The final Heavy Hitter from Bioshock Infinite was revealed

Sirens are the final Heavy Hitters of Bioshock Infinite. Four, they felt it necessary to have four completely different monstrous things scaring and beating us up in their game. This game is going to be so good, unless it has like a bad ending, bad dlc or whatever else the community gets up and angry about. 

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PopCap has a new Facebook game - Solitaire Blitz, we review it!

Hi guys, I´m Sirts and I had the chance to try out PopCaps new Facebook game. I have also tried Zuma Blitz and Bejeweled Blitz from FB games and from PopCaps “real” games I have played Zuma, Zumas Revenge, Bejeweled, Chuzzle, Peggle and Plants vs Zombies. I have tried more, but just once. 

So now about the Solitare Blitz.

The gameplay is rather easy. Just pick a card, that´s higher or lower from the card on the deck. If you find a fish between the cards it counts as a multiplier and also the only thing that you need to level up. Every level up gives a new card design to choose from and +3 energy. One energy is used for one game.

External image

External image

Also between the cards are key cards that have a marking on them, which open up to three slots. In every slot, there is a card for witch you can pick the higher or lower card for.

There is a chance to earn extra time if you get all your card rows below the timeline. Every row emptied gives 10K points and after a game a treasures witch have different values in silver coins. With silver you can buy bonuses, from extra time to various other boosts.

When you level up then your energy bar does not fill up, but you get 3 extra separate lives to use, then if you like you can gather them and play altogether. 

Of course there is a weekly leaderboard to compete with you friends, if there is any who play. And you can bother your friends also with sending them different quite worthless treasures. And to empty your credit card you can buy, energy, boosts, silver and card designs. What´s surprising is the price. They really think that someone will spend that kind of money for a FB game?

External image

All and all it´s just a card game. If you like card games and don´t have anything to do, then go ahead. If you don´t like card games then this doesn’t make you like them more. For me it wasn’t neither relaxing nor interesting. I was also amazed that PopCap didn’t put any more effort in to making some completely new game.

Check out this trailer for game in 1080p why not:



Did you ever play Persona? If so did it ever feel like there was too little fighting and too much everything else? Well in that case you are in luck my friends, Atlus is bringing Persona 4: Arena - a HD spinoff fighthing game based on the Persona roleplaying games. 

They promise to make the game look really gorgeous with hand-drawns 2d graphics and cool special effects.

Here’s the official word:

Developed in partnership with genre master Arc System Works, Persona 4 Arena uses gorgeous, hand-drawn, high definition 2D anime-style fighters and colorful, over-the-top special effects to bring to life characters from the acclaimed, highly popular Persona 3 and Persona 4.  Backed up by an original, hardcore fighting engine from one of the most respected 2D fighting game developers in the industry, Persona 4 Arena represents the biggest, most noteworthy expansion of the esteemed series to date.” 

Persona 4 Arena is scheduled to release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems this summer. For more information, visit

Dead Space 3 screenshots

External image

I’ve completed Dead Space and started out on Dead Space 2 while incredibly creepy games they never really scared me beyond the occasional cheap “jump scare” So perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that Dead Space 3 looks more like a co-op shooter than a truly scary horror game.

Either way it has always been a visually amazing and visceral experience.

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

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Blacklight: Retribution now available on Steam - Free to play!

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Blacklight: Retribution has been available for a while and has been free to play for some time, now it’s also availabele via Steam. I think its absolutely awesome for free-to-play games to make themselves playable on Steam. Its so much easier to find and get noticed there. I’ve played a bit of Blacklight: Retribution and it’s a competent, good looking shooter I only wish I had more time to play it.

Check out the Steam Hero Montage trailer and screenshots, I have to say those screenshots that they released do not do the game justice, the game looks actually much more better, it’s quite beautiful actually.

External image

External image

External image

Dishonored cinematic trailer

Remember that cryptic message by Bethesda yesterday? Well we were half right, it was from a cinematic but not for Prey 2, that Prey 2 part was just wishful thinking.

No that image was from the new Dishonored game that has some ties with Valve Software.

That trailer definitely reminds us of another assassin that likes to run on rooftops and prey on their victims. 

[Read more about Dishonored here]

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Rift to introduce Fishing and Survival in next patch

Patch 1.8 will bring two new optional tradeskills to the world of Rift - fishing and survival.  

Survival is meant as an accompanying skill for fishing. Fish is the raw material and survival lets you craft foodstuffs and other goodies.

You can catch other loot than only fish from the waters of Telara.

Here is what it’s all about:


  • Cast your line and reel in the riches of Telara’s rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  • Catch fish, artifacts, and even new companion pets.
  • Explore Telara for the best chance at a rare catch!
  • Craft fishing poles and lures to catch the most elusive creatures of the deep.


  • Cook and craft items to rough it in Telara’s wilderness.
  • Prepare delicious meals that provide in-game buffs when consumed.
  • Take to the wild by crafting tents, bedrolls, and other utility items.

[Read more about it here]

Dust 514 - a new shooter game screenshots are full of shooting

CCP is making a multiplayer shooty game to tie into their massive space opera of an MMO game EVE online.

The game is suppose to bring more people into the world of EVE and offer an opportunity to shoot people and tanks and stuff rather than mine asteroids and practice big scale fraud to hussle up insane amounts of credits.

Here we can see the actual game:

Assassin's Creed III website live with a countdown

3 days, so that means it’s counting down to Monday and the official announcement for the game. I hope to get a trailer out of that announcement or some screenshots would be nice too right. I don’t think there were many tall towery buildings to leap from in America at that time in history not at least anywhere near the battles that took place so it will be extremely interesting to see how the combat and getting away from bad guys is handled.  I expect lots of native-american nature tricks to happen.

Also I absolutely LOVE that there is snow in this game.

[Countdown site]


Guild Wars 2 Human opening cinematic.

mikeB, one of my favourite mmo experts is uploading more and more footage from his press beta experience with the game. Keep an eye on his channel. I will post the best parts here as well.

Now about the opening itself, it left a weak impression. Compare that to the opening cinematic of World Of Warcraft (what else) that calls you to action, sets the character up as someone who matters, a chosen one. Guild Wars 2 version was a lot more tame and reserved, dare I say mature.

Sons of Starcraft trailer revealed

Artosis and Tasteless are household names in the world of professinal eSports. The dynamic duo have cast many a Starcraft and Starcraf II matches in their lives and Sons of Starcraft is a documentary movie about that - the lives of two great people doing what they do best.

Have a look at the fresh trailer for the documentary:

ROTT is back! Trailer

External image

Every now and again we get a nostalgic blast from out past. This time it’s ROTT or Rise Of The Triad  - a crazy, fun first-person shooter from the early days of PC gaming. I remember playing ROTT and honestly I played this more than I ever played DOOM or Quake it was different and I liked it.

It was confirmed at Quakecon with screenshots and video, actual stuff to prove it! 

The game looks to be very gory and arcade-y. Very much like the original and that is all good. It does however have the slight feel of a budget game to it but I don’t think anyone will care about that as long as you get to relive your childhood memories in this new version, right?

[Thanks to Verge for reporting it first]


External image

Starforge is a wonderful work-in-progress free to play game project that is another step towards what I’m sure is the future of all gaming - open world sandbox masterpiece. The visuals might not be the thing that jumps out at first, nor is the rich lore/story. It’s the endless ideas and inspirations that start bubbling in the players minds that makes this game amazing.

Watch the trailer first to understand what we are dealing here:

Planetside meets minecraft? Something like that. Its a long video but it shows us why we should be excited about this game and all games like this. It gives the players the tools to make what they want. Total freedom, you can go into space!

Understandably the homepage is overrun with press and gamers alike looking for more info about the project. This game is worth checking out and I hope they exapand and keep perfecting this great thing they are doing.

If you’d like to give the game a try:

Direct download: 

Official torrent: 


- Go to to view game fixes. They will be reported in the Feedback/Bugs section:

- When the game launches you will be immediately greeted with a blank screen. This is normal behavior, as the level is building during this phase, including procedural texture generation. It may take a couple minutes on some computers. This is something we plan to fix in the near future.

- Some the features shown in the video are not yet included in this build but they will be playable soon.

- The game may not run on your computer, has performance issues and playability problems. We strongly apologize for this and we are set on fixing these issues over the next few weeks.

We hope that these temporary problems will not create a bad impression and we are unsure if we revealed our game too soon. Nonetheless we will work hard to make the game as it ought to be.”