fresh email

/ / Blog will be now an archive. If you are interested in following me I’ll be on the new blog @convxction . Reasons for that simple: I felt like starting fresh since *looks at email that keeps doing crazy shit* this dumb email of mine keeps getting in the way. Plus, I’d like to remake the blog in a better way than what I already have now since it was only made to serve a joke tbh (an excuse to write rise. king chro.m lmao haha)

I will not carry any relationship unless I come to you ask if you want to take it over, otherwise, all interactions will be reverted to C support. (you may come to ask for it but I still have the right to refuse. do not be hurt. I’ll explain why I don’t want perhaps I want them to be viewed in a new perspective. so please, keep that in mind.)

As for the on-going threads, I apologize. I keep doing the thing with neglecting them but the blog is not helping me right now. We can plot something else if you are interested over there or we can carry it over if the above point is met.

However, the starters that were written for me will be considered priority to reply to over there. I will not waste your time and effort in writing them and thank you.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience but a new start is good and I owe it to chro.m for a better portraying. 

That being said, thanks for everything. Hope to see you there. ;3c

Faty is out of the building.


I’m down to draw original and pre-existing characters, animals/anthros/humans/monsters, and candy gore. I’m also fine with nudity but not porn/extreme fetishes.

(Making an updated page since I’m starting a fresh year of college)

Email is and I use Paypal. Feel free to email or message me directly ^_^

Rainbow Hologram Nails for my fashion babe Sena Yang.

Are you ready for spring? Kick start the season with me and a fresh mani!

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