The Gigi SS16 Pitti Preview

Within the chaotic haste that envelops Pitti, there was one particular subject that seemed to gather a general consensus, during the brief rendezvous with fellow bloggers, designers and journalists: the staleness of the event itself. Despite the always alluring atmosphere, friendly reencounters, events and millions spent in each edition, the truth remains that if you are a recurrent visitor (+4 years), the chances of still being amazed by a new brand or product are residual. 

However, every once in a while a new project comes up that just seems to disrupt that static curtain and bring something extremely refreshing to the table: The Gigi is one of those select few. It’s very creation and history involves an extremely bold move from its founders, with the result being a product that seeks uniqueness through a dichotomic approach on the traditional: on the one hand it maintains the classic, time-tested elegance and industry know-how, while on the other it aims to break with overly conservative notions without “looking back”. 

With superb fabric developments at its core, resorting to outstanding jacquards and fil coupe weavings, they are able to bring a whole new dimension to the relaxed tailored ensemble. The collections, which have been slowly growing to deliver a “total look” approach, portray an alternative interpretation of tailored garments, based on the premise they need not be too basic or boring - a statement perfectly translated by the tridimensional effects they are able to create. For AW15 the inspiration came from the patterns and graphic motifs reminiscent of Native American and African cultures, with tribal and aztec jacquards spread throughout an array of garments. The contrast between bold pieces with striking visual effects and more subdued ones, where the detail requires a more keen eye, is where the beauty and full potential of the collection lies, seamlessly adapting to different moods and occasions. 

Eudora (pronounced you-DOR-uh) is the Greek Goddess of Heavy Rain. She is one of the Okeanides, the 3000 daughters of Tethys and Okeanos, Goddess and God of the Oceans. The Okeanides were responsible for fresh water sources, whether from the earth (such as springs and rivers) or from the sky (such as clouds and rain). Eudora’s name means “good gifts.”