• taylor swift fandom:*still openly hates joe jonas for being a douche 7 years ago*
  • taylor swift fandom:these calvin receipts are ridiculous and make no sense!! they're from 6 months ago anyway, he's changed!!

highlights of pride today:

  • the dogs
  • especially the dog that had balloons in the ace flag color tied to its collar
  • the cat named claudia jean (like cj from the west wing)
  • the iguana in the parade
  • the starbucks drag queen who had a hat made of coffee cups
  • the queer lady bikers
  • the guy wearing only a rainbow speedo doing back flips up and down the parade route
  • the straight guy next to us who said “i’m not gay, but this is HOT” when there were a bunch of guys dancing only in speedos on a float

The problem with traditional art is the rate at which it sells - a piece can collect dust for an age and a half before it finally moves off the shelf. It may seem refined, but its use is limited to those who want to come off as the sort of clan that has portraits and stone sculptures by famous artists laying around.

Omittec, on the other hand, works a very different angle. A more marketable angle. The angle that promotes welding together brightly-painted sheets of metal until it resembles a hainu. The angle that doesn’t mind creating lawn ornaments and paper-weights. The angle that can take someone else’s damaged goods and make something entirely unrelated out of them. The angle that sells to folks who just want a little conversation piece on their coffee table.

Admittedly, Sornieth’s art scene doesn’t seem inclined to take him seriously, but Omittec couldn’t care less. He’s having fun making monsters out of scrap.

There’s nothing I can really do about it. Either way, it’s not something I can waste time caring about since I have my own significant problems to deal with at the moment.


        This is falling in love in the cruelest way,
                                               This is falling for you and you are worlds away.

Just by the fact that baekhyuns mentioned ot12 more than once, you can tell its most deeply embedded into his heart ;; he was the one member who not only was popular among his k members but the m line as well, and its a little disheartening to see him stammer around his emotions like that ;-(

dotofink replied to your post: “Hi! Do you think Littlefinger is poisoning Sweetrobin? It is in his interests to have him die sooner rather late…”

I had never considered this! Thanks for explaining!

You’re very welcome! I had seen several theories suggesting Sweetrobin was being poisoned due to him complaining about something tasting vile in his milk, which always boggled me – because sweetsleep is a poison! That he claims “unsweetened” milk tastes nasty is either due to petulance or a side-effect of the drug.

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#i dont understand how the sansa theory has no basis #i quite like it

I’ll bet you do. But if you’d read the post I linked, you would see that the theory the “controversial Sansa chapter” of TWOW would include her poisoning Sweetrobin (often theorized it would be on purpose; also theorized were rape and pedophilia and all kinds of horrible things) turned out to be baseless when that chapter was released and nothing of the sort happened in it whatsoever. And it turned out that the original description of it being “controversial” was due to the fact that Sansa flirts with a boy in it and thus the “controversy” was incredibly overblown and all the theorizing about the horrible things that would happen to Sansa (or that Sansa would do) in that first chapter of TWOW had no basis. Again, that’s all laid out in the post I linked. (Look, I’ve linked it here again. Three times now.)

Is it possible that Sansa could still accidentally poison her cousin later in the book due to the fact she doesn’t know sweetsleep is a poison? Sure, and I didn’t say it couldn’t happen. But the theory that it would happen because Elio Garcia called her first TWOW chapter “controversial” has no basis.

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I doubt that Sweetrobbin dying of sweetsleep poisoning will lead to LFs or Sansa’s downfall. FIrst of all, everyone knows that Sweetrobin is sickly and by bribing/ threatening a maester it will be easy to have his death declared a result of his disease. Second of all, LF could easily shift the blame on the maester. As for Alayne, unless someone throws her under the bus, she won’t be blamed. After all, she’s just a sweet, innocent girl who doesn’t know anything about the medicine and it’s risks and was only trying to take care of sweet, sweet Robin whom she loved so dearly and took care of after his mother died so tragically. And when she saw that the medicine helped the poor boy, and when his young lordship demand it - well, how can anyone blame her for asking the maester for more? 

You are Littlefinger and I claim my five pounds.

(OK, ok it’s possible it could go that way… but this is Sansa, y’know? The day everything works out for her as planned I’ll be very happy, but it’ll probably be the end of the series.)

I hardly see Bellarke shippers hate on Clexa from fear of being accused homophobic (even though Clexa is all around an unhealthy relationship just btw) meanwhile Clexa shippers shit on every single post they see about Bellarke that appears on their dash like just chill pls

Today, in “Fan Wildly Misreads Female Character Based on Internalized Sexist Values”

So it’s no secret that I write fanfic. It amuses me, I enjoy interpreting characters, and transposing really old stories into modern day settings and playing with tropes is the most amusing thing in the world. Like what to do with dragons as pets in the 21st century? SPHINX CATS. (I use that as an example, because literally, “haha what if Aithusa were a sphinx cat?!” is how I got into this whole, elaborate mess about seven or eight months ago anyway.) 

I also really enjoy seeing how people react to things when I try to re-empower female characters who don’t have the best of things in their “canon” universes. You know, as a social experiment. Because I want to be an academic and play with fandom in some capacity and I basically use a feminist approach with all of my analyses as it is, so playing with this stuff amuses me. 

Obviously, one of the fics I’m writing revolves around Morgana (because lol who are we even trying to kid here?). Now, we can all agree that in all universes, Morgan le Fay is a character who knows her mind and is driven by the things she wants to achieve (ahem, deciding to take the only form of power available to women at her time – rhetoric – and use it to learn magic and become a powerful enchantress who serves no one but herself). The Merlin version of Morgana is obsessed with power and achieving her goals to the point that it practically drives her insane. It becomes her entire world, and she stops at absolutely nothing. 

So, it would only make sense that in transposing her story to the 21st century, I 1) make Morgana a character who tries to achieve the highest forms of knowledge available to her, 2) make sure that Morgana has agency in everything that she does and stands by her actions, no matter the repercussions, 3) have Morgana prioritize her career and put her deeds over romantic and personal relationships. 


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