fresaie gave some great advice on adoptables.. ive thought about them since my days on dA but i didnt rly know how to do them??

would you guys be interested in some cute lil mystical creature adoptables? or like some based on mythology mb?? they wouldnt be very expensive either

also, im sending out my last two commission sketches and will then be waiting for the go on coloring/finishing them! however some havent replied to me for a week (understandable its life) and i have rent due tomorrow :( so ill be opening commissions prob later today, tomorrow at the least. i really, really need help this month… i wont be getting any loans until late august :/

but dw, i already have colors and the like planned out for thosw that r pendig so when i get the replies ill just finish them as they come. the new batch will b done differently too:

no more commission info via fanmail bc i just found two clients whose fanmails disappeared?? for no reason ugh jfc… so email only. prices have also changed… only gone up like 5 to 10 dollars after i got multiple asks suggesting i should raise prices (and god knows itd help so we’ll see how it goes)

im also only gonna take 6 slots this time, MAYBE 10 but no more ughhh jfjdj. i took on way too many before good lord… but 7 or so feels like i can do it and as i get better ill go to 10 or smthng.

also no more first pay first serve. its not rly working out and honestly some ppl respond quicker than others so ofc i should work on theirs first (cuz they’ll get done quicker too!!) this’ll also help bc some ppl only order sketches and can b done before a full render

i have also set a deadline for myself on each piece–no more than 5 to 7 days on a client. ofc i plan on getting them done even before that but school is coming back and i need to pump stuff out quicker if im gonna avoid being homeless. and that means not taking months… :/ rly embarrassed by that.. im sorry you guys. i really am.

i hope u guys r still interested and ill b contacting those who asked to be contacted when i opened again!! if u have any questions pls feel free to ask!! alao any suggestions or tips would be really wonderful ;v;