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Fourteen greens healthier than kale // get the list here :)

Contrary to popular belief kale isn’t the only vegetable in the leafy-green kingdom that contains high levels of vitamins & minerals that, in turn, provide good health benefits. Here is a list of foods that out-rank kale for having more essential nutrients, foods you can add to your salads & smoothies and not have to suffer through the taste. 

The Goal is God's Love Not Religion

‘The best among you is one who possesses God’s love in his heart even if he does not practise a religion.’ - His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

God granted every messenger two types of knowledge. One is the knowledge that deals with exterior cleanliness and rituals of the religion. The other knowledge is the core of religion, knowledge which awakens your soul, enlightens your heart and purifies your ego. HDE Gohar Shahi declared: the exterior form of knowledge without accompanying the interior knowledge is a great mischief. HDE Gohar Shahi has been a super spiritual scientist. He doesnt simply tell you what to do rather he tells you what will be the consequences.

HDE Gohar Shahi gives more importance to God’s love; the importance of religion is being totally nullified. Your goal is God’s love, not the religion. Now you don’t have to adopt a religion. All you need is to obtain God’s love.

The real question is are the boundaries drawn by religions really helping humanity? Religion seems to be a form of slavery. Someone may love God and help the poor but because they don’t follow a religion, religious clerics would say: they did this without faith so its useless. Even atheists have more moral values than many religious people today – they care for humanity and religious people seem to do it to show off. It doesn’t matter if you eat pork or live with your partner without marriage; what matters is whether or not your heart possesses God’s love.

It is very unfortunate that more fraudulent human beings are found to be those who are religious. Religion is a very sensitive matter. It is a product, which will always sell like a hot cake. Had there not been any religions, the world would have been less corrupted and human beings would have been less inhumane. For example, any cooked food goes bad after three days; you only enjoy food when its fresh. In a similar way, the religions are nice when they are fresh, so to speak. In order to preserve food you refrigerate it and in order to preserve the religion you spiritualise it.

Not only Islam but every religion, when its Spiritual system was destroyed, was made subject to great violence in the name of religion and God.

If spirituality is not handy and not synchronised within the religion, the religion without spirituality becomes a horrible monster.

- YA

Siti Khadijah Market - Malaysia

Siti Khadijah market is a fresh food market located in the middle of the islamic city of Kota Bharu. Also known as Central Market, everything from fresh fish and eggs, to exotic fruits, such as durian, can be found at this market. 

The market is named after the  Prophet Muhammad’s entrepreneurial wife. This is fitting, as the market is predominantly run by women.