sorry for the lack of activity guys, ive moved to a new country and for some reason that just made me draw less but!! im starting to feel it coming back to me! and! i decided i’d try these new ps brushes that i got and i l o ve them so i will try to practice with them more

started out as a warmup but then i decided id use it as a practice for the brushes, was thinking of a pirate cabin boy idk

Can we all just take a second though and remember the original reason that Leo teases Frank?
It’s not really about Hazel and it’s not just for the fun of it either
I’m not excusing Leo at all….he was mean and insensitive
But I think people forget why
He spends months of his life (forsaking most of the CHB activities and making friends) building the Argo II which no one thanks him for
And he gets freaking POSSESSED
And his crew mates, friends, people he’s supposed to trust are willing to trust a stranger more than him?
Again, it doesn’t excuse his actions, but you can almost understand why he wouldn’t exactly want to be BFFs with Frank
He literally represents that time when people who he considers friends reject him (which sounds an awful lot like what happened with his aunt rosa and his family)
Obviously it’s not the exact same circumstance and again, I’m not excusing Leo’s actions
But, I feel like people forget this little scene in MoA

((And it doesn’t help that Frank starts asking weird questions right away))

For years...

For years, I shipped Percico hardcore (They were practically my only ship at the time. These two lovely boys got me into fanfiction.) but then The Heroes of Olympus was published and suddenly there’s Jercy, Valdangelo, Jasico, Pipabeth, Frazel, Lazel, Freo, Frazeleo, Reynabeth, Pipayna, and everyone with everybody!


My current altar spaces:

1.  Roman household altar to Ianus, Vesta, Venus, Bacchus, Mercurius, Minerva, Apollo, Iuppiter, Diana, Iuno, and Dis Pater
2.  Altar to Fortuna, Saturnus, and Sol Invictus
3.  Germanic household altar to Woden, Thunor, Ingwine-Frea, and Freo (custom woodburned god poles)
4.  Woden closet shrine
5.  Kemetic household altar and shrine to Bastet, Ma'at, Heru, Djehuti, Anpu, and Amun, as well as Ptah, Sekhmet, and Nefertem (The Memphite Triad)
6.  Shinto household altar to Tenjin

what's your guys favorite song
  • Annabeth: i don't listen to music
  • Percy: under the sea!
  • Jason: counting stars
  • Hazel: hey I love that song too
  • Frank: anything by Taylor swift
  • Leo: dude you can't ask me not to make fun of you for that
  • Frank: do you expect me to lie
  • Nico: anyways my favorite song is welcome to my life
  • Percy: but that is so depressing
  • Nico: well...

Frank & Freo

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