The lovely @mordinette tagged me for this music meme - thank you! :)

Rules: write the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle, write your favorite quote, then tag 10 people.

Spotify is actually pretty shit when it comes to actually “shuffling” songs, but it’s all I have, so expect to see multiple songs by the same bands, and know that I DO listen to others lol.

1. Jay Frenzal - Less Than Jake
Because Jay I can see it in your eyes
Theres somthing wrong with that disguise
As you devised, your mind would race
To that ever so destructive fucking place

2. Wish Pig - Less Than Jake
I wish I could have it all
And even if I could and then I would take it all,
Start it new with one thing that I could do
One wish I’d take it all away
I’d take it all away from you
I’d wish it all away… (that’s actually the entire song lol)

3. A Welcome Burdeon - Disturbed
Gather your psychotic masses and bring them to me
To a world devoid of sanity
Another time, & another place
And let the violent ones crave calamity
Rip away her disguise and you will realize that ya find
The truth is sickening

4. Dreams of Psilocybin - Finch
I Wrote it down in blood
Never forget my love
Faith as endearing as the other side
I’m on this freight train with creeping suspicion,
hell to pay
(glassy eyeballs feeling red, painful voices in your head)

5. Franco Un-American - NOFX
I want to move north and be a Canadian
Or hang down low with the nice Australians
I don’t want to be another “I-don’t-care”-ican
What are we gonna do Franco, Franco Un-American

6. Criminal - Fiona Apple
Let me know the way
Before there’s hell to pay
Give me room to lay
The law and let me go
I’ve got to make a play
To make my lover stay
So what would an angel say
The devil wants to know

7. Anarchy Camp - NOFX
Rules of anarchy camp: reckless abandonment,
Random acts of dumbness will be rewarded
If you see somebody taking charge,
You’ll be expected to beat them
Cause everyone who’s no one, will be participating
No one who is someone, will ever get to know
The joys of anarchism, destruction of the system, yeah!

8. Sleep It Off - Less Than Jake
I’m going to sleep it off
This sinking feeling of always feeling lost
Hasn’t been that long
Six years worth of always being wrong
I met an old friend out on the street
Trade stories and out of date memories
And she has a photograph of me it’s been such a slow decay day to day
Did we seem much happier in those days?

9. San Dimas High School Football Rules - The Ataris
Last night I had a dream that we went to Disneyland,
Went on all the rides, didn’t have to wait in line.
I drove you to your house where we stared up at the stars
I listened to your heartbeat as I held you in my arms.

10. Let Them Eat War - Bad Religion
We’ve got to kill ‘em and eat 'em
Before they reach for their checks
Squeeze some blue collars
Let them bleed from their necks
Seize a few dollars from the people who sweat
Cause it’s freedom or death and they won’t question it