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After all this time Part 2 - Jughead x Reader

Request: hey! So a few people have request a part two for After all this time, so here it is and I hope you like it :) Part one

Word count:

Warnings: Drinking

As you walked away Kevin and Ronnie looked at each other, both knowing even before you did that you were head over heels for Jughead Jones, and that the reason you left the circle wasn’t to get some fresh air, it was to get away from the fact that he and Betty are in the closet for 7 minutes in heaven, and it broke you thinking about all the things that could happen in that closet.

You stood on Cheryl’s balcony, looking out to the stars, you heard the door behind you shut, “Hey, Y/N, everything okay?” Ronnie’s voice said, you couldn’t help but feel disappointed, you hoped it was Jughead,  “Yeah, Ronnie, I’m splendid” you slightly slurred your words, the 7 minutes seemed to take forever and you made the decision to drink more, not the best decision on your behalf, but hey, you were upset. “How much have you had to drink, Y/N?” Veronica asked, but she was interrupted by the door to the balcony opening and a small  voice saying “hey guys..” it was Betty, the 7 minutes must’ve been up, she smiled at you and V, you both looked at her rather confused, she returned the look as you walked back inside, you didn’t want to confront either of them or cry in front of Betty.

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Error and Fresh reacting to their S/O being hurt by the other (e.g. Fresh's is killed or hurt by Error's world destroying tendencies and Error's is infected by the Fresh parasite


When he sees that you’re infected, he’s eternally cringing and does whatever he can to get away from you. He doesn’t care that you use to be his S/O, he just HATES that 90′s Nightmare. If you do get close to him he will tie you up and use whatever means necessary to get that parasite out of you. 


He loses you when Error destroys your world. Oh well. He just shrugs and move on. Fresh doesn’t have emotions. 

~ PSA ~

I’m deleting all the requests in my ask box!

It’s driving my insane to continuously look at the asks I haven’t been able to write fics before because of writer’s block so I’m just giving in and deleting them so I can have a fresh start. 

If you know you submitted a request and I didn’t get to it, you’re more than welcome to send it in again, just wait a little while, ‘kay? (Please.)

I’m also totally fine with you guys just sending in random ideas for fics that just pop into your head, they help inspire me to write unique and different fanfictions. (Sometimes they even help me with my fiction and nonfiction writing!)

Just identify what you’re sending in: a request, a drabble, or just a random idea.

Requests are still open, they’re always open.

I just have to do some spring cleaning of my ask box. I do apologize for those of you who sent asks in, it hurts me having to delete them. (Like I said, you’re more than welcome to resubmit the ask, I just ask that you wait a bit before doing so.)

It’s easier to do drabbles than full blown fanfictions. 

Just a note that it’s easier for me to do drabbles right now because I’m working on so many series. If you just want a quick fluffy/smutty/angsty/*insert type here* fic then I can write you a drabble in less than an hour (if I’m not watching Smallville). 

If you want a fic, give me details!

As easy as drabbles are, I do love getting asks for fics. I especially love getting asks where the anon is specific with what they want in the fic, it allows me to follow a more strict story. I love having freedom to write the piece, but when I’m writing it for you I love to know what you want! I want to be able to write it as perfectly as possible, and specifics help.

It’s okay to message me!

If you sent me an ask and it never got written or a long amount of time has passed since you’ve sent it in, it’s okay to message me and ask me if I’ve started it yet. I’m not going to get mad at you about it- I know what it’s like to want to read something that you don’t have control over when it’s finished. 

Respect me.

Writing isn’t easy, not when you know there are people reading and mentally critiquing every word you write. It takes time to write, edit, and publish a fic. All I ask is you respect the level of complexity it takes for me (and this goes for all the writers you follow) to get something out for you guys. Just remember to be kind and respectful!

Feedback !!!

I want feedback! I want to know what you guys like and don’t like, it helps improve my writing. Hell, even just a fucking thumbs up or a heart emoji makes my heart flutter and it lets me know I’m doing something right. Feedback is welcome via messages, asks, reblogs, and replies.

I love you guys, so much.

I just wanted to remind you guys how much I love each and every one of you. You’re so precious and special to me and I really want to hug and remind you all just how amazing you are. If you ever need anything, or if you want to become best friends, don’t hesitate to message me!

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What fruits or veggies are good to get birds who have never tried them before to eat then easiest, if that makes any sense! What fresh foods are good for conversion? I've heard something about corn and pomegranate seeds being good because it resembles a seed?

that link should help you out, corn and pomegranate are usually loved because 1) corn is starchy an 2) pomegranate tastes great/ seed-like/ messy

broccoli is another good one because of the tiny round pieces, they’re very similar to millet

otherwise check out the link for far more details, methods, and explanations

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name | Will
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zodiac sign | gemini
height | 5′ nothing fuckin hell
orientation | Aro/Gay/Ace and queer as hell
nationality | american
favorite fruit | uhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH raspberries and kiwi I guess???
favorite season | Summer. Less likely for precipitation.
favorite book | Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead is the first thing that comes to mind (A play, I know) with the Princess Bride coming in as a close second thought. I’m also a fan of Ray Bradbury and Roald Dahl’s work, but my favorite creator is Neil Gaiman.
favorite flower | I duno man, I don’t think Aloe counts as a flower so maybe Cactus flowers? I like cacti.
favorite scent | Fresh unscented laundry. I have a blanket i love the scent of and getting it fresh out of the wash is so nice.
favorite color | Silver, purple, and green.
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | chai tea with lots of sugar
average sleep hours | Fuck man idk. i can average anywhere between 6 and 12 depending on the day.
cat or dog person | Cats, just because dogs tend to be more excitable than I can handle.
favorite fictional character | Fffffffffffffffuck uh. I mean i guess Steven Stone from Pokemon is pretty high on the list, but i don’t really wanna have to choose, man.
number of blankets you sleep with | Like three. One for comfort, one duvet, and a second in case I need it. No sheet. Fuck sheets.
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#StarringConstanceWu is here to fight whitewashing

After hashtag campaign #StarringJohnCho reimagined Hollywood films with Star Trek actor John Cho in the lead role, Fresh Off the Boat actress Constance Wu is getting her shot. And judging by her tweet, Wu approves.