fresh font

prettyflower34  asked:

I associate you with cranberries (the berry of giving), elegant cursive fonts, killugon, fresh snow, a winter woods filled with evergreen trees, rain during sunshine, and a bouquet of pinks carnations (in flower language they mean: I will never forget you).

;;;;;___________;;;; this is so lovely I’m fdjkfdjkljfdkljklfdjkfdjkfdjfdjklfdjkfdjfdjkgjgjhugrhugrdgj

You put so much thought into this, especially the flower meanings….wow….and I just absolutely adore everything you mentioned, especially rain during sunshine- that’s such a beautiful image!!!!!!! I can’t even tell you how touched I am that you associate so many wonderful things with me, thank you so so so so much <3


I am the Scarlet Witch…and I remember e v e r y t h i n g

I was creating a logo for an indecisive client. After sending nine different font styles, the client sent me this fresh idea.

Client: Send EVERY font you have on your computer for me to look through.