frerard never dies

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haha yeah, I said I wanted to show those master posts to my girlfriend

Here, I’ve just made one huge MASTERPOST - this is it (under the cut)

I’ll be adding more theories later cuz i don’t have time for that right now and it’s like such a huge amount of theories that wow, this is just a tiny fraction of it all….

PS: These are mostly my theories but  I also added posts that were incredibly interesting or stuff you should definitely KNOW ABOUT when it comes to Frank and Gerard’s relationship…


HERE (i divided the theories according to what they are about)

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anonymous asked:

This blog is actually the best fucking thing that ever happened to me omg thank you so much, i love you

thank you :”) i love you too

Maaaan i hope the legacy of this blog NEVER DIES cuz, this blog’s just- STUFFED with so much INFORMATION…..

Me along with all of my perfect followers who have been pointing out interesting shit, helping me out with analyses, dropping in stuff for me to look into…..we’ve all created this huge timeline and looked in detail at almost all the eras, all the songs and posts and poems, lyrics, interviews……

I feel like doing all this, running this blog, doing all the work we’ve…managed to look behind the curtain.

I’ve put so SO MUCH time and effort into this…..but without ya all this could never exist….

I feel like this blog might be one of the greatest compilations of EVERYTHING that’s frerard on every possible level...

I hope the legacy stays for the newer generations if anyone was ever to get obsessed with mcr again…or maybe one day if they ever come back…