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hi!! i'd love a name aesthetic idk if you're doing urls or names (my name is sarah lol) anyway i love the song "flames" by henri pfr and also "for the love" by hearts & colors!! congrats on 400 love <3 have a great day xoxo

hello this is embarrassingly late omg sorry and i just checked them out they’re p good <3 thanks for the recs!! i hope you have a wonderful day too, frend

sarah - doe eyes, speckled brown feathers, squeaky white sneakers, early jogs, turning everything in on time, a fresh macchiato, tucking a pen behind your ear, humming absently while cleaning

name aesthetics are closed
blacklist nicole does name aesthetics if you want

19.01.16 // ★ I spent this morning trying to organize my class timetable as I am back to Uni for the Spring semester on Monday. I am taking 5 core genetics modules and one option ‘Systems Microbiology’ option so I will be terribly busy. I got started on some autonomous revision on Autism and Rett syndrome we covered last semester in ‘Genetic basis of behaviour’. ★