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Can I make a request where reader is best friends with Calvin, but he has a girlfriend who’s really mean to the reader and near the end of the story Calvin admits he likes the reader while his girlfriend is drunk

Okay so I cut off a teeny bit of the request because it would be a spoiler lmao, you’ll just have to wait and see what happens! :p

Thanks so much for the request, I hope this is good enough! :D

A familiar shrill voice greeted your ears with the same vigour as nails ferociously scraping a blackboard.

Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as a feeling of dread settled in the pit of your stomach and a sigh blew past your lips.

One of the major downsides of staying with Calvin while you found a new place was the disgusting frequency with which he found it necessary to bring his irritating bitch of a girlfriend home.

Well… it was his house….

It was fine at first - she seemed nice enough, so you smiled and laughed and tried to make a good impression - as you did with everyone. That was until the fourth time she came round; she grabbed you by the arm and pulled you close enough so you could feel her breath on your face and hissed in your ear, ‘Just remember I’m Calvin’s girlfriend, alright? He’s taken.’

You wrenched your arm out of her iron grip and rubbed the finger marks she left on your skin as your brow furrowed in anger.

'What? Calm the fuck down, I’m only here temporarily. We’re friends.’

You wanted nothing more than to punch the bitch in the face, but your increasingly murderous thoughts were thankfully interrupted by Calvin’s entrance back into the room and her demeanour changed instantly.

A sickeningly sweet smile swept across her face like a well-rehearsed procedure and she emitted a high pitched squeal of a laugh every time Calvin spoke.

Since then, her unwarranted bitchy comments were relentless, and you did your best to avoid her so you wouldn’t end up in prison for murder.

Now, her voice even managed to permeate the closed door to your room; the screeching punctuated every now and then by the deep hum of Calvin’s voice.

Her voice became impossibly louder and it dawned on you that they were arguing.

Feet padding closer to your room sparked panic in your gut and you quickly switched off the bedside light and pretended to be asleep - throwing yourself backwards into the pillows and closing your eyes.  

The door cracked open and unleashed hell in the form of no protection whatsoever against Satan’s screeching.

'Shut the fuck up - Y/n’s sleeping!’ Calvin’s harsh whisper made her all the more furious and she let loose.

'I don’t give a fuck! This is serious, Calvin - and your only concern is waking her up?!’

'You’re making a big deal out of nothing, and you don’t need to fucking shout all the time!’

Calvin was trying to remain calm and you could hear it in his voice as he quietly closed your door and returned to the lounge, where the argument continued.

You would have been perfectly happy to stay well out of the way for the rest of the night had your stomach not started growling like an angry bear.

With the stealth of an assassin, you opened your door and peeked out into the hallway.


You began to tiptoe towards the kitchen and hadn’t heard a sound yet; maybe they left?

Your spirits began to lift and you thought your ninja skills were no longer required until you walked into the lounge and she barged right into you.

'Watch where you’re going,’ she hissed as she walked out and you muttered a quiet, 'Fuck off,’ until you spotted Calvin and promptly shut your mouth.

Sure, she was a cunt - but if she made him happy then it had nothing to do with you, right?

Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that she completely takes advantage of him and treats him like absolute shit… but that’s none of your business.

He was angry. Really angry.

His brown eyes were filled with a rage you had never seen before and his hands were clenched into fists as he plopped himself down onto the sofa.

After grabbing a drink for each of you (the food would have to wait), you joined him, tucking your legs up under yourself as your body faced his.

'What have you done this time?’ You asked nonchalantly as you took a sip of the refreshingly cold liquid in your glass.

'I apparently ignored her when she asked me a question.’

'Is that it?’ You raised an unimpressed eyebrow.


'Fucking hell, Calvin. That’s punishable by death in some countries.’

The chuckle that escaped him eased his rage a bit and you were glad - angry Calvin was scary.

Hot, but scary.

The Bitch entered the lounge clutching a bottle of wine with a face like thunder when she spotted you sitting next to Calvin.

Her gaze emitted pure hatred and it made you smile to see her so pathetically wound up over literally nothing.

As you began to move from the sofa and make your way back up to your room, a hand on your knee stopped you from going any further.

Confused, you glanced at Calvin. The look he gave you begged you to stay so he wouldn’t have to deal with her - especially when she was drunk.

For a second you hesitated, but you knew he’d do the same for you so you ended up staying.

'Any good movies on?’ You mumbled as you took the remote and began flicking through channels. Anything to fill the empty silence that otherwise blanketed the room.

'Isn’t it time to went back to your room, Y/n? Calvin and I need to talk,’ her slurred voice took a moment to process and when you finally understood the garbled nonsense that escaped her mouth you simply smiled and replied, 'Nope. I’m good here, thanks.’  

Calvin tried to suppress a grin but failed miserably and she retaliated by taking another swig from the wine bottle, which was now half empty.

A short while later, Satan was so drunk she began to fall in and out of consciousness while she desperately clutched onto the empty wine bottle in one hand.

She was a mess.

You and Calvin spoke in hushed tones, though a jackhammer probably wouldn’t rouse her at this point. As Calvin spoke, your eyes observed her diminishing grip on the wine bottle and you had to dive for it before it fell to the floor and shattered.

You set it on the floor before joining Calvin on the sofa and continuing your conversation.

The topic soon turned to her.

'She treats you like shit,’ you said and immediately regretted opening your mouth - but it was the truth.

You watched his gaze dip from yours and it suddenly hit you how much you wanted him.

He was always there for you like no one else had ever been.

He listened to you and supported you and held you whenever you needed it and now you knew why your stomach fluttered every time he said your name.

You watched his lips as he spoke and you wanted nothing more than to lean forward and connect your mouth to his because you would treat him so much better than she does-

He leaned in and his plump lips felt better against yours than you could ever have imagined they would and his hands in your hair felt divine - his fingers glided through the strands and he tugged slightly on them when the kiss deepened.

With one hand in his soft hair and the other on his chest his teeth nipped at your bottom lip and you groaned and squeezed your thighs together as a burning lust ignited in the pit of your stomach.

'We can’t do this,’ breathy whispers spilled from your mouth against your will and his dark eyes met yours.

'Fuck, I want you so bad,’ he said against your lips and you wanted to give in - to let him take control and intoxicate your senses; but before you could, a groan from the other end of the room snapped you out of the trance and you stopped.

You didn’t want this to end… you wanted to feel his hands all over you as he whispered how beautiful you were against your skin; you wanted to feel his lips dance over every inch of your body and leave pretty purple marks wherever he saw fit. You wanted him. And he just said he wanted you too.

But it couldn’t happen. 

You untangled yourself from the beautiful brown-eyed boy. 'I think you need to take her home.’ You said as you exited the lounge and returned to your room.

Lying amongst the pillows on your bed, all you could think about was his lips and the way his hands felt on your skin…

but he could never be yours.

I hope it was what you wanted! :) My asks are always open for anything at all and thank you so much for reading! X

I luv u! 

A Note on Call-Out Culture

“Call-out culture refers to the tendency among progressives, radicals, activists, and community organizers to publicly name instances or patterns of oppressive behaviour and language use by others. People can be called out for statements and actions that are sexist, racist, ableist, and the list goes on. Because call-outs tend to be public, they can enable a particularly armchair and academic brand of activism: one in which the act of calling out is seen as an end in itself.

What makes call-out culture so toxic is not necessarily its frequency so much as the nature and performance of the call-out itself. Especially in online venues like Twitter and Facebook, calling someone out isn’t just a private interaction between two individuals: it’s a public performance where people can demonstrate their wit or how pure their politics are. Indeed, sometimes it can feel like the performance itself is more significant than the content of the call-out. This is why “calling in” has been proposed as an alternative to calling out: calling in means speaking privately with an individual who has done some wrong, in order to address the behaviour without making a spectacle of the address itself…call-out culture can end up mirroring what the prison industrial complex teaches us about crime and punishment: to banish and dispose of individuals rather than to engage with them as people with complicated stories and histories.”

Read more here. 

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flutterby115  asked:

Do you know if having seeds near a microwave will keep them from growing? I'm trying to figure out why none of my seeds are sprouting :/

As far as I know, no. The microwave is designed to contain the radio waves, however, interesting fact, depending on the frequency of your microwave, your plant could be absorbing the signal. Vegetation absorbs 2.4 GHz which is why if you have a ton of plants, your wifi will suck.

Energy Update ~ Equinox Entry Vortex – Gateway Portal 2016
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Posted by angelstoyou, 09/26/2016

By Romeo Baron

It Has Begun! The Equinox Vortex has created a frequency jump further through the 4D gateway portal that will cause more high vibrational interstellar energies of the original Christ Light consciousness to permeate the etheric and physical structures of mother Earth.

The anchoring of these higher ascension energies will further raise our personal vibrations and our energetic fields, and that of mother Earth as well for the complete shift into the new Earth reality. This will enable us to fully open and access newer energies and shift the etheric structures of our physical bodies, which will help to re-balance and accelerate not only mother Earth and her healing and activation process, but our own.

This alignment will be particularly crucial, as our entire solar system spirals out to pass through long distances of cosmic clouds within the space-time continuum to go around the Great Central Sun, entering the Harmonic Universe.

In November 2016, the opening the Ascension Portals will be completed and this will allow the original Christ light consciousness to REMOVE anything that is not in harmonic alignment with the original divine plan for mother Earth.The negative rulers of our planet can only do their dirty work here until then, before the Divine Plan makes life impossible for them to even exist.

The powerful opening of the Ascension Portals will transform the planet and all life into higher vibratory states…bringing us closer and closer to the Cosmic Bodies of Light which we truly are. With the opening of these Portals, it completes mother Earth’s Multi-Dimensional template activation and that of our own.

The complete opening of these Ascension Portals will allow all Star-ship fleets of the Alliance to travel through mother Earth. These Star-ships from the entire Cosmos will be able to travel Inter-Dimensionally here through the Star Gates as our planet will once again be a HUB for the harmonic Universe.

We will become a new humanity and once again the Guardians of the Universe who are the most loving, benevolent beings who reflect the Christ light consciousness of the absolute Divine.

So be it. 

Within Harmony, Divine Love, and Oneness.

~Romeo Baron



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Harmonograph, H. Irwine Whitty, 1893

“The facts that musical notes are due to regular air-pulses, and that the pitch of the note depends on the frequency with which these pulses succeed each other, are too well known to require any extended notice. But although these phenomena and their laws have been known for a very long time, Chladni, late in the last century, was the first who discovered that there was a connection between sound and form.”

source here