Ok so theres this phenomenon that has recently unveiled itself on facebook to me more than it shouldve.

Lets say youre a 17-yr-old girl and you add or accept a friend request from a 20-smtg-yr-old-guy that you barely know- maybe from a festival or maybe from some hangout place so like you know his face and thats it.

A week later on messenger he texts -hey -or- hi -or- whatsuppp
And you give one word answers but he wont give up, eh?
And with minimum convo its always like

-whatcha doin tonight
-you can come over if you’d like😏

Like this has happened more times than for it to be a “just a weirdo” thing

Its a THING. For 27-yr-olds to casually text probably all 17-yr-old girls they were able to friend on fb.