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Okay so I saw the new Pirates movie, and I’ll say this:

I liked it. It was fun, it was fresh, good effects, new characters you can root for, old ones you’ve lived since childhood, a fantastic villain (which is a given with Javier Bardem) and some funny moments. And some sad ones too. But.


Why on Earth did they market it as “The Final Adventure”? Why did we get barraged with TV spots that, over and over again, said “This is where the tale ends”? Because it clearly fucking doesn’t, otherwise what was the point of the post credits scene with Scrooge McSquid? You knew you’d be making another one Disney, come on tae fuck

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#13 for Gale x Vetra? :o

a kiss we had to wait for

And it’s dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of Gale. Here she is! (Endgame spoilers below!)

“Want to ditch these losers?” Vetra asks, her mandibles stretching out in a grin. 

“Read my mind,” Ryder says, wagging her eyebrows as she and Vetra start to walk from the group that formed. Thanks to a live broadcast, she suddenly realizes that if anyone involved in the Initiative was curious about her relationship status, those questions are now pretty much answered.

All she wants is to get back to the Tempest and crawl into bed. Maybe she and Vetra can share a kiss or two before passing out and sleeping for a million years. Her head is pounding.


“Hold that thought,” Ryder says, her stomach churning at the sound of Scott’s voice. They’ll have a wait a minute for their victory kiss. Vetra will understand.

She walks up to the medical stretcher he’s getting strapped into. “How’s the hero of the hour feeling?” she asks.

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Holmes, Voiceless

On reading my stories, one might believe that Holmes and I have always been as we became, co-conspirators in everything. This was not at all the case. To begin with, I was a little in awe of him. Sherlock Holmes is possessed of an abundant and even unreasonable vitality, while I had entered upon our association in broken health. I was a young man, then, but moved like an old one, having compounded the effects of fresh war-wounds with the constitutional damage wrought by a dangerous fever, contracted in the recovery wards of Peshawar. Upon my return to English shores, amid the slow rebuilding of my strength–painful walks on warmer days and silent nights at home, studying the medical advances which I could not yet put into practice–stretching my shoulders and shifting my hip against the aching trail of the Jezail bullets–I felt my limits keenly. Holmes seemed limitless.

I had had enough of human suffering by then to weary me deeply. I bore a kind of exhaustion of the soul which put me in precisely the frame of mind to appreciate Holmes’ endless speculative talk, his boundless enthusiasm. I listened, first amused by the extravagance of his confident assertions, and then astonished to find him capable of proving every one. He was more than talk; he was action, decision, adventure. His singular spirit animated a body which, slender, and used more to study than to sport, still seemed capable of exceeding the energy of every criminal in London. When presented with a question he could not solve by talk alone, he would begin his own investigations; put on the clothes of a gentleman and infiltrate glittering clubs and great men’s homes, or affect a workman’s tongue, and go among builders and craftsmen in search of information. As I went to my rest, I would see him just leaving, poorly dressed to maintain his anonymity, for a sleepless night about in the vile miasmas of the back alleys of London. He never seemed to suffer for it. Upon conclusion of such a case he would sleep until noon for three days running, and then return to an ordinary schedule, with the constitutional elasticity of a boy in school. He delighted in the demands of his work. I only saw him restless and worn under the pressure of several weeks of perfect peace.

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with enormous thanks to my beta readers, @marathecactupus, @justinmymindpalace and @blackpapersnowflakes, life savers all.

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Sneak Peek from the first minute of Underverse 0.3


Cross and Cross!Chara by @jakei95
Fresh by @loverofpiggies

Thanks to @byutak for helping me with translation
Thanks to @alainaprana for helping me with Fresh vocabulary 

Also thanks to Crayon Queen (loverofpiggies) for giving me the idea to put a different voice effect for Fresh, since he is not a Sans, he need a different voice. And his voice is a edited Kazoo effect. I just loved it!

Hope you can enjoy this little minute for this month. Next year, the X-Event will be ready for everything!!

The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water

This product is an Editor’s Pick Allure Award Winner of 2014, and since then its popularity has skyrocketed. Along with the Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream, I thought it would be a wonderful to try out the line as it is intended to be used.
Reviews for the other products can be found here:
- Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream (review coming soon!)

The Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water is a pore cleansing toner that removes sebum from deep within the skin and tightens pores. 100% organic germinated chia seed is used instead of water for enhanced freshness and effectiveness. The moisture water provides sebum control and moisturising to the skin.
To be used every morning and night. Take an adequate amount onto a cotton pad after cleansing and wipe from the middle of the face to the outer sides then tap lightly for absorption.

The Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water comes packaged with a fresh looking design. The bottle has a circular pump head which dispenses the moisture water evenly and conveniently onto the cotton pad. There is 300ml of product in the bottle. The face shop has recently updated their packaging design.

The Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water is a lightweight watery toner. This allows for the toner to absorb quickly into the skin and also leaves the skin with a completely non-greasy finish when fully absorbed. The moisture water has sebum control properties that allow for your face to remain fresh. The moisture water does in fact provide a tad of moisture to the skin. Skin feels softer and smoother after use, and the product leaves a slight moisturising layer. It also aids in moisture absorption from products that you put on after it. Possibly one of the best thing about thing toner, and really the whole line, is the amazingly refreshing scent that follows that of the rest of the Chia Seed Sebum Control line. This is absolutely a fantastic product, no wonder why it was an award winner!

-lightweight and quick to absorb
-leaves a non-greasy finish
-sebum control properties
-provides a bit of moisture to the skin
-aids moisture absorption of other products
-refreshing scent

Cons: NONE!

Overall Rating: 5/5


Today actor Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy) joins us to talk about his new memoir, Easy Street (The Hard Way).  In the interview he tells us about what it’s like acting under heavy prosthetic makeup:

“You look like you’re doing a lot of stuff because you’re covered, but the makeup is so seamless and so liquid. The more subtle you are, the more expressive you are. Everything you’re doing, even if you’re just thinking something without moving a muscle, it shows through. When I realized how little I had to do in prosthetic makeup and that the makeup was nothing more than an enhancement — an addition, another layer that added to the texture of the character — it was a liberating feeling for me.”


screenshot redraw of one of the cutscenes that take place during hunting the archon. you can literally see the exact part of the drawing where i gave up trying to make it look good