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Looking for more FR blogs to follow!

MY DASH, it is dead, and my crop of beautiful dragons to compliment lay barren. I’d really like to follow some fresh blogs, especially if you’ve got lore! Beautiful, beautiful lore. I’m finally kicking my butt back into writing gear, and seeing other people doing the same thing helps a load.

So, yeah. I’d appreciate it a ton, truly. I’d prefer close to 100% FR (I definitely don’t mind some discourse), and as close to as little drama as possible, please (even if you just tag it, that’d be great).


Edit: Oh god, I almost forgot. I follow from teamskulladminavalon. That me main.

viktornikiforow  asked:

Fresh from my blog. I've been called homophobic, pedophilic because I am a cis girl and apparently I glorify mlm relationships (yeah that would explain the homophobic part) and then got flooded by antis, saying otayuri is pedophilia and so am i (gotta delete those photos of under age children then /sarcasm/). Oh, and also how dare I say that heterophobia is real! (being bi myself)

As long as you don’t fetishise mlm as a kink there’s nothing wrong w liking homosexual ships at all

anonymous asked:

wait did my ask about kid!fresh calling the police and having something similar happen in mamacq actually worry him oh no i'm sorry kid!fresh, i'm sure nothing bad will happen... hopefully

(That’s Alaina’s response to the previous ask’s reply btw.)

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana