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Hajime shows up at Tooru’s door at seven thirty. Granted he’s a bit early, since he and Tooru had agreed to meet up at seven forty five before going to the movies, but he managed to catch an earlier bus than expected before walking the rest of the way to Tooru’s house.

He likes Tooru’s house. He likes the series of plants lining the stoop, and he likes the big window in the living room that lets in so much sunlight. He likes the cozy and warm feel to it, but what he likes most about it is how Tooru it is.

He doesn’t think much of anything when he knocks at the door and Tooru doesn’t answer right away. Hajime pulls his phone out of his pocket, scrolling through a few messages. He answers one from one of his co-workers - no, he does not want to switch shifts with him - and clicks on another, looking up when he hears a loud thump come from inside Tooru’s house.

“Tooru?” Hajime calls, knocking on the door again. “You there?” He’s about to knock again when the door swings open, a frantic Tooru on the other side of it.

Hajime’s heart sinks as soon as he sees him.

Tooru looks exhausted.

He’s rubbing his eyes, the remnants of a yawn escaping his lips. Even his hands can’t hide the bags under his eyes, purple and swollen and showing just how little he’s been sleeping. His hair is messy and looks like he hasn’t gotten the chance to wash it in a couple of days. He’s still wearing his work clothes, but there’s a stain on his shirt and the clothes themselves are wrinkled and worn. He squints when he sees Hajime, his expression shocked once he shakes off some of his exhaustion.

“Hajime?” He says, blinking, clearly very confused. “You… what are you doing here…?”

Hajime swallows, looking Tooru up and down. He really doesn’t look like himself at all. When Tooru puts his hand on the door, Hajime can see how he’s been picking at his nail beds, leaving them raw and an angry red.

A bad habit Tooru had given up back in college, he’d thought.

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anonymous asked:

hello I hope you are well ... soon it will be 2018 woah and well I wanted to ask you if you keep thinking the same thing as 2 years ago, for example ... do you still believe that the departure of Zayn was a stunt? Do you think he will come back? ... Do you think that 1D will come back?

Yes! yes, yes, yes.  All yes.

Nothing has really changed whatsoever to make me think that all the signs we previously saw can be discounted.  It’s just that things are taking a long time and that makes fans twitchy.

Schema, Assimilation, Accommodation

You see, my theory for the last few years has been that people believe with their heart the things they experience rather than the things their head tells them to believe.  That’s why it’s hard to trust again once your trust has been broken.  Before your trust has been broken, you theoretically know that you can be betrayed, but your heart doesn’t quite believe it.  Afterwards you’ve experienced it, and so it’s hard for your heart to believe you won’t be betrayed again.

This is backed up by science.  The way the human brain learns is through categorizing and comparing things.  You take anything new you encounter and compare it to your previous experiences.  Then you either categorize it as one thing, slightly alter the definition of a category as you include the new information in it, or create an entirely new category.  That means that things you experience more are going to be the things you know more about, understand better, and have an easier time believing for the most part.  It’s because that is literally WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD and that’s what we base our judgments off of.

The point of me saying all this is: because 1D has been on hiatus for awhile now and because the official narrative keeps getting pushed during the hiatus, it becomes the more prominent experience for us.  It gets harder to believe in the things we know are true when other experiences are more recent. 

It gets harder to argue against the bullshit that Harry “doesn’t want to be in 1D and always wanted to go solo” because we don’t have the fresh experience of seeing him utterly enjoying being on stage with his boys.

It gets harder to remember that 1D went excessively out of their way time and again to make it clear that it is JUST a hiatus when all we’ve been told for the last couple years is that their promises of reuniting are “just talk, clearly it’s done for good”.

It gets harder to point out all of the ways that Zayn leaving was ridiculous, illogical, and bogus when we haven’t seen him interact with any of the boys in 2 ½ years and keep being told in print that he doesn’t want to.

It gets harder because it’s like water wearing away at stone- slow, insistent, and pervasive.  In this case the official narrative that seeds doubt is the water and we the fans are the stone.

The bad experiences are more recent, but in no way does that mean the older, good experiences cease to exist.  They just become harder to remember and feel less real.  But they ARE still real.

Things That Still Stand


  • 1D DID put a repeating line into a song that they explicitly said was written about their relationship with the fans saying “this is not the end, this is not the end”.  
  • 1D DID clearly have some sort of connection to the Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 3 which specifically pointed out how the newspapers could be manipulated by the bad guys to falsely claim that 1D had broken up.  
  • Louis DID go so far as to pinky promise fans that they’d return which some might argue was empty reassurance but which I think is way overemphatic and plainly cruel if they don’t actually intend to return (and Louis isn’t cruel).
  • The excuses for why 1D would break up are STILL nonsensical as there’s no reason they can’t both have solo careers and a career as a group, and when it comes down to it without the BS considered, everyone seems to have really enjoyed being together and performing together.


  • Zayn’s departure STILL was extremely shady if you look at the way it was announced, the lack of any sort of consequence, the inconsistent narrative around his relationship with Syco, the inconsistent narrative around his continuing communication with the 1D boys, and the disparity between in-person Zayn’s statements and print!Zayn’s statements.
  • Zayn’s career has STILL obviously been sabotaged from within in such an effective way that it’s very hard to believe that he willingly chose to be connected to his “new” team.
  • Niall’s black pattern and the yellow sticker pattern STILL align far too perfectly to have been anything but a hint that Zayn was supposed to return mid-OTRA.  Add to that the Batman references which had a very specific message and spanned from 1D’s side to both Zayn and Naughty Boy, and there’s no real way to argue that Zayn wasn’t on board with returning.  There’s been nothing since then that would effectively convince me that his desire to return has changed.
  • Zayn DID post 3 pictures in short succession that referenced 2 awards that he won with 1D and 1 fan letter that had One Direction circled in a heart at the bottom.
  • You can’t forget the other references RBB made to OT5 either, especially that tweet at the end of OTRA about how 1D would return soon that had 5 sentences, 5 lines, and 5 x’s at the end.

Current Timeline

At this point, I think the timeline is just longer than we (or 1D) thought at first.  I think they truly thought they would be able to return within about 2 years, but the rug got pulled out from under them around March-May 2016.  I think Liam’s recent reference to 2020 means that that’s the current timeline we’re looking at in terms of contractual limitations to 1D returning.

I said in a post during OTRA that if they didn’t bring Zayn back during that, there was no way they were going to bring him back during the hiatus.  It doesn’t make any sort of financial or PR or even logical sense to have Zayn “reconcile” and return to a band that’s not even active.  Once OTRA was done, Zayn’s return was always going to be pushed back to when the hiatus ends.  Since the hiatus timeline seems to have been lengthened, it makes all the sense that Zayn’s return timeline has been too.

“Anything The Sun Says” Rule

Finally, a good rule of thumb is that The Sun and Dan Wootton are the devil.  If they’re pushing something particularly hard, it’s definitely BS.  If they say that Zayn is at loggerheads with the 1D boys, he definitely isn’t.  If they say that 1D is broken up for good, they definitely aren’t.  

The fact that the 1D boys are each individually STILL giving exclusives and interviews to The Sun means that they definitely don’t have anything like control over their own careers/marketing.  The Sun making up stories is one thing, but getting exclusive information over and over doesn’t happen by accident and actually having physical access to get interviews with the boys indicates cooperation by their teams.  Considering how awful The Sun and Dan Wootton have been to them in the past, they have no reason to continue working with it/him.  That they are only supports the idea that their old team still has a say over what their PR machines are spewing.


Nothing has changed; none of the proof or logic has changed.  

The BS just tends to wear away at you over time when things take too long.  

Things will end, but right now it’s just a trench/siege situation for us as fans.  Hunker down and try to find something to pass the time.

types of study breaks for every situation

if you realize you’ve been studying for hours: grab a snack to refuel your body and watch a sitcom to refuel your brain. then back to the books.

if you’re feeling stressed out: take some deep breaths, text your friends, maybe stare at a wall for a few minutes. gather yourself.

if you can’t seem to focus: get moving and get outside. take out the garbage, check your mail box, maybe walk your dog. just get moving and get fresh air. it’ll help bring you back.

if there’s something else going on in your life and you can’t get it off your mind: write down what’s going through your head, sort of like a diary entry. it’ll help you work things out.

if you’re just mentally and physically exhausted: set a timer for 25-30 minutes and take a nap. any longer and you’ll hit REM and you’ll wake up feeling just as tired. once you wake up, get some caffeine in you.

if the material is boring as hell: find another way to study. see if there’s a crash course video online about it or draw out what you’re trying to learn in diagrams and pictures to make it fun.

if people around you won’t shut up: listen to some music. soundtrack and classical music is always good because they won’t absorb you as much as music with lyrics. white noise (like ocean waves, rain sounds, etc.) also works.

if you only half understand a concept: call/message a friend who’s not in the class and try to teach the material to them. this will help you mentally work through the material and will help you remember it as well.

Side effects being friends with me include gaining extensive knowledge of tv shows you don’t watch or care about.


YOLO.exe - PART 1

> a Fatal_Error has Occurred Side Comic

> Non-canon Comic

> Next

This is the beginning of a very fun interaction ;)

For those who may not know/remember, this is Fresh_Hell :D

It’s important to note that this is the first non-canon side comic I’ve started- this isn’t actually part of the canon story. It’s more of a fun ‘what if’ scenario to explore. Even though he probably actually never would, what if Fresh decided to possess Fatal_Error? What would happen next?

I have several ideas for comics like these, but I can’t start some until certain parts of the canon story have happened, or else they won’t make any sense, or might spoil something in the main comic before we get to it. The same can be said for the canon side comics too - it’s all about timing. So comics like these might pop up from time to time, and update as we go along.

But anywho I’m rambling ^^

Peace out, brahs <3

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y’all need to realize that this is and…….. nothing is that deep. it’s a stupid fucking website. go outside and get some fresh air.

*Look at the Moon sign too!

Aries child: They need fair and respectful boundaries. They don’t have good risk/danger comprehension so they need some form of limitation. But overbearing restriction, confinement, and grounding will cause them to rebel more and push to dangerous extreme. They need a lot of encouragement and support, they absolutely want you to be watching when they do master a new skill 

Taurus child: They need plenty of fresh air and outdoor time. They need to get their feet dirty, play with the sand, smell the flowers, and feel the sun. They also need a lot of tactile activity like fluffy blankies, soft throws, and textural toys. They really enjoy cooking, drawing, dress ups, and gardening with mum and dad. They also love to be sung to. Sing and dance with them as much as you can, they love hearing the sound of their own voice 

Gemini child: It’s important that they are read to, taught, and listened to. Parents are their teachers. Talk to them like you talk to your friends, and always invite their input into the conversation. They love to hear your voice and their own. They need to keep their hands busy so they need fidget toys. And be prepared with your trivial knowledge. Their favourite word will be ‘why?’, and they will be very dissatisfied with “I don’t know”

Cancer child: They need to be reminded that they are welcomed, loved, safe, and will not be left. A tranquil and validating domestic life is very important. These kids will feel like ‘running away’ when there is conflict or chaos. They will be very attached to their comforts like security blankets, bottles, dummies, and drink a lot of milk. They love to be read to 

Leo child: Never miss their school concert, recital, sport’s game, or whatever. They need plenty of validation, affection, praise, and recognition. If criticism is cruel and not constructive, it will haunt them through complexes for the rest of their life. They are more sensitive than they seem, and they may be very attached to mother figures. They need a lot of creative and social activity

Virgo child: Sometimes these children don’t feel safe or wanted. It’s important that they are reminded of their importance. Regularity and routine keeps them feeling secure and stable. They don’t like abrupt changes. They are more sensitive than they seem and they think that their own problems aren’t important enough to ask for help. They can be very picky eaters  

Libra child: They are little dreamers, it helps to inspire their intellect. Encourage them to make decisions, like give them the choice of outfit or hairstyle. These children love to be read to. Treat them like the little Princess or Prince they are, then when true, deserving, and worthy love comes they know they are important enough to accept it. If you are angry at them, their whole day will be grey

Scorpio child: They often spend a lot of time in their rooms. They love games like peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek and the concept of appear and disappear. Keeping secrets from these children is futile, they know everything that is going on even if you try to speak in code or facial expressions. They need to know that their sensitivity and emotions are valid, okay, and nothing to be ashamed of

Sagittarius child: They are easily stir-crazy so they need a lot of adventure, movement, play, and fresh air. They need a lot of running around, they need to tire their legs out. Severe regulation or restriction will make them aggressive. Dogs can be really good companions for these kids. It will be their best friend

Capricorn child: Who is the adult here? Sometimes having a Capricorn child can feel like this. They prematurely worry about things beyond their control. They need to be reminded that they are safe, that they are being looked after, and they won’t be abandoned for failure. They respond better when they are spoken to like adults, and they need a lot of validation, they need to know that their feelings are okay and worthy of being soothed

Aquarius child: If you can’t find them, they are exploring time and space. The Aquarius mind needs autonomy to blossom its unique genius. They are soothed by music and they love to dance. It’s easy for them to make friends, but it can be harder to find a ‘best friend’. They need to be reminded that they are accepted and loved for the person they are 

Pisces child: They live in two worlds, they have a great imagination and they love to be read to. They can be easily overwhelmed by loud noise and stimulus, so they need a lot of quiet and nap time. They are very in tune with the parent’s moods so it’s hard to hide when you are crying or upset, but it lets them know that they are not alone in their emotion and it’s okay to express these. They are natural water babies, but without early desensitisation they may be extremely scared of the bath, shower, or swimming lessons 


something else that i noticed from last night’s ep

when lucifer was yelling at dagon and she said cas had kelly, and even though she mentioned he was with those other angels,

luci still yelled “THE WINCHESTERS HAVE MY SON?!

he knew that with angels or no, cas wouldn’t turn on the winchesters, not even for heaven

because luci lived in cas’s head all that time and knew without a doubt where his priorities lie