fresh cotton scent

the signs as scents

aries - scotch, ginger, gasoline

taurus - a fireplace, cinnamon, freshly baked bread

gemini - lemon zest, vanilla, sugar cookies

cancer - sea breeze, citrus, sandalwood

leo - a new car, sweet perfume, white wine

virgo - fresh linens, lavender, honey

libra - cherry blossoms, raspberries, jasmine

scorpio - roses, petrichor, red grapes

sagittarius - bonfires, evergreen, toasted marshmallows

capricorn - coffee, leather, fresh ink

aquarius - permanent markers, old books, fresh paint

pisces - chamomile, cotton, scented candles


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(Daddy/little girl kink. Long smut.) 

Everyone knows Sundays are for being un-apologetically lazy. It was getting dark outside; your bedroom was lit with soft light from your bedside lamp and fresh cotton scented candles that made you ache for cuddles from your sex god boyfriend Choi Minho. In Minho’s large shirt and PJ bottoms, you laid on your double bed, barely paying attention to the TV as you waited for Minho to come home from SHINee practise. You wondered if he’d be in the mood to snuggle after his intense workout but knowing your boyfriend well, he’d do anything to put his hands on your body. 

Minho walked in to the room with a cute smile on his face, his chocolate brown eyes glistening as the light hit them. 

“Hey Princess, missed me?” 

He greeted you as he hung his jacket up on the coat hook. Underneath his jacket was a simple white shirt that showed off his toned arms a little bit of his muscular chest. 

“A lot baby. Come cuddle with me?” 

You asked in the most adorable way you could; a voice that could usually get you anything you wanted. Reaching out your arms to him, Minho chuckled warmly, shaking his head like he knew what you were up to. Seductively, he walked up to the bed and leaned down to kiss you. His lips brushed and teased your hungry mouth, making you want more of him instantly. 

“Let me go shower first and then I’ll be right with you, baby girl.”

Your heart fluttered as you caught a glimpse of him lifting his shirt over his head as he walked in to the on-suite, showing his slightly damp dancer body. Hearing the shower being switched on, you day dreamed about a naked Minho, rubbing a soapy sponge over his godly body, droplets of water dripping from his chin. The thought made you even more keen to have his big arms around you, pulling you close and pressing your behind against his crotch. Minho must have been thinking about intimate cuddling too as he cut his shower unusually short. Your boyfriend sauntered in to the bedroom with a towel around his waist and a flushed torso from the heat of his shower; a delicious look in his eyes. 

“Now for that cuddle I promised.” 

Minho said before dropping the damp towel to the floor, revealing his semi hard manhood. Whenever that boy was around you, he couldn’t seem to help feeling aroused. Your jaw dropped slightly though you tried hard not to show it, instead you just turned on your side, ready to be embraced by him. Instantly, your craving for physical intimacy was satisfied as you smelled Minho’s manly scent whilst he wrapped his arms protectively around you. His touch was perfect, sweet, loving, his toes tickling yours fondly. Though, it seemed like Minho’s craving was not quite fed yet. Feeling Minho’s erection dig harder in to the crevice of your legs, he told you he wanted more. To yourself, you smirked; even after a long day of him singing and dancing, the man still had the energy and libido for sex. His soft, plump lips graced your neck as his powerful hands slowly teased you, moving down to your crotch. You bit your lip.

 “I missed you today baby. I couldn’t help thinking about your amazing body. I want it all to myself.”

 Minho almost groaned before eagerly grabbing your hips and turning you around to him. All so suddenly, you were pinned down by his strong grip, his body towering over you. His eyes gazed in to yours; he smiled wickedly, seducing you further. 

“I was expecting cuddles and movies but…I think you have something else planned.” 

You spoke shyly to him, barely able to speak from the intense arousal you were feeling. Minho chuckled, knowing the power he had over you. Slowly, he leaned down and uttered quietly in your ear:

“Oh we can cuddle little girl, with my cock buried deep inside you.”

 It was like the foreplay was a haze as it just felt too good to be alert; you wanted to melt in to the pleasure like butter. Closing your eyes, you tried not to be so loud as Minho spread your legs so smoothly and held them apart as his tongue explored your excited slit. You tried to hard to keep your eyes open and watch Minho get his lips wet and glisten with your juices. His tongue flicked so fast on your sensitive bud before engulfing your lips and clit in his mouth, sucking lightly on you; it made you grip the sheets and whimper repeatedly. Your legs could barely take the pleasure as they shook side to side; they wanted to close around Minho’s head, they wanted to spread wider, anything to handle Minho’s mouth. Dominantly, he held your legs still and pushed his tongue inside your hole, telling you who’s pussy it was…his. 

“Enjoying this baby girl?” 

He asked seductively against your clit, the vibrations making you squeal even more. 


You cried in ecstasy. Minho slapped the side of your ass, making you jump. 

“Yes what?!” 

He growled. When he got authoritative like that, it made your pussy throb, yearning for him like a lost puppy. 

“Yes Daddy!” 

You knew that was what he wanted to be called. Whenever he heard that word, he would go wild, almost to the point of accidentally hurting you but it felt so good when he shoved his cock almost too deep inside of you. 

“Oh baby. You asked for it.”

“Good girl. Taking daddy’s thick cock so well.” 

Minho grunted as he thrust his cock deep and fast inside your aching pussy with your legs up over his shoulders so that he could push his manhood up to the hilt. He stretched you so wide that it hurt so good and you never wanted it to stop. Minho’s abs and biceps flexed deliciously as he fucked you. The sex god never failed to make you drool over his mind blowing physique. Your boyfriend’s jaw was tense as he grit his teeth, releasing his inner monster and all his kinky desires on you. Roughly, he grabbed your hips and rocked your body back and forth like a rag doll, making you meet his hard shoves. He had the strength to throw you around and use you like a sex puppet and the way he did it so confidently yet protectively made you smitten.

“On your hands and knees Princess.” 

He instructed. As soon as his stiff cock left your body, your pussy pulsed, wondering where the person filling it had gone; it felt so empty without your lover. Minho loved doggy style. Doggy style made him feel manly and confident, in control of his baby girl. Instantly, your pussy clenched around him as he entered you from behind, making him growl from the friction. Licking his lip, he gripped your hair and impaled your submissive womanhood. Your head leaned back, stretching your neck as he tugged your hair further, his hips making your butt cheeks blush as it smacked hard against them when he moved. Minho loved the cries and moans that escaped your lips as they told him that you liked, even loved, what he was doing to you. You loved it so much when Minho was rough in the bedroom; it had your palms sweating and your mouth wet, hungry for your master. Having an idea, Minho leaned forwards on top of you as he fucked you, massaging your sensitive nipples with his fingers, throwing you so close to an orgasm. Loudly, you mewled, feeling one of his hands move from your breast on to your clit, rubbing your sweet spot. You felt your orgasm building, sending your pussy in to overdrive on Minho’s cock. He felt you twitch and grab his cock with your walls and not even Minho could control his fast approaching orgasm. 

“Oh baby! I’m going to cum! Please daddy, Princess. Cum on my cock.” 

His words along with his talented fingers on your clit made a gush of juices coat Minho’s pulsing dick. Your orgasm made you cry out so loud that the neighbours would be concerned. The orgasm never seemed to stop, it just kept going and going, making Minho explode inside of you. He groaned so loud, pushing you back on to him so he could release every last drop. Wanting to drop to the bed, you felt his hot liquid shooting load after load inside your body. It wasn’t until the both of you had come down from your orgasm that you realised you were both dripping with sweat from the vigorous sex. Finally, you fell back on to the bed, your body aching all over deliciously. Minho pulled you in to his arms once again but authoritative Minho had gone and boyish, silly yet still undoubtedly sexy Minho had returned. Gently, he placed a kiss on your forehead. 

“Sorry for interrupting your cuddling plans baby. Why don’t you pick a movie while I get us to post-sex snacks and we’ll cuddle all night. How does that sound?” 

He questioned sweetly, his beautiful eyes making your heart melt. Although you didn’t want your boyfriend to let go of you, the snacks sounded great and you knew it wouldn’t be long until you could hold your man tight again. 

“It sounds absolutely perfect babe.” 

Comfort - Tom Holland

Word Count: 770

Warning: light swearing, mentions of bullying

Summary: Your relationship with Tom goes public after pictures of you both kissing leak and Tom comforts you.

A/N: This is for the amazing @babyparker . After seeing that adorable picture of Tom and Tessa she needed some cuddly!tom, I just had to write this cuddle filled fic for her ♥ it’s also very short but cute :)

You woke up to Tom leaving small kisses on your shoulder as you both laid on the couch. The both of you had off work today and decided to make it a lazy day. Nuzzling deeper into his sweater you smiled wider with each small peck he left on you. He played with a few strands of your hair, twirling them around his fingers. The mid afternoon sun peeked through the windows and the apartment was silent. Just how you liked it. You lifted your face from his chest and watched him contently. The two of you sat this way for a while until your phone began to ding repeatedly.

Tom leaned forward, grabbed it off the round coffee table and handed it to you. You thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and a grin. He smirked and laid back on the sofa closing his eyes. But your grin soon faded as you saw your notifications blowing up with messages about Tom and your relationship.

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Go. To. Bed.

Spilledkauffie presents a Drabble for Kauffie by Kauffie. (Still reader insert, no worries)

The bed was so soft, the gentle breeze of the ceiling fan swept across your bare back. The pillows were fluffy and smelled like a field of fresh cotton. The slight scent of Alex’s cologne lingered. Everything was peaceful. The moonlight was soft, barely managing to shine any light into the room. Sleep sounded absolutely charming…the only problem? Your mind was wide awake.

Turning on your side, you heard your lover softly snoring. His hair fell in his face, perfectly, not covering his beautiful features, just gracing them. Sighing, you rolled back over. The gentle sound of sheet rustling was the only noise. You laid on your side for a while, closing your eyes. Nope. You laid on your back. Definitely not. Sitting up a bit. Wrong. Flopping back onto the mattress you groaned.

“Babe, you’ve got to settle down…,” Alex’s voice startled you a bit.

He sounded raspier than usual, most likely because you had just woken him up. Curling under the covers a bit more you felt bad for waking him.

“Sorry,” you whispered, sincerely apologetic.

“It’s okay, try to calm down and sleep,” he said softly.

‘Right, right…’ you thought to yourself. Closing your eyes again, all you could think about was Alex and how beautiful his voice sounded. Which didn’t help the sleeping process one bit. You pulled the covers over your head, taking a deep breath. What Even made you think that would work? Evoking another disgruntled sigh, you gave up. Lying on your stomach you dropped your head onto your pillow, arms on either side of it. Still no. Moving onto your side again-

“Okay, okay, okay,” Alex wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you right against him, “you are way to awake.”

“I know….” you said sadly.

“So,” Alex held you close, your bare back against his bare chest, he was so warm, “talk to me?”

He reaches his arms around your frame. You reached down to intertwine your fingers with his. Your other hand played with the wedding ring on his hand, before gently stroking his forearm.

“I’m just overthinking,” you sighed.

“Mhmm?” Alex made it sound like a question.

“About work and what I’m doing with my life, since people seems to be questioning me, well not everyone…you know who,” you paused, he was about to say something, when you continued, “and then you said something and I thought about your voice, you know…I like how it sounds.”

Alex chuckled softly, nosing at your hair, “I’m glad I still have that effect on you, Angel.”

He kissed the top of your shoulder sweetly, making you smile, “that’s not helping me sleep.”

“I’m sorry, keep talking?” He asked, cuddling closer to you.

You told him about everything that was on your mind lately, he added an occasional ‘mhmm’ or question here an there. He eventually heard you start to have gaps of silence between your sentences. Your voice was filled with sleep. Finally, you had dozed off in his arms. He had stayed up with you the entire time. Listening to everything, so he could bring it up and really talk it out with you in the morning, but he was so glad you had fallen asleep. You were precious. He he’s you close, never wanting to let go.

He always wanted to take the pain and anxiety away, even if he knew he couldn’t. It was all inside you and you were phenomenal at keeping it hidden, until nights like these. He hated seeing you struggle to sleep, but it also allowed him into your narrative. How could someone as precious and delicate as you contain so much hurt? He hadn’t the slightest idea. He just knew you felt safe in his arms, so that’s where he’d keep you.

Sleep well, my Darling,“ he whispered, placing one more kiss to the side of your neck.


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Name: Holly
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Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
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Favourite Flower: carnations and peonies
Favourite Scent: fresh cotton/the fresh scent after it rains and the air is cool
Favourite Colour: red
Favourite Animal: Cats
Favourite Band: EXO
Coffee, Tea, or Hot chocolate: I really like coffee, but tea is good too—no sugar or milk~
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hoseok scenario | sorry, mama (pt. 2)

I know my mum has had to sacrifice so much for me. I think I stole her life away from her when I was born. That’s why I’m never having children myself. That’s why I’m never falling in love

genre: angst
word count: 2.9K
warnings: Suggestions of divorce and abortion



“Just close your eyes.” He was so close you could practically taste his breath on the snow-stained air. There were his freckles, and his eyelashes, and the lines striking along his rose-kissed lips; all up close, magnified for you.

Normally you would have argued with him – said no and laughed, pushed him away. But that night you had adopted the ‘f-ck it’ attitude that sometimes overtakes you. So you let it happen. You let your lids slide shut.

His lips were up against yours, tentative at first, asking questions. But your body responded to his, igniting on impact, and when your lips pressed back he gave up all pretences of chastity. He was so rough, so hungry for you. His teeth clashed on your lips; on your lips his tongue burned. And you kept leaning in, like you could douse yourself in him. He was a thumping, thrashing wall of heat, and you needed to be a part of him to escape the cold.

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Name: Mina

Nickname: ???

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Sexual orientation: straight

Ethnicity: American

Favorite fruit: Apples

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite book series: Harry Potter or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Favorite fictional character: I have to pick one? Elphaba Thropp or Ford Prefect, maybe

Favorite flower: Lavender

Favorite scent: Fresh cotton/Egyptian cotton scented stuff

Favorite color: Purple

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Scattered Fragments | II (M)

parts: ➳ 1 | 2 | 3

a BTS series // ft. various members

summary: missing a good 7 years of your life, you are desperately trying to figure out what happened, but no one seems to be telling the truth.

genre: angst, psychological, smut

word count: 2.5k

a/n: hey guys! i hope you’re liking the series so far. Please, please, if you have time, I would love to hear some feedback from you guys! It would really help a lot! thanks ><

               “Americano, your favourite.” He places the steaming drink in front of you as he sits down. His presence was captivating, that’s what you noticed one thing about Jung Hoseok. How he moves and how he carries himself, it was confident and often earned glances from other girls. However, he was still able to maintain a bright aura that made him friendly and easy to approach. It was appalling to you how you became associated with someone like him, a person with a status like his. Although, you’ve noticed major changes in yourself as well, bringing you back to when you first stood in front of a full-length mirror since your awake.

              Mouth gasping lightly at the image reflecting off the mirror, the person that was staring right back at you was unrecognizable. The apparent baby fat on your cheeks have disappeared, along with your asymmetrically bob cut that you’ve been trying to fix since your second year. Instead, it was replaced with long and wavy locks that flowed to your chest. The healthy amount of body weight you used to carry is now gone, making your petite frame apparent.

              The biggest change though, was the fact that the stranger’s eyes looked almost dead.

              Tears unconsciously rolled down, staining your pretty cheeks as your lips quivered. You hazily brought your hands to your face, softly touching the wetness of your tears. Lost and confused to why you suddenly started crying, you ask the reflection.

              “What on earth happened to you, Y/N?”

              Then a familiar dull pain overwhelms you.

               “Pardon?” Hoseok shifts in his seat, leaning closer to you to catch what you were saying.

               “I…I didn’t know that I liked to drink Americano.” You stare at the hot black liquid in the cup, before finding Hoseok’s look of surprise plastered on his face.

               “You’d never go on a day without a cup though, saying that the other drinks are too high in calories.” He ponders for a while, then stands up and smiles brightly at you. “I’ll get you a new drink then, what would you like?”

               You shake your head frantically, “No! It’s fine really, I’m alright with drinking this. I just- I seem to have forgotten a lot of things.” Before you could bring the cup to your lips to take a sip, a hand grabs the coffee out of your hold.

                “What kind of a boyfriend would I be if I can’t even get my girl’s favorite drink right?” Hoseok grins at you and light pinches your cheeks. You were about to refuse by reaching for the cup but he pulls it even further out of your reach. “Now tell me what you want before I order every drink on the menu.” He mischievously warns you, eyes crinkling into crescent moons.

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Poor Unfortunate Soul

special thanks to the betas – @professor-maka, @ilarual and @earth-shines, as well as @sojustifiable @redphlox @d4s-scribbles and @lunar-resonance for commentary and giggles ♥

my groovy artists @ashsocolourful and @peregr1ne also deserve many thanks for putting up with my terrible ideas always. 

and of course, thank you mods for all of your blood and sweat and tears. 


He hates his fucking life.

Violet Baker grins at him, ruthless and toothless, before shuffling down the hall after an old man with a walker and eternal urine aroma for a rousing game of bingo. His first thought isn’t what the fuck am I doing here? or did she seriously just grab my ass?, but instead, where did she put her dentures?

Revolted, he tugs his hat further over his ears and wonders when hugging sexually frustrated elderly women became the norm for him.

The nursing home reeks faintly of mothballs, but mostly overpowering floral perfume and the generic fresh cotton scent that comes from cheap, off brand candles. The discomfort that resonates in his bones would will him out the door, if it wasn’t for the fact that the line for free hugs has finally run dry and he doesn’t feel quite as fragile anymore. He has to pick his battles, and the embarrassment of being blatantly objectified by the elderly outweighs the horror of passing out due to starvation.

He really fucking hates his fucking life.

But sitting and crying about it won’t solve his problems, so he jabs his hands into his pockets and focuses on sucking it up instead of wallowing in his misery. A nurse looks on in pity, shuffling by in her tanuki-printed scrubs.

“How’re you feeling, big guy?” she asks, quirking a meticulously shaped brow. “Dizzy?”

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