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Summary- When Katrina (Kat) attempts suicide will Sam and Dean find her in time?
Warnings- Mention of blood, cutting, and suicide.

I’d been quieter than usual and had quit eating. I had hoped that no one would notice, but I could tell Sam and Dean were getting suspicious.
I fell into a deep depression. I couldn’t handle the emotional pain so I found a more bearable pain, cutting. Using a razor I cut almost everyday, creating fresh cuts. I also did it to punish myself for being so weak. It was so hard to just get up in the morning, and I hated it because it made me feel lazy. I didn’t even want to go on hunts with Sam and Dean anymore. I had begged for them to let me go in the beginning, but, after I spiraled down this dark hole, I just didn’t feel like it anymore.
Year round I wore long sleeves to hide my deep scars from everyone. Even in 90 degree weather because I couldn’t risk anyone noticing. Sam and Dean always asked how in the hell I could stand the heat in a flannel, but I just responded with “I get cold easily.”
Today I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to do it. I ached to slip the blade across my already scarred arms, to end it all. I loved dean. I loved my boyfriend so much, and it hurt me to know that I didn’t care about how much this might affect him, but the pain was too much.
I loved Sam and Cas like brothers. They cared for me and protected me.
Which is why I didn’t tell them about my depression. They didn’t need the extra burden, they already had to deal with enough monsters in the real world. They didn’t need to worry about mine. I knew if I had told them they would try to help me instead of helping people who could actually be saved.
But my love for them wasn’t enough anymore. I stopped eating about a week ago and gave up on trying to help myself. I was beginning to lose more and more weight everyday and was beginning to look unhealthily skinny.
I went into one of the bathrooms while Dean and Sam were out on a hunt. I wrote out a note on a piece of paper quickly, running out of time before they got back to the bunker. They had called me ten minutes earlier letting me know they were almost home. I run downstairs to put it on the counter before rushing back to the bathroom. Grabbing a fresh razor out of the cupboard I lean against the wall, sliding down to sit on the floor.
1, 2, 3, 4 cuts.
“Kat we’re home!” I hear before hearing the door shut.
“SHIT!” I mutter before hurrying and slicing a few more times wishing I could bleed faster. I begin feeling dizzy and slump down to lay on the floor.
“Kat where are you?”

Dean’s POV:

As I walked in I called out to Kat thinking she would come down to greet us. When I don’t get an answer I walk into the kitchen hoping she was in there, but getting a really bad feeling about this.
Lying on the counter is a note. It reads “I just can’t do this anymore. I love all of you. Don’t miss me please. You will find someone new Dean.” Signed by Kat .
“NonononoNONONO. Kat?! WHERE ARE YOU!?” I say running up the stairs as fast as my legs could take me, Sam right behind me.


I hurry up and slash a few more times knowing I don’t have much longer.
Next thing I know is Dean knocking down the door. He marches over to me, tears forming a river as he cried. All of a sudden I feel myself go completely limp, but still conscious.
Dean pulls me into his lap, holding my wrists with his hands hoping he could, with some miracle, stop the bleeding. I couldn’t hear but I read his lips screaming for Sam to call 911.
“Dean n-no. I’m getting blood all over your shirt.” I whisper, trying to do all I could to get him to let me go but failing terribly. He was too strong.
“Kat why? Why did you do this?” I read on his lips. And that’s when I blacked out.

Dean’s POV

How did it come to this? Why didn’t I notice before? How come I didn’t prevent it? I thought as the ambulance showed up outside the bunker to pick Kat up to take her to the hospital.
I stared at her wrist noticing scars, fresh cuts, and healing cuts up and down her arms; the fresh ones still spilling blood. Wait…scars? What the fuck?! How could I not have noticed before. She’s been doing this for months maybe even years, judging by her arms. She’s been hiding them and I never noticed. Even when we slept in the same bed, when she was changing, or any other time she showed skin. How could I have been so ignorant?!
I have spent 33 years around blood, from both dead and alive, from monsters and humans but nothing affected me this badly. Kat meant so much to me. It scares the shit out of me to know that she might not make it.

Dean’s POV

At the hospital:

I’ve always hated hospitals;
they’ve just always smelt and looked too clean. Yet, here I sit waiting for news from the doctor about Kat, unable to sit still. Sam is sitting on the white chairs, crying, with his head in his hands, almost as much as me, with Cas right along side him.
About ten minutes later I spot the doctor coming down the hallway. He seems to be taking his time, causing me to become increasingly impatient. Sam, Cas, and I all stand up and rush to meet the doc halfway.
“She’ll be ok.” We all let out a breath of relief. “30 stitches. But she will need to be on bed rest for a few weeks. And don’t let her out of your sight. You may go in and see her now.”
We all scramble to get into her room first, and cram all three of us through the door at once.

Y/N’s POV:
I hear pounding feet on the tiles outside of my room and, right before my I eyes, all three of them manage to somehow fit through the doorway. Sam being Sam, falls and get a mouthful of polished tile. I let out a little giggle, the first real laugh in months.
I can feel that my eyes are puffy from crying and I’m unable to move my wrists. Tears fall down my face dampening the skin on my neck.
Cas makes it to me first and, being careful of my wrists, pulls me into a bone crushing hug. I didn’t even think he had the strength for this, but he proved that theory wrong. He pulls back his eyes full of sadness.
“Why Kat? Why would you do this to yourself?” He asks. There’s the question I were hoping to avoid for as long as possible, but I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell they would skip over it and jump to the hugs and shit.
I sigh, leaning back into the bed searching my brain for the simplest answer.
“I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I always felt so lonely. I hate myself more and more everyday. I didn’t feel that I deserved my life.” I’m crying by the time I finish. “I’m sorry.” I mutter.
“No Kat. Just no. This is not your fault. You can’t blame yourself. I’m just really sad that you didn’t want to tell us. Don’t you know we love you? Why didn’t you tell us sweetheart?” Dean says slowly and quietly, moving towards you.
“I didn’t want to burden you. You didn’t need an extra person to worry about. You all don’t deserve that. Of course I know you love me. I just wasn’t thinking about everyone else at that point. I was too focused on my pain.” I finish, unable to look them in the eyes, ashamed.
“Kat, you can come to us anytime. It won’t be burdening or bothering us. You matter too much to us. You’re a Winchester. You’re family, ok? We can’t afford to lose you.” Sam says, firm but caring.
“Yea Sam. Of course. I’m just not strong. I don’t feel like I can do this.” I begin crying again and the boys attack me in a bone crushing group hug.
“We’ll be here for you to help you through it, ok?” Dean says in a hopeful voice. “Just please tell us everything.”
And so you begin explaining to them, and afterwards they begin to tell you stuff to make you laugh for the rest of the night. They make jokes about each other and random stuff and you think to yourself, ‘man I’m glad I didn’t die’ before falling asleep, genuinely smiling for the first time in forever.

Get ready to jump into a Pokeworld!

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Pokemon Creatives Chat (PCC) on June 21, the artists of the PCC are sharing a fresh zine highlighting the everyday interactions between pokemon and humans. Within the zine, you’ll find 40+ wonderful pieces, including several written works, exploring how pokemon can make even the most mundane tasks energetic and full of life. Additionally, links included within the zine will guide readers to the blogs of each of the contributing artists (perfect for anyone on the hunt for quality art). Above all, the zine will release digitally and be free of charge to all readers, so that everyone can enjoy the work as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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Klaus Mikaelson Imagine: Love At First Sight


Prompt: 1- “What would you do if you would’ve never met me?”

Summary: Klaus comes home after a long day. He has a pillow talk with reader, who’s Stefan’s and Damon’s sister, and they remembered their first meeting.

Word count:968

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

I felt someone’s arm sneaking around my waist and pulling me closer to them. I would have already rip their throat out but those arms were too familiar to me to know that they would cause no harm.

“Don’t pretend you are asleep. I know you aren’t,” I smiled turning around to look at Klaus whose eyes were filled with joy even though they looked tired.

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Being like a daughter to Rick and being killed during the line-up would include:


Originally posted by trechos-of-books

• Him already looking to Carl and you over and over again while Negan talks 

• Rick shaking every time Negan goes past you with his bat while saying his rhyme hoping instantly that it wouldn’t stop before you 

• Rick, when the bat would finally stop before you, gasping for air and begging Negan, telling him he would do everything just so he wouldn’t kill you 

• Thereupon Negan shouting Rick down, telling him that your death will hopefully show him how much he fucked up everything himself

• Rick sobbing and not knowing what to do and trying desperately to find a way to save you but not being able to find one 

• Rick not wanting to believe his eyes seeing how the first time the bat crushes down on your head 

• Him beginning to sob uncontrollably, tremble and whimper 

• Rick remembering that he told you, as well as Carl, that he would do everything to protect you and painfully realizing that he werent able to

•  Him seeing how you look the last time at him, already overflowed with blood, before the bat hits you again throwing you to the ground 

• Rick becoming almost insane seeing how Negan hits your lifeless body over and over again

• Rick memories about you flashing through his mind showing how strong you already were for your age, how you and Carl often almost let him lose his mind through your own heads and how he was secretly proud about that 

• Rick looking over to Carl and seeing him sobbing as well 

• Rick not being able to look at the bat that’s covered in your blood as Negan kneels down before him 

• Negan telling Rick that it was actually fucked up to kill someone your age, but that it’s in the end his fault that one of the future serial killers had to die 

• Rick telling Negan with the last strength he has that he will take vengeance for your death and but being shortly even more destroyed by Negan through him dragging Rick into the RV

• Rick finally carrying you back home, still crying and totally devastated 

• Rick, together with the others, burying you in Alexandria under the tree where you always loved to sit on beautiful days or when you felt down and he came to your side with a caring parental counsel 

• Rick coming, often together with Carl and Judith or Michonne or one of the others, to your grave to lay fresh flowers down everyday 

• When he would be alone he would stand before your grave often not being able to hold back the tears talking about how bad he feels for letting Negan kill you and that you’re still and always gonna be like his own daughter to him

• Promising that not just he but also all the others will never forget you and that they will rise up again for you just like you would want them to


Lillies and Dragons

Sasuhina Month Extra—Flower shop AU

Hinata opens the door to her shop. She was eager to start the day after coming back from, what seemed like, an extremely long weekend, but Hinata couldn’t help it. She finally accomplished her goal just a few short months ago after leaving the corporate world behind. She knew big offices, and cold business meetings would be the formula of a stifling and miserable life that she could never bear. Once she realized this, she was relieved she was finally honest with herself, but of course the real obstacle was her father who held high expectations and went out of his way to make sure his colleagues revered his eldest child. As intimidating a task it was, after much pacing back and forth in her room, countless motivational speeches from her friends, and a few failed attempts, Hinata was upfront with her father. He was upset at first. Extremely upset, but he soon came around…until he realized what she wanted to do…

“Is it law, you’re interested in? Neji did minor in political science…” He had asked with apprehensive eyes. When she had shook her head, he sighed again, and pinched the bridge of his nose. He had looked up with hope, pearlescent eyes partially covered by his fingers .

“A doctor, at least?”

Hinata remembers trying not to break his gaze the whole time. Hiashi had all but flipped shit, when she explained her idea to him. The heat of that moment rushed back to her, but at least now, she could laugh about it.

Hiashi made full attempts to make her business big like some Flower shop branch of Hyuga Corp. but Hinata was set on doing it all on her own. Which eventually, she did.

For Hinata, it was imperative that she do this by herself. She wanted to be able to look back on her accomplishment and hard work, chest brimming with the pride she had missed out on in early years.

Her concept was a simple one, take all things she found pleasant and share it with others. Her shop was more than just splashes of unique colors from the different assortment of plants. In the far back, separated from the front of the store by tavern-like swinging doors, near the french windowsill, she had a sitting area consisting of a plain loveseats and lounge chairs, and plush pillows. Next to it, was a coffee machine, and small platter of cinnamon rolls, 2 for a dollar, which she made fresh everyday. Her goal was to make the setting as tranquil, and relaxing as the bustling stressful day of the average person would desire. She noticed that many people would even stop just to sit for refreshing air, free wifi, and Ethiopian coffee ground beans.

Indeed it was a choice Hinata could never go back on.  The customers are friendly, and the shop was never busy, even though business was still on the rise. This allowed for a more than steady income for Hinata.

She inhales her materialistic paradise, stepping in and locking the back door behind her.

“You’re early. Again, Hinata.” Temari says flipping the open sign.

Hinata gave a nervous laugh. “I-Is that so?” Temari was always on top of the girl about overworking herself. She would stay whole shifts without any breaks attending to every detail in the store, necessary and unnecessary included.

“Don’t play innocent with me, Hyuga. I can hold down the fort when you’re gone too, you know.”

Hinata throws her bag on the counter, taking off her jacket, and putting on her apron. “Of course, Tem. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.” The girl teases with a reassuring smile.

“Is that Hina? So early?” Ino whips her head around the corner.

“Good morning, Ino.” The bluenette smiles at the tall blonde.

“Good morning to you. Is your alarm clock malfunctioning again?” Ino asks with a sly smile.

“You could say…” Hinata murmurs as she proceeds to go through mail. She raises a brow at a brown package. They hadn’t ordered anything in weeks. She turns it around to find It was mislabeled, and read for…89 Sanin Avenue. Her shoulders drop recognizing the address.

“Oh no…” She shakes her head.

“What happened this time?” Temari asks seeing the girl nervously grinding her lip, and Hinata hands her the package sighing while putting her jacket back on.

“Is this…for the tattoo parlor owned by that sexy guy?” Ino asks, and Hinata flushes but ends up nodding, dejectedly. Hinata wouldn’t deny his looks but, he was…intimidating to say the least. On her first month of business he’d loitered in her store nearly everyday without buying anything, just scrutinizing her store it seemed for thirty minutes before leaving. She did research and heard they offered good coffee at his place too. Was it some sort of declaration of war? She wondered about this since. 

Although, she had seen him glance at the flowers with some appreciation. One time he wore a short sleeve shirt revealing his sleeve tattoo, a dragon with blue and black scales, and hands covered in writing and writing she couldn’t decipher from her she’d been standing those times when she did watch him. Sometimes, it looked as though the ink were interacting with the yellow lilies. Ferociousness of the dragon and gaiety of the yellow lilies had been a peculiar sight. Contrasting themes clashed, but the man’s gentleness was expert, and mesmerizing. As soon as his thumb and fore side of his index finger had picked at a flower, he thoroughly examined it before he’d pulled away and soon after left the store.

Temari laughs. “That guy? I would’ve respected him more if he would be more upfront about his feelings.”

Ino sighs moving her hair to one side. “Honestly.”

Hinata nods in agreement. “He seemed to be really indecisive about buying those flowers he obviously liked.”

The two blonds paused, exchanging looks before continuing their work. 

“If you don’t want to go, I will.” Ino says with a suggestive smirk looking up. For a fleeting, irresponsible moment, the thought sounds inviting.

“No, she won’t. She has an actual shift to work unlike yourself.” Temari interjects, and Hinata sighs zipping her jacket.

“I’ll be quick.”


A bell rings as she opens the door. It’s early, but not too early that no one is inside. Some people turn their heads, and Hinata smiles nervously at them on instinct. Not wanting to see their reactions to that she focuses on her surroundings. The walls are red and black, the insignia in the back was like a fan-like shape, and other unique designs were scattered along the wall. Waiting lounge with faux leather chairs, and glass tables. There was a hawk statue, snake sculpture with knives coming from its mouth staring right at Hinata. She holds the package tighter to her chest looking up.

It’s then she realized some people had not stopped watching her. She was dressed in her tan fall jacket over her green skirt and grey collar-neck shirt. The people within the store had far more…intricate outfits, and the differing culture only made Hinata feel more dubious in her effort to perform this simple task. Still, she forced herself to straighten her posture, and walk toward the reception desk.

She pleasantly looks upon a woman who isn’t the raven haired male, hoping maybe she wouldn’t have to see him.

“Good morning,” The red haired woman only glances at her, but HInata is determined.

”I was just wondering where I could put this package. It was delivered to my store by mistake.” Hinata says in a rushed manner.

The redhead seemed to have barely heard. She looked up through her glasses. “I’m sorry, we’re booked for all morning appointments.”

Hinata looks at her confusedly. “Oh…no, I wasn’t trying to schedule. I was just-”

“Oh, of course not you, you poor thing! I’m on the phone.” She points to a speaker on the other side of her face.

Hinata nods before tilting her head reabsorbing the sentence. Something about her words didn’t sit right with the girl. What exactly did she mean by ‘of course not’ and ‘poor thing’? What she knows for sure is It was  indisputably condescending. Hinata, however, didn’t have time to delve into the matter as her stomach suddenly met the base of throat as the owner approached the desk.

“Karin,” The woman looks up at her boss. “How many for today?” He asks before deep black orbs suddenly meet Hinata’s. The young Hyuga averts her gaze immediately She instinctively inhales to increase the oxygen supply to her heart. She couldn’t believe how nerve racking this guy was.

“A good amount…let’s see…” Her voice fades in Hinata’s ears feeling the man’s gaze on her. She takes in a deep breath focusing on not turning into a rattled mess. She doesn’t aim interject yet for the sake of not interrupting their conversation about the day’s schedule. It seemed important, and all she had to deliver was the package.

“What about the new needle that you said would be in today.”

Karin pauses, doing some typing. “It says it’s been delivered, but we didn’t receive any packages today…”

Hinata glances down at the object she was hugging to her chest.

“U-um, excuse me.” She finally inserts herself grabbing both’s attention. “My shop across the street, r-received this, this morning. I was just bringing it over.”

His head doesn’t turn, but onyx eyes glaze over as if trying to be subtle in his obvious scrutiny. “Thank you, Hinata.” She gave him an apprehensive look, and he nodded at her shoulder. She looks down at her shirt cautiously, and she internally sighed as blood rushed to her face.

“Oh yes, of course. My nametag. N-no problem, at all…”She searched his shirt quickly to no avail. “-sir.” She finished feeling dumb. She’d reverted to her high school self again it seemed.

“Sasuke.” He answers her unvoiced question. 

“So this package is your only business?” He asks slowly grabbing it from her. He holds it under his arm. “See anything you like?” He asks, motioning to some of the designs on the wall, but his gaze is sealed on her. Hinata, however, uses this as an opportunity to look away from him. Especially upon noticing how sultry his voice is.

“I…I don’t know much about them…”

“Her skin looks very soft, Sasuke. Don’t tease her.” There was a patronizing tone to her voice. Hinata’s lips pursed slightly in defiance. “Would that be considered a good or bad thing?” Karin asks immersed in the computer.

He shrugs. “I could think of a lot of good that could come from it.”

Hinata inhales trying to calm her exuberant blushing.“I-My skin…isn’t that soft.”

Then, he boldly questions, “Should I see for myself?” It was seemed almost sincere though but nevertheless the dam broke. Blood pools in her face suddenly just below the surface of her skin. Her mouth opens and closes. 

He’s not…He can’t be…flirting?

“U-uh… t-take my word for it.” 

“So you are interested?” He asks looking her up and down, hand on his hip

Her eyes widen. “Interested in what?”

“A tattoo.”

Her mouth forms an ‘O’. “I…well-”

He lets out a deep chuckle leaning against the desk. “I’m only teasing the new kid on the block. I don’t take you for a body ink type anyway.”

Hinata blinks twice, and suddenly sees that everyone here takes her for some sort of innocent, pure damsel. Hinata supposed to an extent she is,  but why should that limit her? She would also say it wasn’t a terrible thing being perceived that way, but it denoted a sense of being one-dimensional. She was adventurous and could be ballsy when she saw fit too. 

Now, being one of those times.

She furrows her brows. “I’d like to see some of your patterns please.”

He gives her a questionable look before the sides of his lips upturn, and he motions her to follow.

“Here are some you might like.” 

Hinata glances over, and immediately narrows her eyes at the male. It was a machine with temporary flower tattoos-the kind put on with water

“I’d appreciate being taken seriously.”

He crosses his arm. “Getting a Tattoo is a bold decision.”

“I can be bold.”

“I don’t doubt it. Seems rather impulsive though considering you only wanted to drop off a package.”

She flushes thinking how right he is. But be it stubbornness for the sake of being stubborn or some other unknown reason, this still didn’t deter Hinata. If anything, she was more set on doing it because she wanted to prove she actually wasn’t a scared, indecisive idiot.

Plus, Sasuke’s tattoo didn’t look half bad.

“I like animals. Can I see some of those?”

He smirks before going behind the counter and taking out a book. It was a sketchpad. “Any specific sort?”

She taps her chin. “Well…I’ve always liked cats.”

His face was straight. “You want a tattoo of a cat?”

“Big cats. Like lions. I like lions.”

He nods with approval. “Color?”

“Lavender…and blue. Some kind of mixture,” 

“Is that it?” His obsidian eyes turn mischievous and his smirk turned sportive. The young Hyuga felt an enormous pound against her ribcage. She tries her best not visibly her chest. 

“Still no flowers?”

Hinata glares as his allure evaporates, and his smirk widens until he’s showing teeth. “I-If you’’re trying to insinuate that there’s something wrong with flowers, you’re sorely mistaken…Sir,.-uh, Sasuke.”

He puts his pen down, and fixes his posture from the desk. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with flowers.”

Hinata crosses her arms unconvinced. “I’m having a hard time believing you.”

He ifts a perfect black eyebrow at her. Then, next thing she knows, he’s rolling up his sleeve revealing a strong arm.

Hinata unconsciously looks away embarrassed. “W-what are y-”

“Look,” he commands, and she does, begrudgingly, until she sees it. “I have nothing against flowers. I quite like them actually.” They were decorated around the dragon at every “movement” it seemed to be making, every curve.

Yellow Lilies. 

She thought his tattoo was impressive before, but she was absolutely mesmerized now. “This is, for lack of a better term…awesome.”

She looks up to see a satisfied handsome expression gracing his face. She immediately pulls away, finally noticing how close she’d gotten, and that the design she had been touching was tattooed on an arm, that did in fact belong to a human being.

“I-I’m s-sorry.” She says, blushing profusely.

 “You’re fine,” he rolls down his sleeve.”So has your mind changed?”

“Chrysanthemums.” She answers, but then falters. “Do you…know which ones they are?”

He starts drawing. “I’m sure by now you know I’ve spent an awful amount of time in your store.”

She tries to lean over the desk slightly, unsure herself of what exactly she was asking of him. The paper was the object of his eyes’ focus. He made no mistakes, yet the image was already coming to be extremely detailed. She now understood where that gentleness and innate scrutiny were derived from. The sheer focus was hard to rip her eyes from, and he was nothing short of breathtaking.  

She decides she wants a better view of his work, and circles the desk eying a stool beside him. She plops herself on, taking in the vague sense of his aroma.  He surprisingly smelled outdoorsy, like he was sitting on grass before he came to work, but still faintly of some expensive cologne.

It’s while she’s watching him, that she tries to remember what about was so intimidating.

“You should come back some time.” The words were out before she’d even processed it. Her face goes hot, incriminating herself further. “I-I…if you have t-the t-time to, that is.”

Sasuke smirks, but doesn’t stop drawing. “Oh, I intend to. I’ve heard some threatening rumors-like how your coffee is better than mine.”

I knew it.

“So that, in conjunction with the lilies, explains why you kept coming back.”

He lets out a chuckle. “Definitely the flowers, but not the coffee spying. I had an employee go over and buy me some weeks ago.”

“And?” She asks, anticipating.

He looks up dejected. “I know when I’m beat.” Hinata laughs until a smile remained. Sasuke gazes for a moment longer than she expects, and she feels her cheeks go red. The raven haired man rests his cheek in his palm, staring at the paper in concentration.

“Tomato seeds were the second factor. Tomatoes and a certain flower-That’s what made me walk in the store in the first place.” He says before angling himself toward her.  

“But I suppose…considering, I can look up any flower I want, off the web, and they sell tomato seeds at the Home Depot not a quarter mile away that the pretty storeowner, yeah, she’s what truly kept me coming back.”

Might post another installment but thats all for now lol.

[Don’t Wanna Cry Series] Vernon ver (G)

Prompt: Don’t Wanna Cry - Vernon
Genre: Angst
Word count: 658
Warnings: None!

A/N: Hi guys! New drabble up! This was kind of inspired by Vernon himself where he said that the phrase ‘I love you’ shouldn’t be used carelessly. I hope you guys like it! 

-jihooned 😶


S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino |

Originally posted by sneezes

Vernon absolutely adored you, even when you weren’t doing anything special.

Which is why you took him by surprise when you told him you wanted to break up.

“You say ‘I love you’ too much.”

“But I do love you (y/n), a lot.”

“Yes, I know. But over time, it loses its meaning, and it doesn’t feel the same way you said it to me the first time.” 

Vernon was left extremely puzzled, he thought that that was the only way he could express his love for you.

“Besides, I want to be alone for a while. Whether I want to continue this relationship or not, I think I need time to think about it.”

Vernon only found himself nodding slowly as you walked away.

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Dear Journal,

I woke up to a delicious smell. Sirius wasn’t in bed next to me. The sun was bursting from the windows. Note to self: put on the curtains today. I looked around at our new room. It was empty but so beautiful. I sat down in the sheets to put on some socks since the floor was kinda cold. Sirius never lets me sleep with socks. I stood up from the matress layed on the floor and walked to the kitchen. Sirius was making eggs leaned over the stove, with only his pijama bottoms. I leaned on the doorframe to look at him. He was searching in a box for plates. I couldn’t hold my giggles and he turned around noticing me.

“Oh goodmorning Re!” He smiled.

“Goodmorning babe. It smells good in here.” I said, hugging his bare thorso form behind.

“Does it? I tried not to make too much noise.” He giggled.

“Oh no it’s the sun that woke me up. Where did you find eggs here?” I laughed.

“There’s a small grocery shop down the street! The lady told me they had fresh eggs everyday!” He smiled.

“Tell me you didn’t go to that shop shirtless..” i smirked.

“I put on a jacket but i’m sure people would’ve enjoyed seeing my muscles..” he laughed.

We ate our delicious breakfast on our carton box table and decided to attack our unboxing right after it. We started with the kitchen. Sirius was on “build the chairs” duty while i was unpacking the plates and bowls.

“What’s that?” I heard Sirius say behind me.

He was holding bubble wrap in his hands.

“Oh babe that’s bubble wrap! We put it around fragile objects so they don’t break. You can pop the bubbles if you want. It’s fun, muggles do it all the time.”

“Weird. Is this some kind of game?” He asked, brows furrowed.

“You can say that!” I giggled at his cuteness.

He started popping the bubbles one by one. He was laughing at the noise. I continued placing the plates and bowls in the kitchen until I was completely done. I turned back to see a black dog jumping on the bubble wrap. Padfoot had his tongue out and his small paws were pressing on the bubbles.

“You like the bubble wrap?” I asked the pup.

He barked and continued jumping.

“I guess we can take a pause.” I said, smiling.

I sat down next to Padfoot and he jumped on me. He was licking my face and I couldn’t stop laughing. Well, we might not have time to unbox everything today!

I’ll write tonight.
March 24th 1978.
*i changed the date so they wouldn’t be so young but there is no time jump!*