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3 and 36 for that meme

3 - what random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

I dont really read anymore but when I used to and I had to put down the book for just a minute or so I put my phone in it as bookmark

36 - which band’s sound would fit your mood right now?

Frenzal Rhomb but im too tired to word out why

I was meant to be in bed two hours ago.

Instead, I’m up working and listening to Frenzal Rhomb because there was an emergency at 11pm and I can’t get back to work because I found a fuckup and need to fix it.

Frenzal Rhomb, with unforgettable hits, such as “I love fucking up”, “Johnny Ramone was in a fucken good band but he was a c**t (gabba gabba you suck)”, “”I’m a backwards fucken useless piece of dogshit… and I vote”, “I know everything about everything”, “I hate my brain”, “U.S.Anus”, “Guns don’t kill ducklings (ducklings kill ducklings)” and “World’s fuckedest cunt”
Upcoming Event in Sydney! Brewsfest FFO: Frenzal Rhomb & Local Resident Failure.

Hey guys,I don’t know how many sydney siders frequent this sub, but i’ve put on a weekend of killer punk shows in Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong!Features bands like Local Resident Failure (who i assume a few of you might be familar with thanks to Kye’s awesome Drum Videos.) as well as Nerdlinger, Them Sharks, Ivan Drago and a bunch of others.If you’re keen to come along, let me know and i’ll shout you a beer or two.If not, every single band on the lineup is killer, and i highly recommend you have a listen to some of them. We’ve got some more information here at our Facebook via /r/punk

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"Everybody's stupid!(x2) Everybody's stupid but me!" -Srong Bad Somebody Told Me(Now I Believe Them) from Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits. Okay that's more kid Mycroft but still.

Do me a favour, look up a song called “I know Everything About Everything” by an Australian band known as Frenzal Rhomb. I might have even posted it on here before.

It’s my go-to Holmes song. Seriously. :P.


Frenzal Rhomb - “Mum Changed The Locks”