscrimination and nonduality. According to right view, there can be no happiness without suffering. Our thinking can make us suffer, but it can also make us free. We need right thinking to help us stop our suffering.

If there is a group of people living in the same environment, some may be happy and others unhappy. There are those among us who have the ability to appreciate the presence of the sun and get in touch with the trees, the fog, and all of the wonders of life that are around and inside us. But there are some people who don’t have the ability to get in touch with these wonderful things. They only see suffering. The conditions of their lives are exactly the same as those of the people who are happy, so why are some people happy and others not? The answer is that the one who is happy has right view. The other is suffering because he doesn’t have right view, so his thinking is not right thinking. Suffering is relative. Something that causes one person to suffer may not cause another person to suffer.


With the practice of mindful breathing and mindful walking, we bring our mind back to our body. When the body and mind are together, we can establish ourselves in the here and now and get in touch with life and all of its wonders. We may say to ourselves, “Breathing in, I am aware that my body is here.” Breathing in, coming back to the body, and getting in touch with the body is already mindfulness — mindfulness that my body is here and that it is a wonder.

Our feelings, emotions, and perceptions often feel like they’re overwhelming our bodies and minds. Mindfulness helps us get in touch with all of these things that are going on. Body, feelings, and perceptions are objects of our mindfulness. There are many other beautiful things inside and around us that we can also make the objects of our mindfulness. Every morning when we wake up, we can breathe in and get in touch with the miracle that is life. There are things that are wonderful, that can heal and nourish us. Mindfulness puts us in touch with those things. That is the first function of mindfulness: it brings us joy and happiness.


Thinking can be productive and good. But most of the time, our thinking is not productive. Our thoughts pull us away from the here and now. It’s only in the here and now that we can encounter real life and be in touch with our body and the other wonders of life. When we get lost in our thinking, we’re not there for life. It’s very important to learn how to stop all of that unproductive thinking. It doesn’t mean that thinking is inherently bad, because in fact thinking can be good. But so much of our thinking causes sorrow, fear, or anger to arise. We need to learn to stop thinking in order to begin to feel. If you can feel the presence of your body and the wonders of life that are available in the here and now, you can get the nourishment and healing you need — from the sunshine, the fresh air, the beautiful trees, your lungs, your in-breath and out-breath.

As you breathe in, you become aware once again that you have a body. There’s a kind of happy reunion between mind and body. It may take only a few seconds for you to become anchored back home, in the here and now. We have to be in the here and now in order to truly live our life. The past is no longer with us and the future is not yet here; only in the present moment are the wonders of life available. The secret of meditation is to bring the mind home to the body and be in the here and now. It’s very simple. Stopping the thinking will help tremendously.


When you’re practicing mindfulness of body, your body becomes the only object of your mindfulness.

Breathing in, I know my body is there. Breathing out, I know my body is there.

When mindfulness is strong and focused like that, concentration is born. The object of your concentration in this case is your body. When mindfulness and concentration are powerful enough, you can make a breakthrough into reality; you get insight and realisation, and you discover things. Mindfulness, or smrti in Sanskrit, is the first energy. Mindfulness brings about concentration, samadhi, the second energy; and together mindfulness and concentration bring insight, prajna.

To meditate means to generate these three kinds of energies. You don’t have to ask for them to come to you from outside. Everyone has the seeds of mindfulness, concentration, and insight within himself or herself. With the practice of mindful breathing, mindful walking, and mindful sitting, we help these seeds manifest as energies. These are the three kinds of energy that make an enlightened being.

These energies make you awake, bring your body and mind fully together, and put you in touch with all of the wonders of life. You stop running and trying to find happiness somewhere else. You see that happiness is possible in the here and now.

When you’re fully aware of what is there, and you can maintain that awareness and keep concentration alive, then insight arises. This insight can help free you from your worries, fears, longing, and searching. With insight, you recognise that there are more than enough conditions for you to be happy right here, right now. This insight brings freedom, joy, and happiness.


The energies of mindfulness, concentration, and insight can be generated by practicing mindfulness of breathing, of walking, of sitting, and of all your other daily activities. When you are inhabited by these three wholesome energies, there is holiness in you.

We speak of holiness, but oftentimes we don’t know exactly what it is. To me it’s very clear that holiness is made up of mindfulness, concentration, and insight. When you’re inhabited by these three energies, you are a buddha, an enlightened person. In Christianity we speak of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can be interpreted as the quality of presence that is there when we have mindfulness, concentration, and insight. Wherever these three energies are, life is there, healing is there, nourishment and happiness are there. So it’s possible to generate the energy of holiness. When these energies of holiness are in you, you don’t suffer anymore; you’re free. I can call you “Your Holiness.” Everyone can be holy if they know how to generate the energy of mindfulness, concentration, and insight. It’s not too difficult.

When I pour tea, I like to pour the tea mindfully. When I pour the tea mindfully, my mind isn’t in the past or the future, or with my projects. My mind is focused on pouring the tea. I’m fully concentrated on the act of pouring tea. Pouring tea becomes the only object of my mindfulness and concentration. This is a pleasure and it also can bring many insights. I can see that in the tea there is a cloud. Yesterday it was a cloud, but today it is my tea. Insight is not something very far away. With mindfulness and concentration you can begin to develop the insight that can liberate you and bring you happiness.

There is mindfulness of breathing, mindfulness of pouring tea, mindfulness of drinking tea, mindfulness of walking, mindfulness of brushing teeth, and so on. When you breathe mindfully, you focus your attention on only one thing: your in-breath and out-breath. This is concentration on your breath. When you are really concentrated on your breath, insight can come right away. You may get the insight that you are fully alive, and to be truly alive like that is a miracle.


Insight is enlightenment, awakening. You’re enlightened about the fact that you are alive. You wake up once again to the miraculous reality that you are here, still alive. There are many insights that can happen while you breathe in mindfully. You breathe in and you realise that your legs are still strong enough for you to walk, jump, and run. When I practice walking, I’m very happy and grateful that I can still walk. Many of my friends from my generation can’t walk anymore.

Thanks to mindfulness, concentration, and insight, every step can generate the energy of joy and happiness. That is meditation. Bringing your mind home to your body, establishing yourself in the present moment, and touching the wonders of life make joy, happiness, and freedom possible in the here and now. Everyone can do it.

Everyone can pour his tea mindfully. Everyone can drink her tea mindfully. Instead of allowing ourselves to think of the past or the future, we focus our mindfulness on drinking tea. We are fully present in the here and now. The only thing we touch is the tea. If I’m mindful of my body and established in the here and now, I become real. When I’m real, life is also real. The tea I’m holding in my hands is real. It’s because I’m real that the tea becomes real. The encounter between the tea and me is real; that’s real life. If you’re possessed by fear, anger, or ruminative thinking, you’re not truly present and your tea is not truly there. That isn’t true life.


The energy of mindfulness makes things real and alive. The practices of mindful walking, mindful sitting, and mindful breathing help generate the energy of mindfulness. They are the basic practice. You can also take a shower in mindfulness and enjoy the entire time of taking a shower. When you prepare your breakfast, if you allow mindfulness to be there in every moment, it can be a time of genuine happiness. You can wash the dishes in the same way; getting in touch with the water and washing each plate and bowl in mindfulness can be a joy. You don’t need to hurry up and finish. You can enjoy washing the dishes. Washing dishes in this way is just as profound and holy as doing sitting meditation or walking meditation.

When you go to the toilet, you can choose to urinate in mindfulness. You can take the time and enjoy urinating. Why hurry? This time is given to us to live. Happiness and freedom are possible during the time you urinate. You needn’t urinate in a hurry so you can go off and do other things. This is why in meditation centers we put a flowerpot in the washroom, to remind us that this is also a meditation hall. Enjoy the time you take to shower, to prepare your breakfast, or to urinate or defecate. It can be very pleasant. When you brush your teeth, brush in a way that makes freedom and joy possible. You have two or three minutes for tooth brushing. Make them happy moments. If you can be happy while brushing your teeth, then buttoning your jacket can also be a joy. With mindfulness and concentration, we can enjoy every moment that is given to us. This is the art of living.