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Cafe!au Series

Word Count: 1131

Genre: Fluff

“Seungcheol, you should really open the doors soon. It’s going to be rush hour soon.” You say while eating a fresh croissant that Mingyu took out of the oven just 5 minutes ago.

“Minghao, get to the register.” You say as the poor boy rushed to the counter. Seungcheol just got appointed manager a few days ago and he’s been under a lot of stress recently. So you offered to come in the morning and help get everything in order for the day to be less stressful for him and the staff. One of your secret favorites is Joshua. He’s a shy boy who almost never talks to customers, but always makes the cafe staff laugh. Joshua is very precise about everything, very neat and tidy, and carries around sticky notes to write down the directions to drinks.  

“Hey Y/n,” Wonwoo says coming out from the kitchen.

“Sup Wonwoo,” You say as he starts wiping down the main counter.

“Where’s Joshua?” You ask. You didn’t see him this morning at all and was wondering if he came in today.

“I’m right here,” Joshua says while coming out of the back room with a tray of flowers in small vases.

“What are these?” you ask, pointing to the tray.

“Well, it’s a lazy Monday morning and I decided to spice up the look of this place and set some flowers out.” He says, placing a vase on each of the tables. You get up and join him.

“Sounds dumb, Mondays in general are always sucky and tiresome,” Seungkwan says sitting down at the counter stool.

“I think it’s a great idea, Joshua.” You say countering Seungkwan’s bad Monday attitude.

“Really Y/n?” He asks.

“Yup, I’m positive.” You respond with a smile in his direction. Seungcheol finally opens the doors and rush hour begins. You say goodbye because you have to go to your job which was a few stores over. On your lunch break a few hours later, you head back down to the cafe to see a dejected Joshua sitting in a window seat. Joshua usually never gets upset, or at least he never shows it at work.

“Josh, what’s wrong? Aren’t you supposed to be working?” You ask while taking a seat next to him.

“It’s my lunch break, and nothing’s wrong.” He says, tearing up a small sticky note.

“Something’s wrong Joshua. Just tell me.” You say.

“Umm, well a customer asked for a really specific drink right, and I cracked under pressure and I don’t think I did it right,” He says as you sigh.

“Hey. Listen. If they didn’t come back and complain, that means you did fine. Trust me.” You say, patting his shoulder.

“Don’t worry so much.” You add as he smiles.

“Ok Y/n, do you want anything?” He says as he gets back up to work.

“No Josh, you said it was your break. Sit down to relax, I just came to get an iced latte.” You order, pay, and wait for Wonwoo to make it. While you wait, you see Joshua sitting at the window seat, writing on a sticky note.

“Cutie,” You say as Wonwoo hands you your drink.

As you wave goodbye to everyone, you turn the cup to see that Wonwoo wrote something on it.

“I know you like Joshua. The way you look at him is obvious.” You blush at the words scrawled on the cup in Wonwoo’s messy writing.

“Well, it’s true.” You say to yourself as you walk back to your job. At 6 o'clock you get out and head back to the cafe. Everyone was getting ready for Music Monday. As you enter, Vernon’s arranging tables and Jihoon is on the setup stage playing his guitar. You walk in and Seungcheol greets you.

“Hey, is Jihoon performing tonight?” You ask setting your bag down on a chair.

“Yeah. Isn’t it great? A bunch of his friends are coming,” Seungcheol says as you see Josh and wave to him, only to watch Joshua suddenly Joshua trip and fall.

“Hyung, I’m so sorry, I accidently bumped into you,” Vernon says.

“Really Vernon? First Mingyu, now Joshua?” Seungcheol says chuckling. You go to help Joshua up and ask him if he’s ok.

“Hyung you dropped something… It’s a sticky note… it says ‘I really like y/n but couldn’t bare to tell her,’” Vernon reads as Josh tries to quiet him. You’re a bright red by now and you could see Joshua blushing next to you as well.

“JUST CONFESS ALREADY! SOMEONE PLEASE, I DON’T CARE IF JOSHUA OR Y/N DOES IT. DOESN’T MATTER! I JUST CAN’T TAKE EITHER OF YOU DENSE PEOPLE,” Wonwoo says popping out from behind the counter. Joshua takes your hands in his and lets out a big breath.

“Y/n I like you a lot, like you’re so nice to me and sweet to everyone, you understand me and you care for me, will you go out with me?” He asks you from the bottom of his heart.

“Joshua I’ll go out with you, truthfully I’ve liked you for a long time too.” You say as his face lights up. He breaks into a big smile and hugs you.

“Y/n I’m so happy!” He says squeezing your hand and pulling you into a hug.

“Me too.” You say smiling. You spend the rest of the night with Joshua and the whole staff listening to the beautiful songs that Jihoon has written over the years and you spend the night hand in hand with the Joshua.

“Hey, Vernon, thanks a bunch for bumping into me. Because of you, I was able to confess to Y/n,” Joshua says as Vernon laughs.

“Hyung it was nothing really,” Vernon states as he goes into the kitchen.

“No thanks to the man who literally yelled at you to confess?” Wonwoo says with an offended look plastered on his face.

“Thanks, Wonowoo.” You say and he nods. As the night goes on, the cafe fills up to hear Jihoon sing. He sings a beautiful song and when it ends everyone is cheering for him. You spend the whole night listening to the different acts and holding hands with Joshua. You let out a big yawn.

“Seungkwan might be right about Mondays being tiresome, but this Monday certainly didn’t suck.” You state sleepily, Joshua laughs and kisses your temple before he replies.

“You’ve never been more correct, but unlike Mondays, I don’t think I could ever get tired of you.”

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Created By Danuta720

DUO-Novum Loft

Created for: The Sims 4
The house created for two families (2 x 2+1).
Now your Sim does not must specifically go to the cafe! Just that employ a reseller and come down from his apartment and You can eat fresh croissants for breakfast or enjoy a good coffee.
The building contains two apartments and a gym, swimming pool and cafe.

Christmas magic

Good lord this one went long….
AN: Modern AU. Bellamy meets up with his friend from high school and ends up asking her new girlfriend a massive favour.
Characters: Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake
Pairings: Clarke Griffin x reader, Bellamy x reader
Spoiler(s): None
Warning(s): Well, I wouldn’t suggest falling for your friend’s partner. It’s distinctly less romantic in reality.
Prompt: “Can you do a 43 (falling in love with their best friend’s partner) for Bellamy x reader please?”

The boy rubbed his hands together, warding off the crisp morning air. He picked up his pace as the wind pulled at his dark knitted beanie, rushing to the coffee shop he frequented.

Bellamy Blake let the smell of fresh croissants and coffee warm his chilled skin as he started to unravel the tangle of clothing he’d wrapped himself in. He ordered himself a cappuccino and waited, listening intently for the sound of fabric that would announce the arrival of his guest.

“Bellamy!” he heard from the familiar voice, “How long has it been?”

Clarke Griffin, in all her glory, drifted into the coffee shop on the winter’s breeze with her blonde hair pinned back and her university textbooks still in her hand. The dark haired boy gave his friend an amused grin and rose to give her a hug.

“Too long,” he replied as his eyes caught a new face, “who’s this?” he asked.

His first impression of you was that you were beautiful, the second, was that you were cold and nervous, and the third, was that he wanted to fix that.

“Oh,” Clarke replied, as if noticing you for the first time, “Bellamy this is Y/N, she’s my girlfriend.”

“Oh.” Bellamy said, ignoring the slight drop he felt in his heart, “Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Bellamy.”

You shook the boy’s hand, marvelling at the roughness, so different to the feeling of Clarke.

“You too, Clarke’s told me so much about you.”

Something in your eyes made Bellamy smile, keeping your hand wrapped in his for a moment longer, and in that moment, you two became friends. From there it was easy.

Clarke sat across from Bellamy, lacing her cold fingers with yours.

“So, Mr Blake, how’s school?” Clarke asked, sipping her hot chocolate daintily.

“Good,” Bellamy replied, his eyes darting to you, “we’re doing poetry analysis right now.”

You sat up with a new excitement bubbling in your eyes and began a clear recitation.

“He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep,”

You raised your eyebrows expectantly as your verse concluded, and Bellamy chuckled.

“Of easy wind and downy flake.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep.” He retaliated, his eyes never leaving yours

“And miles to go before I sleep.” You smiled.

“And miles to go before I sleep.” Bellamy finished, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening-“

“By Robert Frost.” You smiled, nodding enthusiastically, “It’s one of my favorites.”

“Y/N’s studying English Literature,” Clarke explained, “that’s why she knows all that poetry stuff.”

Bellamy raised his eyebrows and nodded, impressed, “I’m majoring in History, but I take a few English Lit classes too. Indecisive I guess.”

You smiled and opened your mouth to reply, but Clarke beat you to it.

“How’s Octavia?”

“She’s good. Do you have any siblings Y/N?” Bellamy pressed, trying to coax more out of you.

Again, you were on the brink of replying before Clarke stepped in with, “Her older sister Maya’s in my class.”

Bellamy sighed, he loved Clarke, but she had a tendency to overstep her boundaries. To him it was as clear as day that she cared for you, but he wasn’t sure that overshadowing you was the best way to maintain a healthy relationship.

But it wasn’t his place to interfere, so Bellamy kept quiet and instead simply enjoyed his best friend’s company, and tried not to stare too long at her gorgeous girlfriend.

(Two months later)

Bellamy smiled goofily at his phone. Your messages were witty and enjoyable and he found that talking to you had become the best part of his day. Bellamy kept his eyes glued to his phone, reading through the last few days’ worth of messages and waiting for an update on when you’d be arriving at the coffee house.

“Bell, hey.” You smiled, taking the seat opposite him.

The boy couldn’t help but notice the slight nervousness in the way you looked at him, as though you were waiting for him to snap.

“Hey Y/N/N, how’ve you been? I’ve ordered you your favorite by the way, it should be here soon.”

You gave the boy a grateful smile, “It’s been…good. Sorry about the last minute invite, and then being late.”

Bellamy shook his head, waving off the apology, “It’s totally fine, I was a few minutes late myself.”

The coffees arrived and for a moment, you two sat in silence, enjoying the company and the coffee. It wasn’t the first time you’d met without Clarke. She was constantly busy, and more than comfortable with her best friend and girlfriend hanging out.

“So,” Bellamy eventually began, “what was this huge favour you wanted to ask?”

That nervous look was back again, as you nervously fiddled with the rim of the coffee cup, “Well I, you see-the thing is.” You paused, chuckling at your lack of eloquence, “I need you to come home with me.”

Bellamy nearly chocked on his drink, “I’m sorry, what?”

You smiled apologetically, “I’m going home for Christmas, and my family wants to meet Clarke.”


“So,” you continued, “they think Clarke is a boy.”

Bellamy nodded like he understood, he didn’t.

“You see, my parents have only ever met my boyfriends and they still think I’m straight.” You said, “So when I mentioned I was dating someone named Clarke…they kind of assumed and Clarke said you were spending Christmas alone so I figured…well I figured I might as well ask.”

“Oh, does um, does Clarke know about this?” Bellamy asked, trying to quell the butterflies in his chest.

You nodded, looking sad, “She didn’t mind. To be honest I don’t even think she was that disappointed about missing Christmas. She thought inviting you was smart.” You looked at Bellamy from under your thick lashes, “It would just be for a few days, three at most.”

Bellamy nodded, “So, if I were to agree, I’d have to be ‘Clarke’?” he asked, earning an affirmative nod, “I’d be your…pseudo boyfriend?”

“Kind of.”

“When would we leave?”

“Tomorrow, I know it’s late notice but…I was too nervous to ask before.”

Bellamy, made a big show of thinking it over before finally answering, “Nice to meet you Mrs Y/L/N, I’m Clarke.”

Your face lit up and you rushed to give Bellamy a grateful hug, “Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

Bellamy laughed, “Seriously, it’s no problem.”

“So I’ll pick you up tomorrow? It’s a five hour drive from here to my family’s house so…7:00 okay?”

Bellamy nodded with a nervous smile. He would be spending five hours alone with you, and then an extra three days with you and your family.

As he hugged you goodbye, Bellamy’s mind began to wander and he realised how little he wanted you to leave. He knew it was wrong to be excited, he knew he should be encouraging you to come out to your parents, and convincing Clarke to pay more attention to you, but right now, all he could think about was how lucky he was and that he needed to pick up some new clothes.

The day seemed to drag on for years, after calling Octavia and consulting with her, and packing and then repacking his bag there was nothing left to do but wait. Bellamy tried everything, watching TV, listening to music, even the poetry he usually loved failed to keep his mind away from the upcoming trip.

Would your parents like him? Would he be able to convince them that he was Clarke? What would happen if they didn’t like him? Would this trip change things between him and you? Did he want it to?

After an eternity of waiting, the morning finally arrived. Bellamy washed his hair, grabbed his bag, tucked the presents he’d bought for you under his arm and locked his apartment. The air outside was cold, even for December’s standards, but your car was warm and, most importantly, it had you in it.

“Mornin’ sunshine,” You smiled, “hop in, we’ve got places to be and parents to bamboozle.”

Bellamy chuckled, tossing his bags into the backseat. This was going to be fun.

“So, what’s the plan?” Bellamy asked after an hour of driving.

You shrugged, “You’re Clarke’s best friend, you know her better than anyone. Just do whatever you think she would do.”

Bellamy nodded solemnly, “And who all will I be meeting?”

“My mom, Carol, she raised me all by herself, then there’s my step-dad Emile, he’s a great guy, you’ll love him.”

As you talked, Bellamy was struck by the enormity of what you were about to do. He was going to meet your parents…they would think he was Clarke.

“My brother Brendon might give you some trouble, he’s a few years older than me, so he loves to scare my boyfriends.”

“Great.” Bellamy said with a nervous chuckle.

You waved your hand dismissively, “Oh shush man, you’ll be fine. They’re gonna love you.”

Bellamy looked at you, marvelling at the way the sunlight caught your hair and bathed your skin in gold. You were beautiful, so so beautiful.

“It’s not me they’re supposed to love.” Bellamy heard himself say, “It’s Clarke.”

You gave the boy a look, an almost sad look, before refocussing your eyes on the road, “You’re an amazing person Bellamy and you’re here, Clarke isn’t. It’s you they’re going to love, even if it’s under Clarke’s name.”

Your knuckles were white as you gripped the steering wheel and it was as though a storm cloud had settled behind your eyes.

“Y/N, is everything okay between you and Clarke?” Bellamy asked tentatively.

You sighed, your grip relaxing very slightly as you shook your head despairingly, “I don’t know. I thought so, but she’s been so distant lately and when she’s not distant she’s just mean. I’d hoped this trip would bring us back to how we used to be but…well, you know how well that worked.”

“You were going to bring her?”

“Oh yes,” you said, nodding, “I was gonna come out to my parents and everything, but she said she was too busy.”

Bellamy’s eyebrows vanished into his hairline, “Wow, really?”

“Yup,” you said popping the ‘p’ sound, “really. We had a huge fight about it. I’m not really sure we stand right now.” You gave the boy a sad smile, “She didn’t say anything to you, did she?”

Bellamy shook his head, “We haven’t talked much since we met at the coffee shop, she’s been…busy.”

Now, in light of what you’d told him, Bellamy couldn’t help but think it was a rather thin excuse.

You sighed, “News o’ grief had overtaken
Dark-eyed Fanny, now vorsaken”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“No, no, no, it’s totally fine. I’m being overdramatic. I’m sure we’ll work it out, we always do.” You said with a forced smile.

“Let’s talk about something else.” Bellamy suggested, “How’s school?”

Your face lit up and the remaining hours flew by in a whirlwind of music and talking. In later years, Bellamy would remember that car ride as one of the best in his life. Maybe it was because there was magic in the air, an excitement that led him to believe that these next few days were going to be something special.

It was just after noon when your car pulled in to the driveway of a house Bellamy had dreamed about living in for his entire life. It was picturesque, down to the ivy crawling up the red brick walls. Bellamy’s eyes landed on you, his heart beating at three times its regular pace. He was more anxious than he’d been since….well….since-

“I know it’s not very big,” you said, insecurity colouring your tone, “and it must seem awfully boring to you but-“

“Y/N,” you cut in, “it’s beautiful. Come on, we’ve got parents to meet.”

You gave the boy a nervous smile, trying not to shake as you climbed out of the car. The reality of what you were about to do had just started to sink in, and you were starting to doubt the brilliance of your plan.

“Y/N,” Bellamy said, holding your upper arms gently, “everything’s going to be fine. You’ve got this, okay?”

You nodded, grateful for the support Bellamy provided. He was very attractive, something you’d always been acutely aware of, but had never really given a second thought.
Bellamy’s eyes brushed over you carefully, trying to quell the nervousness in his gut.

You knocked three times and Bellamy felt physically ill. This was a mistake, a horrible, horrible mistake.

“Y/N!” A tall woman who was obviously your mother beamed, pulling you into a bone crushing embrace. “Oh we missed you so much honey.”

The woman looked kind, with wrinkles near her eyes from years and years of smiling. It was easy now, to see where you’d gotten your grace from.

“Mom, it’s so great to see you.” You smiled, “This is B-Clarke, my boyfriend.”

Bellamy smiled nervously and extended his hand, which your mom ignored, pulling him into a hug instead.

“It is so nice to meet you honey!” the kind lady smile, “Y/N’s told us so much about you.” She inspected Bellamy briefly, “Please, come in, the whole gang is here.”

Bellamy reached to pick up his bags, but was waved away by your mom, “Don’t be silly, Emile will bring those in.”

“Thank you Mrs Y/L/N.” Bellamy said.

“Please honey, call me Carol.”

“Okay.” Bellamy smiled.

The inside of the house was cosy and filled with reminders of the family’s love for each other. It must’ve been a great place to grow up, Bellamy thought. A tall, well built, dark haired man met the three people in the welcome hall.

“Look who’s home! Our very own city slicker!” The man said, giving you a warm hug, before turning to Bellamy, “Hello there young man, I’m Emile.”

“Clarke.” Bellamy said after a moment of thought, “Pleasure to meet you sir.”

“Emile boy, Emile.”

“Sorry, Emile.”

“You been looking after our girl?” Emile asked with a joking attempt at an intimidating handshake.

Bellamy laughed, “Yes sir, although it’s probably more accurate to say that she’s been looking after me.”

“Who’s this?” A fair haired boy with eyes that matched yours asked from the doorway.

“Brendon.” You smiled, running into the older boy’s arms, “Missed you big brother.”

The boy smiled, and Bellamy could see the resemblance, “Hey short stuff, who’s the guy?”

“This is Clarke.”

“I’m her boyfriend.” Bellamy concluded, letting a thrill run through him at the sound and offering his hand, “It’s a pleasure; Y/N’s told me lots about you.”

The boy nodded suspiciously, “Uh huh.”

“Well, why don’t you guys go clean up, and the boys will drop your bags off in you room Y/N?” Carol said.

“Are-are we sharing a room?” Bellamy asked, his face reddening slightly.

Carol shrugged, “Of course Clarke.”


You ran upstairs and Bellamy couldn’t help but watch you leave longingly.

“Hey, we don’t do closed doors in this house.” Emile warned, “You can use Brendon’s bathroom, it’s the first door on your right if you go upstairs.”

Bellamy thanked your family and headed upstairs, pausing only to inspect the photos on the wall, smiling at the image of a younger you at various ages.

The whole situation was surreal to Bellamy, like some half formulated dream that Bellamy had never expected to come true. Sure he wasn’t there for the reasons he’d wanted to be, but he was there, and he had you to himself for three whole days.

Bellamy sat down gingerly on your bed, looking around for any clues as to things he didn’t know about you.

“Bell?” You said quietly from inside your bathroom, “Can you help me with my dress?”

The door opened and Bellamy caught his breath. You were wrapped in a modest dinner dress, nothing flashy or particularly fancy, but you looked beautiful nonetheless, and Bellamy couldn’t stop his hands from shaking as he did the zipper up.

Bellamy straightened his jacket and together, you headed downstairs.

“How’re you holding up?” You whispered, giving his arm a gentle squeeze.

“I’m doing okay, your mom seems cool.” He replied, “I keep forgetting to call myself Clarke though.”

You shot the boy an apologetic look, “It’ll be over before you know it.”

“Hello there love birds, don’t you look nice?” Emile said with a warm smile, “No need to be so shy, go on, cuddle up, I know you want to.”

The space between you was noticeable, too noticeable for a devoted and loving couple. You shot Bellamy an apologetic look and reached for his hand, lacing your fingers with his. He smiled at you reassuringly and pulled you to his side, placing a gentle kiss to the top of your head. His stomach was filled with butterflies, his skin warm where it was touching yours and he ached to know what was going on in your head.

“Aww, isn’t that sweet?” Carol crooned, “Come, let’s go out, we haven’t gone out in ages as a family!”

The dinner was uneventful, Bellamy answered all the questions the way he should, only tripping up once of twice. You kept conversation flowing and by the end of it, Bellamy felt as though your family had accepted him.

Sooner than Bellamy had thought possible, the two of you were standing on either sides of the bed in your room.

“I’ll sleep on the floor.” Bellamy offered.

“No,” you protested weakly, “if my parents see that, they’ll get suspicious.”

So you climbed in together, and lay as far apart as you possibly could.

“Night Y/N.” He said quietly.

“Night Bellamy.” You replied, “Thank you again, for doing this.”

Bellamy smiled, “It’s no problem Y/N/N, really.”

Slowly, through the dark, your hand found Bellamy’s and you gave it a tight companionable squeeze. Maybe Bellamy didn’t need anything from you but this.

The following day, Christmas, was a blur of presents and food and laughter, a chance at the family Christmas that Bellamy had never had. For the whole day, you two were very rarely apart, an arm always draped around the other, or laced fingers placed together on a table and Bellamy frequently had to stop and remember that none of this was real.

The perfection was shattered by a phone call. You took one look at your phone and raced upstairs, leaving Bellamy in the garden with your family. After forty minutes, Bellamy excused himself to check on you.

His heart dropped. You were sitting on your bed, the phone sitting on your palm and tears dripping on to the screen. You looked up, puffy red eyes falling on Bellamy and triggering another wave of silent tears.

“She’s been seeing someone else.” You said simply, “Someone named Lexa.” You shrugged, “She said she wants to be with this other girl.”

“Y/N,” Bellamy said, taking a seat next to you, “I am so, so sorry. I had no idea.” Cautiously, the boy wrapped his arm around your shoulders, “Are you okay?”

You laughed humourlessly, covering your mouth with your hand, “She broke up with me…she really broke up with me.”

Bellamy had no idea what to say to that.

“And you know what the worst part is?” You asked, facing Bellamy for the first time, “I was relieved. I mean, of course the rejection sucked but, the first thing I felt was relieved.”


You nodded, “I felt free. Clarke and I haven’t been in love for months, it was liberating to not be so trapped anymore.” You began to cheer up, “I can do whatever I want now. I can stop worrying about what she thinks!”

“So you’re definitely broken up?”

You nodded, “I told her she had to move out of our apartment.”

Bellamy nodded slowly, trying to ignore all the possibilities that had just opened up for you as a couple. For a while, the two of you simply sat there, his arm wrapped around you, an unspoken question hovering in the air. What now?

“Bellamy-” you started, before stopping yourself.

“Yes?” he responded gently, turning to face you.

“Would it be wrong for me-for us to-not that you would want to but-“ you stuttered, trying not to meet his eyes.

“I’m in love with you.” Bellamy heard himself say.

Your heart stopped.

“I-I think-“

“Shut up.” Bellamy pleaded, pulling your face to his.

The kiss was desperate and passionate and filled with suppressed love and lust. You ran your teeth along Bellamy’s bottom lip, earning a groan and dark chuckle from the boy. You remained locked in that embrace for what felt like both an eternity and a millisecond before pulling away and searching each other’s face for any sign of guilt or regret.

“I’m in love with you too.” You finally whispered.

Bellamy laughed, burying his face in your neck and wrapping his arms around your waist.

“What?” you asked, smiling now, “What’s funny?”

“How on earth are we going to explain this to your parents?”

imagine complete silence.
now imagine the combustion of a million firecrackers;
the eternal humming of your favorite song flowing into your ears;
the pitter patter of rain hitting your window sill as you sleep;
the luring smell of a bakery that has just made a batch of fresh croissants;
the electricity crackling in the wires that kiss the skies above you;
the feeling of paper wings fluttering in your chest;
the rush of a roller coaster;
the joy of rib busting laughter;
all at once, as soon as my hand met yours.
—  hand holding

humanthefinn  asked:

(ask meme) 43 and 53!!

UM did u know that i love u so much ?!?!?!?! anyway,,,,,

43. fav song 

this is the question from hell. no one can asnwer this!!! CURSED QUESTION!!!! but i do love….warrior by AURORA and when the day met the night by patd i will listen 2 those songs forever…but idk if theyre my fave ever 

53. 5 things that make me happy

  1. you sending this ask to me ;’0
  2. when i see a dog and their tail wags !!!!!!!!
  3. my gf who is a sweet butter croissant fresh from the oven
  4. the beach when its cold so theres no one down there and the waves are big and rain is soft!!!
  5. learning languages makes me so so so so so happy !!! and patting my cat but i cant fit that anywhere else so its going here 

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You are a beautiful and funny boy I hope you have a really great Sunday and get to eat something you really love like a very warm and fresh croissant maybe.

wow thank you this is very sweet! today has been smooth at work so far but a lot of people are checking out of the hotel so I’m anticipating a lot of business for breakfast. i’m gonna relax like crazy when i get off though and watch elimination chamber and probably have some pizza

Okay just imagine this for a sec:

-Marinette and Alya go in a different collége than Adrien and Nino, but Nino and Alya live in the same building

-Marinette sleeps at Alya’s very often

-One time, just one, Adrien’s dad had let him go to his friend’s house and he’s so happy, what a pure creature

-Nino and Alya know each other pretty well, and when Nino is showing Adrien the beautiful view from his window, they see for a sec the two girls who are getting into the building with some fresh croissants

-Adrien immediately thinks that the black haired girl is the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and nino just goes like “Yeah, she lives a floor under me…oh, there is her friend too”

-They rush out of the flat to try and talk to them, and Alya and Mari actually accept to see a movie at Nino’s

-It ends up a very funny movie-night, where they do some board games too, they all bond

-The next morning Adriend gets the idea of going to take the two girls some good stuff for breakfast and when they’re back they find Mari and Alya in front of Nino’s door with a handmade cake

-They all laugh, and for the enormous quantity of food they have, they are obliged to pass the next day together eating and joking

-At the end of the day Adrien and Marinette, and Nino and Alya are in fact dating

Colors of the Soul CH 9

This one’s back too! I forced myself not to write or update this one as punishment for not working on LC over the break, but here is some DJWifi fluff and some added angst on the love square front! Again, thanks to @sorarts for coming up with this AU and inspiring this fic! I’ve moved past where the original post ended, so this is all entering new territory now! ^^

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A few weeks will have passed by the time you read this (even given your newfound organizational skills, I doubt you will have made it to Paris before early September). I hope the coffee is good and strong and the croissants fresh and that the weather is still sunny enough to sit outside on one of those metallic chairs that never sit quite level on the pavement. It’s not bad, the Marquis. The steak is also good, if you fancy coming back for lunch. And if you look down the road to your left you will hopefully see L’Artisan Parfumeur where, after you read this, you should go and try the scent called something like Papillons Extrême (can’t quite remember). I always did think it would smell great on you.

Okay, instructions over. There are a few things I wanted to say and would have told you in person, but a) you would have got all emotional and b) you wouldn’t have let me say all this out loud. You always did talk too much.

So here it is: the cheque you got in the initial envelope from Michael Lawler was not the full amount, but just a small gift, to help you through your first weeks of unemployment, and to get you to Paris.

When you get back to England, take this letter to Michael in his London office and he will give you the relevant documents so you can access an account he has set up for me in your name. This account contains enough for you to buy somewhere nice to live and to pay for your degree course and your living expenses while you are in full-time education.

My parents will have been told all about it. I hope that this, and Michael Lawler’s legal work, will ensure there is as little fuss as possible.

Clark, I can practically hear you starting to hyperventilate from here. Don’t start panicking, or trying to give it away – it’s not enough for you to sit on your arse for the rest of your life. But it should buy you your freedom, both from that claustrophobic little town we both call home, and from the kind of choices you have so far felt you had to make.

I’m not giving the money to you because I want you to feel wistful, or indebted to me, or to feel that it’s some kind of bloody memorial.

I’m giving you this because there is not much that makes me happy any more, but you do.

I am conscious that knowing me has caused you pain, and grief, and I hope that one day when you are less angry with me and less upset you will see not just that I could only have done the thing that I did, but also that this will help you live a really good life, a better life, than if you hadn’t met me.

You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. It always does feel strange to be knocked out of your comfort zone. But I hope you feel a bit exhilarated too. Your face when you came back from diving that time told me everything; there is a hunger in you, Clark. A fearlessness. You just buried it, like most people do.

I’m not really telling you to jump off tall buildings, or swim with whales or anything (although I would secretly love to think you were), but to live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Wear those stripy legs with pride. And if you insist on settling down with some ridiculous bloke, make sure some of this is squirrelled away somewhere. Knowing you still have possibilities is a luxury. Knowing I might have given them to you has alleviated something for me.

So this is it. You are scored on my heart, Clark. You were from the first day you walked in, with your ridiculous clothes and your bad jokes and your complete inability to ever hide a single thing you felt. You changed my life so much more than this money will ever change yours.

Don’t think of me too often. I don’t want to think of you getting all maudlin. Just live well.

Just live.


That poor kitty is starving and it’s all her fault.

Lol I didn’t know what to draw, so I decided to start a new series of my own sort of “draw your OTP” thingies. Basically, I just google and find the most dorkiest and silliest stock photos possible, and draw them as the OTP uwu 

I’ve got about 4 more after this one. I saw this photo and immediately could not unsee Mari taunting Adrien with freshly baked croissants. Also I listened to this on repeat while drawing this.