fresh eggplant

Had a bagel with grilled zucchini and eggplant, fresh cut tomatoes, salad, hot sauce and  yoghurt sauce. I also had scrambled tofu “egg” and tomatoes. :)



Meanwhile Watanuki is accidentally purchasing people’s dreams and making them real with the small price of a few baked goods. 

WHICH, I know they’re not going to explore beyond this one plot arc, BUT THAT WOULD BE A REALLY AMAZING CONCEPT FOR AN ENTIRE STORY?


I have a lot of dreams that I would kill to have come true, and you’re saying that a few madeleines in the right hands could make them blossom to life? 


The Ghosts in the Garden

a @hannibalcreative #ForBothOfUs collab with @electrarhodes 

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The first time Hannibal notices something amiss it’s all to do with his favourite baby-blue and passion-flower striped shirt. When he wears it Will always looks at him as though he might be god. And then usually proceeds to follow the look up with some quite decent worship.

 “Will? Have you seen the belle-blue pinstripe?”


 “I’ve looked there. There’s no sign”

 Hannibal comes into the kitchen and looks over to where Will is sitting grumbling over the most recent speculation from TattleCrime.

 “Will? The belle-blue?”

 Will looks up at him,

 “Did you send another recipe to Freddie, Hannibal? We talked about this. I thought we’d agreed?”

 “Will? The shirt?”

 Will pays slightly better attention, Hannibal standing in the kitchen dressed except for his shirt. It’s an appealing sight.

 “I still don’t know. Sorry. Want me to help you find another? You know? In the bedroom?”

 He grins and at first Hannibal is still too distracted to really register the dropped timbre of Will’s voice and careful survey.

 “I’m supposed to be in the City in forty minutes. I can find a shirt. I just wondered… oh. In the bedroom? That's… thank you Will. Your assistance would be much appreciated”

 Will slides off the kitchen bar stool.

 “That’s the fourth thing this month you’ve mislaid”

 Hannibal frowns. It’s true. He pauses just for a moment, what was that? Was that? Laughter?

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How to keep aubergines fresh 

An 17th century cookbook from Korea, Eumsik dimibang (음식디미방) introduces various ways of conserving aliments. Among others, I found it is simple and easy to practice a way of keeping aubergines over the winter after the harvest. 

As western countries use for pears, deep the stem of aubergine into the wax. The original method is with beeswax but any wax could work like the one for the pear. Because the principle is that the wax keep the loss of humidity away from the vegetables. 

Making friends with my salad🌿😛😛 Thai rice noodle rainbow salad with marinated eggplant, fresh coriander, mint + spicy sweet lime dressing. So refreshing yet satisfying and the ultimate FLAVOUR EXPLOSION🔥
The recipe will be in my Ebook! x

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since it is that time of year again when school is out for many people, and others are graduating, I felt now was a good time to post some good ol’ “Wacky things that happened to me while I was in school” stories:

-A college roommate once fell asleep while eating a 1 pound mega-size Hershey bar, and woke up for our tabletop campaign literally 10 minutes before we were scheduled to start and staggered into the living room LITERALLY COVERED IN CHOCOLATE.

-Another college friend was sitting in a chair in the apartment, (ironically while we were gearing up for this same tabletop campaign) and laughed so hard that all four legs suddenly shot out from underneath him, across the room. He fell flat to the floor while still in the sitting position. This, of course, just made everyone laugh harder.

-We had to barricade ourselves in our rooms once because of the terrible terrible farts of my cat I adopted while in school. Somehow, the smell permeated the ENTIRE APARTMENT, it was so bad we just all fled to our rooms and shoved towels under the doors to keep the stench at bay, and had to stay there for an hour until it dissipated enough for us to finally leave our rooms.

-We once found an iphone charger that belonged to no one in the apartment, and all phone chargers of any kind were accounted for. The next day, a half-drank container of mango juice was found in a roommate’s mini-fridge, with no reasonable explanation either. One roomie was convinced someone casually broke into the apartment but didn’t take anything, I was just kinda chill with the idea of a mango-juice-drinking resident ghost.

-A friend wanted to go to midnight Rocky Horror Picture show, so we got two cars full of people and set out. I was the driver of the second car, and we just decided to follow the one in front, and not GPS the place ourselves. Somehow we ended up following the wrong car before we even got out of the subdivisions, because we ended up halfway across town before the other car realized we weren’t following them anymore and might be lost, and about that time we realized we had scared the crap out of some poor random person who we had literally followed halfway across town.

-On the same trip to Rocky Horror Picture Show, we got there and realized only then that the show had been rescheduled to next month. Friend was determined to watch it though, so I suggested going to an all-night Walmart or something to pick up a copy of it and watch at home. We ended up at the store, where I worked, a group of maybe 12 of us in full Rocky Horror getup, going all the way to the BACK of the store to the movie section. When we were checking out, I actually saw my manager, who had popped in late that night for some reason, and she saw me. Needless to say, interaction with her after that was slightly more awkward.

-Had a “White Elephant” secret santa, in which you got each other strange, surreal gifts. I got my friend an eggplant which i had lovingly glued googly eyes to, and named “mini Stefan” for him. He laughed, at least until he came home from school the next day to fresh eggplant parmigiana, and a sad, discarded pair of googly eyes staring at him on the kitchen counter…

-Was best friends with the guy who sat next to me in Orchestra, and both of us were class clowns. Somehow, this poor kid ended up being jokingly nicknamed “Crotchface”, to the point where even the TEACHER nearly said it once on roll call.

- We evacuated my entire dorm building at least 11 times within one semester because no one knew how to make popcorn without burning the heck out of it apparently. I know it was at least 11 because 11 was when I got so annoyed I started COUNTING.

- The AP History teach was known to be a terrible strickler who was incredibly hard on the essay portions of his tests, and never offered extra credit for anything…Except for that one time he said that if we helped him win the school can drive, anyone who brought in cans would get extra points on the next essay. We brought in so many cans we recreated the Iron Throne in his classroom, which he then taught from until all the cans were collected.

There has been a steady increase of magik-related deaths since last season. “ Said the newsman on the television. Jaymes frowned. The UnSeelie court had been taking action against the Seelie court for as long as Jaymes could remember.

His face stung. He turned his attention back to the fresh eggplant he had collected that morning.


also löòk at these adorable pyjamas wit cats onthem i love god i am fiending sohard for clothes shoes and tats and i have but 0 money such it life. time to go tend to my garden i suppose so i can barter fresh tomatoes and eggplant in the meantime

Strange 1/?

Minor crossover with Harry Potter. You don’t have to know Harry Potter to read this, though. I’ll be explaining the important parts.

I also modified some things about the Lovegoods because artistic license.

OP!Tsuna, probably. Stress relief and my own entertainment. No real plot, I’m just writing whatever comes to mind.   

Summary: Iemitsu’s blood wasn’t the only one that held special powers. Sawada Nana had been descended from the Lovegoods, after all.

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Roasted Eggplant Parmesan in Homemade Marinara

 I definitely cook more at this time of year because we get invited to parties. I love cooking savory food for a party on a chilly night. This recipe is completely delicious! This is one of the dishes I’ve been making for years that I would eat every single day. At the last party I brought this to, it was gone in about 10 minutes. This dish features roasted eggplant, instead of breaded and fried, so it’s kinda healthy depending on the amount of cheese you use. You could make it vegan by using vegan cheese or no cheese at all. Or You could make it really decadent by adding extra cheese. Either way, the bread crumbs give it a nice topping. I add the bread crumbs on top so I don’t miss them on the inside. 

To make this you’ll need: 1 - 2 large cans whole peeled tomatoes, 1 small sweet onion, fresh garlic, good olive oil, s & p, 1 or 2 medium to large eggplants, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese or whatever your favorite cheese, Italian seasoning or dried basil, & bread crumbs, panko or regular. 

Heat oven to 375

Slice eggplant ¼ to ½ inch thick. Lay the eggplant on paper towels and salt on both sides with kosher salt. Wait 10 minutes or so for them to release water. Brush the salt off and dry the eggplant. Place on a cookie sheet.

Brush eggplant with olive oil. Season with pepper and salt. Roast until they get color & are still somewhat firm, about 12 minutes, flipping over halfway.  They cook again in the sauce. Remove from oven and set aside.

Meanwhile, for Marinara sauce: This is the recipe that started this blog because my friend Jodi said I should write a tumblr to teach her “how to cook that spaghetti sauce I (you) make”, ha ha! Hi Jokey! Merry Christmas!

Heat a skillet to medium low heat, Saute 1 chopped sweet onion in 2 tbsp olive oil. Cook until caramelized, add 4 or 8 minced garlic cloves and a little more olive oil. Open a can of whole peeled tomatoes and pour the juices into the caramelized onion and garlic and don’t stir. Let it bubble and get dark red. That’s the flavor of the sauce right there. This takes about 3 or 4 minutes, bubbling on low. You’ll notice the difference in the flavor of your sauce. Now, chop or food processor the rest of the tomatoes from the can and add them to the sauce. Stir and let it get thick, about 10 more minutes. If you like your marinara sauce really chunky, leave them whole and just break them apart with the spoon. Add a big pinch of dried basil, or Italian seasoning, and or fresh chopped basil and parsley. 

Layer a buttered baking dish with marinara sauce on the bottom, eggplant, then marinara, and then copious amounts of cheese, and repeat. Combine panko bread crumbs with a dash of salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Sprinkle over the casserole and bake at 375 for 45 minutes until all the cheese is melty and amazing. Yum! 

Happy weekend Tumblrs!