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Do you have any art accounts you really recommend?? I really love Sarah! She's so cute

haha do I ever, I’ll make you a list, I follow so many artists though so I’ll try and narrow it down

@andatsea ,@andiree , @annaxiin, @anonbea, @aqvarelles, @artofpan, @babsdraws, @batcii, @bevsi, @cassandrajp, @celialowenthal, @charliebowater, @choodraws, @chuwenjie, @claystorks, @crowry, @cy-lindric @danarune, @em-niwa, @fionastaples, @fresaie, @galaxyspeaking, @hannahchristenson, @hvit-ravn, @jenniferhom, @jmeemarie, @joy-ang, @kalidraws, @leppu, @linneart, @loish, @lowlighter, @meabhd, @mimiadraws, @minuiko, @mmcoconut, @norhuu, @orokay, @palchidirenna, @perplexingly, @pheberoni, @phobso, @rynezion, @samanthamashillustration, @sandflakedraws, @sarakipin, @seventypercentethanol, @siranea, @staceyleephillips, @strangelykatie, @theminttu, @tinypaint, @tir-ri, @toerning, @turndecassette, @uzlolzu, @vickisigh, @viivus, @vinnie-cha, @viria, @wakaju, @walkingnorth, @ziegenkind,

And thank you!!! I’ll be drawing more of Sarah! If you have any prompts feel free to send ‘em in <3 <3 <3

so for love your artist week, i thought i’d make a list of all the wonderful artists who inspire, influence, and motivate me, and whose art is all around a treat for the eyes!!

matchallama/ellyshepard rawcopper/papercrow, pheberoni, cccrystalclear, ladyfenharel, tainted-knight, ib-gomes, sophierowan/lou2209, ummmmandy, merhelv, jessadilla, fresaie, halfdeadsketches, assbelas, felitomkinson, ewylouie/mensrightshotline, raviesbar, raviollies, siriusdraws, dreadlordbreadlord, xenoworks, marllowe, evansvictoriasketch, didiher, prisdoodles/prizquilla, viva-la-dalish, bunabi, janearts, holepsi, owligator, harteus, theboyofcheese, gloriousdownfall, elemei, palmsmudges, domirine, pulolichu, frostmdl, kgdoodles, skindancer, hchomgoblin, hedgehawke, xfreischutz, drparisa/vampirecoral, birdcrow, powersimon, neotericwitch, bottleshark, frafi, ymirr-art-blog, shalizeh7, thoughtsupnorth, leighsaeveart, kandros, theminttu, itsprecioustime, tt-vision, zootart, iheartapostates, erliinas, frednought, serenity-fails, the-orator, & needlesslycryptic

definitely check out these lovely people and give their art some well deserved love while you’re at it 

anonymous asked:

I'm honestly a little confused. If I remember correctly, you made a post a while ago explaining how you were tired of people 'stealing your style'. Now you're saying that you're disapproving of people calling artists out for the same thing that you did? I'm really not trying to be rude, and if I am I'm sorry, but I'm super confused as to what you want. You're an inspiration to a lot of young artists, as well as fresaie (who has a similar style to you), but you don't want...what?

You don’t remember correctly, I never made a post like that. I’ve made a few complaining about people TRACING my art, which is completely different than this new “stealing my style” thing that I have addressed what feels like 1000 times. It’s also almost impossible to do! The lengths someone would have to go for me to feel like they were stealing my style is nuts, and I’ve only had it happen once. Honestly this message is confusing, and Fresaie does semi-realistic digital art so yes we have similar styles because we’re using the same level of realism but I see plenty of stylistic differences between us.

By sending ANY artists messages accusing them of stealing my style, you’re putting THEM in an awkward position, you’re putting ME in an awkward position, and frankly making an ass out of yourself. It’s NEVER cool to jump someone on anon because you think our art looks similar. You ALWAYS take it to the original artist and let them decide, it’s not your art. It is not your business, and you have 0 authority making decisions on my behalf. I’m SO !! sick of this happening I have to send these people apologies for yall acting like over excited little kids thriving off causing drama. It’s some BS !! grow up! Stop starting issues when like 90% of the time it’s completely uncalled for! Keep your nose out of it, Come STRAIGHT to me if you think someone is somehow copying me. Bring it straight to me, and I will be grateful, even if it’s not true ! I’m glad there’s people that want to look after me but you guys need to understand that attacking people anonymously is absolutely the wrong way to do it. 

theabnormalandroid  asked:

3 5 10 and 15

3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

5: Who/what inspires you?

fresaie savodraws meexart asieybarbie andaglas skoptsy wazzup1721

sachinteng raspbeary raviesbar seventypercentethanol loish uzlolzu ursuladecayart queans 11vnk munbbi okolnir epsee stephaniepepper phobso philliplight pheberoni poplerpig feverworm harteus hamletmachine apollo-pop apomix crystalbeast crowske spacelet nerdgaljr killamonstar paexie kingkaiser kikiface halfdeadsketches chiibuns cakiebakie lespecialieee kathuon

MANY MANY MORE! these are the people on top of my head! [also no particular order either]

10: Draw a gijinka of your blog.

what– is this… i am thinking pokemon. tbh

15:Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?: Answered